Thursday, 12. September 2013


As we prepare for the equinox of September 22 we are within a planetary alignment of such rare cosmic power, having passed through many challenges in the recent strong weeks and months, allowing us to avail ourselves now of ‘the best conditions all year for the human spirit to prevail, to follow your heart, believe in yourself and in what’s possible’. (Anne Macnaughtan,

What perfect timing, as we step through this magnificent portal, having moved through activations of the clearing and transformation of the Heart, Mind, Body, Soul – and bringing focus and intent to our Life Path as new clarity emerges – to be now enabled to receive the blessings of the activation of the Hologram of Joy.

We are taken further, lifted higher – through every level of our being – clearing, dissolving yet more levels – and raising yet higher the possibilities of such beauty able to be received in this activation, and in the blessings that the cosmic energies wish to flood down upon us – to shift us, lift us, to levels of possibilities never before able to be received.


I was recently given a new series of Holograms of the New World – Fruition of Heart’s Dream – and have drawn the first 11 in this series, amidst some interference.  Not till now very much concerned with politics, but recently forced into dismay at the war antics that surround us – and wondering what is our role as lightworkers, that war and control, lies, manipulation and wrong use of power may be dissolved – I asked for guidance and clarity – and was given a list of 11 holograms to anchor to earth whose purpose is so strong – to disempower the forces of darkness and evil of all realms and to dissolve the source of their power.

Once these new realities are set in force, then as lightworkers we may have our day, able to freely step forward with solutions – to step forward and take our place and role.  Things may move swiftly, opportunities may open – so it is for us to be clear with our intentions and our willingness to use our best gifts and talents and to bravely offer ourselves as the solutions that arise as darkness falls.

The holograms are strong in their purpose, not so suitable to be shared by newsletter and a group of sacred mystery students is sharing the anchoring of these new energies.  If you resonate strongly with this work and feel you have a role to play, contact me and I will share the holograms with you.

There are further holograms in the series that we will activate together as a series next year, to equip us for our roles and to create the foundation on which the new world may build, empowering humanity and restoring access to the realms of magic and grace through lightness and love, without interference.

These are very Atlantean energies that we seek to override – and it is likely that a group may travel to Atlantean portals to anchor the holograms over the years ahead, enabling new energies to build atop of those which are cleared of distortion and memory.

It is more likely that we will travel to Santorini for this portal work, rather than as a venue for sacred mystery school.

June or July 2014 are likely dates for The Path of the Mystic which will again be held at the Temple of Heaven in Ubud, Bali, condensed into 5 very strong days.  More details of workshops at workshops-sacred mystery school.  Stay tuned for dates and full details.


Akashic Clearing and Ascension Sessions and Keepership Readings
I have been gifted with a new method of working with the akashic records – the ability to traverse the timelines, travelling between past, present and future to dissolve the distortions held.  This beautiful new gift replaces my former readings of the akashic records, gracefully dissolving the patterns, the wounds, the suffering – reclaiming the gains of wisdom and evolutionary progress made across all lifetimes – and achieving ascension, wholeness and oneness with God.  It is very subtle and beautiful work.  We travel to the God realms together, with a list of 3 recurring patterns and blocks that challenge you and from which you wish to be freed – and a list of 3 intents that you wish to manifest for your life.  There is more information at this link Akashic Clearing and Ascension Session

And I am now offering a brief, shortened version of Keepership reading with your galactic name, title of keepership and a short description – as well as the alternative full version of 6-8 pages.  More information at this link Keepership, Life Mission Channeled Reading

With greatest love,

Astrea Sri An


Public group activations at Temple of Heaven in Ubud, Bali will no longer be offered. You may intend that you are linked with Astrea in Bali at 7pm Bali time.


In Singapore Cezann Mersindor is offering the Dreaming the New World activations.  Contact her for information if you would like to join her group:

In Amsterdam, Holland, Ayi will offer the activation on 19 September:

In Los Angeles Michael Liss will offer the activation 17 September 1 pm at Naam Yoga:

In South Africa, Germiston, Gauteng region, contact Matsela Mariet Manaka


How to Work with the Activation and the Hologram of Sacred Geometry

Singing the mantra of light language for the hologram will allow you to journey to the realms of magnificence, a place of highest and purest frequency.

After printing the hologram, hold it at arms length, sing the mantra several times, experience your frequency expand and shift – and then while looking at the hologram, draw it in towards your face slowly until it rests against your third eye and hold it there, until you feel complete.  You may feel to hold the hologram against your third eye for several minutes, and experience soul journeying to realms of highest frequency – so very beautiful is this travel.

Repatterning of the electro-magnetic field and bodies of light occurs, and multidimensional travel to the god realms of magnificence.

For fullest support and connection, intend that you receive the activation and hologram with Astrea in Bali, asking and intending that you be aligned with her – same time, same place.  You can use the activations and holograms at any time and as often as you feel to – for the benefit will be exponential.


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Inspiration, beauty, holograms, sacred geometry and activations shared: Astrea Sri Ana facebook.  And there are archives of several years, so many codes of sacred geometry, activations and photographs in Astrea’s Dreaming the New World


Holograms of Magnificence

~ 2013 program of ascension frequency ~

The series of 11 monthly holograms and activations in 2013 forms a complete program of healing and transformation.  They may be used regularly, daily – for wondrous acceleration and shifts of magnificence.

  1. the heart
  2. the mind
  3. the soul
  4. the will, aligned with divine will
  5. personal frequency
  6. embodiment in form
  7. life path
  8. joy
  9. beauty

10.  positivity

11.  gratitude

There are immense planetary frequencies now available to those whose hearts are open – and this series of holograms and activations enables the ability to receive and make use of these wondrous new energies –  to walk beyond and bypass any remnants of unresolved suffering – and to create and to live the life of your dreams.

Activations of acceleration will release the core wounds, recurring programs, patterns and behaviours of limitation and suffering that hold you from living a fuller, more fulfilling life – and as the distortions of suffering and sadness shift and release, the wondrous new energies are able to be received to raise your frequency to its greatest capacity through every dimension of your being – heart, body, soul, emotions, mind, will, and embodiment of form.

The higher the frequency that you are able to embody, the greater is your ability to receive what the universe wishes to mirror to you as the life of your dreams and destiny.

So this is the course of our path this year – to rise above any distortion – and to most gracefully reverse, travelling backwards, beyond suffering – to a place of absolute peace and stillness where we may reinstate, override and create anew.   As we attain those which are the highest of frequencies and learn to live from gratitude, beauty, joy and peace within the life of our dreams  – we create a hologram of reality for the new world that is then possible for all to share and live.

So we are the role models and those at the leading edge.  Living from positivity and the beauty of the heart and emotions and the mind – that is now our path, our story and our truth.


Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence

~ JOY ~

Expand your heart, your mind, your bodies of light and your being – as the angels of creation attend to your energies, to shift that which is of heaviness and emptiness, of lack of clarity, of confusion and hopelessness at the extent, and the length, of your path of transformation and its seemingly endless initiations required that you pass through successfully, to enable higher and higher exponential expansion and shifts of frequency to be received, and then embodied.

Open your chakras and your heart – as your central chakra column, that which connects you between heaven and earth, securely, safely – and able to receive all rays and realms which connect you to your magnificence – is attended to, restoring you to the heights of Personal Frequency attained through that activation and hologram.  That which you have already received is allowed its anchoring, again – in expanded version, more easily now enabled to receive and to embody these which are the great shifts of frequency – exponentially building, shifting, lifting – in levels of frequency – and then embodied in the levels that the body, the physical vehicle, is able to bear.

Surrounded by angels, allow all lower distortions to be lifted from you, as you breathe deeply.  And that which has recurred in recent times, and that which bears relevance to past times also – those which are the recurring wounds and limitations of the Mind, of the Emotions and the Heart, and those of the Will – are brought to mind – for the nature of these activations from the Magnificent Realms sees every level of distortion increasingly enabled to be brought to the surface, viewed, acknowledged – and then dissolved.


Those which are the levels of the Heart – of the emotions – and the pain and suffering of loneliness, neediness, lack of love, feeling unloved, unable to be loved, unworthy to receive love – and the relationship wounds of all kinds – that have surfaced – those that bear  relevance to the deepest wounds of the heart – are acknowledged by you – as the angels assist these records and memories of the heart to shift to the surface more fully, more clearly – and to encourage and assist you to have an overview of those recent experiences – allowing you to without blame of others, and blame of self – to calmly, peacefully, only acknowledge the wounds that have surfaced – to observe these – and to acknowledge the patterns you hold that lie behind these recent, and past occurrences, where the heart is involved and there is pain and hurt and sadness and suffering.

As you acknowledge the patterns and the distortions of the heart, where you have suffered and the wounds and patterns of the heart are not yet resolved – then breathe in the Source light which pours through your central chakra column and into your heart – enlivening, purifying, softening the wounds and the memories – as wisdom and truth arises from your mind, to your heart – and you give voice to the understandings you have gained.

And breathe out beloveds, as the deepest and most hidden core wounds of the heart are now released, and dissolved.  Continue to breathe in the Source energies which hold the highest of frequencies – as further levels of suffering and damage and limitation of the heart continue to surface, to be acknowledged – and to receive assistance from the angels as these are released and dissolved.


Breathe in deeply to allow the highest of frequencies to now enfill your heart, and every of its chambers, every level and dimension of your beautiful heart is now enabled to receive the repatterning that restores you more closely to your divinity and the heart of the divine that you are now enabled to embody.


And ponder on the worries, the stresses, the anxieties, the confusion, the mind patterns of struggle, the mind games, the mind chatter, the endless voice of negativity, and doubt and fear – as you breathe deeply to allow the Source light to pour into your mind and to bring great light to enliven your mind – and to dissolve the struggles and the patterns of the mind which confuse and challenge and hold you from peace.

Acknowledge the silent and vicious voice of the mind that condemns, that judges, that opposes, that fears, that doubts – that voice that is competitive, comparing you with others, that is jealous, desiring for self and for ego that which is seen and judged in others.  Acknowledge the doubts and the fears that hold you back – that judge you as inadequate, incompetent, without talent or gift or beauty, that holds not confidence or stature or belief in self.

And as you acknowledge every negative pattern of the mind – breathe in deeply to allow the angels to bring light to your mind – to allow the casting out of that which is heaviness, and doubt and judgement, anxiety, stress and fear – the negative patterns of comparison and inadequacy – as you breathe in Source light to fill your beautiful mind with the highest of frequencies – and breathe out to cast aside all lower realities and mind patterns and struggles of the mind.

Allow the angels of creation to now align your beautiful mind with that of the divine, divinely attuned to perfection and to the highest of realities possible for you to achieve – those which align with your own chosen life path in its highest potentiality.

And expand as this alignment shifts you higher, above all possibility of lower third dimensional realities holding you back, holding you down to limited archetypal realities of the collective of humanity – and allow your divine nature to be embodied, that which bears no relevance to the stultifying behaviours and fears of collective mind.  And breathe in and expand further, as your mind, your beautiful mind expands to a positive force of great beauty.


Your will – to live at the highest level of positive creation – that allows you in faith and in trust of self, and God, and the divine plan – is imbued with the rays of Source which the angels bring to you, to expand and enlighten your will, aligned with divine will, and the creative force of the universe, that which allows you to plug in, to tune in, to connect with, and to receive those frequencies will may shift you to the highest potential for your life.

Breathe in these frequencies as they allow to be brought to light and observed and known – those of the will – where there is block and obstacle to love, to life, to health, to success, to fulfillment and to peace and joy.  Here are held the doubts and the lack of trust – where you trust not your own path, your abilities, your gifts, your stamina and endurance capable of achieving fulfillment and success – where you hold no faith in that which lies before you – where you are stuck in the suffering and the extent and length of the obstacles of your path.

Breathe in the rays of light of Source as the angels assist these rays to pour into your mind and to your will – as you acknowledge the lower patterns of doubt and mistrust, of stuckness, the obstacles to moving forward into trust in every area of your life – as you breathe out to release these patterns of the mind and the will as you acknowledge these – and the angels attend to your mind and to your will, to dissolve all that is negative, and all that holds you back with obstacles and blocks of negative effect.

Allow your will to be aligned with divine will – and here is held the universal path of your soul and your life – here is held the highest path possible for your soul and for your life – aligned within the perfection of the divine plan – held in the arms of God.  Breathe in to accept connection with divine will – and with the highest possible path of your soul – and accept mergence with the divine, as God’s arms outstretched, enfold you and hold you in love and wholeness and utter safety.  This is the love you have yearned for, and it is given you, and always held by you as that which you have earned, that which is restored to you.


Your multidimensional chakra column receives activation to its highest potential, and unlimited in these realms, your bodies of light are given you, those of your varying levels of initiation, those which restore you to your divinity – those of the angelic, the galactic, the Christed and universal nature – and the cosmic is given you, that which is beyond description in its beauty, its purity, its love and its power.

In highest frequencies of expansion, continue to breathe in the rays and realms of Source – expanded and connected to all realms of magnificence – your own perfection embodied, and experienced – that you may know of that which you are in these realms, and that which is your path as human in lighted form of divinity.


And ponder further now beloveds – on where in your personal life of embodiment you are without joy, where there is sadness, joylessness, desperation, deprivation, suffering, loneliness, fear, hopelessness – where your life is empty, sterile, without meaning – where your employment suits not your temperament or your dream and desire – where your relationships are not satisfying – and where you feel you are not ‘matched’ in your friendships and your family, and love relationships – and where there is resultant suffering for you, and emptiness, joylessness, deprivation – where life has no meaning – and you are fearful of the continuation of your life in its emptiness and meaninglessness – where that which is asked of you feels to be beyond your bearing – and where you are not matching the life of your dreams – and have lost sight even of what could be a life more suited, more joyful, more meaningful – and unable to imagine even the friendships that would hearten and lighten your life – and the relationships of love and intimacy that involve not pain,  grief, suffering, disagreement and hardship.

And offer up each instance of your life where you are without joy – and name these.

Those of your environment, where you are not matching your perfect life.

Those of your employment, where you are stuck, bound, prisoner to a life that holds you from freedom, from peace, from enjoyment, from fulfillment, from reward and from the use of your greatest gifts – that which holds you from freedom and enjoyment and from fulfillment and ease of life.

And where are your relationships without meaning, without harmony – empty, with conflict and argument and difference of opinion – where you are not matched in equality, in interest, in frequency, in positivity – where you are drained by others and joyless?

And is there love in your life?   Does it match you in that which brings ease and harmony and joy?  And if there is no love – what is the emptiness that results – of need, of attachment, of desperation, of doubt that you will ever love, or be loved, freely, fully, equally – and without suffering and conflict and pain?


Beloveds breathe out the negatives – where you are without joy – and each instance where you are empty and dead and dull and without hope or trust or confidence that there is for you that which will bring light and love and hope and trust and fulfillment in a life well lived and well loved and well rewarded.

The angels assist you, as hopelessness dissolves, emptiness is filled with light and with impulses of soft love – and fear and doubt dissolve, stagnation and hatred of your life, of where your frequency does not match in environment, in livelihood, in love, in friendship, in abundance – all dissolved beloveds by the transmissions of love and of highest frequencies of light which transform hopelessness to trust – and emptiness to content and peace and happiness.

Expand in these frequencies which allow you to accept that your path of suffering is merely where you have been stuck within karmic balance, and in bondage to the collective reality of third dimensional reality.  Your path is not of suffering beloveds.  Your path is that of light.  And this is given you – all is given you – all assistance, that you may escape this deadening of that which is in fact and indeed of brilliance, of mastery and of grandest highest light.  All is given that you may be restored to that which in fact and indeed is your highest form, in lighted wonder, sharing your might and your mastery and your light with humanity – that the collective may shift similarly to these heights of wonder and of fulfillment, of peace, harmony and of joy.

Beloveds there is naught now that holds you from Joy – and this is given you – for every level and dimension of your being has received its cleanse and its restoration and its connection to all realms of magnificence.

As you breathe in, deeply, allow Joy to embody you – as the joy waves and transmissions of the universe, those from throughout the grid of light of the universe – are given you – as you breathe in and expand and expand in frequency, and in joy, in hope and in trust.


Beloveds, in highest and most radiant Joy – now recreate and give form to that which replaces joylessness and emptiness and that which has not to date matched you in frequency.


That of environment – is now able to be clearly seen and known – that where you would love to be – with your needs effortlessly met – where there is pure air and water and food of the highest vibration which allows your body to vibrate with vitality and health.

And allow the angels to show you the perfect environment and place of life that matches you most perfectly – and visualise this further, give it form and detail – for in the realms of the Magnificent you are unmatched in possibility – and boundless are the opportunities for you to create perfection for self and for the life of your dreams.


The fullest and most enjoyable use of your individual highest gifts, qualities and talents is shown you – as you are encouraged now to envision where and how you would best enjoy making use of these qualities and gifts – fulfilled, enjoying, at peace and in joy – as you bring form and visualisation and imagination to the perfect work and livelihood – that brings you joy.


And where your relationships do not match you in harmony and enjoyment, where there is conflict and difference – allow higher versions of relationship to be shown you, and brought to you – as you name the qualities of friendship that you are able to offer – and to receive – in the life of perfect harmony and friendship and love.

Where you are needy and desperate for love, and where your love relationships create suffering and conflict – allow to be shown the higher version of these relationships – and to acknowledge if your love relationships are able to be sustained – or if there is need to step away from that which does not serve you and create joy and peace and harmony for you.

And open yourself in willingness to be without need, without attachment or ownership – where you are able to offer love freely – without expectation of any kind – but only that of the joy of loving – and of having mirrored back to you in equality, and joy, the love that you give – as you name the qualities you will offer, and share – and name those also that you will receive – those that will lift and shift your love relationships to Joy.


And allow the angels to show you where else your life is joyless – and to be assisted to acknowledge where there is a lack of matching of frequency, and where you are out of harmony – and to be shown the higher versions of these realities – of the changes that are necessary and possible to be made – as you expand into these realities – and experience the Joy of these shifts.


And flow in these frequencies of utter freedom and Joy – as you journey to the Beauty realms, the multi-universes of holographic form – and from these realms of Beauty in Joy you may pluck down the realities that form the life of your dreams – and expand as these holographic realities are added to your own hologram of the life of your perfect dreams – each individual component is added to your perfect hologram and reality.

And receive now the Hologram of Joy as you are fully transfigured and transformed to your highest divine potential – and the hologram of the life of your dreams is expanded in myriad complex realities.

I open my heart, my being, my multidimensional chakra system and bodies of light

and connect with the grid of light that surrounds the universe,

as I receive from the angels of creation connection with the Magnificent Realms of God

and the clearing and dissolving of the distortions

of the Heart, the Mind and the wounds of the Soul.

I align my Will with Divine Will, and allow restoration of my multidimensional chakra system,

accepting the gifts of embodiment of my angelic, galactic, Christed and universal nature

and mergence with God in divinity,

aligned with my own perfection and the life path of my highest potential.

I open to the Joy realms of the universe, those of love, support, of praise and of gratitude

which allow the reflection back to me of all that will bring me joy personally.

I expand in the highest of frequencies as I receive and embody Joy

and reflect this back throughout the universe, and for humanity

that the frequency of Joy is made possible for all


And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of Joy from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea in Bali – and with others around the world – as you experience the holographic form of Joy and perfection within which you are now embodied – allowing Joy to be anchored through you and to the earth, anchored to earth as a reality and a potentiality to be shared with all  – that humanity may similarly share the holographic realities that you bring for all to receive as potentiality.

Ku Wa Hi Ha Ti Ah Ha Na Swi Kwi Twi Nwa Hi Hi Qwi Sa Ni Hi

Ya Na Ti Ki Qwi Swi Ha Na Ta Ya Na Ki Hi Hi Ah Sa Na


Koo Wah Hee Hah Tee Ah Hah Nah Swee Kwee Twee Nwah Hee Hee Qwee Sah Nee Hee Yah Nah Tee Kee Qwee Swee Hah Nah Tah Yah Nah Kee Hee Hee Ah Sah Nah

Great expansion occurs as you embody Joy, your frequency aligning and expanding and shifting to these highest of frequencies – and the hologram of Joy anchors through you, transforming you to your highest form, freeing, empowering you, able to have your every need met, enabling you to step up powerfully, lovingly, upon your path of light.  And as the hologram of Joy fills you and transforms you it is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers – anchoring Joy in its highest holographic form to Gaia and to humanity.

Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and faith and in acceptance of your wholeness, your love, your purity, your power – as your dream of your perfect life, where you use your most perfect gifts in great fulfillment and joy – held within your own hologram of perfection – is joined with the holograms of all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the new reality for the new world.

Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of Joy to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as the frequency of Joy overrides all lower realities of suffering – to allow Joy to be that state of grace in which all humanity may live and love in perfect content and harmony and peace.

You are so beloved of God and the family of light, blessed and known as such.  Receive all your needs met, as you breathe deeply and make your needs known.