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The Heart-Magnificent Realms

We start again, at the highest frequency – the breakthrough made possible as a result of our group work which concluded on 21:12:2012 – which has shifted us and all lightworkers to new possibilities, new frequencies.

The Holograms of Magnificence are given as the means by which we may connect with and embody these which are the highest frequencies

In recent weeks I have merged within the blissful frequencies which emanate from the love of god.  These realms extend back in time BEFORE creation – they are the god realms, where only the love of god exists.  Creation had yet to become a reality – and so floating in these realms there is only love and stillness.

This is the realm to which we will journey in this year in a series of 11 activations, where most easily may be cast off the distortions and patterns and pain of suffering.  It is also a place from which creation and manifestation, to new realities, those not currently on the earth realm – may be ‘dreamed’ into reality.

There are immense planetary frequencies now available to those whose hearts are open – and this series of holograms and activations enables the ability to receive and make use of these wondrous new energies –  to walk beyond and bypass any remnants of unresolved suffering – and to create and to live the life of your dreams.

Activations of acceleration will release the core wounds, recurring programs, patterns and behaviours of limitation and suffering that hold you from living a fuller, more fulfilling life – and as the distortions of suffering and sadness shift and release, the wondrous new energies are able to be received to raise your frequency to its greatest capacity through every dimension of your being – heart, body, soul, emotions, mind, will, and embodiment of form.

The higher the frequency that you are able to embody, the greater is your ability to receive what the universe wishes to mirror to you as the life of your dreams and destiny.

So this is the course of our path this year – to rise above any distortion – and to most gracefully reverse, travelling backwards, beyond suffering – to a place of absolute peace and stillness where we may reinstate, override and create anew.

We start with the Heart – for if the heart is free and filled with love and gratitude – then there are no blocks to prevent the universe creating more and more for which we may be grateful.

In each activation we will journey to these realms of magnificence and of unlimitedness for transformation of differing levels and realms of heart, body, mind, emotions and soul – casting aside all lower realities – and overriding with the new dream for our life.

As we attain those which are the highest of frequencies and learn to live from gratitude, beauty, joy and peace within the life of our dreams  – we create a hologram of reality for the new world that is then possible for all to share and live.

So we are the role models and those at the leading edge.  Living from positivity and the beauty of the heart and emotions and the mind – that is now our path, our story and our truth

With love,

Astrea Sri Ana



STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN – the Path of Ascension – shift of frequencies – with Barb Aasen and Astrea Sri Ana

22-25 May 2013

Exciting new workshop at Om Shanti villa in Amed, beachside Bali link

Barb is a registered psychologist residing between Australia and Bali, gifted in healing soul wounds and also a divine channel of the faery kingdoms.

This 4 day intensive with Barb and Astrea will be fun, not only working with and clearing the wounds of the soul, but with time set aside for snorkeling, massage and moonlit beach dinners – and concludes with a trip to a very sacred waterfall for a ceremony of ritual and cleansing and a Hindu blessing ceremony.

For more details: link to full information and www.barbaasen.com

Sacred Mystery School PLUS
July 1-8 2013

Intensive 7 day workshop at Temple of Heaven, Ubud, Bali – a high path of mastery for those who are ready to step into their magnificence.  Full details: link to web information

Optional sacred day tour with Wakuha Blueflame:  includes water purification, Hindu blessing ceremony, Tibetan bowls sound healing soul journey and akashic release. 
Optional 1 day workshop with Michael Liss, evolution and wellness master

Optional Soul clearing sessions with Barb Aasen, registered psychologist and divine channel.

Optional akashic release and soul retrieval Tibetan bowl sound healing sessions, chakra balance, with Wakuha Blueflame.


Group Activations at Temple of Heaven, Ubud, Bali each Balinese Full Moon in 2013

In Bali all are welcome to join the activations each month at the Temple of Heaven in Ubud. 
If you would like to be called in especially to receive and connect with the group, let me know – email me.

How to Work with the Activation and the Hologram of Sacred Geometry

Singing the mantra of light language for the hologram will allow you to journey to the realms of magnificence, a place of highest and purest frequency.

After printing the hologram, hold it at arms length, sing the mantra several times, experience your frequency expand and shift – and then while looking at the hologram, draw it in towards your face slowly until it rests against your third eye and hold it there, until you feel complete.  You may feel to hold the hologram against your third eye for several minutes, and experience soul journeying to realms of highest frequency – so very beautiful is this travel.

Repatterning of the electro-magnetic field and bodies of light occurs, and multidimensional travel to the god realms of magnificence.

For fullest support The Heart-Magnificent Realms.IMGand connection, intend that you receive the activation and hologram with the group in Bali, asking and intending that you be aligned with us – same time, same place.  You can use the activations and holograms at any time and as often as you feel to – for the benefit will be exponential.



In Singapore Cezann Mersindor is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each month at 7.30pm.  Contact her for information if you would like to join her group: cezann@singnet.com.sg

In Los Angeles Michael Liss will be offering activations at the Shahr Salon & Wellness Centre every Tuesday at 7pm and Thursday at 11am – and at Santa Monica on the beach on 2 Saturdays per month.  Contact Michael for more information: michaelmmlc@yahoo.com

In South Africa, Germiston, Gauteng region, the beautiful Matsela Mariet Manaka is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each Monday at 7pm.  If you would like to join her groups you can email her marietm00@gmail.com


Akashic record channeled readings
Astrea is gifted to find and release the original core memories and experiences you may hold as akashic records which manifest as patterns of recurring disempowerment, trauma, pain and suffering.  More information at this link akashic records


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Holograms of Magnificence

~ 2013 program of ascension frequency ~

The series of 11 monthly holograms and activations in 2013 forms a complete program of healing and transformation.  They may be used regularly, daily – for wondrous acceleration and shifts of magnificence.

  1. the heart
  2. the mind
  3. the soul
  4. the will, aligned with divine will
  5. life path
  6. personal frequency
  7. embodiment in form
  8. joy
  9. beauty
  10. positivity
  11. gratitude




Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence


Beloveds, open your hearts and your beings, calling to the angels of creation to increase and shift your frequency and to open, activate and restore the multidimensional chakra column and bodies of light, that you may journey to attain the realms of creation and of love, those that emanate from the love of God, so that your divine heart may be reclaimed, and, restored to purest and highest frequencies of love and of power, may beat with the pulse of the universe.


Breathe deeply as you are surrounded by the angels who hold you in highest love and care, as your frequency shifts to align with the new energies, shifting you higher – and with the angels we travel now along the timelines and through the dimensions.


Bring to mind the cares and concerns that ail you, still, and we speak of those of the heart, those sadnesses and travails, the regrets, mistakes, betrayals and devastation caused by grief and suffering, sadness, confusion and pain.


We allow these to arise, these memories which are unresolved and unforgiven – and we travel the timelines and we meet, and bypass, the original core wounds of the soul and of the heart.


We observe, and bypass the destiny partners with whom we have unresolved issues – and we open our hearts in forgiveness of all – for already we have journeyed and reached far beyond the third dimension of suffering and pain, able to have an overview of the karmic issues playing out with destiny partners – able to surrender, to consent to forgive and for all to be put aside – for the wounds are ancient and have lived their day and it is time, and possible now, for bypassing and dissolution of all memories of suffering.


There is great release, and relief, as forgiveness is given – each outstanding and unresolved memory of pain and suffering where there has been the holding on of real and imagined slights and errors, wrongs and betrayals and hurts releases and is dissolved – as you are surrounded by the angels and the frequency shifts, allowing you to let go, to surrender, to let go of the need to be right, to be wronged, to hold onto past slights and wounds and suffering – for they serve you not – and now is the hour and the possibility is given you – to let go, to surrender, to forgive – and to move on.


Breathing, feeling the shift as so much dissolves – and expanding, shifting higher in frequency – with the angels we travel the timelines and slip through the dimensions – and our goal is the god realms – but first we will let go of all that holds us from the ability to freely traverse these realms of grace and of love.




Open the heart to reveal the inadequacies, the fears regarding love, lack of love, not able to fully love, loneliness, the perceptions that you are unable to be loved, not good enough, that your physical form denies you love in its supposed lack of perfection.


Open to reveal the baggage you carry, the wounds, the fears, the hurts, the loneliness, the mistakes you have made and those made against you.


Open your heart to reveal the inadequacies, the fear that you are not able to love, that you fear to love, fear to be hurt and loved not purely and faithfully, not able to be loved, not good enough, perfect enough.


Open your heart to reveal the cold areas – where you do not love yourself – where you hold grudges, bitterness, jealousies and unresolved memories of love that went wrong – where you have suffered and been hurt – where you have shut down your heart, and are afraid to open, to love again – and living a life unlived, unloved, living a small life without love, not receiving love, not able to love or to be loved – or where you feel prevented from receiving love, feeling the pain of this, the anger and confusion that you are surrounded by others who have love, though it is denied you – and where you are not in compassion – where you are closed off from the suffering of others, unable to feel or to care.


Open the wounds of the heart that they may be known – for beloveds you have suffered so, and so much has been repressed and pushed down – never dealt with, never healed, never forgiven – hurt too big to deal with – and you have glossed over the pain, healed to a degree only sufficient that you could continue physical life – but wounded, damaged, cold and anguished in the lack that has resulted.


And we travel further, expanding in frequency as the wounds of the heart are dissolved, bypassed and left behind.




As a child you have loved, and have suffered for love – you have loved purely and so quickly the wounds occurred, which were pushed down – when you were hurt and damaged in your purity, denied love, judged and blamed and punished for your naivety and your innocence – and quickly you learned to not rebel, not answer back, – to fit in, to change to ensure you were accepted and loved, and to prevent punishment – shutting down the heart in layers and levels – and the heart dimmed in brilliance and in love – operating purely at a level of survival and of fitting in with society and its distortions – living half a life – and the heart barely beating.




Open the heart to reveal the wrongs – of childhood – and adolescent and teenage years – that which you suffered which closed and injured, damaged and limited the heart.


And we travel to higher frequencies, as the wounds and memories and suffering are dissolved.



Open the heart to reveal when you loved largely, naively, some would say foolishly, though you loved to excess, and felt the thrall of love.


And open the heart to recall the suffering when the beauty of your heart and its love was not mirrored and reflected back to you – and resulted in betrayal, pain, suffering, confusion, heartbreak.  And expand in frequency as we travel with the angels, beyond the suffering, as all dissolves and is left behind.




The angels hold you and cocoon you in soft love as we travel the timelines beyond this suffering – and we leave all behind, all but memories in the depths of time – and we are journeying to realms far beyond suffering.


Breathe deeply, in surrender, to leave behind, forever, the wounds, the lacks, the insecurities, the heartbreak and suffering, the doubts and the fears – as we continue to journey with the angels of creation backwards in time, expanding in frequency, as all suffering is dissolved.


And we reach the hall of records in the akashic library, greeted by Divine Mother and the Karmic Board.  Held by the angels as we journey through the library which holds your akashic records of all experience in all dimensions – open your heart, your beloved heart, as the records, the memories, the experiences, the beliefs, the programs and patterns and seals which hold resonance with the suffering and closing and limitation of the heart – are released – the records are released beloveds, with karmic absolution – for your experiences were only that, desired for experience, and then relentlessly playing out in karmic episodes of balance and rebalance – and the marvelous frequencies, newly available, see the coming to an end of this constant and relentless journey through the dualities and the karmic plane.  And so the records may be most easily extinguished, dissolved.


Breathe deeply in surrender as the records are taken from you and dissolved – and you are freed.  Open your hearts for they also are freed and may open in love, without fear of heartbreak and suffering.


With the angels we journey further, and we attain the halls of higher learning and wisdom where are stored all of the individual truths and aha’s of wisdom and knowledge gained through all the course of your lifetimes – the understandings you have gained at the completion of each lifetime, the growth and progress and wisdom over every incarnation.


Beloveds this truth and knowledge and wisdom is yours to reclaim for it has been wrought amidst suffering and earnest climbing through the vales and valleys of experience and of suffering – and is yours to reclaim, to give sense and mark the value of all of your experiences.


The angels assist you to reclaim all the wisdom you have gained from all experience, as this is restored to you – through every dimension of your being – as you breathe to receive these additions to your bodies of light and to your chakras – wisdom reclaimed, yours to hold now and be not dissipated and relearnt in every incarnation.   The gains are permanent, and permanently held beloved, as they are restored in you.


Open your being to reclaim your magnificence, that which has arisen over all the course of your lives – for the karma has been dissolved and that which remains is the magnificence, the wisdom, the growth, the learning, the truths you have learned.


You are magnificent beloveds.  You began as magnificent, and through the course of your lifetimes you have added to that magnificence through your traverse through the vales of tears and suffering of the dualities.  You have made advances and gains in that which you learned – and this understanding of that which is suffering, that which has encompassed darkness and pain – has expanded you in your knowledge of self.


All of existence has benefited from the understandings that were revealed as a result of humanity’s path through the dualities and through suffering.


The individual truths of sincerity and integrity, of love and of compassion, of care of others, the love which gives meaning to all existence – are that which have been gleaned from the dualities as that which is so important and valuable.


That which began with love, with god – journeyed further throughout great realms of existence and experience.  Experience was desired, and was gained – and there has been suffering over all the course of these experiences – as well as greatness – and it is the love that was gained during all experience that has been seen as that which was worthwhile – and which gave balance to the suffering.


That which was known as important – is that which was originally held, before creation, before experience, before duality – and it is this love which was originally held which drives you, still, for its return.  And so, the path of ascension.


To have had all of the experience – to have enjoyed and to have suffered – and yet still, there is the craving to return to the beginning, and of the love of the beginning, the love of god, the love of being, the love of love, and naught but love – this is the drive and the yearning within the heart – and the mourning for that which is perceived to have been lost everlastingly.


But beloved, though the path has been long, ever the return was given you – and timelines only stood in its way.  And there is such joy within the universe to see these hallowed days of magnificence, for they are here, and they are given you, these frequencies which allow the shift and the return to that which is love, and only love.


With the angels we travel to the creation realms, where all was put into form, and there is the reunion with the monad, those of soul family – and there is union, and joy, and wholeness restored – and all wounds and suffering between you are far beyond any possibility of experience, for you are in rarefied realms of magnificence, where there is no possibility of suffering, and where most easily the love of being, the great magnificence recovered, re-known, trusted and owned – casts aside any possibility of wrong or of aught but perfection.


There is asked of you that of forgiveness for your experiences, those which have resulted in suffering for you and for others.  In these rarefied frequencies, you are given an overview of the purpose of all experience, and able to let go of all, claiming only the wisdom gained and the understanding of the value and importance of love.


And we travel further, the angels journeying with you, and we are in those realms which preceded creation, when you as a particle and expression of god existed in absolute peace, stillness and the greatest of love.  For all was love, and there was naught but love – and this is the realm to which you have sought your return – this is the realm you have yearned for, in the embrace of the love that is god’s love.


And you have reached that place of tender stillness and raw love – and there is naught but love and love and love.  There is stillness, absolute stillness – for you have journeyed beyond all duality, suffering, worry, stress.  You have reached that place of perfection and magnificence – this is the frequency which absorbs you in god’s love.  You are at one with god and with the love which is god – and there is magnificence in these realms and you are at one with that magnificence.


These are the realms which pre-dated and preceded creation – and you have as a Dreamer of the New World journeyed back to these realms – with your role that of, having knowledge of that which is human life – having seen that which is imperfect, that which is unfair and unjust – and knowing so fully and well from deeply within your magnificent hearts that which is your goal and dream for humanity – able now to join your dreams and yearnings for humanity, to create new realities.


You are in the lap of god and the angels of creation are at your disposal to hear of your dreams and goals for self and for humanity.


The dualities have reached their conclusion, and humanity may continue apace, but in new realities now possible.  And your role beloveds is, knowing of that which has gone askance into distortion, suffering, manipulation, unfairness, lack of integrity, lack of equality and truth, disparity between the realms of those who have abundance and those who are in grave need – you may reverse those wrongs – and put in place, through your dreams and desires, those realities which will bring balance and peace, justice and plenty to humanity.  This is your role – and you are given all that you require for your path and mission.




We are in the realms of the Heart in this activation – and so we will work with the wounds of the Heart, of that which creates suffering – and will work, and dream, to create new realities for the Heart of humanity.


This Heart is true, and open, and light.  This Heart has not suffered or seen loss, betrayal or pain.  This Heart is compassionate and cares for all others, no matter their form.  This Heart sees the equality between man and woman and child, no matter their colour, their age, their race, their country or ethnic origin or religion – and there is justice for all, and truth and honour.


This Heart gives honour to all animals, and is compassionate and caring of their loving nature, and gives assistance freely, easily, lovingly – in return for the beauty and the lessons that the animals give, and in honour of the animal friends who have equality within the divine order, though holding differing form.




We dream the new dream for relationship.   What do you desire and dream as perfection – in your relationships with lovers, family, friends, neighbours, and within humanity?




As Dreamers of the New World, it is that some of you have suffered inordinately in love and in relationship and in family life – that in traversing that which was of suffering and of distortion – you would know so well and truly that which was unfair, untrue, limited, betraying and unfaithful, uncaring and unloving, hurting and suffering – so that you would aim, and dream, for a bigger and better love in all relationships.


It is in living in the shadow side of love – in its darker form – that its light is known as dream and yearning.


So give form to your dreams beloveds for the love that you yearn for, noting your own previous lacks and imperfections, your neediness and need of control and manipulation – and making your intent that your love will be pure and free, without manipulation and control and greediness to have your own needs met


Design and dream your perfect self in the qualities you most admire.




Design the family life that would have formed you into a personality more whole and loving and independent and secure, without wounds and limitations.


Design and dream the purer and higher love from which you would have benefited – from mother, and father, brother and sister – and family.  Note the qualities of love and care – unconditionally loving and caring, without neediness or control or withholding, without emotional and mental and physical suffering – where there is freedom to learn and to grow, while being held in perfect care and understanding.


Design and dream the life of the baby, and toddler, and child and adolescent – the love they are, and the love they receive – where innocence and purity and playfulness and the desire for learning and growing is held in safety and caring love.


Design and dream the education of the child – that which it is important for the child to learn and to grow – in freedom, while held in care, safety and understanding, allowing learning and growth.




Design and dream the love between lovers – the qualities of the lover – and the qualities of your own love.  Design and dream the perfect love – where there is integrity absolutely between both, and truth, communication, compassion, freedom, acceptance, understanding, help and care, assistance and mutual support.




But it is your own heart beloved which holds most importance – your magnificent heart.  For it is from your heart that you dream – and your heart holds knowledge of all that is there for you as higher possibility and reality.  And it is from the highest frequency that your heart may reflect back to you the mirror of your love and desire for all that is perfection.  And so the heart holds such importance.


Those qualities which most shift the heart to the frequency of perfection are gratitude and compassion.


It is when you are in gratitude, able to shift your heart from bitterness and struggle into the ability to note those things for which you can be grateful – that then allows the heart to expand and to grow in frequency – which enables manifestation and creation of your dreams to come into form.


Look outwards to that which brings you to gratitude – that for which you are grateful – the small things that bring pleasure and ease.  Always there is much for which you may be grateful – and in coming into the awareness of finding that which makes you grateful, that which makes your heart sing – you are able to traverse the universal realms of magnificence, those which reflect back to you your magnificence, and to bring you the life of your dreams.




Beloveds you are resting in the realm of magnificence within which the highest of frequencies are found.  You have divested yourself of that which ails your heart as sadness and limitation – you have had dissolved your record of karma – and you have reclaimed all the wisdom and truth of all of your experiences.


Resting in this realm of magnificence, huge frequencies of perfection encompassing your heart, your being, you have dreamed your dream for your perfect life, for your perfect love – you have dreamed the dream of the Heart – and in its greatness the heart will expand in this frequency of such perfect love – and will reflect that dream of the heart out throughout the universe – and that perfect dream and perfect love will mirror back to you in the life of your perfect dreams.


Expand your heart in purest and highest frequency beloveds, held by angels and hold your dreams and give them form with your visualisation and imagination gifts – as you shift peacefully, expanding, feeling all love, all possibility – in these unlimited realms of magnificence.


And receive now the Hologram of the Heart from the Magnificent Realms, that which is your divine heart, unlimited in its capacity for love and for creation.


I open my heart and my being.

I open and activate my multidimensional chakra column and bodies of light

and I call for the angels of creation to increase and shift my frequency

that I may journey to attain the realms of creation and of love,

those that emanate from the love of God,

so that my divine heart, reclaimed,

restored to purest and highest frequencies of power and of love

may beat with the pulse of the universe to allow my gift of manifestation and of creation

to be restored in me, in fullest and purest power


Open your heart and your being as the hologram of the Heart is received by you  – now anchored to earth, transmitted through your being, and shared with Gaia and with humanity.



And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of the Heart from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea and the group in Bali – to allow the divine heart in its magnificence to be received, that you may have restored the ability to create with ease and joy the life of dreams – and for this reality to be anchored through you and to the earth and shared with all  – that humanity may similarly gracefully shift beyond suffering and pain – and into empowerment and peace and plenty.







Hee  Yar  Ah  Ah  Nah  Ah  Ah  Ah  Ah  Kee  Hee  Sue  Wah  Kee  Nah  Nah  Swah  Ha

Hee  Kee  Hee  Ahna  Hoo  See  Qwee  Hee  Ah  Nah  Ah



Great expansion occurs as your frequency, your heart, expand and shift to the highest possible levels – and the hologram anchors through you, transforming you, and is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers.


And your dreams of the heart, and of love, and of your perfect life – are added to your hologram of magnificence – as you expand your heart again – dreaming the perfect life of dreams, where there is perfect peace and beauty and love, fulfillment and success in whatever ideals you hold as that which is the perfect life for you.


Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and in joy – and join your holograms of magnificence – with all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the new reality for the new world.


Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of the Heart to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as new realities of creation bring to conclusion the realm of dualities, dissolving the karmic plane and the plane of suffering and deprivation.


You are so loved – breathe and expand yet further in frequency and receive this love which will hold you and guide you upon your path of full restoration and the life of your dreams.