Monday, 2. February 2015

NEWSLETTER – New Year 2015


In perfect timing, to shift us to the highest frequencies possible – an activation to accompany the voice transmission ‘Suffering Dissolved’.


These beautiful new frequencies give us the gift of rising high above any personal suffering, any triggers, recurring patterns, disempowerment, blocks, fears and obstacles – and as we expand in the unlimitedness of these realms and name and surrender up that which has risen to the surface and made itself known – showing us where there are blocks, still, to living in peace, power and mastery – we override the dualities – and bring all to oneness as we traverse the god realms.


For sure 2014 was a year of intensity – and its purpose was to uncover and to dissolve the remaining and most deeply hidden blocks to peace and mastery.  For 2015 sees us so far changed from what we were in 2014 – and with many about to step into full-blown mastery.


And so we make good use of the patterns that have risen – to dissolve these – so that we may take advantage of the highest frequencies which are given as gift, that we may embody our higher soul gifts and reclaim the wisdom and empowerment that we hold, already, in the higher realms, which has been blocked only by our physicality, our connection with the collective, and the ancestral wounding whose transformation was given us as task.


There is such desire within divine plan that we be cleared of all that holds us from our chosen destiny – and all that may be given us, in grace, that we may be free to step freely and powerfully and peacefully into the life of our dreams – is given us.


Bravery is asked of us – to step forward and to make the brave steps that detach us from places where we are stuck – and from those who are not in alignment with us – to step away from every attachment – and to fly free, in trust that we are held by the divine – and taken to our destination of beauty.


Am shown that in these newest frequencies of 2015, in only taking that first step, to unblock and step away from what has been stagnant and not working – and we often know of these when we find ourselves so often talking with our friends – not so much complaining, as ‘observing’ situations that are no longer working for us – then the divine plan steps in after that first brave step – and like a domino effect – changes occur in all directions – to put firmly into place our new directions.  Almost unbelievable are the changes that occur – and the timing almost immediate.


These are the days we have waited for.  But first, there is the clearing of all that blocks us from mastery and destiny.  And these frequencies are given us, freely, and with grace.


Will continue in 2015 to share the remaining 11 voice transmissions with channeled activations – a complete set of frequencies which sees us shifting in readiness to make those steps which see us approach, and enter, our life purpose and mission on a grander scale.



After some months of recovery from arduous years, I am again entering the fray, fired up and ready for the next level – again travelling to the god realms for akashic clearing and ascension sessions for those who are ready for this – and joyous to anticipate what will be a most unique sacred mystery school in Santorini in June.






With so much love

Astrea Sri Ana






The Death of Suffering



Breathe deeply beloved, and connect with the heart of the divine – connecting with your own divinity – that one who has never suffered.  Open your beautiful heart – open to the Masters and angels who now surround you – who await your pleas and intents.


Breathe deeply and receive such a deep influx of rosy pink and golden light which consumes you – and dissolves all distortions you may hold.


Allow the light to intensify as it now enters via your centre tube of light.  From the god realms does this emanate – and travel via and throughout the celestial, galactic, universal and cosmic dimensions – as the journeying pulls down to you, and allows to be embodied – those higher dimensional aspects that hold your brilliance, your mastery, your soul gifts, your wisdom and your perfection.


Breathe deeply as these ones come to you – and are embodied.


Expand in the brilliance which is you.


Allow the mastery and the wisdom to open out via your mind – connected with the divine mind which holds all answers, all solutions – past, present and future.


Breathing deeply, connected to the divine in all its myriad realms of perfection – receiving all that of which you are now in need – allow the flows of highest frequency to flow through your central column of light, down through your lower chakras, and your feet, down into the central crystal of Gaia’s heart.


Connected, safe, protected and secure – breathe up from Gaia increasing levels of strength, of connection and safety.


Allow your body to surrender in relief to have restored to you that which is in fact always there for you – this connection with all of the wisdom you have ever known and all that is there for you as future – connected also in strength and safety with all of the plenty and flow and abundance and freedom that is given you, endlessly.


Allow the current challenges, struggles, blocks, obstacles and fears to be cast out now – dispersed and cast from your being – as you name these – where you are suffering, where you are blocked, where you have no clarity – or flow – or direction.


Name the personal triggers – where you are in conflict with others – and not in alignment – and where you seek freedom and clarity.


As you allow all that has created you to suffer and to struggle – each challenge and suffering and block – to gently lift from your being – breathe deeply as increasing levels of cosmic light fill you.


Not necessary beloved to suffer and struggle – for these wondrous new energies are given you as one of the highest of god’s angels – and only asked of you that you identify and acknowledge the blocks – the recurring patterns that arise and take your ease and your peace.


Allow to continue to release all that creates in you a lack of peace and of ease – as you continue to name the triggers – where you are without peace.  And allow all to disperse – as the cosmic light dissolves – and overrides with frequencies of the highest order.


Where are you hurt and distressed?  What are your depressions?  Your sadness?  Your doubt?  Your fear?


What are the recurring patterns that, no matter how assiduously you tackle these – they continue to play role of trigger and doubt and suffering?


As you name these – open your beautiful heart – and expand as all is repelled from your being – unable to be sustained in these highest of cosmic frequencies which override all lower realities – which bring to oneness all lower dualities – and which restore you to the god who is you.


As you glide ever higher and higher in these frequencies of highest light – traversing higher above all lower realities – overriding with cosmic light the akashic records and wounds and memories of limitation, disempowerment and suffering as these are dissolved – gaining via the halls of wisdom and higher learning as we traverse these realms of mastery and empowerment that which you may now pluck as entitlement, that which is held for you within packets of light – holding the keys of manifestation – of soul gifts – techniques known to you in the higher realms as those which are your magnificence.


Beloved, breathe deeply as these highest of gifts which are held in escrow as that which you are now readied to step within – are given you – as gift of your soul – to ease and bring solace to every moment of your physical life.


Your every suffering may be displaced, overridden – by that which is now replaced within your soul – those highest of gifts which have been hidden from you by the remaining and recurrent patterns of block and obstacle and fear and doubt.


Restored to you, in light, in brilliance, in mastery – are those highest of gifts – that will preclude the necessity that you should ever suffer – for indeed beloved you are given the gift to traverse these realms which know not suffering.  Given to you is the multidimensional ability to traverse these highest of realms and frequencies – far above all suffering.


Remember this gift beloved, that is yours.  Each time that you open your energies, your beautiful heart and your being – and connect with the divine and with Gaia – allow the angels to help you that your frequency may be shifted incrementally and exponentially – until these highest of realms are your natural playground each time you are in meditation and heightened energies of stillness.


Practice beloved, for as many times as it does take till you are aware, and confident – that you may now effortlessly travel to these realms which give succor, support and comfort – and which override by their intensity of frequency – any lower energy which is creating suffering.


And you may bring your specific intents to these realms – and know that you have connected with those realms which bring solutions – as they are unrestricted – and that you are held in grace as all that you request is given you – and as you are aligned with timelines and destiny partners and opportunities which inter-link with that which you request.


Know that you have been today gifted with that which will incrementally heighten your frequency and allow you to override all suffering – and replace with specific intents that you bring with you when you meditate and are in heightened levels of inter-connection and stillness.


And you may sing this mantra of the language of light – which is given you as that which will take you to these realms of unlimitedness – and may sing and sing – and be effortlessly given that which you seek.



Ki Ana Ha Sa Ti Hi Qwi Ya Na Swa Ki Hi Ha

Ha Ya Na Sa Nah Ki Hi Twi Ha Ya Ah Na

Swi-i Qwi Hi Hi Twa Ya Na Swa Qwa

Ya Na Ha Hi Ki Hi Ha Na Ha

Ha Sa Qwi Ta Ya Na


Expanded in potential, unlimited and flying free, travelling to your highest destiny timeline – now ask :




Am I affected still by those recurring patterns, programs and struggles that have held me back and precluded me from the fulfillment of living my life in the most peaceful, joyful way that achieves my chosen destiny?



And the angels allow you to know in your heart and your mind and your being, that you are indeed free from all that has blocked you from the life of your dreams.


And if you feel you are still affected and suffering from that which has recurred and created suffering and block and restriction – now ask:


Is it possible to reverse every pattern, every block, every fear and doubt and obstruction?


And feel in your body, and your heart and your mind and your soul, as the angels call strongly to you with their YES, it is possible to reverse all.


And ask now:


Am I totally, immediately and permanently freed from all that has blocked me from success, peace, joy, fulfillment and the life of my chosen destiny?


And sink into relief, surrender, peace, ease and joy as your body, mind, heart and soul receive in the affirmative, that YES, you are free of all that has blocked you – and shifted to that timeline that holds the highest frequency for you – and for joy.




Flow in these frequencies and continue to receive – and know that you may journey to these realms at any time – and use the mantra as your vehicle of support – until you are enabled through practice to reach these realms effortlessly.


as you breathe deeply

the angels take from you

all that has lessened you

hurt you


and disempowered

the beauty that is you

breathe in

as all suffering

all blocks




and recurring challenges

are dissolved


Flowing, still, in these highest of realms, make your intents now, of that which will replace that which you have now transformed as lower reality of suffering and blockage – naming this, the life of your dreams – the solutions that you require – and the peace, beauty, empowerment and freedom and ease that result.


And continue to flow in these frequencies and allow the angels to enter your heart and to assist your heart to open further, to allow the innate wisdom and truth held within your divine heart to reveal and make known to you the solutions and realities that are held for you, in escrow, as that which will lead you gracefully to that which is your life mission of highest potential.


And ask for what will hold you in grace and ease – the specific requirements that will bring you to a place of abundance, freedom, peace, beauty, love and perfection.


You are so loved and beloved of all the masters and angels.  Continue to expand in these wondrous frequencies as these ones gather closer, and offer specific healing, restoration, transformation – and gifts of grace that see you rise high above all suffering – to the life of your highest dreams.



Voice Transmissions of the Creation Language of Light – newest frequencies

freely offered, here

Voice Transmissions of Newest Frequencies


The voice transmissions contain 14 new frequencies anchored to earth for lightworkers – to support us incrementally to be freed from the lower matrix of fear and suffering – and to surge high above all lower realms – traversing the new pathways of ascension that are so recently made available for us.


We have worked to release permanently from the earth realm so many forces of darkness, and so many archetypal energies of duality.


Each time that these ones are released from the earth plane permanently, immediately – clearing the ancestral lineage – assisted and supported to dissolve all karma – reclaiming all wisdom and learning gained over all experiences, all dimensions – and merged with soul monad and with God – a pathway is created.


For each archetypal duality – and each force and realm of darkness – an individual pathway is created.  And so it is now possible for all archetypes of that form – and all entities of darkness, sorcery, oppression, coercion, control, manipulation – these ones holding and controlling the particular archetypal duality – to be similarly released permanently and forever.  As each dark one is released from the earth plane and back to God – a stream of energies, beings, who are affected and controlled by that particular duality – is also freed.  In this way the earth plane is freed of these distorted fear-based realities that have until now been controlled by the dark forces.  Not only the dark forces are released back to God – but the dualities that they have controlled – those that have kept us imprisoned – are also dissolved – and permanent pathways are enabled, that all may similarly be freed from this imprisonment by lower fear-based controls.  Thank you Jean – for you are so physically affected by this role and mission.


And so the voice transmissions, this series of 14 – allows each of us to enter these new high pathways of wonder – and to receive release of all that holds us down, oppresses us through suffering and control and distortion and duality.  We travel along the pathways – offering for release the distortions we name and acknowledge in ourselves – as these are dissolved with karmic absolution, as we traverse the akashic library – clearing also our ancestral lineage.  We travel to the halls of higher learning and wisdom where are held all of the gains of knowledge, truth, understanding and higher wisdom and love that we have achieved over all existence and through all dimensions.  And we merge with our soul monad, also receiving these gifts and blessings on behalf of the whole – and merge with our godliness – and wholeness and peace, bliss and freedom from all lower suffering is experienced, incrementally – through the 14 dimensions of the voice transmissions offered in this year.


There was urgency to bring these new frequencies to earth.  It became apparent that the need to activate and anchor these frequencies would be precipitated by the strong personal challenges that entered my life – as is often the case in anchoring new work, new holograms, codes of sacred geometry, frequencies.  And it felt that, though bringing these frequencies to earth could bring their own challenge for me – at least the solutions were now in place to deal with the challenges J  And this was the case.


And so at 2am one morning I recorded them all on my Mac.  If the recording quality is not perfect – then the images are – as Jean-Manuel Nadeau has created this beautiful series of videos, sharing his wondrous images.




~ Death of Fear


~ Disengagement from the Pain, Suffering, Fear and Distortion of the Humanity Collective


~ Suffering Dissolved

    patterns, programs, blockages of duality and suffering released


~ Travel the Timelines of Past and Parallel Lives

   to dissolve the wounds and memories of trauma and suffering


~ Healing of Ancestral and Genetic DNA Lineage


~ Infusion of Confidence and Self-Love


~ Saturation of Trust


~ Plunge into the Abyss of Acceptance and Surrender


~ Saturation of Grace


~ Security, Safety, Peace and Well-being


~ Immersion and Embodiment of Highest Frequency


~ Quintessence of Mastery and Highest Soul Gifts


~ Soar within the Beauty Realms and along the Beauty Path


~ Journey to the God Realms





As you listen to the voice transmissions:


  • bring to mind the daily struggles and fears and suffering – name this and surrender it to the angels as this is taken from you.


  • name the blocks that hold you from a peaceful and masterful life as the original akashic records that lie at the core of these struggles and pain are dissolved.


  • call in all mastery and soul gifts from the higher dimensions that are yours to reclaim as we traverse the halls of higher learning and wisdom where is stored all truth, knowledge, higher dimensional bodies of light and mastery


  • merge with your soul group, monad – and twin flame – in wholeness


  • merge with god and reclaim the Oneness which has been lost, forgotten


  • traverse freely and safely the grace realms, beauty realms, magnetic realms, destiny realms, holographic universes – as you become magnetic to your highest possible potential and the life of your dreams


  • give voice to this perfect life as you call in your highest destiny opportunities, partners


  • dream the perfect life –  and interconnect with your highest destiny reality as you are aligned with this beautiful path – the life of your highest dreams





Akashic Clearing and Ascension Sessions
After a break of several months, am again offering these very beautiful sessions of traversing the timelines, travelling between past, present and future to dissolve distortions held.  This beautiful new gift replaces my former readings of the akashic records, gracefully dissolving the patterns, the wounds, the suffering – reclaiming the gains of wisdom and evolutionary progress made across all lifetimes – and achieving ascension, wholeness and oneness with God.  It is very subtle and beautiful work.  We travel to the God realms together, with a list of 3 recurring patterns and blocks that challenge you and from which you wish to be freed – and a list of 3 intents that you wish to manifest for your life.  You also receive a short voice recording of the language of light, for your continued personal use.  There is more information at this link Akashic Clearing and Ascension Session

Keepership reading – now also a new brief version with your galactic name, title of keepership and a short description.  More information at this link Keepership, Life Mission Channeled Reading


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