Monday, 20. May 2013


The recent series of 3 eclipses concludes today, with the activation of The Will.  Such strong and intense energies – as remnants of resistant soul wounds have risen to the surface so that we may know of the fears and blocks we still hold – so clearly shown us in the disturbance that erupts – so that we may work through these patterns that we hoped we had cleared, yet which still held great and hidden power, blocking us from peace and success and flow and ease.  And as some frequencies have risen to the surface – and some have allowed clearing and release – then further levels of blissful frequency energy come in to allow the transformation – which has been the purpose of the eclipse season.

The perfection of the divine plan – yet quite disturbing in what erupts spontaneously and without warning – as we are propelled forward and forced to make changes for our highest good.  And such relief when we move through these intervals of change and unrest – and rest in the fulfillment at the new strength and empowerment forced on us.

The activation of The Will completes the process of the eclipses – to clear, release and transform every resistant block and obstacle that has been held hidden – and we journey to the ancient lifetimes of Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, where are held the major core soul wounds of lightworkers who have had roles of divine mission – to visit these experiences and memories, and be given explanation of what occurred in these lifetimes that created such suffering – and to dissolve the wounds that have led to our lack of trust in ourselves, lack of faith in our success, and doubt in the effectiveness of God and the family of light and in the divine plan for humanity.

These are important soul wounds, and quite resistant to transformation, such is the suffering and grief and disempowerment engrained so deeply as a result of our divine roles where we made errors of judgement, lost trust in our purity, perceived that we had fallen from grace and lost ability to be divinely guided and supported – and for many, where we were mistreated by others, abused, controlled, manipulated – leading us to shut down our higher gifts and lose faith in our abilities, our power, our connection to our higher natures.

The path has been long – and the suffering severe in many cases – and each struggle and the memory of every struggle and fear – has compounded.  Every time there is an initiation, a struggle, a loss, a fear – then the memory of what has gone before – experiences of confusion, of pain, of suffering, of loss, of conflict, of mistrust – are triggered – and it does feel that never will we be free of this labyrinth of struggle and suffering.

In being shown and able to acknowledge why we have lost trust, accepting that we have held good reason for our fears and doubts because of all that has gone before, where we have suffered – and receiving release of all that holds us without trust, without peace, where we hold on for control, and fight with our mind and our will to create outcomes – we receive the release of every soul wound, every fear and lack – and we are held by angels and enabled to achieve mergence with divine will – held in trust that the divine plan will lead us Home, achieving all that we put in place before we ever incarnated, as the perfect life we have chosen.

A very strong and beautiful activation from the Magnificent Realms, restoring us to original purity and love and trust in ourselves and in our path, with faith that we are divinely and safely and purely led, supported, gifted, and guided.

Holding those frequencies of absolute trust, held in the lap of the divine, we allow our dreams for our perfect life to manifest – unblocked by any mirroring of doubt or mistrust – and we align with our soul path and destiny partners.  And as we have journeyed to the Magnificent Realms to allow this release and transformation, and to dream the dream of our perfect life – we are unlimited, unblocked in these realms – and our dreams, with the assistance of the angelics, may be reflected back to us as new realities which manifest.


Exhibition of the Blueprints for the New Human in Hollywood!

So excited to share that Michael Liss and Love Magnificent will bring Astrea Sri Ana’s Creation Holograms to the world in new and innovative ways.

The first Love Magnificent project is an art exhibit of the BLUEPRINTS FOR THE NEW HUMAN at Ethos Gallery in Los Angeles, California, USA.  The holograms have been lovingly rendered by noted genius Typographer & Illustrator John Carrington Simpson.  The show runs from June 8 to July 3, 2013.

Check out for location and more information

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Thank you beloved Michael and John.


There will be no activation at Temple of Heaven in Ubud, Bali in May – as I will be in Amed for the Stairways to Heaven workshop – and the activation will be held in Amed with workshop participants, linking around the world with all those who are meditating with us.

With love we dream our dreams for our perfect life – creating holograms of reality which then form the foundation of that which is possible for all.


Astrea Sri Ana


Sacred Mystery School PLUS
July 1-8 2013

Intensive 7 day workshop at Temple of Heaven, Ubud, Bali – a high path of mastery for those who are ready to step into their magnificence.  Full details: link to web information

Optional sacred day tour with Wakuha Blueflame:  includes water purification, Hindu blessing ceremony with a Balinese lady priest, Tibetan bowls sound healing soul journey

Optional soul clearing/counseling sessions with Barb Aasen, registered psychologist and divine channel.

Optional akashic release and soul retrieval, chakra balance healing sessions with Wakuha Blueflame.


Group Activations at Temple of Heaven, Ubud, Bali each Balinese Full Moon in 2013 –

Note: there is no public activation in Ubud in May

In Bali the activations are open for all to join each month on Full Moon at the Temple of Heaven in Ubud.  And if you would like to be called in especially to receive and connect with the group, let me know – email me.


NEW** In Amsterdam , Holland, Ayi will be offering activations once a week in June and July.  For more information, please contact her by email:


In Singapore Cezann Mersindor is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each month at 7.30pm.  Contact her for information if you would like to join her group:

In Los Angeles Michael Liss will offer the activations 4 times weekly:
SHAHR Salon & Wellness Centre, 9053 Nemo Street, West Hollywood
Tuesday at 7pm, Thursday at 12 noon
HOUSE OF INTUITION, 2237W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Saturday 3pm
NAAM YOGA CENTRE, Santa Monica, Friday 4pm
Contact Michael for more information:


In South Africa, Germiston, Gauteng region, the beautiful Matsela Mariet Manaka is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each Monday at 7pm.  If you would like to join her groups you can email her


How to Work with the Activation and the Hologram of Sacred Geometry

Singing the mantra of light language for the hologram will allow you to journey to the realms of magnificence, a place of highest and purest frequency.

After printing the hologram, hold it at arms length, sing the mantra several times, experience your frequency expand and shift – and then while looking at the hologram, draw it in towards your face slowly until it rests against your third eye and hold it there, until you feel complete.  You may feel to hold the hologram against your third eye for several minutes, and experience soul journeying to realms of highest frequency – so very beautiful is this travel.

Repatterning of the electro-magnetic field and bodies of light occurs, and multidimensional travel to the god realms of magnificence.

For fullest support and connection, intend that you receive the activation and hologram with the group in Bali, asking and intending that you be aligned with us – same time, same place.  You can use the activations and holograms at any time and as often as you feel to – for the benefit will be exponential.


Akashic record channeled readings
Astrea is gifted to find and release the original core memories and experiences you may hold as akashic records which manifest as patterns of recurring disempowerment, trauma, pain and suffering.  More information at this link akashic records



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Holograms of Magnificence

~ 2013 program of ascension frequency ~

The series of 11 monthly holograms and activations in 2013 forms a complete program of healing and transformation.  They may be used regularly, daily – for wondrous acceleration and shifts of magnificence.

  1. the heart
  2. the mind
  3. the soul
  4. the will, aligned with divine will
  5. life path
  6. personal frequency
  7. embodiment in form
  8. joy
  9. beauty
  10. positivity
  11. gratitude


There are immense planetary frequencies now available to those whose hearts are open – and this series of holograms and activations enables the ability to receive and make use of these wondrous new energies –  to walk beyond and bypass any remnants of unresolved suffering – and to create and to live the life of your dreams.


Activations of acceleration will release the core wounds, recurring programs, patterns and behaviours of limitation and suffering that hold you from living a fuller, more fulfilling life – and as the distortions of suffering and sadness shift and release, the wondrous new energies are able to be received to raise your frequency to its greatest capacity through every dimension of your being – heart, body, soul, emotions, mind, will, and embodiment of form.


The higher the frequency that you are able to embody, the greater is your ability to receive what the universe wishes to mirror to you as the life of your dreams and destiny.


So this is the course of our path this year – to rise above any distortion – and to most gracefully reverse, travelling backwards, beyond suffering – to a place of absolute peace and stillness where we may reinstate, override and create anew.   As we attain those which are the highest of frequencies and learn to live from gratitude, beauty, joy and peace within the life of our dreams  – we create a hologram of reality for the new world that is then possible for all to share and live.


So we are the role models and those at the leading edge.  Living from positivity and the beauty of the heart and emotions and the mind – that is now our path, our story and our truth.





Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence




Beloveds, open your hearts, your minds, your chakra column and allow the angels of creation to now attend to your higher chakras that you may be aligned with eternal mind and divine will.


Breathe deeply as you expand your minor chakras, those which contain the detritus accumulated from your day to day life – the small and large challenges of stress and anxiety – the failures – the imperfections – the doubts and the fears.  As you breathe out, acknowledge and identify the daily worries and stresses – those with which you are most recently and majorly acquainted, courtesy of the planetary alignments which have allowed these which are the wounds of the soul to surface and to trigger the working through of issues yet unresolved, so that they may be healed, released, dissolved.


Breathe in the planetary energies of the divine, as the angels place you within cocoons of divine light which flood you with all of the celestial rays of peace and love and perfection.


And as you breathe out distortions, stresses, worries, anxieties, doubts and fears – naming these as you breathe them out – the angels take them from you – and commence to work with your chakra system and your bodies of light – to release from every dimension of your being those most recent stresses and occurrences which have plagued you and hindered your peace.   Breathe in divine light and breathe out stress, worry, failures – where you feel imperfect, not good enough – where you are limited, impure, unworthy, defective – holding wounds and recurring patterns which continue to surface and yet are unable yet to be resolved.


And as you name these which are the recurring patterns and programs that own you – bring to mind particularly those which have been brought most recently to your awareness – triggered by conflict, by fear, by struggle and suffering.  And as you name these which are the wounds of the soul, breathe them out as the angels sweep away these which are your core wounds and fears and doubts of struggle, suffering, pain and limitation.


Immediately there is the release of that which is distorted – the angels fill you with divine energies which contain light codes of magnificence – those which are yours from the higher vibrational realms – those which you have been readying to receive – only awaiting the successful conclusion of initiations which have held these triggers of suffering.


Acknowledge every lesson, every learning you have received – as the angels bring this wisdom to you – able now to see the higher wisdom of that which has seen you struggle, where you have been without peace and content.  The higher view of these which have been life initiations within which you have been stuck and not able to fully resolve and move through and beyond – is given you – as you breathe in this wisdom – and release all that has caused you suffering.  Breathing out distortions and suffering – and breathing in the new light codes of magnificence that you hold in the higher realms – and which have awaited their time of embodiment.


Beloveds, in this expanded state, filled with light – distortions and suffering released from you – we journey now, the angels forming a merkebah which allows you to journey to the highest of realms – to reclaim further gifts of magnificence.


As we journey you are received at the Akashic Library, to allow the karmic release of the original core records and memories and experiences which lie behind, beyond and at the core of your recent and past suffering – that which is not yet resolved – now receives its release with karmic absolution – given you as gift beloveds, for no further purpose is required to make sense of your recent and past suffering – for the wisdom of these initiations is given you, as gift – that you need not continue longer in episodes of unresolved suffering and struggle.  The akashic records of your soul which are yet unresolved – those where you have been stuck and unable to progress and make sense of where your suffering originated – where you were unable to find solutions to release yourself – or to move forward and reach new opportunities – are taken from you – releasing from every atom and cell, every chakra and crystal of your bodies of light through all dimensions and realms – as you breathe out to allow the angels to take these from you – to create the vacuums into which are flooded the codes of light which enliven and transform your every cell and chakra and body of light.


And there are wounds of trust beloveds – where you doubt self – doubt your path, doubt your progress, doubt your abilities, your capabilities – and doubt the existence of a path which holds not suffering – doubt the possibility that your gifts and qualities may ever be utilised in a meaningful and joyful and abundant life.  There is doubt that you are divinely held – where you doubt the existence of any assistance that is there for you.   There is the belief that you are entirely alone, and struggling without help or direction.


And there, beyond the wounds of trust and disbelief – are the core wounds which give rise to these disbeliefs, for there is good cause for your perception that you are alone, struggling, without direction – and trusting not that there could ever be a life which holds peace and fulfillment – and trusting not that your higher gifts and talents could ever accomplish the life of your destiny and dreams.


And beloveds, beyond the existence of these doubts and fears and struggle and loneliness – lie the divine lifetimes where you have come in service to humanity and the divine – using your highest gifts in divine missions on behalf of humanity.  We speak in particular of the lifetimes of divinity where you have entered the earth plane in mission in divine roles – those lifetimes of Lemuria, of Atlantis and of Ancient Egypt – and these are the lifetimes, where, in divinity, you have incurred mistrust of the divine plan – and mistrust of your own purity – and lost belief and trust that you are guided, supported and assisted.


Let us revisit these beloveds – as the angels hold you and increase the pulses of divine light – for our purpose is to find the patterns of mistrust which have resulted from these lifetimes.


There was the lifetime in Lemuria – and not all of you have wounds from every divine incarnation – but many of you hold wounds from Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.  And additionally, there are the wounds of your soul monad, soul group, on whose behalf you are clearing the wounds of the group – and so even though you may not have experienced all of these incarnations where suffering occurred within divine missions, you have role to work through and to release these which are the wounds of suffering and limitation of the monad and soul group.


Many are the reasons that lie behind the suffering beloveds – and you are assured and given reassurance that your life’s purpose is not to suffer – and that every assistance is given you that the wounds of the soul will be most fully dissolved.


And so, Lemuria – and the wounds of this divine incarnation are those of love – for love in its unconditionality and purity was lost – and never regained.  Love and trust of self, of others, of family, of partners and lovers, of workmates – and of God – was lost in this divine lifetime during the course of your mission.  And why were you endangered in this way by the divine as a result of your missions for humanity?  Beloveds, because you desired the experience of freewill and of individuation – of the expansion that would occur through your experiences of not only light, but that of darkness – and of not only love but that of hatred – and of not only peace but that of war and violence.  And so you incarnated willingly – and so great was your love and your purity – so willing were you to play this role of expansion – even knowing the great risks – that you did play these roles – and suffered from the experience.


It was when love was lost that grave wounds to the heart and to the mind and the will occurred – for in such purity had you come to this realm, and so idyllic was this land – and so hateful and devastating was your experience to see love dragged from you, darkened by hatred and betrayal and ego and power struggles.  And so, weakened, struggling, suffering – with your heart gravely damaged – you questioned your God, questioned your life, your mission, your purpose.  And you pulled away from God, questioning how your God could allow you to suffer so.  For indeed beloveds, your hearts had closed to self, and to God – and you now found yourself unable to be helped – unable to receive the divine rays of light – you had shut down your higher gifts in shame and grief at your misuse of your purity, your gifts which had been used against divine plan, against your fellows, against yourself – and found yourself, heart closed and unable to receive assistance.


Compounding these wounds – and though much training did occur when you left the earth plane – in the higher realms given much time and healing and training to release many of the wounds of suffering – there was a later incarnation, a divine role and mission in Atlantis – at a time where there was a great surge of willingness to again enter an exciting era of great complexity and sophistication.  There was the lure of using all of the divine gifts, and to have such resources of assistance from the divine – and so glittering was the cast of divine ones, and so gifted and brilliant were there – that again there was the clamor to partake of physical life – and the belief that the dualities could be mastered and that the lure of free will and individuation held such energy and excitement, that divine missions were accepted and taken.


The wounds of Atlantis were those of power – where the lure of the use of the wondrous gifts of self and others – and the access to the wondrous resources available from the divine – overpowered the purity of each – and grave errors and mistakes of impurity were made.  Betrayal of others occurred, commonly, widely, and there was manipulation and control – and grave injustices occurred – and darkness prevailed and acute suffering, and later devastation and loss.  Again, there was the blaming of God – for the suffering incurred – and the stepping away from God and from the divine – sometimes in shame and guilt – believing that purity had been lost forever and that it was now impossible to be restored to your purity and to your place with God.


And compounding these wounds further – was the divine lifetime in Ancient Egypt – where again there was the desire to experience that which was new and wonderful – to access the highest frequencies – and to embody the highest of gifts.  There was the loss of intimate love, and divine union in this incarnation – and male and female incurred such grave wounding that not till this day has there been repair or possibility of love and trust and union in purity and in trust of the other.  Such were the wounds of Ancient Egypt that the loss of love and trust between the masculine and the feminine in relationship have followed within the DNA of all humans ever since that time, until this day.  Again such suffering, and again the blaming of God – and the belief that because of the abuses of purity and of love, that one’s purity had been lost forever.


And additionally, many portals were no longer open at the end of these civilisations because of the abuses of energy that were occurring – and the disrespect and abuse of Gaia and of the land.  There was not the ability to return to the heavenly home with the closure of these which were the interdimensional means of access to the heavenly home.


And there were times of great depravity, destitution, pain, suffering, death experiences – these which had not been considered as part of the earthly experience within divine mission.  And again, there was blame of God and of the Family of Light – and further distance occurred – divinity felt to have been lost and not possible that it could ever be regained.


All suffering and wounding compounded – and the issues were vast and held within the chakras and bodies of light as wounds of the soul.


And this is the lifetime of ascension – when humanity had evolved, in darkness, to that place where it was now or never – for humanity was in danger of being lost forever – and there were two purposes in this lifetime for incarnation within divine mission.  And the priority of this lifetime is the accomplishment of the dissolving of every wound of every lifetime – every program and pattern and record and memory of every experience of suffering, of guilt, of disempowerment, of fear, of regret, of purity – and of doubt and trust.  This is the purpose of your lifetime beloveds – that you may resolve all suffering, and every wound and record, every pattern and belief that holds you from your own divinity, and from trust in the divine.


And within the perfection of the divine plan – and with so many divine ones having incarnated in these which are such special times – as each and every one of you does find the release of every individual record and memory and wound – and as each memory of darkness releases – you become a transmitting station into which vast transmissions of light are received.  And as you become more and more filled with light – ah beloveds, are you aware of the impact that your enlightenment has on this planet earth – and on her inhabitants, humans?


As every distortion, and each of them lifts, is dissolved – and you become filled with more and more of the heavenly light which is yours, it is yours beloved, this light, it is merely returned to you as entitlement and memory of that which you and that which you are again embodying as purity, as love, as mastery, as beauty, as power and as great, greatest light – as this occurs and you are filled with higher and higher frequencies of light – and you will be aware of the planetary surges and influxes of unparalleled magnificence – whose purpose is to transform you – then as you embody these which are higher and higher surges of light and of magnificence – then Gaia shifts – and humanity shifts likewise – and along the way the dualities are dissolved – never again to be experienced by those such as you – for you are finding your way above these which are lower realities – through the embodiment of light, and the memory of that which you are – so much is shifting within divine plan – and all is connection – and all are aligned – together – playing individual roles of magnificence.


But the path has been long – and the suffering severe in many cases – and each struggle and the memory of every struggle and fear – compounds beloveds.  And every time there is an initiation, a struggle, a fear – then the memory of that which has gone before – the memories of confusion, of pain, of suffering, of mistrust – are triggered – and it does feel that never will you be free of this labyrinth of struggle and suffering.


Breathe deeply beloveds as further levels of memory and of doubt, of fear and of confusion and struggle are taken from you, as your memory, your mind, is aligned with divine mind – and you are enabled to have higher view of your path and of all of your lifetimes – and to have understanding of why you have struggled and have suffered so.


There is an end to these times of initiation and of healing beloveds.  There is an end to this which is your disempowerment and your confusion.


Greater and greater are the gains that you have made, individually and en masse – and heightened are your frequencies, that which you are able to embody as light and as love – and higher you have reached upon the ascension path – though because of the nature of your path, with unresolved issues still – there is not full knowledge of how closely you have neared and reached this place which is of freedom and of peace and of perfection.


Breathe out – as you acknowledge with higher wisdom – mind aligned with divine mind – what lies behind your fears, and your mistrust of your path, your confusion without clarity or direction – and your lack of trust and faith in the divine plan.


There is the utter disbelief that the divine plan holds you in safety and that you are held and led and guided.  And though your mind does attempt to believe – beloveds you have the wounds, the belief systems, still, that you incurred in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt – and there have been further earth incarnations which followed, in an attempt to work through and make restitution for the mistakes and abuses and falls from grace of those lifetimes – and here the dualities were incurred in human lifetimes, whose purpose was karmic – and compounded again were the wounds of the soul – one step forward, two steps backward – for the karmic wheel had now resulted, and all were pulled and pushed by the laws of karma, as more and more of the dualities were incurred – and further mistakes and errors compounded the original sins of the soul.


You are asked if you will acknowledge that there is good reason for your lack of ability to trust – even though you yearn so to have trust – and to be held, and to be safe and to be led and cared for and guided.  It is the wounds of the soul, where you lost your belief in your safety – that have prevented you from holding the ability to trust.   And holding disbelief, the ego has stepped in, desiring safety over all else – and the ego and the mind have ruled and have attached so tremendously to imposing your own will – to ensure your safety.  Not trusting the divine plan, not trusting god, or the angels – not trusting others – and your will and your mind imposing its aggressive need to control your life – and to control others – to insist on your needs – and to act against purity, against love, against truth and justice – to attain your needs and to ensure you receive that which your ego and your mind insists on.


And beloveds, ponder on the success of this means of behaviour.  Your will – does it succeed?  And is there peace when your will receives its needs met?  Is there conflict when the will of another is stepped over, because your needs must be met?  Your will – is it peaceful – and pure?  Or is it busy in the mind – and keep you awake at night with its posturings – when your will and your mind play out and again, play out the wrongs of another – so that you may be proved right.  Ah beloveds, the ego and the mind and the will.


You are given overview of the path of your will – and why it has come to need to rule so furiously.  And look at the state of your earth – and its rulers – the countries in violent conflict and war – taking from others – wanting land and sovereignty – wanting ownership – violating freedom and truth – in the need of the will to govern and to have its needs met.


Can you see the path humanity has taken – and why?


And be without judgement of humanity.  There is good reason – because of the suffering over the aeons – that has resulted in such hopelessness and ego and need for power and control.


But we return to the mind and to the will.  As you acknowledge the purpose of your will – and the role it has played – and its needs for control – which are based on the wounds of not trusting that you are safe and held in care – breathe out as you release all these which are the wounds of the soul which are of will – and of trust and its absence.


Without judgement of self – but only in willingness to be freed of all memory of suffering and of loneliness, of being without support, of being endangered and needing your will, your ego to control – breathe out these patterns – and breathe out the wounds, the memories, the records that lie behind the patterns of mistrust and of need to control by your will.


And the angels take these which are the deepest core wounds of your soul – and the Karmic Board immediately now releases the akashic records and memories of your experiences, beliefs, programs, patterns, thought patterns and seals, and karmic absolution is given across all dimensions and lifetimes – as the angels attend to your mind – to release the mind programs that see you without belief, without trust – releasing the belief that you are unsafe, that your needs will not be provided – that you must alone by your will control and direct your life.  Breathe out as the angels take all patterns of the mind and of the will that hold distortion – attending to every dimension of your being, your body, your mind, your chakras, your bodies of light and to the cells and atoms and DNA – that you be restored to your divine blueprint – that which has never suffered, that which is safe and close by God’s side in perfect love and harmony.


Breathe in the Source energies of magnificence, those which predate your physical existences – where you have never suffered – where you are in mergence with your God and absolute in your safety and the peace and love you emanate and know as your reality.


As all mind patterns are taken from you – and as your will softens in its need to control and to attach and to direct – the angels take you to the Magnificent Realms – and to God – and your will receives alignment and mergence with the will of God, with divine will.


And in this moment there is perfection – for you are aligned with the divine plan in its perfect complexity, and perfect simplicity.  Universal mind and will holds the geometries of perfection – and you are aligned with this perfection – as you open your being and breathe in to receive the light codes and geometries that emanate from divine will.  And as you open to receive and to embody divine will you are automatically aligned with divine perfection and with your own role, life, path and mission.


Breathe out in relief beloveds – as you fully let go now of your need to know, to control, to attach, to direct – and breathe in the safety, the love, the guidance and the support that is yours to receive as one who has ascended in mergence with your original divine blueprint and perfection, aligned with the will of the divine which holds the magnificence which contains the means by which universal law allows all now their lifting from the wheel of karma and of suffering – as you are endowed with impulses of Trust and of Belief in self, in God and in the divine plan which holds the perfection which sees the mind of God expanded in fullness and in knowledge and experience of not only light but of the wisdom which has been gained from darkness and from suffering.  And accept and Trust and Believe that the divine plan and the will of the divine sees the closure of this wheel of suffering – as all are enabled their return to their original purity – with the mind of God expanded in wisdom and in love and in knowledge of All That Is.


And take your place in these hallowed realms as one who has gained Trust and Belief and Acceptance restored – and Accept and Trust and Believe that you are held in the lap of the divine – and that you are cared for and loved, held, guided, supported and that your path of ascension is assured – and that you are so close to your goal which is peace and perfection.


The angels hold you in mergence with God – your will aligned with divine will – as you flow in these realms of magnificence, so surely held and loved.  Experience this safety – as your yearning to be returned to these realms of wholeness brings you to that which you have desired, that which is given you, as that which is yours in wholeness and mergence with your divinity.


Experience, again, this which you have yearned for endlessly – this meeting and remembering of your wholeness, your beauty, your perfection, your safety and peace, where all needs are effortlessly given you in grace and beauty, where you are loved endlessly and forever – where there is no separation from another – but only wholeness and beauty – held in that place of purest sanctity, security, pleasure and peace and joy.




And receive now the Hologram of the Will from the Magnificent Realms, that which

expands and aligns your mind in purest magnificence with the pulse of divine mind, divine perfection.  And know that every time you use this hologram of The Will – you will reclaim your inheritance as one who is divine and aligned with divine mind – and will separate yourself from lower realities of past mis-creations and remembered distortions – and will separate yourself from the hindering restrictions of the collective.


I acknowledge and name the wounds of my Mind and my Will,

every pattern of mistrust, doubt and of need to control,

every distortion, stress, worry, anxiety, fear, conflict, struggle and suffering

where the recurring patterns of my mind create confusion, insecurity, anxiety, fear, and lack of safety.

I receive such great release as I allow the angels of creation to dissolve the wounds of my soul which have led me to doubt God, divine plan and my life path,

as every akashic record, memory, experience, belief, program,

every mind pattern of doubt, anxiety, worry, stress, fear, lack of safety, lack of trust dissolves

and infusions of highest light and of Trust, Faith, Belief and Acceptance

transform my mind, my will, bodies of light and every cell and atom and dimension of my being.

As my will is dissolved in its need to control and to attach and to direct,

the angels allow my mergence with God and my will receives alignment with divine will,

aligned with divine plan and the perfection of my own life path

as I flow in these realms of perfection, effortlessly led, guided, directed, supported, loved and safe



Open your mind and your heart and your being … as the hologram of the Will is received by you  – now anchored to earth, transmitted through your being, and shared with Gaia and with humanity.




And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of the Will from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea and the group in Bali – and with others around the world – to allow your will to be aligned with divine will, aligned with your divinity and your own life path in perfection, and supported, safe, loved, guided and directed – allowing Will aligned with divine will to be anchored through you and to the earth, anchored to earth as a reality and a potentiality to be shared with all – that humanity may similarly be freed from the complexity of the patterns of the mind and will that seek to confuse, to block and to control – freed, safe, and fully surrendered to the perfection of the divine plan



Hi Ki Hi Ah Ana Hu Ki Hi Ah Ha Sa Hi Ki Na Swa Ki Hi Ana Ha Ya Tu Wa Na Hi Ki Hwi Nwa Ya Na Hi Hi Si Qwa Na Ha Ya Ku Hi Swi Na Ya Na




Hee  Kee  Hee  Ah  Ah’na  Hoo  Kee  Hee  Ah  Hah  Sah  Hee  Kee  Nah  Swah  Kee  Hee

Ah’na Hah  Yah  Too  Wah  Nah  Hee  Kee  Hwee  Nwah  Yah  Nah  Hee  Hee  See

Qwa  Nah  Hah  Yah  Koo  Hee  Swee  Nah  Yah  Nah



Great expansion occurs as your will aligns with divine will and your frequency aligns and expands and shifts to these highest of frequencies – and the hologram of the

Will anchors through you, freeing you, holding you, aligning with the divine plan specially chosen for you, supporting you with all needs gracefully met – and is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers.


And your dreams of your perfect life, created by your perfect mind – aligned with divine will and your highest potential according to your own divine plan – are added to your personal hologram of magnificence – as you expand your mind, your will and your being again – dreaming the perfect life of dreams, where there is perfect peace and beauty and love, fulfillment and success in whatever ideals you hold as that which is the perfect life for you.  Allow the angels of creation to align you with your destiny partners and destiny opportunities – as you call for all that you have asked for.


Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and faith and in acceptance of all that you have chosen as your perfect life path – and join your holograms of magnificence – with all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the reality for the new world.


Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of the Will to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as new realities of creation bring to conclusion the realm of dualities, dissolving the karmic plane and the plane of suffering and deprivation.


You are so loved – breathe and expand yet further in frequency and receive this love which will hold you and guide you in safety and held in loving care upon your path of full restoration and the life of your dreams.