Saturday, 18. October 2014

Sacred Mystery School – Santorini, Greece! 9-15 June 2015

Although I had felt that I would not offer sacred mystery school again, and the direction had been to write a book with all of the teachings – and to also offer mystery school by webinar internet courses – on the recent lunar eclipse 28 September 2014, my divine presence strongly showed that there would be a sacred mystery school in Santorini – in a spectacular location where I stayed in early July.

At the moment am booking accommodation and venue – and Jean Manuel Nadeau is creating the flier – and more information will be offered here as soon as it is available.

So very excited – this will be a most spectacular sacred mystery school – and the energies that we generate, and those that we receive – will be added to the Atlantean grid – already overlaid with the Lemurian realities more gracefully achieved in the past years through the Dreaming the New World group activations, and the portal work that was achieved in July this year.

Spectacular location – by direct flight from Athens to Santorini – the venue and accommodation hangs on the very edge of the caldera – volcanic ridge – and the energies are most sweet and powerful and sublime

The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school   Oia, Santorini, Greece – June 9-15th, 2015

Astrea will share her Sacred Mystery School – Path of the Mystic, for the first time in Europe in a beautiful venue in the sacred island of Santorini, Greece.

The 5 days retreat includes 5 full days of activations, home cooked lunch and 6 nights of shared accommodation* in the heart of Oia, Santorini.

1-  Full confirmation of US$1750 with accommodation option
2- Full tuition of US$1200 without accommodation
3- Reservation of your place until Feb 1, 2015 (non-refundable deposit of US$350)

Flier and full information sheet will be ready very soon!!