Wednesday, 25. February 2015

Newsletter – Full Moon Thursday 5 March, 2015

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At the conclusion of last month’s Full Moon activation our Ubud group joined energies to dissolve the duality of freedom and free will as it relates to the dark control grid whose interference and feeding of negative thought forms, patterns of despair, darkness, hopelessness has held humanity controlled in interference and imprisonment.  Such power when a group gathers with common intent.

The dark control mechanism energies – amidst the battle of light and dark – which had been swirling around for some months shifted and dissolved almost instantly.

We add these dualities to this month’s activation, that we may join energies to completely extinguish that which holds us all from freedom, peace, empowerment, fulfillment of our life, our mission, our joy.


This month’s activation, clearing the ancestral and genetic DNA lineage we have each inherited, to dissolve all trauma, blocks, programs and patternings of negativity is the last of the 5 clearing frequencies.

And just as the planetary alignments let up on us after so many challenging months, in perfection we ready to receive the frequencies of Infusion of Confidence and Self-Love, and then moving through Saturation of Trust, and into Acceptance, Surrender – Grace – Security, Safety – and many others that will fill us with the joy energies that we have been lacking through these most challenging times.  Well done us.  We have survived and know ourselves as so resilient, and forced into Trust, have embodied this as our reality.  The alignments have been so strong, but their purpose so vital for each of us.


Our Santorini sacred mystery school is fully booked.  We are planning another atop a sacred mesa in Moab, Utah in USA for 18-23 September 2015, concluding with a very special ceremony to fully open the portal on this sacred land, site of a project which will ground and initiate the new world.  Details are still being finalised and will be available for our April newsletter.

With so much love

Astrea Sri Ana 





The wounds of the soul

held in the body

the mind

the bodies of light

the chakras

and the heart

those that originate from your ancestral lineage

your ancestors

the generations of father and mother

the ancient lineage of your body and your soul

are dissolved

and your DNA is restored to divine blueprint


acknowledge the patternings you hold

of your feminine

your masculine

of the child

the teenager

the adult

the lover

the creator


and allow the timelines to align your highest possible potential

of body

of mind

of heart


and soul

as lover

as healer

as adult

as father

as mother

as being of light

and dreamer of the new you bring into beauty


Accept the chamber of light as it is anchored around you – holding you in safety and protection – as that which you hold as inheritance, that which has been inherited as part of your family lineage and from your ancestors and within your DNA – receives attention.

Held in light, the colour rays are now flooded within your being – your heart, your body, your chakras, your bodies of light – as you begin to offer up that which is distorted, that which has arisen for you in these recent strong planetary alignments – that which has been magnetically pulled from your deepest and most hidden core – extracted, and brought into your field, bringing to your awareness that which remains unhealed and in need of attention.

The triggers, and those karmic partners who have brought to light deeper levels of the negative patternings you hold – brought these to light that you may be aware of them.

Make good use beloveds of that which has been pulled into your field, for this was its purpose – by identifying where you have been triggered – where you feel wounded – where you feel unsafe – where there is no joy – where there is depression – where you are feeling hopeless – where you are stuck – where you are blocked – where you are imprisoned in long-standing situations from which you have been unable, yet, to be freed.

The challenges of the body, and health, of vitality – name these for they give valuable clue to where are held the blockages that obstruct your joy and empowerment.  Many times the family inheritance of bodily ill-health points to the parallel lifetime, and bodily point – where are held the DNA checks which distort and disempower and block from full vitality, health and power.

The issues of lack – where there is not enough, where there is fear for the future, for safety and wellbeing – the issues of security – where there is fear for what lies ahead – name these and offer them up.

The angels lovingly gather all dualities you name – and those of which you are unaware – where there is not yet the clarity to name the reason for your lack of freedom, of peace, of joy, fulfillment and empowerment.

Connected between heaven and the core of the earth in your chamber of light – as the colour rays now intensify – attention is paid to particular areas of your being where there is inherited distortion and patterns of lack and blocks to full health and vitality and empowerment.  Surrender deeply beloved and breathe, as all that which is not of original divine perfection is flooded with the colour rays most appropriate for your transformation to purest light.

The emissaries of light from the high dimensions now enter your field to attend to you.  There are those who are specialists in psychological embedded patterns – who release you from these.

And as this occurs, ponder on the patterns of your family – for it is here that you are most easily able to have view of, and name, those traits and behaviours that are peculiar to your family, and to you.

And where there is patterning and behaviours that bring sadness to you in your awareness of the suffering that entails in your varying family members – ask that these be released from you, and also released from your family – that the entire lineage may be cleared.  For this is one of your purposes on this earth – to clear self, and humanity of these lower dualities which are not of perfect joy and health and peace and freedom and power.  Offer these up within the terms of your contract of service, and know that any suffering you have endured within your family situation has been given purpose – in the naming of these – and in the transformation which now occurs.

Those of your mother, grandmother, sisters – those negative traits of the feminine – beloved name these that you hold and those held in your family lineage – and those of neediness and fear, the failures of love, of life, of mothering – and allow all to be taken, dissolved, transformed.

And that of the masculine – of father, grandfather, brothers – alike, name the lacks, the weaknesses, the fears, the angers, the controlling behaviours, the sadness, the closed heart – name these and allow these to be dissolved and transformed.

Name where as a child you have suffered – the wounds, the traumas, the lack of love, where you were misunderstood, controlled, where you had not the freedom, or care, or love, to be your best self – and where you shut down, to override the fear, the pain, the suffering – name these and allow the timelines to dissolve – and to bring to perfection your perfect child – as you name the qualities, the love, the care, the guidance which would have transformed your childhood into one of safety, confidence, purity, happiness, growth and success and joy.

Travel the timelines to the time of the teenager – where mistakes were made, paths were taken which led to suffering, lack of success – where your behaviour patterns saw you take lower choices which led to blocks and obstacles in later times.  Where you felt misunderstood by others – and shamed and shut down as a result.  Allow all to be taken beloveds, dissolved and transformed.

As an adult, where within the timelines are held the great traumas – of life, of love, of success – the mistakes, errors of judgement – the failure to take opportunities, that resulted in limitations in your future life.   Name each trauma, each failure, each heartbreak, betrayal, misdirection – and allow all to be dissolved and transformed, taken from you.

The mental patternings – the restrictions you place upon yourself – in that which you are willing and able to take on within your life – where you place restrictions on self – I couldn’t do that – I am afraid – I will make mistakes – I am not good enough – who am I to step into such empowerment and soul gifts.  The blocks, the fears, the obstacles you place in the way of success in every area of your life – offer up and name – as these are dissolved.

The emotional behaviours – that restrict and sadden, confuse and control your happiness, content, peace and fulfillment and joy – name these – where you waver, up and down and around, in confusion, without clarity and focus – as these are taken from you and dissolved.

The traumas of love – the blocks to love – where you have been hurt, betrayed, where you feel unable to love fully again – where you have made errors and mistakes in love – taken wrong choices and suffered – name these beloved – and allow all to be taken from you.

As a lightworker, as a healer, as a bringer of light – where are you blocked, obstructed – in fear to become that which you hold – where you feel unable to bring down the higher qualities that are there for you – and in fear of failure and unable to step forward into full success, achievement, fulfillment using all of your gifts and qualities – name where you are in fear, where there are blocks.

Name that which you require that will bring you, support you, assist you, into empowerment and trust.  And name each block, each fear – as all is dissolved.

The angels bring to you your ancestors, 7 generations on your mother’s side and your father’s side – and these ones stand before you – and they open their hearts to you, and to the angels – in such great desire that that which has limited your family lineage may be forever dissolved.

The angels unwind from your DNA and that of your ancestors all that has held you bound from health, vitality, peace, freedom, empowerment, success, achievement, love, affection, and sweet joy. 

Breathe deeply as this occurs – and accept on behalf of your ancestral lineage the transformation that is given you.  And the timelines are extended that your ancestral lineage in 7 future generations may also receive this restoration to original divine perfection, dissolving all traumas within the timelines, all suffering, all blocks and obstructions.  The akashic records are dissolved with full karmic absolution and forgiveness of all concerned.

And sing the mantra to allow the full clearing of your ancestral lineage, extending out to future generations – and to all humanity.

Qwi Hi Ha Na Ha’ah Ya Na Ha

Hu Hwi Qwi Hi Ya Sa Na Ha Ya Ah Na Hi Qwi Hi Qwa

Ya Na Sa Na Hi Qwi Hi Twi Ha Ya Na Sa Ta Ya

Na Qwi Hi Hi Qwi Ha Ya Swa Qwa Ya Swa Ha

Ya Hi Ki Ti Hi Ah Qwa Ya Na

You may sing the mantra of the language of light – which is given you as that which will take you along the timelines to your highest destination – and may sing and sing – and be effortlessly given that which you seek.

As the frequencies swirl around – and as you open your chakra column more fully, these frequencies fill you and travel to every chakra, crystal, meridian and organ of your being.  Breathe deeply and allow your bodies of light to receive these newest and highest of frequencies – as you expand.

Distortions of the ancestral and genetic lineage are dissolved – allowing a great shift in frequency to be received – to restore your physical being, your chakras, meridians and bodies of light – and restoring alike your DNA to its original divine blueprint – as a great gift of acceleration, that you may shift high above the lower realities of humanity – and be freed of that which limits, saddens, disempowers and distorts.

Continue to flow in these frequencies, and breathe deeply, as all is accomplished.


And we continue on our journey, to dissolve the polar opposite and negative of the dualities of Freedom of Light, Freedom of Humanity, Freedom of Lightworkers, Freedom of Empowerment, Freedom of Divinity

Breathe into the wholeness and freedom and perfection and peace of these which are given you as your birthright.

And breathe out to release from your being their dualities:  Dark control grid, energy parasites, negative control mechanisms, Archons, energies not of highest light.


Breathe out to release from your being all Negative Programming, Interference, Obstruction, Feeding of negative thought forms, Programs and Patterns of despair, darkness, hopelessness, especially in dream state.


Breathe out and release from your being the ability of forces not of highest light to feed and receive sustenance from the negative patterns of despair and the suffering of humanity.

And breathe in to receive the highest frequencies which hold ability to dissolve the power grid and the control mechanisms of those forces not of highest light – which have held humanity imprisoned and without peace, freedom and plenty and abundance.

Those who have controlled the monies of this planet earth – receive assistance that their controls may be dissolved – with full forgiveness, allowing them to be freed of the dualities they have taken on as embodiment as part of the experiment which is planet earth.  Forgiveness given, karma dissolved, they are allowed their release and their return to god, with their soul monad and lineage.

And the duality of control and of the control grid is extinguished from the timelines and from the planet earth.


We join our energies and our hearts in our desire for freedom, for free will, for peace, and empowerment, for joy, for vitality, for health, for mental clarity, for abundance and plenty.  And we expand our hearts out to all of humanity, to encircle the planet.

We call for the permanent and immediate dismantlement and complete extinction, extermination, elimination and annihilation of the dark control grid – absolutely disallowing and repelling all energies not of highest light the ability to enter, manipulate, feed from, take from, confuse, control, obstruct and block – and call on the angels and all of the family of light to assist to permanently and immediately repel, cast out and remove these control mechanisms of darkness and negativity from the earth plane permanently, immediately.


Expanded in potential, unlimited and flying free, high above all duality and restriction – now ask :

Am I affected still by those recurring patterns and struggles that have brought me suffering and disempowerment?

And the angels call to you with your freedom.

Am I now freed of the control mechanisms and interference and obstructions of the forces not of highest light – unaffected – and freed of their influence and control?

And if you feel you are still affected and suffering from that which has blocked and interfered with your peace, empowerment and joy – now ask:

Is it possible to reverse this interference, these blocks and obstructions and control mechanisms?

Is it possible to reverse this suffering which has its origin in my genetic and ancestral  inheritance and lineage?

And feel in your body, and your heart and your mind and your soul, as the angels call strongly to you with their YES, it is possible to reverse all.

And ask now:

Am I free now of those patterns, struggles, sufferings, fears, blocks, obstructions, and interference and control that have been my state in recent times?

And surrender into the joy of freedom and peace, as the angels allow you to know in truth that you are freed of all that has hindered and held you from magnificence and from freedom, fulfillment and peace.


Will you tone, and sing your language of light, to allow the graceful release of the dualities of control and interference by the forces not of highest light – which are extinguished, taken from the timelines and from the earth plane as reality on behalf of self and for all creation, as our tones join around the world to encircle beloved Gaia with this reality.

And flow in the highest frequencies and timelines possible, given new freedom and possibility now that you are freed.  Give voice to the life of your dreams and design this life, in all of its component parts.

You are so beloved of god and the angels and holy ones.