Monday, 2. February 2015

Newsletter Full Moon 3 February 2015


A beautiful transmission which takes us to the god realms, first traversing the timelines where are held all memory of trauma and disconnection and suffering, and dissolving these by overriding with the highest frequencies.


The activation supports the journey of receiving the frequencies, as we name, and release, the control mechanisms that have held us bound to the past and to the beliefs of separation, loneliness, desperation, suffering – and jettisoning the controlling patterns that till now have held us fast.


These frequencies are purpose sent, that we may be freed from the yoke of 3D suffering – and able to receive the streams of frequencies which are ever increasing in these times.  And the purpose is our freedom from all that holds us prisoner – so that we may step up, strike out, as the enlightened ones whose purpose is to embody our greatness and by sharing that greatness, to shift and lift the possibilities for all humanity.


At Temple of Heaven, the swirling frequencies anchoring here also see the dualities in readiness for their dissolution.  In batches and sequences they make their presence known and there is heaviness as they emerge.  Once identified, and named, a dedicated group here in Bali and elsewhere around the world adds their intent, their prayers and their energies to support these named dualities to be taken from the earth plane as reality, and to bring to conclusion their purpose which was desire for experience and expansion of knowledge – merged back with god in oneness – and taking from the earth plane many scourges, pestilences of ill-health and suffering of all kind.


Our Ubud pod, mystery school students who live in Bali, gathers each Full Moon to receive the activations and new frequencies, and to add together their beauty and love and mastery, that these dualities may gracefully be dissolved from the earth plane as reality.  The work completes with each Full Moon activation, linking with all Dreamers of the New World as we offer up for release our own personal lacks and sufferings of duality, and receive the transmissions and frequencies whose purpose is not only personal, but so that we may be of service for the collective, that all may be similarly freed.


As each duality is dissolved, and returned back to the realms of pre-creation – a pathway is opened – which allows the dualities their release from all humanity and from beloved Gaia and her earth.


If you feel you have a role and would like to add your own energy and love to assist and support this work, I would be so happy to add you to our email group each time I put out the call for assistance as another ‘batch’ of dualities emerges.



A beautiful group gathers for what will be a most unique sacred mystery school in Santorini, Greece in June.  There are still some spaces if you feel the strong call to open to your multidimensionality, life purpose and mastery.


With so much love

Astrea Sri Ana






 TRAVEL THE TIMELINES OF PAST AND PARALLEL LIVES to dissolve the wounds and memories of trauma and suffering



as you note and acknowledge

the recurring major traumas of your life thus far –

the obstacles that deny success

the fears the hold you from peace

the recurring blockages that prevent forward flow

the failures

of life

of love

the traumas of disempowerment

– of childhood

– of teenage years

– and of adulthood


with the angels

travel the timelines

of past and parallel lifetimes

to dissolve the memories

karmic records

of all major traumas

of suffering








and shame

as the timelines of suffering

are extinguished


alignment is given you

with your highest frequency timeline reality

which holds your mastery

your love

your light

your empowerment

and your destiny partners

and opportunities

of success and fulfillment

peace and joy


Beloveds, breathe deeply – exhale – and offer to the angels who now surround you and hold you in love – every incident of daily suffering and turmoil – every pattern that has raised itself to your recent awareness.


And there are those experiences, those engrained patterns and programs of reaction – the lacks, the yearnings, the blocks, the obstacles – which no matter how often you request their release and offer up your resistances, they relentlessly recur.


As the Masters and holy ones step close, and begin to increase your frequency – to add the colour rays to your individual chakras where you are holding lack, and dimming of vital life force energy – where there is lack of power, lack of clarity – where you are dimmed and not in radiance – breathe deeply and receive.


Connected through all realms – allow the angels to support your journey as we travel together – and these ones gather up each incident that you name and release – every discouragement, every fear – where you feel you have failed, erred, made mistakes – where you feel lack, where you are blocked – where there is no success – where there are obstacles and recurring patterns that prevent your forward movement into peace, success, joy, mastery.


And as we journey together, we commence to traverse the timelines, and as we travel we approach those memories of trauma – those earliest times – and those which are more recent – where you received damage – and where were put in place those which hold the core triggers and patterns that restrict and limit and sadden and disempower you.


As you recall those traumatic times and events – breathe deeply, and exhale – as the angels gather up every memory of trauma and sadness, of mistake, of limitation – each time where you received not the love which is your due – where others acted unfairly against you – and where you suffered.


Name these, and allow, as you exhale, for all to be gathered up, taken away, held by the angels who travel with you along every step of your path.


Expanded in frequency, for that which holds you in lack and fear and suffering has been taken from you – we continue to journey the timelines of past and parallel times – and we visit those ancestral and genetic memories that are held within your DNA – for all is held within the akashic library we have entered – every instance where the dualities have been met, and experienced – and resulted in trauma, suffering, disempowerment and fear – where you and your ancestors have constricted, closed down, suffered – all the recurring patterns held within your family lineage – these are gathered up and held by the angels.


And we travel further, to past and parallel times of self, and of family lineage, and of soul monad also – and as we traverse the memories and experiences of all lifetimes – we collect that which is negative, where there was suffering, where there was error – where we acted in less than honorable ways – beneath our mastery and light – caught up within the dualities, and the limitations of the ancestral patterns already in place, and compounded, again and again, until the resultant and recurring realities were engrained disasters of suffering, of reaction, of hopelessness, of anger, of disconnection from light and mastery, of separateness, loneliness, of feeling disconnected from own light – disconnected and alone without the ability to receive the succor and support of the divine – beloveds, breathe deeply – and expand and exhale as all is taken by the angels – gathered up and taken from you – dissolved in memory – taken forever, for its purpose has had its time.


Expanded further, so much of your history which holds your darkness taken from you, forever – we travel the timelines and encounter the halls of higher learning and wisdom and truth and knowledge where is held the higher purpose of your encounter with all of the dualities which were chosen by you as that which you wished to know in expanded form.


The angels gather up from these higher halls that which gives meaning and makes sense of your every experience of the dualities.  The higher meaning and the knowledge gained – gathered up – reclaimed – and taken with us as that which gives us strength, knowledge, endurance, stamina, power.


And knowledge of our strength and of our ability to hold love – in expanded form – is restored to us – that we may hold this knowledge and truth and mastery and love always.


The angels attend to your energies, placing in individual chakras and vortexes and portals and crystals – the expanded components of your body of light in its highest form now possible to be embodied – holding that which has been gleaned – from the halls of higher learning – as that which you have gained from all of your experiences.


That where you have suffered is dissolved – and retained is only the mastery that has been gained.


And though you may have in the past been concerned and consumed only with your memories of your faults, your traumas, your weaknesses, your fears, your lacks – beloveds, you are to know that that which you have gained has so far exceeded that with which you have till now been concerned.


Held in third dimensional suffering, your lower nature only was able to be known – and so you were faced again and again with reminders of your faults, your lacks, your failures – where you had not the strength, not the purity, not the will nor the force to pull down your higher purpose of mastery and love.


Each incident of self-hatred – where you felt only failure, darkness – regret – where you knew not how to shift above the lowly and recurring patterns – the shame and guilt – where you felt yourself to have let yourself and others down – where you failed – beloved, these are gathered up and taken from you and dissolved.


And that which you have gained, as glimmer – gleaned from every experience – as truth, as knowledge, as wisdom – though at the time it has seemed so little, and infrequent, and small – beloveds know you not of the extent of the knowledge of self that you have gained.


When spread along the entire journey of all of your multi-dimensional experiences – of embodiment into form – and knowledge of self – that which has been gained is of immensity.


Darkness taken from your view, able only to see now the full blown wonder of that which you are – dare you uncover your eyes beloved – and see the brilliance which you are.


As all which you have perceived as failure, as darkness, as limitation, as block and obstruction, as suffering and fear – has been pulled away from you by the angels who have gathered up from your body and your being every instance of darkness and of duality, of suffering and pain – that which stands alone – in brilliance – is the expanded one who has experienced and endured – who has achieved glimmers of mastery – who has gleaned additional knowledge of his love – and of the love of the divine which has held him at every corner and on every step of his path.


Before you shines that one – and every gain, every incremental tiny spark of love and of faith, of brilliance and mastery – each spark, every gain and grain of truth and light – compounds – and that which stands before you – that which is you in truth and in brilliance – shines as brightly as a star.


As you breathe in – commence now to expand, in physical form, into this star which is you – which holds all of your mastery, your beauty, your truth, your love.


And breathe in all of the higher wisdom that you have gained – that which has expanded the star that you are – to a higher version of that which was possible before you commenced your path of embodiment into form.


That which stands before you is far higher in mastery, in love, in endurance, and knowledge and truth and mastery.  That which stands before you gives meaning to your path – every instance of suffering, and lack and fear.  From every mistake and perceived error was gained knowledge, and truth, and expansion of your love.


Breathe in and acknowledge that which you have gained over all the course of all of your lifetimes, and all experience.  Allow to leave forever the memory of where you have suffered.  And breathe in and commit to remembering, and to experiencing and embodying only that which holds the mastery and the knowledge and the truth and the love that you have gained in expanded form.


Let go of the unhappiness, the complaints, the lower forms of comment and discord – let go of the memories – of where you have been wronged, have suffered, have ailed – and make your intent and commitment that you will allow these lower memories and realities to be forever dissolved.


And breathe in and receive as your due that which you have reclaimed as the higher purpose which gives meaning to your every step upon your path of embodiment.


Reclaim on behalf of your ancestral lineage that which is higher learning and mastery and light and love.


Reclaim and receive on behalf of your soul monad, soul group – that which has been gained – and allow to be dissolved all that which is lower, where there is suffering – dissolved and taken from you.


And the timelines of suffering are extinguished and dissolved.  These timelines are collapsed and given their dissolution.  No longer necessary, as their higher purpose has been reclaimed – and so they are extinguished from your reality – and dissolved from the universe – like a collapsing galaxy, that which is gold continues anew – and that which has had its day distinguishes forever.


And that which is your gold, which has been reclaimed from your galaxy of experience, is your mastery, your light, your brilliance, your endurance, your truth, your faith and your love.


That one, that star that you are, is reclaimed in brilliance and in truth.  Shining so bright among the heavens beloved – you are seen and known among the angels and all of the councils of light as that one who shines in brilliance.  You are known for your mastery, for your endurance, for your strength and for your love.


Allow to be taken from you the lower nature of your past belief that you are known only for your misery and your failures.  For you are known only for your beauty in the higher realms – and it is asked of you that you reclaim this knowledge of self – which is your due, given the nature and the extent of that which has been asked of you.  You are so beloved of god for that which you have reclaimed, in expanded form for all of creation and for all that is past and all that is given possibility by your existence and your willingness to embody into form, for all.


As the timelines of suffering are extinguished, dissolved – the angels now journey with you along your highest frequency timeline reality.  And here are held the gems that you have asked for – the dreams and yearnings – the highest realities possible for you – that which you have chosen – and that which you have requested in free will also.


Here are held your destiny opportunities.  Your destiny partners.  Your new places of empowerment.  Your soul gifts of mastery and of brilliance.  Here is held your success.  Your fulfillment.  Your peace.  Your vitality and health.  Here is held that which holds your highest joy – whatever that means to you as that which will bring most fulfillment, in service to the divine – and that which will enhance the brilliance and the love and the mastery that you hold as possibility.


And as you give voice to that which will fill you with peace and joy – that which serves your highest gifts in their best and highest expression – name these which you desire – that which you wish to gift the world with your love and your brilliance.


Name and ask for and intend that you receive in the highest alignment that which you desire as the life of your dreams.


Embodied in brilliance and highest form, wedded with god and held in the lap of the divine, receive and receive the frequencies which are the highest possible for you, and journey the timelines, those which are given you this day as those which are of the highest – and travel and journey, and align with the highest possible realities that are held there for you – and make your wishes – and make your meetings with those who hold destiny places with you.


Journey, and travel, and receive – and allow the frequencies to shift you and to fill you with the glory and the wonder that you are.




Holding mastery and brilliance and love – we now join together in calling for the dissolution of the dualities from the earth plane – that in oneness these may be taken, extinguished – and that in oneness the highest form of peace and truth and love and justice may be known as reality upon the earth plane.


And breathe into each duality as it is named, and dissolved – and allow your brilliance and your love to give effect to that which within evolution has reached its time of ending – so that the new beginnings – new world – may have as foundation that which is of peace, of justice, of truth, of love, of freedom and beauty – of life and purity, and perfection and peace.



Dualities of Deceit/Deception
Dissolving the ability to be lied to and manipulated by powers who control, own and distort reality. 
Own wounds of truth, deceit, betrayal.

Duality of Inequality.
Dissolving the ability of dark controllers no longer able to use humanity as their slaves.
Call forth own wounds and occurrences and traumas of inequality and justice and allow to be brought to truth and balance.
Call forth all those who live in lack and poverty and homelessness, those owned and controlled and manipulated by dark forces who seek to take from and control.
Call forth and dissolve all the instances of injustice and inequality in the world.

Duality of Hopelessness, Despair



Duality of Illness, Disease




Dualities – Scourges, Pestilences, Afflictions

Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Restlessness, Worry

Madness, Mental Illness, Schizophrenia, Mania, Psychoses, Imbalance, Hereditary and otherwise




Dark Forces, Opposition, Obstruction, Manipulation – to and of light




Dualities of Abuse, Slavery, Manipulation, Control

Rape, Sexual Abuse, Control of the Feminine, Deprivation of Freedom – by clothing and decree and control and abuse

Mental Abuse

Emotional Abuse


Freedom – Peace

Dualities of Theft, Stealthful Encroachment, Stalking to Take, to Steal, to Hurt, to Damage,

Judgement, Gossip, Wrongful Talk, Wrongful Thought

Need to be Right, to Oppose Another, Egoic Superiority, Wrongful Ill-Judgement, Slander




Dualities of Hypocrisy, Slander, Gossip, Judgement, Hateful Words, Hateful Thoughts, Opposing by need to be right, Competitiveness, Jealousy, Sabotage of Another, Destabilisation

Lies and Deception by forces of power and darkness


Peace, Content
Dualities of Fear, Loneliness, Separateness, Emptiness, Depression, Lack of Joy, Appreciation and Gratitude for Life

Peace, Fulfillment of Life Mission, Life Purpose, Life Contracts, with Acceptance, Surrender, Forbearance, Perseverance, Stamina, Fortitude, Safety, Protection, Security Dualities of Obligation, Responsibility, Heaviness, Lack of Joy, Burden, Suffering, Facing Darkness, Facing Opposition, Facing Manipulation, Heaviness, Obstruction, Attack.



And god’s song is given you, as you bathe in its beauty – as the highest frequencies possible are received.  You are so beloved of god and the angels and the masters and holy ones.

You may sing this mantra of the language of light – which is given you as that which will take you along the timelines to your highest destination – and may sing and sing – and be effortlessly given that which you seek.


Hu Swi Ti Ha Ya Na Ha Ku Swu Ti Hi Ha Na
Hi Qwi Hi Sa Na Twi Hi Swa Ku Hu
Ha Si Ah Aha Hu Hi Twi Hi Qwi Hi Si Ta
Ya Na Ha Swa Ha Ya Hi Ki Swi Hi Twi Ah
Ya Na Hu Ti Qwi Ha Na


Expanded in potential, unlimited and flying free, high above all duality and restriction – now ask :


Am I affected still by those recurring patterns and struggles that have brought me suffering and disempowerment?


And the angels call to you with your freedom.


And if you feel you are still affected and suffering from that which has recurred and created suffering, relentlessly – now ask:


Is it possible to reverse this suffering, these patterns, fears, blocks, obstructions?


And feel in your body, and your heart and your mind and your soul, as the angels call strongly to you with their YES, it is possible to reverse all.


And ask now:


Am I free now of those patterns, struggles and sufferings that have been my state in recent times?


And sink into relief, surrender, peace, ease and joy as your body, mind, heart and soul receive in the affirmative, that YES, you are free now of all that has created suffering for you in recent times.


Will you tone, and sing your language of light, to allow the graceful release of these dualities – which are extinguished, taken from the timelines and from the earth plane as reality on behalf of self and for all creation.

And flow in the highest frequencies and timelines possible, as you enter the life of your dreams.  You are so beloved of god and the angels and holy ones.