Wednesday, 5. December 2012

DREAMING THE NEW WORLD – special activation 21:12:2012


Template of Universal Law of PEACE

Template of Universal Law of PEACE



Beloved ones, Accept surrender from the web of collusion and distorted consciousness which enshrouds and encompasses and cocoons the inhabitants of many of your planet earth, that which holds capability of being shifted through into freedom and ease and new life this day – and with your breath open yourselves to receive your connection with the higher dimensions, higher realities – those that hold your higher life path and reality.


As many angels fly to be with you, and as the Enlightened Masters of Shamballa, the Great White Lodge and of the Galactic Federation – those of your very own Council of Light appear before you and stand in circle around you – open your energies and your chakras and your heart to your highest self, highest reality, highest potential – and receive re-attachment and re-alignment to the highest dimensions of light – to the Flower of Life – to the realms of Grace – to the ashrams of the Halls of Higher Knowledge and Learning and Wisdom – and with the crystal heart at the core of Gaia.


We call in to be with us those of all kingdoms of light.  We call to the angels and to the holy ones to bless us with their presence.  The Masters stand guard around you in honour of your role and as a blessing on this holiest of days, this that marks the end of the cycle of duality – and the commencement of the possibility for peace.


We call to the emissaries of love and of light of all of the highest dimensions of light to add their beauty, their gifts, their influences of intervention – as you connect with and allow to be embodied that one which is your highest self.  Your higher dimensional presence aligns and descends, bringing gifts of such beauty and power – for you personally – and to support the role you play this day – bringing all of the heavens’ treasures to bear that peace may prevail in all of its myriad possibilities of manifestation.


We call to the ancestors, to the keepers of wisdom of earth and of heaven.  We call to the guardians of ancient and sacred knowledge of all realms to be with us – as you call in your own ancient knowledge – calling for the presence of that one who holds embodiment as guardian and wisdom keeper of the earth and of the stars.


We call in especially the elemental realms – for they hold such keys of light and of magic.  We call to the faery realms to grace us with the lightness of their presence – and we call to the elven kingdoms in their majesty to gift us with their blessings and their lighted magic – calling to all realms of earth, air, fire, water and ether – and those of light, love and truth – to bless us with your knowledge and your wisdom.  We call to the dragon kingdoms, wisdom keepers, to bless us with your guidance and knowledge.  All of the ancient ones descend to bless your role this day – as peace is restored to our planet earth.



Beloved Gaia, supporting and bearing blessings abounding – we bow to you in our love and appreciation – and add our love and our heart’s blessings and dreams – that we may shift together into new possibilities of peace and ease.


Breathe in these energies of divinity and of wisdom, of light and of love.  Connected to all realms of greatest importance, those of the heavens and of the earth – allow the flows of highest light, containing all of the streams and pulses which flow through the galactic centre on this most special of days – to be received by you.


Accept these streams of light for your personal needs – for it is through your own embodiment of peace that you share this peace and shift the frequencies of your planet earth.


As you open your chakras and your multidimensional channel of light – allow the flows of the source and of all realms of magnificence to freely flow through you, as you breathe in to receive.


As the flows travel through and along your channel of light, accept a widening of your crown chakra to allow the flows of light to fully stream through and transform your being – widening the flow and the flux as energies strongly fill you, transforming every dimension of your being.


The brow chakra is enfilled with flows of radiant light, casting off and dissolving any barriers and cobwebs which diminish the gift of multidimensional sight and interconnectedness.


The throat where are held the wounds and beliefs of lack of confidence, lack of ability, inability to speak clearly, confidently, powerfully, articulately – of that which you know, that which you hold as truth and as ability – the wounds and lacks of the voice and of truth – are lifted from you – clarifying and expanding this chakra to original perfection.  And there is responsibility to share the wisdom within, the knowledge you have acquired, and that which is held innately as wisdom and truth – as the new opens and your voice and your truth are given activation.


The higher heart, the thymus chakra, where is held your connection with humanity and with your role of mission, your connection and your role – where you are connected and affected by the wounds of the collective – allow that which is held at the core of this chakra, that which has been damaged and distorted by experiences of suffering, of fear, of being hurt by others and fearing suffering because of your role – to be released –  as all the wounds and the records of fear and of suffering are released from you.


Wounds released – you are asked now to open your thymus as it receives activation to its purest divine blueprint – so that you may link your thymus and your energies with all others who form part of your collective of light and of mission.  Connected and held in this way, you are strengthened and your collective energies are enhanced to such greatness and might – capable of achieving all that you hold in your heart as dream for the new world.


As the streams of light pulse so strongly through your channel of light, casting out distortions and activating your thymus chakra to fullest perfection, breathe in as the angels attend to your energies to assist this restoration and this linkage with all of your soul destiny partners – while lifting you above the collective of humanity which is unconscious – freeing you from the pull of their fear and suffering and patterns of distortion.  Breathe deeply as distortions release, and your divine gifts are given you.


Breathing deeply as the heart receives the flows of extraordinary light and power – and offer up the wounds of the heart, the disappointments, grief, sorrow, sadness, the betrayals, the lovelessness, the loneliness, the wounds of self-doubt, self-hatred.   And there are wounds which have lingered – where you have suffered for love – suffered its lack and suffered its excess – times when you have loved too much, or not enough – and times when you have not been loved as you deserve to be loved.  The resistant wounds result in your belief that you are unworthy to be loved, not good enough, that you are damaged and fear to love with a full and open heart.  Over all the course of your existence, there have been wounds of the heart beloveds, for indeed your hearts are great, and capable of great love.


It is your love which will lift and shift this world – and your hearts of greatness, restored to full power and beauty are given you – as the angels release all sadness, as you breathe out – surrendering and naming each grief, each resistant despair and disappointment and failure of love – and breathing in the flows of radiance which fill and expand your radiant hearts, enfilling and expanding to divine perfection.  Your hearts, your divine hearts are given you, those which have not ever been hurt or forced to close in fear and grief.  Breathe in to receive the embodiment of the divine heart, that which is eternal – and expand and enjoy its radiance.


As the flows of love and of power pulse through the solar plexus, offer up the fears, all the fears you may hold – fear of suffering, fear of death, fear of danger, fear of illness, fear of poverty and lack, fear of homelessness, fear of failure, of loss of livelihood, of not enough, of lack of opportunity, lack of love, to be unloved, to lose love, to be denied love – and lack of faith, lack of trust – and of doubt and confusion.  There are fears of ability, of confidence, lacking belief in self, belief in your abilities – there are comparisons with others and the belief that you may be embarrassed if you attempt to shine.  There is fear of success, of that which may be required of you if you step fully into mastery and the life of your dreams. There are fears to leave parts of life behind, those which are not serving you – and fears to step into a fuller life which uses all of your talents and gifts in a way that rewards and fulfills – fears which are holding you in stagnation and stuckness.


Surrender these as you breathe out, and the angelics release fear – and breathe in as the pulses of Source light enfill and replace the fears – and strength is restored, and confidence – and peace fills you.


The hara at the navel receives strong pulses of radiant light – for your power centre has been damaged over all the course of your existences – and there are distortions of power – of lack of power, not believing in your gifts and abilities, and without power to move forward using mastery and confidence.  There are comparisons with others, daring not to compete in the belief that your gifts are less – your voice not strong in ability to stand your ground and hold your power, fearing comparison and being overpowered, mistreated by others.  There is powerlessness which releases.

And there are the abuses of power – of neediness, of manipulation of others, and of control – to have your own needs met.


Breathe out and surrender the wounds as the records and distortions are taken from you by the angelics, releasing the wounds and records of power over all the course of your existences.  And breathe in the strong flows of light which restore your power centre – taking away distortions and replacing with empowerment – attending to your chakras to restore these to divine blueprint, as you breathe strongly to receive all that you require for the new which awaits you, this which gives purpose to your life and your role.


The light floods the sacral chakra, the seat of sensuality and of creative power – as you offer up the wounds of sexuality, where you have suffered, where there is confusion and abuse and wound and fear.  There are beliefs around your creation power, where you are in lack and doubt – stuckness and inability to open and to access the creative gifts you hold – and these are taken from you by the angelics as doubt and lack is replaced by empowerment, and the wounds of sensuality are released from you, that you may in purity and love and joy embrace these bodily gifts.


The divine light floods the base chakra with that which casts out all lack, all fear, all pain and suffering.  There is the belief that you are not safe on earth, that you are at risk of all manner of suffering – that you are powerless and fear what the universe may send you as lesson to endure.  There is the exhaustion and the tiredness at this physical life, and all that has been asked of you in these past years over all the course of your path of restoration and of healing – such tiredness beloveds is noted in all.  Such has been the nature of your path, of the continuing onslaughts which have raised to the surface the recurring experiences, patterns, behaviours – all that you have dealt with as suffering and confusion, of fear and doubt – beloveds all is taken from you – for indeed the planetary alignments have been strong and severe in casting out all remaining distortions and wounds.


As all records and distortions, all exhaustion, tiredness, doubt and fear are released from your base chakra and from each dimension of your being – you are asked to acknowledge, to look back over the course of your life and to acknowledge how far you have reached and grown – and how strongly you have dealt with the planetary alignments – the wisdom and truth and knowledge of self that you have gained – which has honed you with the steel of endurance and of truth – giving such strength and self-knowledge.


Breathe in deeply the divine pulses of light, as exhaustion dissolves – receiving original divine strength and power restored to this chakra and to each dimension of your being – and breathe up from the core of Gaia’s crystal heart the connection and strength she gives you, connecting and aligning with her centres of power which mirror that of your own – as your crystals of love, light and power are aligned with those of beloved Gaia, restoring your divine gifts and abilities in their ability to be embodied upon the earth and used for self, and for your life and role.


And breathe down this divine light which has restored each of your chakras, with your breath connect to Gaia’s crystal core – and receive restoration of the entire galactic chakra system and multidimensional rainbow bridge of light – that which holds your connection with both the divine, and your own divinity, own gifts, own powers – and your connection with and sustenance by the realms of the physical – and all your needs are met with this full flow of lighted connection between heaven and earth.


Breathe in this knowledge, this connection – this belief and certainty that though there have been times of great struggle and suffering – that we have reached the end days of the wheel of suffering – and all now look to the new which lies ahead.


And it is as leaders that you will step forward into the new – leaving behind the old ways of suffering and of fear and doubt – and pulling your mantle of power around you and stepping fully into your gifts – with confidence and belief in your role, your abilities, your love, your dreams.   You will step as leaders into the new, for you hold strength at your core, and light and wisdom and truth and love.  And though your path is strong – you are fed by the divine and accompanied by the realms of the ancients and the holy ones – and all is given you, for the ease of your role – for much rests on your shoulders – and all is given you as those hallowed holy ones who have this role upon the physical plane of leading humanity forwards into light.


Beloveds it is Peace that is given you this day – for this peace encompasses all that you require which will set you upon your new paths of leadership.   It is by example that you will lead – and it is from joy and peace that your greatness will emanate outwards in widening bands of perfection – that all may similarly shift.  You will raise up humanity upon your own frequencies of greatness and of love.  This is your path – greatness and love – and it is from your frequencies alone that this shift will occur.  And all is given you that you may take up this role of greatness, and by your love and the peace which radiates from you, you will shift the frequencies and all may rise with you.  By your surges of faith and trust, of positivity – your gains in knowledge of the use of the mind and the heart to create outcomes – accompanied by the great ones of love from the divine realms who will guide and inspire you – you will achieve the shift from darkness into light.  It is from your frequencies of love and of peace, of positive power and trust that you will achieve your roles – and all is given you that you may embody this peace which will give you the blissful life of your dreams.


We look to those areas of your life where you are without peace.  Immediately they come to mind.  There is confusion and fear – there is doubt – there is lack – there is loneliness – where you are without love, or there is conflict in your love relationships.  There is failure – in love – in life – in work – in money and abundance.  There is lack of ease – there is conflict – there is distrust – there are issues in relationships – of jealousy, competition, of control and power, of neediness and manipulation.  There are issues of freedom – where you feel not free, where you are not able to live freely – to live the life of your dreams – where you are cast into a plot of drama, stuckness, lack, without freedom, without power, without love which is true and fulfilling, work that is stultifying and deadening, where you are in fear of making mistakes, of being called to account – where you are not working at your fullest capability, not using the gifts that fill you with joy – where you are living a small life – and  where there is no joy.  There are issues and fears of health – where you are not perfectly at ease in your body and in radiant health.  There are fears to move on, to move beyond stuckness – there are fears that in walking from the life you know you will enter danger territories of failure and lack and loss.


It is noted that your lives are often complicated, and without balance – and that you attempt to numb your suffering through various means – which stimulate your senses to pass the time, yet which result in their own challenges, of addiction and additional pressures of expense.


There is disconnection with nature – living in urban environments, with the stress of noise and pollution, the fast life, without connection with neighbours – and the fears of violence and of danger and robbery.


There is fear of war, of violence – there is fear of cataclysm and of danger.  There is hatred within religions, between countries and races – and there is such conflict within humanity, and suffering and lack.


There is viciousness within some, and hatred and violence – and there is fear, feeling unsafe – fear that war and hatred cannot be combated.


There is conflict and confusion and struggle and lack of direction and hopelessness among young people – torments of self-hatred, and hatred of others, of competition and huge peer pressures.  There is violence and destruction among many young people – self-harming, harming of self and others through thought, word and deed.


There is suffering, starvation, homelessness, hopelessness – and there is inertia within humanity, numb to the suffering and unable, unwilling to act, seemingly impossible to bring any change of lasting importance.


There is dishonour and devastation of the earthly kingdom – abuses of the earth and the waters – with toxicity and radiation, pollution of the air and of the watercourses and the earth.


And there is dishonour to the animal kingdoms and cruelty and lack of care.


These are the issues for humanity.  And the hopelessness is noted within you, that even if you were to pull your mantle of greatness about you, and to act in full power, using all of your love, all of your gifts and talents and abilities – that your efforts would be unrewarded – for all is too damaged, damaged beyond repair or ability to restore.


Feel this hopelessness within your heart – and acknowledge that it acts to hold you back from even starting forward in trust that you may make a difference to this world.


Beloveds, the angels hold you and caress you, and begin to pull from you this hopelessness, these fears, the struggles, the suffering and deadness of areas of your life where you are not fulfilled, where you are not in peace.


Name each area of your life where you are not in peace – and surrender it to the angels – who take all from you, and from each dimension of your being – releasing also the core records of the akasha of your soul that lie beneath and beyond the struggles and the stuckness and the fear.  Breathe out to release all.


And breathe in as the pulses of strong Source light, those which originate from all realms of importance to you, flood you and fill the places from which the records of struggle and suffering have been taken.


And as you expand and expand in radiance – again we say to you that it is from your frequencies that you will lead.  Your role is to step higher, fed by radiant light which restores you to your divine abilities – and to emanate this radiance of joy.  It is by your frequencies of love and radiance that you will lead – and it is from your radiance that the shift will occur – joining in great numbers and sharing your radiance and peace – this is that which will make the shift – and this is that which now gives purpose to all the course of your path of release and healing and transformation.  It is in joining together, so many lightworkers who have incarnated for these special times, those upon which all of the heavens have view and interest, this shifting of the ages that occurs – it is in living a life of peace, and one that allows radiance and joy – that will give momentum to the shift – and it is by the enhanced frequencies you jointly emit – so vastly powerful are these frequencies when joined together – ah hallowed days have finally opened to you and to all – that your frequencies of joy and of peace will create new realities.


Held within your divine hearts are the ideals from which each of you personally would love to live your lives.  There is freedom, love, fulfillment, meaningful livelihood, ease, health, co-operation, trust in the divine, trust among all – and there is peace.  And it is peace which is given you this day – for peace indeed encompasses all other ideals – and if you have peace then you have all.


And you are given peace as a Template of Universal Law, already anchored to earth as a reality – and so most easily received by each of you.  Much has gone before you, series of activations and templates, blueprints and holograms of creation and of miracles over several years – and many have shared the task of anchoring these creation blueprints to earth, and many have been the transformations – and these conclude this day – as the Divine Template of Peace is able to be embodied gracefully, anchored through each of you individually, to bring great ease and new possibilities to each of you.   And in joining together, and sharing this frequency of peace, it expands and radiates exponentially, far beyond your numbers, and into the thousands and the multi-thousands – to create a force field, a morphogenetic force field – which acts as a hologram upon which the new world will build and create as mirror.


Continue to name and to release every area of your life where you are without peace – personally, in your relationships, in your work, your health, your lifestyle, your environment – and the nature of the recent planetary alignments played such important role to give these voice and bring them to your awareness.  And this day the discomfort of past days and weeks is given sense and purpose – as all is released from you.  Peace fills every atom, every cell, every chakra and vortex and portal of your being – and you radiate and expand in bliss.


As pulses of peace which contain templates and blueprints and holographs of perfection are sent to you by Lady Nada with legions of angels, receive with your breath, as each aspect and dimension of your being and your life receives its transformation – receiving the synchronistic flows of grace aligned with the Flower of Life and the universal flows of love and energy from the All That Is to bring to you the peace you have created with your visualizations and your hearts’ dreams.


Beloveds, as the angels surround you and hold you, breathe deeply and expand in highest frequency – as you travel across the heavenly realms and to the godstreams – and in this place you are unlimited.  You are beyond suffering or fear – or any memory of suffering or fear.


It is from these realms that you are given the miracle of Creation beloveds – that which is unlimited in its perfection – and that which may manifest in any form of perfection.


Beyond the dualities, beyond suffering – there is oneness with God, and there is the gift of creation – that perfection may be embodied in myriad form.


The time acclaimed, the end of this cycle of experiment in human form – has reached its day – that the experiment of the dualities may be put aside – with all wisdom and knowledge reclaimed – and all suffering may now be cast aside – and all record and memory of suffering may now receive its deletion and dissolution.


And the gift of Creation is given you – for this is a special role, that for which you have chosen to embody in physical form in this lifetime – that you may reach beyond your own memories and records, to achieve their dissolution, their deletion – and to reclaim your embodiment of perfection – the restoration of your wholeness, your multidimensional divine gifts and selves – and to recover and reclaim your connection with God and the divine realms, and your knowledge of the trust which brings such peace and joy.


As we travel to the Hall of Records of the Akashic Library, Divine Mother and the Karmic Board release with karmic absolution all records of the akasha of your soul which created pain and struggle and lack of peace.


We travel to the halls of higher learning and wisdom to reclaim each ‘aha’ of higher consciousness that you have ever gained from all the course of your life, both physical and celestial – giving sense to all the course of your lifetimes, and reclaiming every jewel of truth and wisdom and higher understanding.


And to the godstreams where we merge with God – as you expand in greatest light and receive memory of your divinity, eternal, undamaged, yet magnified in wisdom through the course of all of your experiences.


This is the gift you enjoy for self – and share with humanity – in mergence with God – embodying godliness enhanced by the knowledge and wisdom you have gained from your experiences of the dualities and of physical life – as you attain the godstreams, those realms of unlimited possibility – where all mirrors perfection – connected throughout the universal realms – from whence manifestation comes into form as mirror of the mind of God.


You have reached that moment beloveds of having stepped across and beyond your roles of restoration – and your path as creators now awaits.  And it is Peace which is our purpose this day.


Held within your beautiful hearts is knowledge of that which you desire for your life.  There is the yearning for peace – in relationships, with friends, family, beloveds – in love, in life, in work, in money and abundance, in livelihood, in health and vitality and radiance, in freedom, in lifestyle, able to live freely, to live the life of your dreams – without drama, stuckness, lack, disempowerment, fear of mistakes, fear of failure – living at your fullest capacity, using your talents and gifts that bring you joy – where there is connection with nature and with clean air, water, food which is radiant with life-force – of simplicity, and lack of stress and fear.


Create your perfect life in all of its perfection, naming every aspect of your life that you choose to create……………………………………………………………………



And held within your hearts is knowledge of that which you desire for this earth.


There is the yearning that peace may be known by all.


There is such desire for freedom for all – for equality – for truth – for peace within countries, religions, families and loved ones.  The peace of tolerance and acceptance and freedom for all.


There is the dream that all humanity may have their needs of food, water, shelter and livelihood gracefully met – that there be sufficient for all, without suffering.  The peace of livelihood, abundance and ease.


There is the desire for animals, and the earth, and for all humanity – to be treated with integrity and care and honour.  The peace of equality, care and respect and honour.


There is the desire that all ego and hatred may be put aside – and that peace may take the place of war.  The peace between countries, religions and races.


There is the dream for the end of suffering – and the dissolution of struggle.


These are the dreams beloveds.


You are given the Hologram of Creation as gift – that this ability as creator is restored in you – that you may take up your role – and bring to effect these dreams for self and for the world – to assist the shift.  This is the role for which you have been chosen – and this is the gift that you are given, as ever it was promised you – the return of your abilities as creator.


Flowing in the godstreams – allow your dreams for self, for humanity, for the animals, for the world, for the earth, for her rivers and lands and oceans and streams, her mountains and her beauty – to be restored to new truth.


Add your dreams for your own perfect life – that which you desire from most deeply within your heart – the life of your dreams – to manifest.


And allow from your highest heart to surface these dreams – of that which you wish to achieve – that which would bring most gratitude to your heart.  For it is this gratitude – living in this gratitude – and emitting this force and gift of the universe – which is the gift you bring the new world – and so it is asked of you to give voice to that which would bring you to gratitude – and to call it in – to name it, to describe it, and every quality – and you may name these – those of peace, of fulfillment, of ease, of beauty, of truth, of empowerment, of harmony, of alignment with your purest and fullest gifts, those which bring joy and empowerment to your heart.


Name those you desire as your destiny partners, those whose gifts when added to yours will create a synergy, as destiny partners, to achieve the fulfillment and the achievement of all that you contracted to achieve.  And name the assistance you require, the physical needs you have to assist and support your path and your life.


Accept alignment with your destiny partners – and call to these – to make themselves known, to acknowledge your readiness to connect with others, to share and to trust the role of each and to support and hold each other, adding your gifts together to create realities of greatness.


As you open in readiness – breathe in and expand in frequency as the angelics align the timelines and the destiny lines – that you and your destiny partners are in true alignment and timing.


Allow to arise the perfect life, the life of your dreams – and see this – begin to create it – to give it vision and form.  And create this life, and the component parts – and bring in those who will assist and support – as the angels create its hologram.


If within your deepest heart you feel the desire to serve, to act, to share your gifts and talents – allow these dreams to surface – and give them form – and expand on your dreams and give form to the details, the role, the manner in which you wish and would love to act and to serve and to share and to give.


And there are many whose role is of but wholeness and perfection – who have not such high outward role – those who are the transmitters of joy and gratitude – those who bring themselves to wholeness and who share that wholeness with all.  Not necessary to have a wider life – if this is not within the heart as dream.   Whatever from your heart will bring you peace – this is that which you have chosen.


So many lightworkers have flocked to the earth realm, not only to achieve their own wholeness and the release of the nature of all memory of distortion achieved over the course of their lifetimes, but who, in achieving this wholeness – will be the transmitters of love and joy and gratitude – which will allow the frequencies of the earth to rise so dramatically that there will be the shift into higher possibilities which walk beyond struggle, pain, suffering, of war and control and manipulation of earth and her humans and her resources.   You will know of this path if your desire is for the peace of life, without struggle – but without a bigger dream than that of peace and joy.


Name where you would love to live this life of peace and perfection – and how – the manner of your day – without rush or stress – with time to enjoy and to connect with beauty and with nature – and meaningful time with family and loved ones.


Name the life of your dreams, where you are in peace and joy – and describe this life, this perfect life – and how you will spend your days.  Not an empty life, but a full one, of joy and ease, using your gifts to best effect.   This perfect life you will live – as the model that you are of perfection – and sharing the possibility of this perfection with all.


Name the attributes and gifts and talents that fill your days – that which you are best suited to add as your special contribution – and experience the fulfillment of doing that which you most enjoy, that which is most closely aligned with your heart and your desires – that which brings you joy and fulfillment – and allows an attitude of entitlement to receive all your needs met gracefully, easily.


And that which you require, the physical assistance you need, to create this life – then describe this which is required – and the assistance that you need – the physical steps that are to be taken – and the supply of that which will bring your dream into form.


Visualise these component parts of your life and dream – and add these to your hologram.


Design the places, the people, the buildings, the nature, the beauty – and experience now the joy, the fulfillment in the use of your greatest gifts in the life of your dreams – all that will bring you to peace.


Feel the peace that fills you to have achieved the life of your dreams – to have achieved your destiny.


Feel the richness of your life, all qualities aligned and balanced – knowing you are loved and honoured for that which you give – and in such gratitude for all that you receive.


This is your hologram of perfection and of heart’s dream.


And know that you may add to this hologram – as your desires and goals become more clearly known – and that you may change and shift the realities within this hologram – that it may more perfectly reflect that which brings you peace.


Your hologram, which holds all of the component parts of your individual dream for your life – is merged now with the hologram of your divine purpose – all aligned – for there are qualities unknown and hidden from your present view – and these are given you, within your hologram – that true perfection may come about.


Open your hearts and your beings as the angels place this hologram of perfect destiny within your heart – this which is your own role – which brings you peace – containing not only your personal dreams, but those which you have chosen as higher destiny.


And this is your role as Dreamers of the New World – to be the role models who hold the holograms of perfection – upon which all humanity may be modeled – that peace and perfection may be replicated endlessly.


As each of you takes up your life of peace and of gratitude – its hologram expands and replicates endlessly – making possibilities for all to similarly step into higher paths which are fulfilling and bring joy and peace.


And hold your hearts where are held your holograms of peace – and add to your holograms with joy and love.  Every time you are in joy and gratitude – place your hands to your heart to add this joy and peace – to bring closer your destiny and your life of dreams – and know that in adding to your hologram, to enhance and to brighten into fullness this life of peace and perfection – your hologram, enjoined with that of all Dreamers of the New World – is given life.


And join your holograms together, Dreamers of the New World – and connect and share your holograms, your dreams, your desires for the world for peace – and allow the planetary frequencies of such greatness – to create the shifts that will manifest the new realities of peace upon which the world will take up its foundation – and the qualities of truth, justice, love, health, freedom, equality, sharing, honour, respect, purity, connection, abundance, plenty and peace, those which you hold as your deepest dream for the world – are given form and manifest.




And singing now the mantra for the Divine Template of the Universal Law of Peace to be anchored to earth as a reality – that others and each of them may similarly achieve this which steps beyond all suffering and struggle – as the blueprint of peace from the creation realms that all may live in peace, perfection, grace, ease, safety, trust, connection, wholeness, empowerment, abundance, plenty, freedom, radiance, gratitude, fulfillment, joy, health, justice, truth, equality, and the life of their heart’s dreams.


Qwi  Hi  Twa  Na  Hu  Su  Qwi  I  Qwi  Nwi  Ah



Qwee  Hee  Twah  Nah  Hoo  Soo  Qwee  Ee  Nwee  Ah



On behalf of all humanity you allow the Template of Peace to anchor through you, and to descend through your being and to Gaia and to her grids of light – and to all of her sacred portals and along her dreaming lines, her lei lines and her oceans and rivers may peace spread and transform all – allowing the gift of Peace to be restored to earth – that the new world may build on peace as its foundation.


Open your radiant hearts and allow the gift of peace to expand and to transform you into wholeness and trust and the life of your dreams – as you accept and acknowledge that the suffering of the past has been taken from you – and as you step forward now holding your intent for the qualities of life that will bring you to peace and love, empowerment, health, prosperity, ease, fulfillment and joy.


As you step forward, with full trust, into the life of your dreams, and as you expand on the qualities you desire for your life, all that will bring you to joy and to peace, expand outwards in this joy and empowerment – and step into the life of your dreams – step through the doorway that awaits you – make the first step – and acknowledge the step that is required of you – that which it is for you to let go of, or to step into – and having stepped into the dream, experience the peace, the bliss, the joy, the health, the wealth, the empowerment, the gift of using all of your best qualities and those which bring you most joy – and with your breath continue to radiate outwards this peace, empowerment and perfection you have stepped within – radiate this outwards in widening bands of peace, stepping along your path of destiny, where you are in most joy and gratitude – and expand further and link with those who are your beloveds, and with your countries of residence, and with all those who hold love for you, and you for them.


As you flow in the joy and perfection that the gift of Peace gives you, will you link with all other Dreamers of the New World – receiving, and giving – add your peace, your joy and empowerment – and each receives exponential expansion – heightened frequencies of peace, joy and perfection shared and received – as your individual hologram of peace and perfection is held by the angels – and joined together with the holograms of each – merging dreams for peace and perfection – containing all of the component ideals which when joined together create the foundation of peace upon which the new world will build and create.


Radiate your peace and joy – the wholeness and fulfillment that brings such joy, content and gratitude – as leaders and Dreamers of the New World, and expand your hearts to connect with all lightworkers – that they too may receive the peace, ease and empowerment of the life of their own dreams.  Hold the frequencies for all lightworkers, that they may receive that which will shift them beyond their experience of suffering – and allow them to receive this peace and ease, beyond struggle and suffering – allowing them to add their perfection to the divine plan to enable all humanity to be restored to wholeness, peace, purity, justice, truth, plenty, love, grace, ease, fulfillment, gratitude, freedom – and the life of their dreams.




And expand your radiant hearts with humanity, those who have desire at the deepest core of their being – the desire for the release from struggle – and for ascension – expand and radiate your joy and gratitude for the gift of peace which allows transformation for all.


From your hearts and your beings expand your peace, your love, your joy, your gratitude, empowerment, wholeness and the knowledge that you hold ability now to step fully within the life of your dreams – and to shift all humanity – by the force of your numbers – and the power of your love – that peace may be received by them to lift and shift them to a life without struggle, where peace takes the place of war, and where all of life’s needs are received with ease.


And the hologram of peace which you have conjointly created with your ideals and dreams – is placed by the angels to the countries and places of unrest, of bloodshed, hatred, suffering and war – and as above, so below – that which has been made manifest by love and dreams – is given form as reality through the force and the purity of your love for all.


And you may tone and sound – to anchor Peace to earth that all may receive the ability to live life in peace.


You are beloved of God and the angels and masters and family of light for your Dreaming and for your love.  You are held always in purest light, loved forever and endlessly.