There will be another sacred mystery school atop a sacred mesa in Moab, Utah, USA 16-22 September, 2015.

Astrea Sri Ana will share her Sacred Mystery School – Path of the Mystic, for the first time in North America, on sacred land atop a mesa!

Site of the very exciting Cloud Rock project, sacred location with so much to offer as a hologram for the new world – as well as receiving the transformative energies of sacred mystery school, we also play a privileged role to anchor wondrous energies and frequencies to this sacred land – and to repattern the Atlantean grid in the portal work that occurs, particularly during the keepership and portal ceremony on Equinox, 22nd of September.

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Temple of Heaven in Ubud

You will find many Free Healing Tools progressively added to this site.

The Ascended Masters are channeling powerful healing tools, activations and codes
of sacred geometry to give us fast tracked methods to clear ourselves of ancient “stuff”.

In exchange, they ask that we commit ourselves to our path of divinity and join our hearts together to bring peace and harmony to our planet and to create a changed reality for mankind.

Divine Mother several YEARS ago gave me information about Bali and our planet earth which alarmed me.  I asked if there was anything that could be done to alleviate the need for such drastic creations of change and immediately the Masters began to channel the DREAMING THE NEW WORLD program for lightworkers.

I have been asked to share with you many FREE TOOLS from the Sacred Mystery School teachings.  These, along with regular channeled activations, sacred sound transmissions and codes of sacred geometry are progressively added to the web site.  If you wish to receive these regular channeled activations, please subscribe to my mailing list and explore the Planetary activations section.

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There are many tools and activations on this site which are FREE. 

Sacred Mystery School is for those who resonate most strongly with the discipline, commitment and passion to receive full restoration … to uncover your divine gifts … and to walk your path of joy and fulfillment. There is a 7 day Path of the Mystic intensive,
and also a 3 day sacred mystery school.

Make sure to visit the Upcoming Events page for upcoming workshops, events and Sacred Mystery School Path of the Mystic trainings.

And for those who do not yet feel this commitment, the Light Body Repair Kit will create great acceleration in your life …  restoring the light body … raising your vibration … enabling the return of many divine gifts …  and lifting you above the denseness of the collective consciousness.

A channelled reading of Keepership and Life Mission will open the doorway through which you will discover the jewel of God you hold as your especial gift of great power and fulfilment.

And a reading from your Akashic Records will find and release the disenabling core karmic wounds and patterns that create pain, struggle, and disempowerment in your daily life.

My heart opens … so you may feel its resonance.  Let us know that we have made connection once again.

With my love,
Astrea Sri Ana