Friday, 15. August 2014

NEW FREQUENCIES BROUGHT TO EARTH – voice transmissions of the language of light

Amidst so much continuing opposition to prevent these new frequencies being shared – very relieved and grateful they are now beaming out their frequencies so that we may shift from fear – into peace and mastery – and enabled to achieve all that we entered this plane to complete

14 voice transmissions – of new frequencies:
Death of Fear 
Disengagement from the Pain, Suffering, Fear and Distortion of the Humanity Collective
Suffering Dissolved – patterns, programs, blockages of duality and suffering released
Travel the Timelines of Past and Parallel Lives
to dissolve the wounds and memories of trauma and suffering
Healing of Ancestral and Genetic DNA Lineage 
Infusion of Confidence and Self-Love 
Saturation of Trust 
Plunge into the Abyss of Acceptance and Surrender
Saturation of Grace
Security, Safety, Peace and Well-being
Immersion and Embodiment of Highest Frequency 
Quintessence of Mastery and Highest Soul Gifts
Soar within the Beauty Realms and along the Beauty Path
Journey to the God Realms