Monday, 30. July 2012

BLUEPRINTS FOR THE NEW HUMAN workshop 27-28 October 2012

release core wounds – deep-rooted traumas
– blockages – challenges
and be restored to peace and empowerment

Ascension Blueprints for the New Human
Holograms of Divine Perfection
A complete healing program over 2 days

~ deep relaxation to the sacred sound of the Tibetan bowls
~ channeled activations that allow the core issues of your life to gently rise to the surface
and to be released from every dimension of your being
~ songs of the language of light, holograms of sacred geometry
and individual repatterning of your energies to divine blueprint,

The blueprints of ascension are given you,
held in a sacred environment by the angels and the Enlightened Masters

2 day weekend workshop at Temple of Heaven, Ubud, Bali
27-28 October, 2012


Wakuha Blueflame / Novara                                                 Astrea Sri Ana
facilitator, Tibetan Bowls

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