Tuesday, 18. June 2013

DREAMING THE NEW WORLD Newsletter – Full Moon June 2013

Such huge energies were those of the series of 3 eclipses, finalising on last month’s full moon – and uncomfortable as we transited these energies whose purpose was to propel us beyond our doubts, our fears – or even the possibilities we felt that were open to us – to shift us beyond limitation – and into new ways, new possibilities. Our soul’s desire is that we no longer remain stuck, where we are blocked, locked in, limited, burdened, and without joy – and so it is imperative that we surrender and allow ourselves to flow with the energies that arise for us – for it is where we resist that suffering comes to us – resisting the soul’s natural urge and progression – and this creates lockdown and complete stuckness. Much more graceful to let go, and to flow in the natural direction in which we are being propelled, and pray for guidance and support to allow us to let go of these last, resistant fears – fears and patterns we felt we had already addressed, yet finding recently that there are still deeper and lingering resistances and blocks to being fully aligned, in perfect peace and fulfillment. And the eclipses, pushing into full view the resistant blockages so that these could be acknowledged, released – and steps taken into new directions which will lead us to peace, simplicity, success, fulfillment – allow in perfect synchronicity the ability to receive the upgrading to higher levels of light and frequency.

This activation of Personal Frequency is very beautiful – for it takes advantage of this new emptiness that results from our recent release of old stuck patterns – takes us through each individual chakra, gateway, portal, vortex, and dimension and diamond plate of the bodies of light, to repattern each to original divine blueprint – to increase our personal frequency to its highest potential.

‘The higher the frequency that you are able to embody, the greater is your ability to receive what the universe wishes to mirror to you as the life of your dreams and destiny.’

Great acceleration is given to the embodiment of the multidimensional bodies of light to allow these to anchor with grace, and allowing higher levels of mastery and brilliance, soul gifts, clarity and wisdom and love to be experienced – and the upheavals brought on by the recent energies, solar flares and eclipses, give sense and purpose when we are able to have an understanding of exactly what the process is – which is raising to the surface all that holds imperfection, doubt, fear, disempowerment, struggle – releasing and dissolving – and then higher levels of light coming in, and able to be received and embodied in the vacuum achieved by the release of the distortions.

You may intend that you are connected with me on full moon 23 June at 10 am Bali time. Would recommend continuing to work with this hologram and activation to achieve exponential levels of transformation and mastery each time you use. Be kind to yourselves and allow time for rest and integration as these energies are powerful. Stay hydrated and drink much liquid to allow these energies to gracefully anchor and be integrated.


There will be no further public activations at Temple of Heaven in Bali. I had many personal realisations during the eclipses, especially those regarding my path of bringing to earth these series of holograms, templates and activations and healing programs – and of my desire and need to be released from all except the actual channeling.

The last activation, of The Will, was held in Amed as part of our Stairways to Heaven workshop – and all of this year’s series of activations and holograms from the Magnificent Realms were also anchored in group energies as part of that workshop. And the realisation came that I would prefer now to anchor the holograms and activations in this way, as workshops, rather than opening my home every month to the public.

The activations and holograms will continue to be offered each month by newsletter. And there are beautiful groups in LA, Singapore, South Africa and now Amsterdam that offer public activations – while I will continue to work alone with the activations on each full moon. And meanwhile I am shifting into new work quite quickly, and again feeling excited about all that is ahead. Old doors must sometimes be closed, to allow the new to open.


We enjoyed the Stairways to Heaven workshop very much, a beautiful group. An interdimensional portal for the faery kingdoms was activated at Om Shanti in Amed as part of our role – and the faeries were very much present. During one of our activations, as we were toning together very beautifully and powerfully, Barb Aasen saw the faeries climbing the stairs to observe us, watching the shifts that were occurring within our bodies of light – and then they toned with us – ‘practising’ toning, and singing light language, so playfully and beautifully. That evening they were ‘practising’ with the Tibetan bowl. So beautiful.

There are lovely photos of the sacred volcano and our visit to the waterfall – with many orbs visible – at this link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151476562857950.1073741829.612402949&type=1&l=0ca48a177c


A beautiful group readies to travel to Bali for The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school on 1July and the energy and excitement is building for this sublime experience under the guardianship of all of the Ascended Masters, angels and holy ones.

With love and blessings Astrea Sri Ana


Public group activations at Temple of Heaven in Ubud, Bali will no longer be offered.


Exhibition of the Blueprints for the New Human in Hollywood Michael Liss and Love Magnificent bring the Creation Holograms to the world in new and innovative ways. The first Love Magnificent project is an art exhibit of the BLUEPRINTS FOR THE NEW HUMAN at Ethos Gallery in Los Angeles, California, USA. The holograms have been lovingly rendered by noted genius Typographer & Illustrator John Carrington Simpson. The show runs till July 3, 2013.

Check out www.lovemagnificent.com for location and more information and “Like” Love Magnificent on Facebook www.facebook.com/lovemagnificent. Thank you beloved Michael and John.


In Amsterdam, Holland, Ayi will be offering activations once a week in June and July. For more information, please contact her by email: ayiwong@gmail.com

In Singapore Cezann Mersindor is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each month at 7.30pm. Contact her for information if you would like to join her group: cezann@singnet.com.sg

In Los Angeles Michael Liss will offer the activations 4 times weekly:
SHAHR Salon & Wellness Centre, 9053 Nemo Street, West Hollywood
Tuesday at 7pm, Thursday at 12 noon
HOUSE OF INTUITION, 2237W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Saturday 3pm
NAAM YOGA CENTRE, Santa Monica, Friday 4pm
Contact Michael for more information: michaelmmlc@yahoo.com

In South Africa, Germiston, Gauteng region, the beautiful Matsela Mariet Manaka is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each Monday at 7pm. If you would like to join her groups you can email her marietm00@gmail.com


How to Work with the Activation and the Hologram of Sacred Geometry Singing the mantra of light language for the hologram will allow you to journey to the realms of magnificence, a place of highest and purest frequency. After printing the hologram, hold it at arms length, sing the mantra several times, experience your frequency expand and shift – and then while looking at the hologram, draw it in towards your face slowly until it rests against your third eye and hold it there, until you feel complete. You may feel to hold the hologram against your third eye for several minutes, and experience soul journeying to realms of highest frequency – so very beautiful is this travel. Repatterning of the electro-magnetic field and bodies of light occurs, and multidimensional travel to the god realms of magnificence. For fullest support and connection, intend that you receive the activation and hologram with Astrea in Bali, asking and intending that you be aligned with her – same time, same place. You can use the activations and holograms at any time and as often as you feel to – for the benefit will be exponential.


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Holograms of Magnificence

~ 2013 program of ascension frequency ~

The series of 11 monthly holograms and activations in 2013 forms a complete program of healing and transformation. They may be used regularly, daily – for wondrous acceleration and shifts of magnificence.

1. the heart

2. the mind

3. the soul

4. the will, aligned with divine will

5. life path

6. personal frequency

7. embodiment in form

8. joy

9. beauty

10. positivity

11. gratitude

There are immense planetary frequencies now available to those whose hearts are open – and this series of holograms and activations enables the ability to receive and make use of these wondrous new energies – to walk beyond and bypass any remnants of unresolved suffering – and to create and to live the life of your dreams. Activations of acceleration will release the core wounds, recurring programs, patterns and behaviours of limitation and suffering that hold you from living a fuller, more fulfilling life – and as the distortions of suffering and sadness shift and release, the wondrous new energies are able to be received to raise your frequency to its greatest capacity through every dimension of your being – heart, body, soul, emotions, mind, will, and embodiment of form. The higher the frequency that you are able to embody, the greater is your ability to receive what the universe wishes to mirror to you as the life of your dreams and destiny. So this is the course of our path this year – to rise above any distortion – and to most gracefully reverse, travelling backwards, beyond suffering – to a place of absolute peace and stillness where we may reinstate, override and create anew. As we attain those which are the highest of frequencies and learn to live from gratitude, beauty, joy and peace within the life of our dreams – we create a hologram of reality for the new world that is then possible for all to share and live. So we are the role models and those at the leading edge. Living from positivity and the beauty of the heart and emotions and the mind – that is now our path, our story and our truth.



Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence



Aligned with the highest of frequencies, breathe deeply and open your heart, your mind, your chakras and your body of light – as the angels of creation pulse you with the frequencies of magnificence, those which originate from the highest of realms – those realms where there is naught but the love of god – and the perfect peace of these realms which predated the origin of the dualities and of embodiment in form.

Breathing deeply, the angels place you within a cocoon and chamber of light – connected to the god realms – and stepping down through the dimensions to allow you to receive all of the celestial rays of magnificence.

As you receive these frequencies and they commence to radiate to every cell and atom, DNA strand, chakra, crystal, vortex, portal and body of light – offer up for release the resistant patterns of disempowerment, of lack of trust, lack of love of self, of grief and suffering and anxiety, stress and fear.

As you name these challenges of recent times and those which persist from earlier times – those which are the recurring patterns and wounds of your soul – breathe out as these release – and feel in your individual chakras where these energies have been located – as they empty of distortion and suffering, of darkness and grief, confusion and fear.

Breathe out as each of your primary chakras receives the release of imperfection – and restoration to its purest divine blueprint – as the frequencies of the magnificent realms step back through the aeons and ages and dimensions – to take you back to your original perfection – overriding in this way all that has received distortion – by transforming and overriding with frequencies of magnificence, those which are yours in your original divine state.  These are gifted to you – for your personal transformation – and that you may be empowered for your life and for your personal path and life purpose.

The angels of creation attend to your energies within the chamber of light, as the highest pulses and frequencies from the magnificent realms are transmitted to you, and to each of your chakras.

And we commence now to rebuild to original magnificence the multidimensional chakras – as you open your crown chakra – and your heart – as each of the chakras of the 33 galactic chakra column receives the impulses of divine light and is restored, repaired, replaced, aligned, activated, released of distortion – transformed to divine perfection.

Breathe deeply as each chakra receives restoration.


The Earth Star chakra, one of the 12 largest chakras of your light body, 6 inches beneath your feet in the ground.

2 inches beneath your feet is your God Presence chakra, connecting with the toes and heels of each foot.  There are energy filaments and meridians that run from the toes and heels into earth and these connect to the earth star and into the earth core.

Between the ankles is the Universal Presence chakra.

2 inches above the ankles is your Galactic Presence chakra.

Between the calves, halfway between the knees and ankles is the Christed Planetary Presence chakra, which coordinates the grounding of your I Am Presence body.

The Earth Doorway chakra – which moves between the perineum at the base of the spine and the feet – and bridges the interdimensional bodies of light that feed into the auric egg.

Between the knees is the Link chakra, a large chakra which integrates the multidimensional aspects of your being.

The Base chakra, the manifestation chakra of the multidimensional light body, has a major role in the creation of your reality.

Below the navel, the Sacral chakra, the creation chakra of the multidimensional light body, and a major multidimensional portal doorway.

The Hara, at the navel, the core chakra of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies that creates balance.

The Solar Plexus chakra, links love and light together to build the power body and connects your will with divine will.

The Heart chakra, largest chakra of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies and the multidimensional light body – with its front cone connecting to the Love Body, the back cone connecting to the Wisdom Body, a smaller cone connecting to the Earth matrix, and another to the Shamballa matrix.  A cone connects to your Feminine body, and one to your Masculine body, one to the Divine Mother, another to the Divine Father, and another descends into earth core, connecting to Mother Gaia

1 inch either side of the heart chakra is the Lemurian/Atlantean/Meruvian Gateway chakra which assists to integrate and resolve the experiences and restore the gifts of these times.

The Thymus chakra, located above the heart connects to the soul – and integrates soul fragments.

Throat chakra, the chakra of communication and truth.

In the back of the neck – Zeal Point of Consciousness, which allows all that is repressed and not yet resolved to be brought into consciousness.

Between the eyes – Cosmic Point of Consciousness which expands through connection to your cosmic self.

Brow chakra, a multidimensional portal that receives the wisdom of the multidimensional bodies of your soul.

On the hairline above the forehead is the Atomic Doorway/Etheric Doorway – holding your original blueprint, and repatterns the DNA.

Crown Chakra – allows the release of all karma as it is resolved, and coordinates expansion of your consciousness.

In the back of the head, two inches above the zeal point is the Universal Point of Consciousness.

In the back of the head is the Galactic Point of Consciousness.

Above the left ear is the Multiuniversal Point of Consciousness.

Above the right ear is the God Presence Point of Consciousness.

And your higher chakras, extending above your crown:

Soul Star chakra

Lifelight chakra.

Aum chakra

Maya Star chakra.

Light Star chakra

Aum Star chakra

Raja Star chakra

Galactic Crown chakra

And at the back of the heart, 3 feet behind the heart, is the Galactic Heart chakra


And breathing deeply as the individual chakras and gateways and vortexes of the light body now receive activation.

The Galactic Masculine chakra receives clearing and restoration and activation.

… followed by the Universal Gateway

…Receptivity chakra

…Galactic Feminine

…Transmission chakra

…Universal Masculine chakra

…Solar Gateway

…Lunar Gateway

…Universal Feminine chakra

…Masculine Creation Portal

…Masculine Christ Portal

…Masculine Release

…Feminine Release

…Feminine Christ Portal

…Feminine Creation Portal

…Divine Masculine Anchor

…Divine Feminine Anchor

…Power Vortex

…Christ Presence chakra

…Light Vortex

…Love Vortex

… and the Earth Gateway.


Breathe deeply as each of the diamond plates of the light body now receives restoration … clearing distortions within the individual crystals and chakras of the diamond plates and activating and restoring.

The diamond plate of the God Presence Body

The diamond plate of the Soul Body

The diamond plate of the Solar/Lunar Gateway

The diamond plate of the Star Body

The diamond plate of the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Body

The diamond plate of the Spiritual Body

The diamond plate of the Mental Body

The diamond plate of the Emotional Body

The diamond plate of the Etheric Body

The diamond plate of the Physical Body

The diamond plate of Genetic Memory

The diamond plate of Soul Memory

The diamond plate of the Multidimensional Soul Gateways


And we ask for opening and clearing of the gateways of the energy body.

Andromedan gateway that is 6 feet above your heart

Orion gateway.  The ancient gateway to empowerment that is 12 feet above your heart.

6 feet to the left of your heart, the Mayan Pleiadian gateway

6 feet to the right of your heart – Christed masculine gateway Chiron

The gateway of Sirius, the portal of wisdom which extends 6 feet out behind your heart, that was closed down in Ancient Egypt through the masculine shutting down the higher chakras

The divine masculine gateway of the mind

The Voidal (plasma) pathways

The Creation pathways

The Prana pathways

The Christ pathways

Your DNA strands are restored to divine magnificence – to allow your multidimensional gifts and qualities to be embodied in human form.


As you flow in these frequencies, allow these highest frequencies to repattern, restore, clear, activate and transform every level of your being, your chakras and your bodies of light to your divine blueprint and highest potential.

And this process may require integration, and time, as the gifts and qualities of these which are your higher dimensional forms and bodies of light are received by you within your chakras as encodements of light – and transformation and embodiment of your full multidimensionality may be exponential – as the gifts of wisdom and truth, those of love and of mastery and of power open and shift and lift and transform you.

And the gift of your embodiment of these highest forms of light – is that you are no longer subject, or connected to, the lower realities of the third dimension and of the collective consciousness of humanity.

This is your natural form beloved, of unlimitedness, of love, of truth, of wisdom, of empowerment – and it is given you that you may rise high above the suffering and grief and confusion of typical human life – and resume your divine nature – and share your mastery and your purity and your truth as you are now enabled to step more fully into your life path, life mission – that which you chose with your Council of Light – as that which would most joyfully fulfill you in the use of your highest gifts of creativity and mastery – in your divine mission – embodying the highest of frequencies and sharing these with humanity and with Gaia – that all may shift through the heightened possibilities that you bring to this earth plane.

And receive now the Hologram of Personal Frequency from the Magnificent Realms,

as all distortions are overridden by the highest of frequencies, and holographic transfer is received of that which is your highest potential, allowing the higher bodies of light to anchor and be embodied in graceful mastery.


I open my heart, my mind, my body and my chakra system

as the angels of creation restore my multidimensional gifts and bodies.

With my breath, I expand to the highest frequency

as each chakra of my 33 galactic chakra column,

and every crystal, vortex, portal, gateway, chakra and diamond plate

of my multidimensional light body is transformed to original purity and perfection.

I open my heart and my being to receive the Hologram of Personal Frequency,

as all patterns and memories and embodiment of distortion, disconnection, wounding, pain, suffering, disempowerment, lack, limitation and inability to trust are overridden, transformed by the highest love and light, empowerment and mastery,

restoring me, with grace and beauty, power and magnificence,

to my original divine blueprint and transforming my DNA to its highest potential.

As I receive these which are the highest frequencies,

effortlessly the gifts and higher divine bodies of light are received by me,

and my divine mastery and gifts of love and magnificence may be accessed by me

for the fulfillment and joy of my life and of my divine mission.


Open your mind and your heart and your being – as the hologram of Personal Frequency is received by you  – now anchored to earth, transmitted through your being, and shared with Gaia and with humanity.


And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of Personal Frequency from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea in Bali – and with others around the world – allowing your frequencies to shift to their highest potential, and to bring these frequencies to the earth plane to allow the shift into new realities for all humanity – creating the blueprint and the foundation upon which the new world may gracefully and effortlessly build.

Qwi  Hi Ana Su Hu Tu Ku Ki Qwa Na Hi Si Ha Na Hu Hu

Qwi Hi Ah Ha Ta Ya Na Si Ana


Qwee Hee Ahna Soo Hoo Too Koo Kee Qwah Nah Hee See Hah Nah Hoo Hoo

Qwee Hee Ah Hah Tah Yah Nah See Anah


And know that every time you use this hologram of Personal Frequency – you will exponentially increase the frequency and the embodiment of mastery, clarity, love, light and power of each of your chakras and your bodies of light – shifting you higher upon your path of reclaiming your wholeness and full mergence, in human form, with God, walking a path of divinity upon the earth plane.

Great expansion occurs as your chakras and bodies of light expand in frequency and in love, light and empowerment – and the hologram of Personal Frequency anchors through you, enhancing and expanding your being – and is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers.

And in this place of great expansion – where you are without limitation – and your heart is opened to fullest extremity – aligned with divine mind – and your will aligned with divine will – dream of your perfect life – the life of your dreams – how it is that you would love to live this perfect life – and give it form with your visualisation power and imagination – and allow your dream to take on its holographic form – where, with love, it may be reflected back to you within perfect timing – your hologram of magnificence is given form and expanded with love – as you expand your heart, your mind, your will and your being again – dreaming the perfect life of dreams, where there is perfect peace and beauty and love, fulfillment and success in whatever ideals you hold as that which is the perfect life for you.

Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and faith and in acceptance of all that you have chosen as your perfect life path – and join your holograms of magnificence – with all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the new reality for the new world.

Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of Personal Frequency to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as great shifts  of frequency are enabled for this earth plane, that all humanity may benefit.

You are so loved for your life and for your role – and are given all assistance for your paths.  You hold the frequencies and the dreams for the divine in human form – walking together in perfect synergy and love – as darkness falls and continues to fall – and lightness takes the place of control – and love overpowers every instance of hatred and injustice.


With gratitude to Qala Sri Ama who brought to earth as blessing and gift the information of the individ