Saturday, 17. August 2013

Dreaming the New World Newsletter – Wednesday 21 August 7pm


We have moved through heart, mind, body and soul – dissolving the distortions of each dimension – heightening our frequencies to allow great shifts to occur and allowing the higher embodiments of light to be received – and the planetary alignments, perfectly attuned, have supported us.

We near our destiny and life path, perfectly aligned, prepared – and ready.  Many times we have been asked ‘what is the life of your dreams’ – and we now have an idea of the life that is closest to our heart, one that uses all of our personal attributes and qualities, and brings us greatest fulfillment and peace, ease and grace.


In this activation of Life Path we receive alignment with all realms of importance of us – the grids of light of heaven and of earth, the galactic portals and chakra points and portals of the earth – reclaiming soul gifts – aligning with the destiny realms, and the grace realms and the Flower of Life – as the angelic kingdom assists to dissolve all blocks to our highest destiny.

Connection is made with destiny partners and opportunities and the timelines are aligned, as obstacles and blocks release.  It is very beautiful to have reached this readiness to take our path and our lives further, those that we have chosen as our contracted life path and destiny.

You can connect with me in meditation at 7pm on 21 August – making the intent that we are connected same place,  same time – for greatest intensity and benefit.


I have been gifted with a new method of working with the akashic records – the ability to traverse the timelines, travelling between past, present and future to dissolve the distortions held.  This beautiful new gift replaces my former readings of the akashic records, gracefully dissolving the patterns, the wounds, the suffering – reclaiming the gains of wisdom and evolutionary progress made across all lifetimes – and achieving ascension, wholeness and oneness with God.  It is very subtle and beautiful work.

We travel to the God realms together, with a brief list of 3 recurring patterns and blocks that challenge you and from which you wish to be freed – and a list of 3 intents that you wish to manifest for your life.  There is more information at this link Akashic Clearing and Ascension Session


And I am now offering a brief, shortened version of Keepership reading with your galactic name, title of keepership and a short description – as well as the alternative full version of 6-8 pages.  More information at this link Keepership, Life Mission Channeled Reading


There will be a Path of the Mystic 5 day sacred mystery school – planned for end June 2014 in Santorini, Greece.  Followed by a 2 day Stairways to Heaven workshop.  Stay tuned for dates and details.


With greatest love,

Astrea Sri Ana



Public group activations at Temple of Heaven in Ubud, Bali will no longer be offered. You may intend that you are linked with Astrea in Bali at 7pm Bali time.


In Singapore Cezann Mersindor is offering the Dreaming the New World activations.  Contact her for information if you would like to join her group:

In Amsterdam, Holland, Ayi will offer the activation on Wednesday 21 August at 6.30 pm:

In Los Angeles Michael Liss offers the activations:

In South Africa, Germiston, Gauteng region, Matsela Mariet Manaka is offering the activations.


How to Work with the Activation and the Hologram of Sacred Geometry

Singing the mantra of light language for the hologram will allow you to journey to the realms of magnificence, a place of highest and purest frequency.

After printing the hologram, hold it at arms length, sing the mantra several times, experience your frequency expand and shift – and then while looking at the hologram, draw it in towards your face slowly until it rests against your third eye and hold it there, until you feel complete.  You may feel to hold the hologram against your third eye for several minutes, and experience soul journeying to realms of highest frequency – so very beautiful is this travel.

Repatterning of the electro-magnetic field and bodies of light occurs, and multidimensional travel to the god realms of magnificence.

For fullest support and connection, intend that you receive the activation and hologram with Astrea in Bali, asking and intending that you be aligned with her – same time, same place.  You can use the activations and holograms at any time and as often as you feel to – for the benefit will be exponential.


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Holograms of Magnificence

~ 2013 program of ascension frequency ~

The series of 11 monthly holograms and activations in 2013 forms a complete program of healing and transformation.  They may be used regularly, daily – for wondrous acceleration and shifts of magnificence.

  1. the heart
  2. the mind
  3. the soul
  4. the will, aligned with divine will
  5. personal frequency
  6. embodiment in form
  7. life path
  8. joy
  9. beauty

10.  positivity

11.  gratitude


There are immense planetary frequencies now available to those whose hearts are open – and this series of holograms and activations enables the ability to receive and make use of these wondrous new energies –  to walk beyond and bypass any remnants of unresolved suffering – and to create and to live the life of your dreams.

Activations of acceleration will release the core wounds, recurring programs, patterns and behaviours of limitation and suffering that hold you from living a fuller, more fulfilling life – and as the distortions of suffering and sadness shift and release, the wondrous new energies are able to be received to raise your frequency to its greatest capacity through every dimension of your being – heart, body, soul, emotions, mind, will, and embodiment of form.

The higher the frequency that you are able to embody, the greater is your ability to receive what the universe wishes to mirror to you as the life of your dreams and destiny.

So this is the course of our path this year – to rise above any distortion – and to most gracefully reverse, travelling backwards, beyond suffering – to a place of absolute peace and stillness where we may reinstate, override and create anew.   As we attain those which are the highest of frequencies and learn to live from gratitude, beauty, joy and peace within the life of our dreams  – we create a hologram of reality for the new world that is then possible for all to share and live.

So we are the role models and those at the leading edge.  Living from positivity and the beauty of the heart and emotions and the mind – that is now our path, our story and our truth.




Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence


Hologram of Light Path - Magnificent Realms



As you breathe in deeply, exhaling the recent challenges and those which predate yet have not yet been shrugged off and resolved – allow the angels of creation to release you from that which has caused you to struggle and to be in suffering – as you are cocooned in highest light streams and pulses of the celestial rays – and assisted to open and to activate your primary chakra system, your auric body and your bodies of light, opening and activating also the multidimensional chakra system – as you breathe deeply and allow great assistance to be given to you, that you may be filled with the highest of light – to displace the challenge, the struggle – the worries of the emotions and of the mind – casting aside the doubts and stresses and worries as you exhale to allow their release – and breathing in the streams of highest light which enlighten and enfill you and raise your frequency and vibration to its highest level.


And with the angels assisting, allow connection now through the portals of your physical body – as you acknowledge where in your body there is limitation, ill health and lack of radiance – breathing out distortions as the angels attend to your physical body to extract that which is extraneous to your lighted wonder – and replacing with crystals and encodements of highest light.


As the portals of your physical body open – cleared, activated – the angels assist connection with your diamond body of light – and the individual crystals, chakras, vortexes, gateways and portals of your diamond body of light are cleared of distortion, releasing that which is not of your original soul signature – and opening, activating, transforming the individual components of your bodies of light – as you breathe out the memories held in these chakras and bodies of light, those which are of limitation, of suffering, of disempowerment – releasing, dissolving memories of times when you have been unsafe, in need, vulnerable – having lost trust in your own gifts which hold capability of resolving your every need – and of being without trust that you are safely cared for and your needs provided by the divine.


As you breathe out the core memories held within the individual chakras and crystals of your bodies of light – the angels dissolve the original core records and memories of all experiences which are retained as distortion.


Breathe in the encodements of light which replace the ancient disempowerments and memories of suffering – as your radiance expands, increases – and all distortion is pushed aside, dissolved by the wonder of that which you are – as your lighted wonder overrides and replaces that one who holds memory of limitation and of suffering.


Receive connection now through the portals of your body and your diamond body of light with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth – and with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe – fully aligned – as above, so below – and you holding the component portals within your being which mirror those of heaven and of earth – as the encodements of these realms commence to flood into your being, those you hold as an ancient wisdom holder – of the galaxies, the celestial realms, and those of the earth.


Breathe in to receive and to reclaim these encodements which hold memory of your greatest gifts – and those of which you have full use in the higher realms.  Allow your mind to be aligned with divine mind – and for your will to be aligned with divine will – as these which are your greatest gifts, and known so fully and so well, without limitation or doubt – are restored to you as you breathe in, deeply, and the bodies of light and crystals and vortexes, chakras and gateways are filled with encodements of light, held in form of sacred geometries – and restoring you to perfection.


Allow alignment with your planet of origin and with those places which hold importance to you – where are held soul gifts of mastery and of love, of light and of wisdom and knowledge and truth – as you breathe in to receive these highest gifts of wisdom and empowerment.


And allow connection and alignment with the chakra points and portals of the earth – connecting particularly to those sacred places where is held memory of times of trauma, of difficult death, of times of deprivation, pain, suffering – of times when you felt unsafe, your needs not fully met – and feeling so vulnerable and alone and without assistance.


Receive release of these earth memories, of times of earthly suffering – as, aligned with the portals of these places – the memories of trauma and of suffering are dissolved – released also from the chakra points and portals of the earth – to enlighten and release the memories of trauma and darkness and suffering from Gaia.


Breathe out the memories of trauma and of suffering – as these which are earthly wounds and memories and records are taken from you.


And as that which is distorted is dissolved – and a vacuum results – then immediately you are assisted to reclaim from the earth and from her sacred portals and chakras – the wisdom of your earth experiences – especially those of lifetimes of mastery and greatness.  Breathe in to reclaim your gifts as an ancient wisdom holder and keeper of the earth and her memories – across all timelines – as the accumulated wisdom, knowledge, truth and gifts of mastery are received by you – within encodements which are placed within your relevant chakras and bodies of light.


Greatly expanded, breathe in as the streams of wisdom and of mastery and truth are received by you, placed within your bodies of light and chakra system – and allow your multidimensional chakra column to be now grounded deep within the centre of the earth – to again anchor these which are your greatest gifts of mastery and of love to the earth – purified of all memory of distortion and of limitation – and retained by you in purest form – as you breathe in, and expand and expand.


Knowledge fills you – as the memories of distortion dissolve – and the truth and mastery is reclaimed.  Your body and your being glow and shine with brightest light – as that which is yours of love and of mastery, of wisdom and of truth is restored in you – and that which has been lost – is regained, reclaimed – and embedded within your wholeness, never to be lost again – reclaimed for the ascension process – and bringing all parts of self home – making sense and truth of all experience – and again reclaiming every atom of truth and of love and of wisdom and of mastery.


Aligned in perfection between heaven and earth, allow reconnection in purest light to the Flower of Life – to your original divine perfection – and to that which supplies and supports your every need.  Expand in this connection, as you breathe in to receive the geometries of the Flower of Life – in her connection with you – aligned in purest form with your physical being and with your diamond body of light – and aligned also in purest perfection with the diamond grid that surrounds the universe – and connected with Gaia and to her sacred portals and grids.


The Grace Keepers come to you, those who guard and hold the streams of the transmissions of the Grace Realms – and they allow reconnection with these realms which bless you with instantaneous mirroring of your requests with the answers to your prayers.


Allow the grace realms and their streams and transmissions and pulses of blessings to gift you with that with you require for your life, that it may be eased, fulfilled, transformed – to a life of peace, and harmony, of joy and fulfillment and abundance, radiance and health.


And as the streams of grace fill you, and every chakra, crystal, atom, cell and dimension of your being – and you expand exponentially in higher and higher embodiment of frequency and of truth and of love – allow grace to transform your needs, your lacks, your struggles, your pleas and prayers for peace, for health, for harmony, for success, for fulfillment, for love and for abundance and for joy.


Flowing in these transmissions of grace which continue to flood through every cell and dimension of your being – make your requests for that which will bring you joy and peace and harmony and fulfillment and success in those areas of your life where you are without these currently.


Name those areas of your life where you are incomplete, without joy – and breathe out and release all that is of suffering and of limitation, where you are stressed, anxious, without solutions.  And as you empty and release that which is distorted and where you are suffering and limited – the grace realms enfill you – as you now make your requests for the solutions you require – to commence to name that which will restore your challenges to peace and to harmony, to love, to success, to fulfillment and to joy.


You are within freewill beloveds – and it is for you to name that which you require – that which will override and replace times of suffering – with new solutions which you may ask for – as the grace streams, connected through you to all realms, now flood you, and connect your requests with the realms where may be obtained the solutions for which you ask.


Continue to ponder on the areas of challenge in your life – and to create solutions – realities which transform suffering and limitation – to peace and to joy.


And as you ask for that which will bring joy to your life – continue to breathe out that which creates suffering – and to breathe in as the solutions are gifted you, with grace.


Expanding further – allow now the patterns of doubt and of not trusting to surface – where you try as you will to have trust – yet there are blocks and obstacles, where your mind and your will continuously travel backwards to times of suffering – and your memories have become engrained within you, and within your body and cells – as patterns of doubt – of feeling unsafe, unprotected, not cared for – alone – and waiting for further suffering and for things to continue to be attracted to you which will hurt you and bring you to fear.


Beloveds, indeed there have been times of suffering – and the nature of the human path of duality on the physical plane has resulted in such patterns of feeling unsafe, unprotected, without assistance or care or love.


Your very presence our beloved workers of the light – is to annihilate these realms of suffering and of duality – but first there has been the necessity for you to learn to walk these physical realms – and to override within your physical being – through the vast light and frequency that you bring to the earth plane – to allow an evolution beyond duality, beyond darkness, beyond suffering and pain.


And all that you require is given you beloveds – in these activations – which will see you carried so high above any chance of lower reality and of suffering.  And it is the purpose of these activations that you will be guided to name every area of your life where you are in suffering and without peace and fulfillment – so that wounds and distortions may be dissolved – to allow in the higher frequency embodiments which will restore to you your memory of your unlimitedness, your divinity, your light, your love, your higher gifts – sufficient to override and rise above any lower reality.  This is your path beloveds – to rid self of all memory which holds you apart from your knowledge of your magnificence – that you may embody this magnificence and its hugest frequencies – and in your presence on the earth plane – to shift alike the realities for all humanity – and through your presence and those in your thousands who are remembering, now, their magnificence – such a shift occurs –which allows the rising above the third dimension and the wheel of karma and the duality plane – and to free all from the yoke of such suffering which has ensued throughout the aeons.


This is your path – and it is one of light and of frequency.  And when in highest frequency of light – then you reflect only that mirror of perfection back to you.  This is your path.  It is the path of light – and will reflect back to you none but light – and experiences of the most joyful, fulfilling and loving kind.


Allow all doubt and memory of times of deprivation and of trauma to be dissolved, taken from you – as you are flooded with higher frequencies of light – and the angels and Masters come to you, and encircle you, in such love and honor – for indeed you are the brightest of the bright, the lightest of the light – and are known and loved as such by those who guide and care for you.


Allow yourself to receive the love and care that is there for you – and to be filled with the streams of grace that allow your memory, now, of the care and love and support that is given you – and that is always there for you – that you may be in trust – softened with the knowing that your every need is capable of being filled – as you make your requests of the angels and Masters – for that which will create your life to be more peaceful and harmonious – without suffering or trauma, or accident or conflict, or issues of failure and being without success and without abundance.  Ask for the particular wounds you hold to be taken from you, dissolved – and make your specific requests of that which will bring joy and lightness to your life – and fun and fulfillment and love and laughter – of safety, security – where you may live the life of your dreams – in the way that your heart longs and yearns for – for your heart holds your destiny beloveds, and knows of that which will bring you peace and joy.  Your heart knows of your destiny, of that which you have chosen for self as the life of your highest potential and mastery and peace and joy.  Make your needs known to the angels and Masters as they encircle you and hold you in love and care – as they listen carefully to that which you call for, as that which will bring peace and joy to your life.


And receive connection with the timelines and with the destiny lines – to align your deep desires and requests – with that which requires your mirror, that which will bring you deep peace and joy.  And know that within the constraints of others and their individual roles within your life as destiny partners – all care is given that your requests may come to you gracefully.


Receive this knowledge – without attachment, without the need to attach to outcomes – and allow the angels of grace to fill you with these streams of love which gift you with the ability to Trust – that you may make your requests, holding trust, and without attachment to the outcomes – acknowledging that there are constraints – for your destiny is aligned with others – with destiny partners and with destiny opportunities and with timelines, timelines chosen at your time of physical entry and incarnation to the earth plane and held within planetary constraints, awaiting, in perfect conjunction – that one, that time, that place – when all comes together in perfect form.


Imbued with trust now – with no memory of suffering or of pain or of lack of safety – allow this trust to fill you, to take you over – as you breathe out your doubts, your need to know, to predict, to lead with your mind and your will – and as all doubts dissolve – trust fills you at a higher frequency than that ever yet known by you – as you breathe this in, in such relief, and peace and joy.




Aligned and restored to your divine perfection, held by the angelic kingdom and the Masters within the purest and highest streams of light, having received the release of the wounds of all ages – acknowledge now those which are your blocks and obstacles to your highest destiny.  And name these – those of lack of belief in self, of your gifts, your qualities, the issues of lack of confidence, fears of making mistakes, of being judged as wrong, as mistaken – fear of being blamed, shamed, humiliated.   There is fear of stepping up, because of these fears – unable to walk from situations which are holding you back – where you are giving your power away to situations, to others, to work that holds you prisoner and where you are without joy – and yet where you have felt, till now, unable to walk free.


There is the belief that others receive opportunities, but that you are prevented, hindered, from receiving that which will lift and shift you higher, to new realms of fulfillment, and love, of success, and peace and joy.


There is the fear to walk away – and to open to receive new life, new opportunities – knowing the life you have, even though limited and unhappy – yet in fear of facing the unknown, fearing the consequences – that may result in failure, bad luck, poverty, destitution, being unloved, lonely – and fearing your inability to make these changes – and to find the strength to grow, to learn, to change, to have adventures which will create balm within your soul – yet fearing change, fearing failure, fearing suffering, and lack, and mockery and humiliation.


There is the doubt of self, that you are not gifted, that you are not brave, that you are ordinary and without gift or special talent – and are undeserving of brilliance and of staggering opportunities – or any opportunity at all.


There are the inherited doubts and belief patterns – and there is the wall of disapproval by family and friends and workmates and acquaintances – who in living small lives – seek to hold you bound in similar cages.


Beloveds, this is known – for these are the barriers and blocks and obstacles which hold you back from your greatness.  And there is no judgement of these blocks – but only the desire that these be dissolved and taken from you – that you may be freed – for peace, for joy, for love, to be content, and to be fulfilled, enthused, joyous and lighthearted  – for this is your path – of light and of joy – and it is from these frequencies of highest light and joy that your path will lead – for you – and for you as leader for humanity, that they may make similar shifts out of suffering, limitation, where the media imprisons through distorted imagery and words, and where fear mongering holds all humanity bound in drama and war and violence and fear, in manipulation and control and lies and darkness.


Offer up your every block and obstacle which holds you from a better life – a life that your heart knows and calls for – as that which is your highest path – one of peace, harmony, health, joy, love, fulfillment – and success – whatever it is that success means to you.


And as you continue to name those which are your blocks, your obstacles, your fears – the angels and Masters take these from you, dissolving the original core wounds and memories upon which they are based – and freeing you from all doubt and obstacle  – as you breathe out all that holds you back from the life of your dreams – and breathe in the assistance and love that replaces fear and doubt.




Open your heart, your divine heart – which holds knowledge and memory of the life of your highest dreams and destiny.  Open your heart and allow the angelics to attend to every chamber of your heart that it may be undiminished in its love and frequency and perfection.


As you breathe out the sadness and suffering of the past wounds of the heart – allow these to be dissolved – as love and soft care and trust is breathed into the heart – and your heart expands in frequency, in trust, in softness – and in knowledge and memory of that which is your highest destiny.


Your heart holds knowledge and memory – and it is the murmurs and yearnings of the heart that show direction and location of the life of your dreams.


Dare to dream your biggest dream – be not limited in your dreams – think not on limitation and on the murmurings of friends and family who seek to hold you similarly bound.  Dare to dream beloveds – of a life where you are content, fulfilled – where you awaken with joy and enthusiasm for the day and for the pleasures of your day – and where you sleep and dream in peace and fulfillment for the pleasures of your day – a life where there is significance and joy in how you fill your days – where you are adding to the fuel of love and peace and harmony and fulfillment which is shared in inter-connection with others – giving meaning to your day, to your labour, to your life, to your love – and to that which you receive as fulfillment and self-recognition – of a life well lived.


And as you dream your perfect dream – of your highest potential  – and your perfect life – allow the angels of destiny to place you upon your lighted path of destiny – that which you chose before ever you stepped within this human form – and that which is held within the planetary alignments chosen at your moment of birth – as gracefully you receive connection and alignment along the timelines with all destiny partners, and all destiny opportunities which hold importance for you, personally, and for your life path, your divine mission – and for a life that is filled with joy, fulfillment, peace, harmony, health, wholeness, success, love and abundance.


Receive disconnection from the grid of the third dimension and its limitation and duality – so that you are freed – and enabled to fulfill your lighted path – as you breathe out the dualities as they are taken from you as reality – and breathe in as you shift higher, to the Magnificent Realms – where you are unlimited – and where your higher gifts, qualities and powers are known to you and gracefully and powerfully utilised.


And receive now the Hologram of Life Path from the Magnificent Realms, all blocks of lack of trust released, all blocks and obstacles dissolved – in trust and in acceptance of all that you have chosen, and all that is there for you as support and graceful assistance -aligned with your destiny path and with all opportunities and partners.


I connect through the portals of my physical body and my own diamond body of light with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth,

and with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe,

aligning with the galactic portals, and with my planet of origin,

connecting and aligning also with the chakra points and portals of earth,

and with Gaia, the Flower of Life, the Grace realms and the Destiny realms,

aligned and restored to my divine perfection,

calling for assistance from the angelic kingdom and the purest and highest realms of light as I receive release of the wounds of all ages,

dissolving all obstacles to my highest destiny.

I open my heart which holds knowledge of my future, my destiny, my lighted path,

as all obstacles and blocks are dissolved, timelines are aligned

and I gracefully receive connection and alignment with all destiny partners

and opportunities of importance to me personally

and for my life path, divine mission, and for joy, fulfillment,

peace, harmony, love and abundance.


Open and expand your heart and your soul as the hologram of Life Path is received by you  – now anchored to earth, transmitted through your being, and shared with Gaia and with humanity – that you may walk this earth in mastery, empowerment, in grace and love – in fulfillment and harmony, peace and success – and sharing your beauty with all.




And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of Life Path from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea in Bali – and with others around the world – as your life path opens before you, the path of beauty, aligned with all realms of perfection and with all blocks and obstacles dissolved – allowing the Hologram of Life Path to be anchored through you and to the earth, that you may walk your path of beauty and bring such blessings to the earth plane and to all humanity that they may also shift and be released from all suffering


Ki Twi Ya Ha Na Ki Ya Ha Na Ha Si Ku Twu Si Na Ki Ha Ya Na Ha

Ta Na Qwi Hi Ya Ha Ta Ya Na Hu Qwi Hi Na Ha Na





Kee Twee Yah Hah Nah Kee Yah Hah Nah Hah See Koo Twoo See Nah Kee Ha Yah Nah Hah Tah Nah Qwee Hee Yah Hah Tah Yah Nah Hoo Qwee Hee Nah Hah Nah




Great expansion occurs as all alignments are put in place – and the hologram of Life Path anchors through you, expanding your being through all dimensions – and bringing clarity and direction to your life – as this hologram and reality is anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers.


And your dreams of your perfect life, as you flow in the unlimited realms and give freedom to your heart to bring knowledge of your chosen path to you – are given form by your imagination and by your visualisation – and added to your hologram of magnificence, building your own hologram of perfection – dreaming the perfect life of dreams, where there is perfect peace and beauty and love, fulfillment and success in whatever ideals you hold as that which is the perfect life for you.


Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and faith and in acceptance of all that you have chosen as your perfect life path – and join your holograms of magnificence – with all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the new reality for the new world.


Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of Life Path to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as new realities of destiny open for you – capable, as planned, of shifting into new realities, new methods, new worlds of peace and harmony, of justice, equality, truth and love and compassion.


You are beloved of God and the angels and the Masters – and are asked to request all that which will bring ease, and success and fulfillment and peace to your life – for you are ever guarded, guided, loved and cherished by all of the family of light for all that you are and all that you do.