Newsletter Friday 6 July 2012 -10am

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The love energies we received during the Venus transit are palpable, the strong energies of the eclipses and the major challenges and disruptions they brought to many allowing us through the shifts we made to receive these rays of love in expansive radiance.

Lord Ashtar confirms we have reached that tipping-over point where light has overtaken dark – which allows the possibility for all to now receive the gains which will see them lifted from the dualities which encompass suffering and distortion.

There has been a short intensification by the dark ones, a last grasp – to hold on – and have been contacted by many distressed by the manipulations and control mechanisms that have sought to lessen their efficacy and their peace – but in this activation permanent release is offered from these forces which individually seek to diminish empowerment and create harm.

Now that we have opened and activated the miracle pathways – all the way back to Source and to god and to creation – it is possible to release these entities – permanently – by traversing the ascension pathways, angels assisting – stopping at the akashic library to release the karmic records of these ones – and at the halls of wisdom to reclaim the gains made from their experience of the dualities of darkness – and back to the arms of god in whose embrace they are restored to oneness and wholeness – and sense is made of their experiences as those who took upon themselves these dualities which are not of light – and any forgiveness they seek is given in totality.   These ones are permanently removed from the earth plane – and their monads also are now able to be similarly restored to oneness – and in this way there is a lessening, and a lessening, of the former manipulation and control which we as lightworkers have so often endured.

In the activation of the Miracle of Love – Father God takes us through the process of releasing ourselves from these energies of darkness and manipulation and control – as a gift and a blessing.  Wonders abound.

The gains we make step upon what has already been achieved – and we progress steadily now.  Much of our clearing has completed – and long though the path has seemed and so many the challenges and long the struggle to achieve radiance and peace – there are many glimpses of this peace that surpasses all understanding – and as many come close to the end of their transformation process there are opportunities opening – and these are those we have laboured and longed for, not to be mislaid or lost in earlier times through our inability to totally fulfill our destiny.  The dreams we made and felt to have been lost, and put away as impossible – now rise to the surface – and with much surprise we find ourselves ready – but without the attachment and need of the past – and we find ourselves so much changed – and ready – for the life of our dreams which now opens quite easily and gracefully along the timelines originally chosen.  We make sense of our paths – in acceptance of all – and in joy for the new peace that fills us.

All are on differing timelines and some are not yet complete in their process of clearing and transformation – but the gains made by some sustain and give sustenance to those who are yet readying.

The activation of the Miracle of Love brings that which we lack which will enhance our path with grace and hope and joy – and the Love Body, shut down, inactive since Lemurian times – is reactivated and restored in this beautiful meditation, allowing interconnection and sustenance from the love flows of the universe.


Beautiful workshop at Temple of Heaven with Al Shante recently – graced by the presence of the dragon Agnot, a great being of love and wisdom, and by the elven kingdom and many elementals of varying kinds.  Learned so much about these hidden kingdoms and the great ones who play their roles in the new world – and feel their presence with much gratitude for their gifts, their wisdom and their love.


The energy is high for the 7 day intensive The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school 7 July, with a large and beautiful group arriving in Bali.  Blessed by the presence of the Masters, angels and Galactic Federation, such a week of mastery it will be.

Al Shante and Novara Wakuha Blueflame will be with us as the healers in residence – and available for personal sessions.


Japanese Sacred Mystery School – The Path of the Mystic August 1-3 2012

see web link:

Malika and Astrea will offer an all new Japanese sacred mystery school at The Temple of Heaven – with activations translated into Japanese led by Malika, and Astrea singing light language in repatterning the bodies of light of each participant, and concluding with a sacred ceremony of keepership activation.  The first of many Japanese sacred mystery schools that beloved Malika, Keeper of the Flower of Life, will share with the world.


In Los Angeles Michael Liss will be offering activations at the Shahr Salon & Wellness Centre:

Tuesday July 3 Full Moon

Tuesday July 17

Contact Michael for more information: michaelmmlc@yahoo.

In South Africa, Germiston, Gauteng region, the beautiful Matsela Mariet Manaka is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each Monday at 7pm – alternating with meditations to release the core wounds of the soul.  If you would like to join her groups you can email her


May we be blessed by the angels and Masters on our paths – and may we expand in radiance and joy as the miracle of love overrides all darkness and suffering – and may we lead in love – as the New World opens to us.

Astrea Sri Ana



You can use this activation at any time and as often as you feel to.  In tuning in with the group in Bali, asking and intending that you be aligned same time, same place, you will receive especial acceleration. In Bali all are welcome to join the activations each month at the Temple of Heaven in Ubud.


How to Work with the Codes of Sacred Geometry

Print the hologram.  Holding the hologram at arms length, sing the mantra and look at the geometries.  Sing the mantra at least 3 times … and then while still looking at the hologram, draw it towards your body slowly until it rests against your third eye … and hold it there until you feel complete.  Repatterning occurs to the electro-magnetic field of your bodies of light.  The process of restoration is ongoing and the holograms may be used regularly, daily.


Akashic record channeled readings

Astrea has a beautiful gift to find and release the original core memories and experiences you may hold as an akashic record which manifests as patterns of recurring disempowerment, trauma, pain and suffering.  More information at this link


‘The Star of Creation, all codes successfully activated and anchored to earth, transforms and transmutes all memories of creation – and all possibilities of new creation, based on the divine realms of god, the miraculous realms, are now centered within your Temple of Heaven – this is the base from which miracles may originate.  Specific intents may be offered and using the Miracle hologram as facilitator, creations of original intent may now manifest into creations of miracles ..…… have a specific intent, and use the miraculous holograms to create outcomes … these form the basis and foundation of the new world.’  Divine Father Go





From The Miraculous Realms Of God


Breathe deeply, as we call in many angels, archangels, the Elohim, the Enlightened Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command – calling to the emissaries of light and love from the higher dimensions to be with us, calling particularly to those from Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, with their expertise in repatterning of the bodies of light, calling to be with us the starry ones, the ancient ones, the sacred guardians and holders of all knowledge and wisdom through all dimensions, connecting with Lady Gaia and the nature kingdoms – and with your own Council of Light.  We call to your galactic presence – and that ancient one who is you – and expand in their presence.

Your family of light gathers closely, holding you in love as they connect their hearts with yours – as you open your heart to receive the blessings they bring – expanding and radiating this perfection that surrounds you and fills you.

As you breathe deeply, many angelic ones place you within a chamber of light and love within a crystal cave of the celestial symphonies where you are connected to the Source realms and to Gaia.  You are assisted to open each of your chakras – connecting through the portals of your physical body with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth – connecting through your diamond body of light – the portals of your light body connecting with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe, connecting with the galaxies, aligning with the galactic portals, aligning with the Great Central Sun and with your planet of origin – and connecting and aligning also with the chakra points and portals of earth – all gateways and portals opened and restored – fully calibrated and aligned to divine perfection – connecting with Gaia – and with the Flower of Life – and with the realms of Grace – with all assistance given for connection and alignment to the highest potential for transformation, for perfection – and for the receipt of and the embodiment of Love.

Expand and receive an opening of the heart, as you deeply breathe.  The heart is assisted to open more widely – the open and feeling heart – able to receive the love which is now pulsed to you by so many angels  – as careworn sadness, tiredness and disappointment releases from you and great love fills you and trust and hope is restored.

And as your heart opens, ponder on the wounds of the heart – and acknowledge that where the suffering enters – is where the healing is now allowed to occur.   Held by angels your heart receives great healing – and your Emotional Body is attended to, to release distortions and to repattern to perfection – as you continue to release suffering, sadness, grief and disappointment and regret.

Breathe deeply as we are joined by many emissaries from the angelic realms, flooding this sacred place with heavenly light to recreate that portion of your being known as your Love Body – restoring to its original magnificence and divine blueprint.

As you rest within a vast chamber of light, breathe deeply and open your column of light to the heavens, and open and expand your heart.

Each chakra of your rainbow bridge galactic chakra column is attended to – releasing distortion and opening and activating these chakras.

As the crown chakra opens wide and heavenly light streams in, with your breath send your energy up through all of the suns and moons to the heavenly Source realms, and to Father Mother God, and command your divine presence to descend and to align with the chakra column.

Feel the love as your heart expands – and breathe the Source light down now through the lower chakras, receiving a clearing of any distortions within all of the chakra system – breathing the energy down, through the Earth Star chakra beneath your feet, and further, anchoring deep and securely to Gaia’s crystal heart in the centre of the earth.  And breathe the energy up from the earth, up into the heart, where it meets the Source energy, and blends and melts – receiving all the love of both heaven and of earth.

Using technologies of light and colour and sound, the angelic emissaries clear each of the diamond plates of your energy body, working particularly with those portals and chakras and pathways of your body along which the love current travels, as you breathe and with intent align the chakra column and light body to the Central Sun, Central Moon and Inner Earth.

The angelic ones clear the pathway of the love current as it travels through the Galactic Masculine chakra located several feet out from your right ear, flowing into the hara at the navel – flowing in a figure of eight pattern through the Feminine Christ portal several inches out from your left hand – and into the Love vortex to the left of your feet – and continuing to flow down into the inner earth.  From the inner earth it travels into the Light Vortex to the right of your feet and through the Masculine Christ portal several inches out from your right hand and into the hara, making a figure of eight as it flows out to the Galactic Feminine chakra several feet out from your left crown – and flows to the Central Moon – clearing this pathway as it flows from the Central Sun and Moon and loops around your energy body and flows into the inner earth and back in a figure of eight once more around your energy body.

As the pathways are cleared of distortion – and soul memories lodged in the vortexes and gateways and chakras are freed of blockage and obstruction – breathe deeply as the love current flows gracefully around your energy body, filling your heart and your being with blissful peace.   Breathe as the flows open the pathways which feed the auric egg, those of the emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies  – cleansing the Soul Star above the crown, the thymus above the heart, the hara, the link chakra at the knees and the earth star beneath the feet – as you are filled with Christ Consciousness.

The angelic ones playfully lift you now and we travel to the Temple of Love of Venus, that Divine Mother God may restore your Love Body to you – as you breathe deeply and surrender up all sadness, doubt, fear, pain, grief, disempowerment – and the deepest soul memories are lifted from you – those of Lemuria in particular, when love was lost – and the Love Body was shut down, cast aside in trauma and hopelessness.

Breathe deeply to receive the flows of love which fill you – as the pathways flow freely with the love current – Love Body restored, activated, released of all distortion – your receptivity chakra integrates all energies – your Divine Feminine body is restored to divine blueprint – your heart and your being expand in deepest bliss and peace – and all is aligned to divine perfection.

The force of love which fills you allows no darkness – and casts out that which is not of purest light.

The angels hold you in deepest love as Beloved Father God merges with you – and in the effulgence of his love which enfills your being – any energies of darkness, any entities who have formerly sought to manipulate, control, overtake you, misdirect you, lessen your joy, dampen your gifts and block your magnificence, brought sadness and confusion and chaos to your life – these ones are now surrounded by those of the angelic kingdom and at God’s behest these ones are seized, gently, and taken from your energies – and they traverse the ascension pathways of Love which are re-formed this day, travelling with the angels to the halls of records within the akashic libraries on Sirius – and their karma is dissolved – for these ones have embodied the dualities of darkness in their many and myriad forms – and they are released from this embodiment of darkness and distortion and pain and control – absolved, karma transmuted and dissolved – and with the angels they are taken to the halls of higher learning and wisdom to reclaim the wisdom gains they have made through all the course of their paths, making sense of their paths, and giving purpose for the pain and suffering they have both incurred and caused – and they are taken to the waiting arms of God, arms outstretched to bring these ones Home to him in wholeness and oneness – for all is one and there is not distinction between good and evil in the eyes of god – for all have formed roles within the play of creation – and all is brought home now to God.  And these ones are filled with gladness to have annulled their suffering, their guilt, their shame – and are taken from the earth plane – and restored to their evolutionary paths, led and held by the angels, and taken to those places of training and of education – to continue their evolutionary path within the higher realms.  And we call for their monad to be similarly lifted from the earth plane, restored in Oneness with God.

Beloveds, open your great hearts and your great beings – in relief to be free of that which has dimmed your light, dampened your joy, misdirected you in thoughts of chaos and confusion, held you back, controlled and manipulated you in fear and doubt and suffering – and know that you are freed – and that you are whole, held in God’s love – as great evolutionary steps are taken – that the brigade of light be released from all control mechanisms which have sought to lessen their brilliance and magnificence.  Shine your light beloveds, undimmed by any interference – and in trust that you are surrounded now in light and naught but light.


Held and led by the angels of the celestial symphonies, we journey now to the Karmic Board and the akashic library of Sirius to release the records of your own soul where you hold memory of distortion, particularly lose of love experiences – to unwind and to reweave your experiences which have created suffering for you, as the Karmic Board offers karmic absolution, and the full release of all akashic records, memories, experiences, beliefs, programs, patterns and seals held as core wounds of your soul.  The akashic records are dissolved and karmic cords which have tied you to your memories and experiences are severed by Archangel Michael – as you accept and forgive all.

Held aloft by angels we journey further to the halls of higher learning and wisdom – to reclaim all gains of consciousness made throughout your embodiment as love – the expansion that occurred through the heart opening and truth and wisdom gained from your experiences of love.  Hold these to your heart as the angels restore this love to your being – to make sense of all of your lifetimes and to reclaim the knowledge gained, the radiance and the truth of love  – every aha of wisdom and love is held by you and reclaimed.


The angels sing to you the celestial symphonies as you journey with them along the ascension pathways to the love realms – that you may always and ever receive benefit of this connection with these realms – able to receive the love which will override and lift you above any challenge – through this reconnection to the love streams of the universe that you may now always and ever receive – and there to merge in the embrace of god’s love – arms outstretched to reclaim you in your original purity and divinity – unraveling time and experience – and reweaving all back into Oneness with god.

Every expansive breath you have breathed as love over all experience is returned to Oneness.  You are loved by god – endlessly – and forever – able always to return to the arms of god and to reconnect with the love of all creation – and you are able to accept the Miracle of Love as a Miracle Pathway – and to traverse this pathway – to allow its opening for humanity that all may receive this love which in its radiance dispels all lower suffering.

And we sing the mantra for the Hologram of Love to allow this to be received – and to be anchored to earth as a reality – as a Miracle of Love from the realms of god that all may live in radiance, bliss and peace.


Swi    Hi’ii     Swi’ii     Ki     Hi    Hi    Ti    Ah    Ha    Aah    Aa’ah


Swee    Hee-ee-ee    Swee-ee-ee   Kee    Hee   Hee    Tee    Ah    Har    Ah-ah    Aah-ah

On behalf of all humanity you allow Love to anchor through you, in peace and sweetness and joy, and to descend through your being and to Gaia and to her grids of light – and to all of her sacred portals and along her dreaming lines, her lei lines and her oceans and rivers may Love spread – allowing Love to be that which fills all humanity – and to lift the burden of Gaia – and to allow all to traverse their journey of ascension back to godliness, held in the abyss of god’s love.

Breathe deeply as Love anchors to earth, anchoring through you and to Lady Gaia and to her grids of light.

Open your purest hearts of light and love and allow the love of your being to widen, to expand and to fill your being in its expansion and radiance – and share your love in widening bands of expansion and joy – and expand further, linking with others around the world – linking your circles of light – linking countries of residence – and with your beloveds – naming these, those in countries close – and far – those who are your beloveds.

And linking with those who are Dreamers of the New World  – and expanding further now as you link together, exponentially receiving great expansion as the frequencies of each receive connection – and expanding wider, deeper.

The Dreamers of the New World may now link and connect, sharing your frequencies and your love with all lightworkers – that all may receive the frequencies of Love that will bring them peace, grace, joy, ease and freedom.  Hold the frequencies for all lightworkers, that they may receive these energies gracefully – hold them that they may sustain these frequencies of highest light.


And share now with humanity, those who have desire at the deepest core of their being, even though it be unknown to them physically – the desire for wholeness and Oneness with their god, and for ascension – and expand and expand to hold these ones of humanity who desire to return to wholeness and Oneness and to godliness – that they also may receive Love.

And you may tone and sound – to anchor these deep energies of Love – that all may receive the miracle of Love – able to journey across and along the Love pathway of ascension which has been this day restored to earth from the realms of creation.

You are beloved of god and the angels and masters and family of light for your Dreaming and for your love.  You are held always in purest light – and greatness is achieved this day.  I Am Father God.