Thursday, 14. June 2012


The series of recent planetary alignments, solar eclipse 21 May, lunar eclipse 4 June, and the very important Venus transit coinciding today with the activation of Wisdom – has given us some very strong days.  Magnetised between 2 eclipses, all distortions are pulled to the surface – and we may accept willingly the changes the eclipses bring – or, where we resist – with times of struggle and challenge.  Our paths have been chosen specially, and the timelines are in perfect accord with our chosen life paths – and always it was known there would be tumultuous times from which we would surface clear, whole, restored in grace to perfection.


A common theme for many has been surrender – to totally surrender own will – and sometimes we are forced to our knees – unwilling to let go of control – and of course once on the other side of surrender there is such peace and grace to allow the divine to gently flow and lead us.  Where we resist is where we allow pain to enter – and where we resist holds a spotlight to our greatest core fears – making these visible.


Once ‘owned’, accepted, acknowledged – the distortions, remnants of times of great challenge and trauma, may be allowed to release – so these strong planetary times bring to the surface any hidden distortions we may still carry – so that these may be dissolved.  Each time a layer and level is dissolved, higher levels of frequency are then able to be integrated and embodied – and this is the path of ascension.  The activations of the holograms from the miracle realms work in sync with the planetary alignments.  The distortions rise, are noted – and the activations work the miracles to heal and restore us to perfection.  All that is asked of us is that we ‘own’ our patterns and become in the practice of owning all, rather than projecting blame to others.


We travel deeper in this activation – to reclaim the wisdom that has been gained through our traverse of the dualities – all the way back to creation.   Individuation and free will was chosen by each of us – which meant that we agreed to experience the dualities of physical life – that of darkness as well as light – of lack as well as plenty – of fear as well as strength – and of joy as well as desperation and depression and hopelessness.  The path has been long – and our traverse of the experience of earthly life has across the aeons brought many aha’s of wisdom – as we have evolved to travel beyond suffering and fear – and sometimes into times of great overcoming of personal limitation through wisdom that has been gained.  The avatars and masters in their earthly lifetimes have also in their higher expression of surrender into peace and joy, no matter what distortions were swirling around them – added many gems of wisdom, truth and knowledge.


All of the higher truth and knowledge that has been gained over all experience is stored within the libraries and ashrams of the Halls of Higher Wisdom – every aha of truth we have ever expressed, every time we have overcome times of personal challenge through going within to the divine breath that breathes us and found peace and solution to our suffering – is an expression of the truth that was desired to be brought to fruition – in an expansion of the mind of god – endlessly expanding as these great jewels of evolution evolved.


In this activation of Wisdom we reclaim all the gains that we have made – personally, over all of our lifetimes and experiences since the time that we separated from oneness from god – and we reclaim also the wisdom of creation – of all of the avatars, masters and enlightened ones – to make sense of this journey which is life.  We travel all of the timelines from the splitting of the monad – to the present time.


We have passed through activations of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Surrender –travelling now to the Karmic Board to dissolve the karmic distortions we have incurred over all of our experiences – and then to the Halls of Higher Learning and Wisdom – to reclaim the gains that we have made, every aha of wisdom and of ability to overturn times of travail by acceptance and personal power.


We then travel back along the godstreams to the embrace of god, forgiving ourselves for any errors we feel we have made – embraced by god who sees only our perfection – and we achieve wholeness and ascension.


The pathways of ascension we create within this process are highways of divinity and healing for all humanity to similarly traverse so that they may achieve ascension.  We travel these pathways first – and this makes sense of our role – to now allow all to similarly receive release of suffering, and wholeness within the arms of god.


In looking back over your times of challenge, suffering, fear  – times of great personal trauma – compare the personal wisdom you now hold – with the naivety that led you into times of error, failure and challenge.  These are the gains you have made in the face of adversity, over time.  Honour self for all the wisdom you have gained over all existence – and open your heart and your being to reclaim all that has been achieved by your soul group, soul monad – and fold yourself in the embrace of god, in wholeness and oneness.




Elemental – Colour Your World workshop Sunday 10 July 10h00 – 14h00

Al Shante presents a workshop to celebrate and connect with the elemental kingdoms here at Temple of Heaven.  With wondrous connections with both the elemental and galactic worlds, a seer with vast gifts and abilities, all of the varying realms and kingdoms will be brought forth to connect with us – and we will conclude with an Elemental Power Ceremony – an honour to participate with these quite shy and proud ones who hold such keys for the New World.


You can contact Al Shante at for more information.




A very special group of wondrous ones is preparing to travel to Bali for The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school 7-14 July.  The energy is building amid excitement and pleasure to share with these ones in the embrace of the Masters, Galactic Federation

and angels all of the assistance that is available to assist these high initiates to step into mastery and the fulfillment of their destiny path and life purpose.


Al Shante will be with us as the healer in residence – and available for personal sessions.




Next activation at Temple of Heaven – Friday 6 July

The next meditation at the Temple of Heaven to activate the Hologram of Love

will be held on the 6 July – as The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school starts on 7 July,


In Los Angeles Michael Liss will be offering activations at the Shahr Salon & Wellness Centre:

Monday June 4 Full Moon

Tuesday July 3 Full Moon

Tuesday July 17

Contact Michael for more information: michaelmmlc@yahoo.


In South Africa, Germiston, Gauteng region, the beautiful Matsela Mariet Manaka is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each Monday at 7pm – alternating with meditations to release the core wounds of the soul.  If you would like to join her groups you can email her



May we be blessed by the angels and Masters on our paths – and may we open to receive the wisdom of all creation – to lead us Home – and may our gains be handed to all humanity as the new World stands before us.


Astrea Sri Ana





You can use this activation at any time and as often as you feel to.  In tuning in with the group in Bali, asking and intending that you be aligned same time, same place, you will receive especial acceleration. In Bali all are welcome to join the activations each month at the Temple of Heaven in Ubud.



How to Work with the Codes of Sacred Geometry

Print the hologram.  Holding the hologram at arms length, sing the mantra and look at the geometries.  Sing the mantra at least 3 times … and then while still looking at the hologram, draw it towards your body slowly until it rests against your third eye … and hold it there until you feel complete.  Repatterning occurs to the electro-magnetic field of your bodies of light.  The process of restoration is ongoing and the holograms may be used regularly, daily.



Akashic record channeled readings

Astrea has a beautiful gift to find and release the original core memories and experiences you may hold as an akashic record which manifests as patterns of recurring disempowerment, trauma, pain and suffering.  More information at this link



Japanese Sacred Mystery School The Path of the Mystic August 1-3 2012

Malika and Astrea will offer an all new Japanese sacred mystery school at The Temple of Heaven in Bali.



‘The Star of Creation, all codes successfully activated and anchored to earth, transforms and transmutes all memories of creation – and all possibilities of new creation, based on the divine realms of god, the miraculous realms, are now centered within your Temple of Heaven – this is the base from which miracles may originate.  Specific intents may be offered and using the Miracle hologram as facilitator, creations of original intent may now manifest into creations of miracles ..…… have a specific intent, and use the miraculous holograms to create outcomes … these form the basis and foundation of the new world.’  Divine Father God





From The Miraculous Realms Of God



Breathe deeply, as we call in many angels, archangels, the Elohim, the Enlightened Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, calling to the emissaries of light and love from the higher dimensions to be with us, calling particularly to those from Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades with their expertise in repatterning of the bodies of light, calling to be with us the starry ones, the ancient ones, the sacred guardians and holders of all knowledge and wisdom through all dimensions, connecting with Lady Gaia and the nature kingdoms – and with your own Council of Light.  We call to your galactic presence star – and that ancient one who is you – and expand in their presence.


Your family of light gathers around holding you in love and makes connection with you – as you open your heart to receive the blessings they bring – expanding and radiating this perfection that surrounds you and fills you.


As you breathe deeply, many angelic ones place you within a chamber of light and love within a crystal cave of the celestial symphonies where you are connected to the Source realms and to Gaia.   You are assisted to open each of your chakras – connecting through the portals of your physical body with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth – connecting through your own diamond body of light – connecting the portals of your light body with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe, connecting with the galaxies, aligning with the galactic portals, aligning with the Great Central Sun and with your own planet of origin – and connecting and aligning also with the chakra points and portals of earth – all gateways and portals opened and restored – fully calibrated and aligned to divine perfection – connecting with Gaia – and with the Flower of Life – and with the realms of Grace – with all assistance given that you are fully and divinely connected and aligned to the highest potential for transformation, for perfection, and for truth and wisdom.


Breathe deeply, as each individual chakra of your rainbow bridge column of light is now assisted to open – released of all distortion, receive restoration, activation – and repatterning to original divine blueprint.


Allow your heart to open, and as it opens and expands, offer up for release all sadness and pain, suffering, isolation, loneliness, confusion, doubt, separation and fear – breathing as you expand – and let go – and receive the release of all that saddens and limits and holds you from peace – as the angels and holy ones rejoice with you.


Expand and receive an opening of the heart – deeply breathing as the heart is enabled to open more widely – breathing deeply – to receive the love of the angels and family of light pulsed to you so strongly.  Open your heart to receive their love  – and expand as this love fills you – and all careworn sadness and disappointment is released from you – filling you with love, and taking away all loneliness, suffering, doubt and fear – as peace fills you and you are filled with light.


Breathe this love and peace up into your thymus chakra, your higher heart, and receive a lifting from your thymus of the pain and fear you experience in your connection with humanity as Divine Mother places her Pearl of Compassion into your thymus, opening your heart to all others – while providing protection – enabling your heart to open wide without suffering or pain.


An amethyst of divine protection is placed within your thymus chakra, allowing disconnection from the collective pain and fear-based consciousness of humanity –so that you may be free of the heaviness and dense negativity of the collective.


Breathe the love into your throat as your doubts, hesitations and fears dissolve – the fears of others’ judgements and criticisms, the fear of making mistakes, and of being shamed by others.  Your separateness, solitude and loneliness is released from you – sadness, disappointment and doubt releases – as you receive assistance to step into your mastery, and all that lies ahead on your life path.   The wisdom which you express as truth is restored in you – as you open to share your truth with courage and strength.


Healing love is breathed into the third eye, seat of your abilities and gifts, energised with healing light – expanding and filling the third eye with light and restoring the divine gifts in this chakra.


The wisdom which you have experienced and gained in the higher dimensions is restored in you – as you interconnect with these realms – and open your being to fully and peacefully embody higher truth and knowledge.


Breathe up through the crown chakra – as all distortions and blockages release – and your crown chakra receives reconnection with the wisdom realms, with God, and the angels and the family of light.  The higher chakras are restored, activated, repatterned – and connected with all multi-dimensional realms of importance to you.  Breathe deeply to receive connection – energised and filled with golden Source light.


Breathe up through the higher chakras, passing through all the suns and moons, to the celestial realms, the galactic, universal and cosmic realms, to Source, to Father Mother God – connecting with your Divine Presence – and expand in this connection – as Divine Presence anchors and aligns with your column of light.


As the divine energy spills over from your crown and fills all of your light body, you radiate with pulses of light which restore you to your divine blueprint – as you expand, and expand as wholeness is received.


And breathe as we now open and restore the lower chakras.  Source light is pulsed into your solar plexus, releasing all fears and insecurities, hesitations and doubts of your abilities – releasing all hesitations to move forward through initiations within which you may be stuck.


Moving through all obstacles and doubts, leaving the old patterns of struggle behind, you are pulsed with all assistance to continue strongly and firmly on your path of mastery.  All the love and assistance that you need is there for you, to take you beyond fear, beyond stuckness, beyond struggle and pain.


Your hara, at your navel, receives pulses of divine light – as your issues and challenges of power are shown to you – doubt of your own power, fear of others’ power – as powerlessness is released – and your power centre receives restoration.


The sacral chakra receives healing pulses of love – releasing the blockages to your creative gifts – as ancient patterns of disempowerment and of distorted behaviour release.


Breathe in the divine energy as it releases the old patterns and blockages which restrict your ability to create – to create within your mastery – as your mastery is restored to you, unrestricted and unobstructed by the ancient patterns of doubt and uncertainty and fear and pain – which are dissolved.


Any issues and challenges of sexuality which disturb and sadden and disempower – are acknowledged – as the memories and disturbance receive their dissolution.


Your base chakra where you may hold issues of being without trust and faith – of lack, of struggle, of not having your needs met – receives much assistance, releasing distortion, struggle, lack – and connecting you and your energies safely down now to the centre of the earth – to the love, light, power and creation grids which hold importance for the embodiment of your love, light and power and creation abilities upon earth – and connecting you to Gaia’s crystal heart – fully and divinely connected between heaven and earth – and all your needs may always be met in this place of connection and security.


Where you hold concerns of survival and physical life – fears and needs – hand these over to your Family of Light.  Where you are not in peace, acknowledge those areas of your life where you are struggling and unhappy. Ask for what you need that will bring most peace, ease, joy, and fulfillment and grace to your life – and hand over all struggle and fear and pain.


Where you feel that you are separate from god, abandoned, uncared for – that you are unable to have your physical needs fully met – the belief that you are worthless and not able to easily receive what you need and what you ask for the ease and joy and fulfillment of your physical life – acknowledge all that you hold where you feel unsafe, unprovided for – as the original akashic records that lie at the core of these beliefs – those of the original separation from god – receive their release with karmic absolution across all timelines and dimensions.


Your rod of power through your hara, connecting down through your lower chakras receives reconnection through the sacral with the heart and the higher chakras – restoring the full chakra column in its connection with the heavenly realms – as all processes are put in place for full restoration.

Breathe the love down and through the Link chakra between your knees and down through your feet, through the Earth Star chakra beneath your feet in the earth – two very important chakras that interconnect you with the divine and with the earth – as these are restored and activated – and breathe the energy down to the crystal heart of Gaia and to the inner and middle earth realms – and now breathe up these energies of love and safety, abundance and support of your physical path – as it is pulsed to you – breathe this energy up and into your heart – as you expand and all of your energy bodies are filled with light and safety – and the love of Gaia merges with the love of your Divine Presence – filling your bodies of light in expansion, raising your vibration, releasing all blockages and limitations – and restoring you to your divine blueprint of original divine perfection,


Breathe this love and light into your being, into your heart, and in its expansion receive a release of the distortions of memory and patterns of behaviour of the emotions and the mind – as you breathe – and acknowledge your challenges, fears, your sadness, pain and patterns of distortion – offering up and surrendering for release all sadness, disappointment, pain, grief, regret, anger, confusion, doubt and fear.


Expand and receive a further opening of the heart, as you deeply breathe.  The heart is assisted to open more widely – the open and feeling heart – able to receive the love which is now pulsed to you by so many angels  – as careworn sadness, tiredness and disappointment releases from you and great love fills you and trust and hope is restored.


The multidimensional bodies of light anchor – the angelic master body, and dependent on your readiness the other bodies of light may now anchor – among them are the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine bodies, Solar/Lunar body, Divine Child body, Archangelic presence, Star body, Galactic presence, Christed Planetary presence, Divine presence – and the higher gifts of these bodies of light may receive embodiment incrementally – much assistance is given for ease in this transformation.


Held and led by the angels of the celestial symphonies, we journey now to the Karmic Board and the akashic library of Sirius to release from you the records of your soul where you hold memory of distortion – to unwind and to reweave your experiences which have created suffering for you.


During all of your experiences there have been times of disempowerment, of distortion, of hopelessness, pain and failure.  As you forgive self for any errors of judgement, any falls from grace and from perfection, and apologise to those who may have suffered because of your actions, the Karmic Board offers karmic absolution, and the full release of all akashic records, memories, experiences, beliefs, programs, patterns and seals held as core wounds of your soul.  The akashic records are dissolved as if they did never occur – and karmic cords which have tied you to your memories and experiences are severed by Archangel Michael.


These gifts and processes are given you that you may walk more strongly upon your path – and in taking away that which is distortion, acceleration is made possible upon your path of light – diminishing the struggle – and easing the embodiment of your higher nature.




The angels of the celestial symphonies take you now beloveds along the timelines to those experiences across your lifetimes where you have had great trauma, yet have been able to rise above suffering – able to find the hidden wisdom and truth behind every experience.


There have been lifetimes of great mastery where wisdom and knowledge of truth was accumulated – these are the evolutionary gains that you have made over all existence.  And you will find that there are similarities in current challenges – for all is connected – and that which you have gained as knowledge and truth in high existences – is that which may now be used to override all struggle and to support your path – to allow ease and mastery to again be known.


The angels travel with you to reclaim that which you have expressed as mastery in times of distress and trauma – as you open your being to receive the keys and jewels of wisdom which are reclaimed and now embodied within packets of light received into your bodies of light – and you may open particularly to receive the higher gifts of wisdom which will assist you to be set free from current challenges – as you acknowledge the issues – acknowledge the lacks, the fears, the sadness and limitation – and call for the return of that which you have known in other times which is of higher mastery.


Breathe deeply as the celestial ones attend to your bodies of light, to release you from suffering – and to override with the higher gifts of mastery and wisdom which are given you.



And there have been lifetimes of great mastery, where you were in such fulfillment and peace and joy in the use of all of your great gifts.  There are many jewels to be reclaimed from your embodiment as master and teacher – and these have bearing on your current life and path, these higher gifts of the wisdom realms which encompass understanding, truth and inter-connection with the realms of the divine and their constant flows of celestial information, wisdom and truth.


The angels journey with you to these realms where are stored that which you desire to reclaim which will restore you, in grace and happiness, to the higher gifts of lifetimes which were undeterred, undistorted by error, lack, sorrow, pain or hopelessness.  Breathe deeply as these higher gifts receive embedding within your chakras and bodies of light, achieving higher levels of mastery and restoration to divine blueprint – as you expand – and as confidence, relief, trust, hope and joy enfills you.




Held aloft by angels we journey to the halls of higher learning and wisdom – to reclaim all gains of consciousness made – the expansion that occurred through the wisdom gained from your experiences of life.  Hold these to your heart as the angels restore this knowledge and wisdom to your being – to make sense of all of your lifetimes and to reclaim the radiance, wisdom, truth, the knowledge gained – every aha of wisdom and truth is held by you and reclaimed.



There have been gains made by those great ones who claim precedence as avatars, bodhisattvas and enlightened ones – and there have been lifetimes of your own where you have claimed these gains of wisdom, knowledge and truth.  To the higher halls of wisdom and knowledge, the universal libraries of truth and wisdom – the celestials journey with you – these ones knowing of your current needs – as you affirm where you are in lack, where you are in need, where you are stuck, where you are in fear, or lack, or without trust in your gifts and abilities – and there is a solution held within the halls of wisdom for every lack, every sorrow, every need and desire.


Beloveds, ask for that which you need which in its wisdom will offer you the answers that will bring to an end your times of struggle – that which will guide you, lead and inspire you – with the wisdom that is available within the divine realms – freely available.  Ask specifically for that which will free you from initiation and struggle and suffering and pain.  The planetary alignments bring much to the fore, much that is hidden – to assist you to know and to ask.  Where you are stuck, where you are suffering – gives key and prompt – to ask for the solutions which will bring you ease and comfort.  Ask beloveds for the solutions – and open your beings to receive.




The angels sing to you the celestial symphonies as you journey with them along the ascension pathways to the wisdom realms – that you may always and ever receive benefit of this connection with these realms – able to receive higher wisdom which will override and lift you above any challenge – through the solutions of divine mind that you may now always and ever receive.




The angels now journey with you back along the pathways of creation to the god realms, from whence you made the first steps away from god into individuation – imbued now with deeper levels of understanding and the wisdom gained along all the breadth of your path – there to merge in the embrace of god’s love – arms outstretched to reclaim you in your original purity and divinity – unraveling time and experience – and reweaving all back into Oneness with god.


The wisdom and expansion you have gained over all experience is returned to Oneness – the dualities reversed and brought to wholeness, and all wisdom gained is returned to god as was ever intended.  You are loved by god – endlessly – and forever – able always to return to the arms of god and to reconnect with the wisdom of all creation.


Having journeyed back into the arms of god – restored in Oneness with god, with all creation, with understanding and acceptance of the path – you are taken further into the heart and mind of god – to ascension – and in this place of wisdom and love, the all-encompassing greatness and all-absorbing wonder of the love of the god realms – you are able to accept the Miracle of Wisdom as a Miracle Pathway – and to traverse this pathway – to allow its opening for humanity that all may receive this Wisdom which overrides all lower realities of suffering.


And we sing the mantra for the Hologram of Wisdom to allow this to be received – and to be anchored to earth as a reality – as a Miracle of Wisdom from the realms of god that all may live in truth and knowledge.



Ki   Ti   Hi’i   Swi   I’i   Hi’i   Swi   Kwi   Hi   Hi   Ni   Hi


Key  Tee  He- ee  Swee  Ee-ee  He-ee  Swee  Kwee  Hee  Hee  Nee  Hee


On behalf of all humanity you allow Wisdom to anchor through you, in truth and understanding, and to descend through your being and to Gaia and to her grids of light – and to all of her sacred portals and along her dreaming lines, her lei lines and her oceans and rivers may Wisdom spread – allowing higher truth to be accessed and known by humanity and to lift the burden of Gaia – and to allow all to traverse their journey of ascension back to godliness, held in the abyss of god’s love.


Breathe deeply as Wisdom anchors to earth, anchoring through you and to Lady Gaia and to her grids of light.


Open your purest hearts of light and love and allow the love of your being to widen, to expand and to fill your being in its expansion and greatness – and share your love in widening bands of Wisdom, truth and perfection – and expand further, linking with others around the world – linking your circles of light – linking countries of residence – and with your beloveds – naming these, those in countries close – and far – those who are your beloveds.


And linking with those who are Dreamers of the New World  – and expanding further now as you link together, exponentially receiving great expansion as the frequencies of each receive connection – and expanding wider, deeper.


The Dreamers of the New World may now link and connect, sharing your frequencies and your love with all lightworkers – that all may receive the frequencies of Wisdom that will bring them truth, knowledge, peace, ease and freedom.  Hold the frequencies for all lightworkers, that they may receive these energies gracefully – hold them that they may sustain these frequencies of highest light.





And share now with humanity, those who have desire at the deepest core of their being, even though it be unknown to them physically – the desire for wholeness and Oneness with their god, and for ascension – and expand and expand to hold these ones of humanity who desire to return to wholeness and Oneness and to godliness – that they also may receive Wisdom.


And you may tone and sound and sing your language of light – to anchor these deep energies of love – that all may receive the miracle of Wisdom – and able to journey across and along the Wisdom pathway of ascension which has been this day restored to earth from the realms of creation.


You are beloved of god and the angels and masters and family of light for your Dreaming and for your love.  You are held always in purest light – and greatness is achieved this day.  I Am Father God.