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Astrea Sri Ana

About Astrea Sri Ana

Dear Reader.

I am angelic. This is my first physical lifetime. I am clairvoyant. I see Ascended Masters, angels, galactic beings, energy as geometry … and the beings of light show me the geometric repatterning that needs to be brought to earth. I sing the language of light.  I work with the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command to channel planetary activations and to draw codes of sacred geometry … templates, blueprints and holograms of divinity … to create the foundation upon which the New World may build.

I was not always aware of these things though. I’ve come here to show you that … you too hold divinity – caught up in this world’s confusions and dualities.

One of my gifts is the ability to awaken your divine spirit, opening the way for your own healing to begin.

We all started as angels. Then we chose to have individual experiences of both light and dark through self-individuation and freewill. Across the aeons, many distortions have occurred.

At this time on earth, many of you are called to be lightworkers, fulfilling sacred contracts with a very special purpose and mission for all peoples. Some of you know this already and are searching for the right means to discover your destiny. Others are like me; you had to experience deep pain and misunderstanding before these truths can be revealed to you.


In 2002 my marriage of 13 years with my twin flame broke up. I was utterly devastated, felt like I would die of the pain of it. I had a vision of my tortured soul leaving my body. At that moment, in walked Tazja, unbeknownst to me, and much stronger than the Christine I had been. I left my husband and began the long healing journey.

I was a walking shadow – having given all my personal power over to him – filled with deep pain, fears and many, many limiting patterns. I didn’t have any connection or even belief yet in any higher form, though slowly I was starting to be intrigued by the idea.

I’d been led to find a beautiful place to live, on the rainforest slopes of a holy volcano near Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia. Lying on the ground in pain and meditation, I began to see images in my third eye … angels staring at me with such love in their eyes, only inches from mine.

I became surrounded by angels … people brought me books and information about angels. I started to draw them, creating angel portraits of people and their angel guides. A couple of years before I first met angels, I was living in Bali with my then-husband when I taught myself to draw, becoming obsessed with my art, drawing every minute of the day.

I felt I was an artist and this was my path and mission. But the universe had other plans.

During a 10-day vipassana meditation retreat, and with my sight fully opened, thousands of lost souls were flocking to me. I called the angels to assist these souls to go to the light, while many Ascended Masters and beings I had no knowledge of came to me. I saw them as clearly as if they were standing a few inches away. They had messages about my path and me.

I attended many different workshops, anything I could afford. One was a dolphin sound workshop with a woman named Gossamer. She had a thick book on a table, the Gaia Mystery School manual. Just reading a bit of it told me I had to get to this school. In the end, I was accepted at the mystery school, in Montsegur, France. That began the most amazing year of my life up to that point.

Still filled with pain, I spent the 10 days of mystery school with my ears full of tears, lying down receiving so many activations, traveling to many places, with full vision of them, along with ancient lives. So much pain arose.

I discovered later that this is my first lifetime on earth. As an angelic being, I’ve observed much over the aeons, and taken these experiences on as my own. In effect, I’ve taken on the pain of the world, especially that of women, children and animals.

Qala was my teacher, a woman in her late thirties. She is a fully realized being, who came to earth with complete memory of the galactic and celestial realms. She brings many amazing tools of healing, and her teachings are very wide and involved.

Because I was in such severe pain and resonated so fully with what she taught, I threw myself into the tools and the manual. I experienced many activations and went on journeys to ancient galactic lives, seeing, feeling, understanding, healing, becoming empowered as my memory returned of who I was and of my gifts.


While journeying in the activations, to Lemuria or Atlantis for example, from my third eye I saw that I became very small and would use acrobatic movements to enter the portals to access information I needed to gather. I started drawing the spirals and geometric movements my body was making to enter realms of other dimensions.

I was also joining Gossamer’s weekly meditation group. As my vibration increased I started seeing geometry in my third eye. While Gossamer was taking the group on a journey to heal a shard of memory from the heart, for example, I was shown the geometry to heal this. I began sketching what I was shown, keeping it to myself mostly.

As I worked with Qala’s teachings, I began to bring the concepts into a cohesive form. Because her system is very “full” with information, I asked to be shown a code to fast track the method. I started drawing a code for everything that resonated … special healing codes for myself, papering the walls of my house with them. I was losing my pain and my wounds … and stepped into my power.

After a request from the Ascended Masters via Qala to share my work with all the pods, and receiving feedback on their profound healing effect especially related to healing many wounds from ancient Egypt – I slowly began to trust that the codes I was drawing could work for everyone.

Meanwhile, I went back to France for another 10 days. I’d been training for the year as a recordkeeper of the akashic records. We would channel the akashic records in groups and one on one. I didn’t really know what it was all about. But it came easily. I found I was very gifted. I simply had to open my voice, and there it was. So fulfilling.


I travelled to other countries exchanging sessions with other poddies. It was in Montreal that the archangelic presence of Aurora merged with me. I also learned from the Masters that it would be possible to fulfil my biggest dream, living in Bali. For nearly 30 years I’d been visiting Bali, even living there for 5 years with my ex-husband. So I sold everything in Australia and moved to Bali.

Part of my task as a keeper was to bring forth 200 codes to heal the angelic body for every lifetime since separation from god. These were also needed to assist to open the portal of Gunung Agung, the sacred volcano in Bali on 11-11-2005. Bali is a remnant of Lemuria and the portal had been closed since that time. 11 of us used our bodies and energies as a vehicle to open the portal at the mother temple of Besakih.

Two of the women from that group were fascinated with mystery school and wanted me to teach them. After asking the Ascended Masters, a period of intense activity began as I channelled 2 or 3 activations a day, made 30 different elixirs with their respective codes – a massive task – and set the date for the first mystery school. In the end, it was a different woman who became the first poddy.

As part of the sacred mystery school teachings, my gift to humanity as Tazja was to draw and to anchor to earth individual codes of sacred geometry … especially those of the light body … for each chakra … and each of the 12 individual diamond plates … and also the gateways and vortexes of the energy body.

After many, many mystery school trainings now, times of such great fulfilment and growth for me, I watch each poddy blossom, become empowered and lose their former limiting patterns. Those who have gone before have anchored the energies to earth and in passing through their own initiations, opening to their empowerment … have enabled the training to become more graceful, filled with ease.


On summer solstice 21 December 2006, the Ascended Masters took me on a journey to the universal realms where I merged with my twin flame – my masculine self. At that time, I was then taken to Astrea and merged with her. I’d been connecting with Astrea for several months previously as she channelled many of the mystery school activations with Divine Mother.

This was a great wonder to me. Astrea is of the Elohim, a creator being who assisted in the creation of all things. Mankind is an experiment that got out of control. So much pain. So much distortion. Upon earth, Astrea has the ability to recreate, to return to the original blueprint, restoring all that has been distorted across the ages.


In 2010, I received mergence with Divine Mother God, and some months later with Gaia.  These mergences created great change for me and many challenges in the karmic issues that needed to be healed to allow these bodies of light of such greatness to be accepted.  There were physical challenges, and great exhaustion and emotional stress … and the need to channel the original akashic records many times, to find and release these distortions which were creating such challenge for me.

For some weeks and months after I had received embodiment with Gaia, there was the great burden of carrying humanity to ascension, which I experienced as a physical weight.  I saw the lines of light that held me to Gaia and to humanity and I felt the weight for many weeks … and experienced struggle to maintain equilibrium … making strong demands on the Ascended Masters and Galactic Federation to free me from this burden and little by little this pressure eased until it was able to be borne.

There has been mergence with the Hindu gods, and with their carrier animals … merging through my crown chakra, in much wonder and joy.  There have been so many other embodiments over the years, and each has created challenge and change.  As part of the ascension process, all parts of ourselves return Home in wholeness and Oneness.

Late in 2010 while at a favourite seaside hotel in Candi Dasa where over the past years I have experienced such strong experiences of connection with the divine and received so many transmissions and templates and holograms to share with humanity, I was shown the eye of god within a triangle and was told that this would be my final embodiment – as Divine Father God merged with me, entering through my crown chakra.  Again, there was much physical and emotional disturbance for some weeks and months.

Sri Ana is the embodiment of my own god presence, having merged with the trinity, and this is now my name, called by the Masters the Queen of Heaven.

All embodiments have been so strong for me, for there is the need to continue to release the akashic records of each embodiment until there is peace and equilibrium, for the akashic records anchor with the bodies of light, and the wounds are very real ones which attract their mirror until they are healed and released … and so there is the need to quickly find what are the wounds of these ones, and to release the akashic records that lie at their core.  For instance with Father God, there were the issues of the mistrust of so many in God, and the raging at God when there is pain and struggle, and so I would attract issues that mirrored these projections by humanity, until the records had been found, and released.

I have channeled many, many of the Ascended Masters as well as those from the Galactic Federation. All the sacred mystery school activations were channelled, about 25 extraordinary channels to clear all sorts of karma and karmic memories and to activate various parts of the light body and to restore to divine magnificence.

There are activations also for the many elixirs, channeled by many Masters.  Melchior, head of the Galactic Federation, channeled many of the sacred mystery school activations and was my “main man” for some years.

Divine Mother, Lady Nada (who is Mary Magdalene), Mother Mary (mother of Jesus Christ) Archangel Michael, Kuthumi, Sananda and Merlin have channeled through me in earlier days, though it is Divine Father God and my own god presence Sri Ana that I channel now.

The Sister of the Rose with Lady Nada, Manifestations of Mastery with Merlin and Attitudes of Ascension from Kuthumi are the earlier activations that were sent out with my newsletter as healing programs and the full archive of all activations is freely available on this site.

Since 2008 the direction of the work has been Dreaming the New World, an ongoing  series of planetary activations, language of light voice transmissions and holograms of sacred geometry shared each month by newsletter with many around the world, anchoring to earth new Templates of Perfection and Holograms of Divine Wholeness as Blueprints for the New Human, New World.

Progressively for those receiving the activations, there is the release of so many karmic patterns of distortion and in their place new blueprints of original divinity are received.   Beautiful work we share, anchoring these divine blueprints to earth, that they may be shared as the new reality upon which the New World may build, and each of us receives so many transmissions of blessings for this planetary work.

Use any and all of these activations and codes and holograms which you will find in the Free Healing Tools to Use and Planetary activations sections.

I live my life for god completely, trying to balance this as best I can so I am still in the physical and not depleted. I am open to the universe totally, and the universe flows with me. Life is not challenging, there is no fear … before I was totally, totally full of fear. I am the best advertisement for this work!


Astrea Sri Ana




Recently have come across some beautiful notes I made of my journeying during my own sacred mystery school training year in 2004 – and feel to share these rememberings – as it is wondrous to read – and shows some of the steps and the assistance given to rebuild the multidimensional chakras and bodies of light in varying healing chambers within the galaxies and parallel ages and lifetimes – and the support and healing offered to release the soul memories of distortion and suffering of all lifetimes.



… journeys with the Masters

to other planes and dimensions

as part of my awakening and transformation

in a time of great personal disempowerment and grief

to reclaim my gifts and power

and to revisit times of suffering so these may be healed and released



~ Understanding my soul’s gifts, life purpose and keepership ~


After activating the golden pyramid and rods of the recordkeeper, I travelled with Serapis Bey and asked him to explain my keepership and give clarity about the codes of sacred geometry that I draw.  He said I’d travel to the angelic realms often and help angelic children who have come from these realms.  I’ll tell them where they’re from and what their gifts are.

The gifts and the language are contained in the creation code sound glyphs of the angelic symphonies and I will translate these codes into meaning – I’ll transcribe the sounds of creation.

He told me I have a talent to travel interdimensionally, quickly, to journey through the cosmos, the sphere of the cosmos, and to open doorways into portals through using my etheric body to travel these codes and open these doorways.

“The codes are the means of accessing the dimension into which you travel.  Drawing the codes activates them for future use and will also enable access by others who wish to travel alike to these abodes of yours.  Your code work has only begun and there is much, much more to explore.

You have access to the soul’s highest dreaming code, the key to unlock the heart’s highest dreaming potential and to activate this with sound to activate the Divine Heart Dreaming.  Once the key is used to unlock the highest heart’s dreaming, the journey opens and the path alike opens up, the path to completion.

The heart’s highest dreaming is to take oneself back to the time before one stepped onto this planet, with highest hopes to fulfill one’s whole potential, and in the process transmute all one’s karma from past experiences – to utilise all the powers and gifts at one’s disposal in the most divinely perfect way, according complete satisfaction and the while proving absolute divine service to the universal plan.  The codes you will bring through walk through that door and beyond, bring the gifts and the powers back with them.  The soul you draw is the highest soul’s dreaming, the brightest and best that that soul is, the perfection and the completion of service and power.

The codes of fly in the arms of angels and the sounds of the heavens are translated into codes.  You will translate the celestial sounds, and the glyphs you draw come direct from the angelic tones.

You will hear the sounds through your body rather than your ears, you will feel them and they will pass through your feeling, into your knowing, and out your hand’s eye.

Later, much later, when you have neared completion, the heaven’s music will open to your ears and you will be living very close to heaven on earth in a world of heavenly delights on this earth, and the earthly matters will hold no credence for you.  You will live in a world of angels – no pain, daughter, in this!  Your beloved Bali world will surround you, and you will be in bliss, and comfort, and luxury, but simplicity will rule your life, and the angels will be all around to comfort you.”

“I see myself alone, in an old, old age, and I am living totally immersed and ensconced in the angels and Masters and faeries and devas and gods and spirits, a bit doddery, living totally on the other side, having stepped out of this earthly plane and its responsibilities, but with many friends, but I do not wish many visitors as they take me away from the angels.  Many letters come and I read them with joy and put them aside, and enter again my angel world.  My work is done and I am happy.  People write for help and I direct that help be given, then move back to the angels.”

In 2012 I have just now reached that place of completion, and living just as Serapis Bey predicted, at first moving through a process of some weeks and months of grief and struggle at the narrowness of my life as so much has been pulled away from me, and then given clarity which assisted me to shift into acceptance.  And I searched for my old notes to read again the prediction of that time I will live in bliss, with the angels – and it brings so much comfort to be now living the predictions given during a time of deep disempowerment and sadness, in 2004, when the possibility of any peace or bliss seemed so far away as possibility or reality.

And here I am.  And it is so.




~ my soul gifts and life purpose revealed ~

Journeyed to Central Sun for the Pleiades, Alcyone.  I was shown that in this lifetime I journeyed from Sirius, but I have spent much time as an angel.  I am a shapeshifter and can flit between many dimensions.  I saw myself as Tinkerbell, with stars of energy on her feet and hands, a very fast moving angel faery.

I received the identity of the Ascended Masters of my Mission Council: Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Lord Arcturus, Lord Alcyone, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Lorphan, Lord Maitreya.

Mary and Jesus Christ walked me, in single file, in a ritualistic way, to the screens of the mission control room.  We went inside a screen and I saw that I was in a Balinese room with large river stones around, it was the hill resort that was named Sacred River.  There were purple drapes, large, tied with golden ribbons.  I had a client on a massage table and I was telling her, then him, of their talents:  “You are a seer and your talents are such that their magnificence will be experienced when you are ready and willing to heal the aspects that need this.  This is your talent.  This is where you are from.  You are wounded in this part.  Let us heal it now if you wish.”  And I used pranic healing to pull out blockages and restore etherically.  I advised what needed to be done to heal aspects.  I handed a book I’d written on the methods to use for healing.  My specialty was seeing the gifts and the blockages, removing the etheric blockages, singing and toning in the gifts, setting it into motion if they wished.  My role was a high one, rare and acclaimed and in demand.

Mother Mary, with Jesus Christ’s supporting attendance, healed my third eye and heart and base chakras of wounding and damage.


~ healing distortions of my galactic masculine ~


I was an angelic being with filmy, rainbow, golden flimsy etheric wings, a very powerful being, flinging hands directly in front, with energy coming out of the hands, shapeshifting into a Galactic Warrior, powerful, who needed healing of issues of power and ego and control and who accepted that he must use his power with love and his might with acceptance of using it for love and good of all, as well as for self.  He accepted this healing.  Mary and Jesus Christ said “It is done” and he merged with me.  Karmic absolution was given and transmuted to love.


~ shapeshifting and soul travel ~


Received healing of an aspect of mine, the Tinkerbell angel faery with balls of light on her feet.  My angel aspect was healed through beaming love from my heart to the heart of this one and then I was bending to the feet, and energising the balls of light that I placed there, to restore the ability to fly and shapeshift and soul travel.  I recalled wishing my toenails to be golden and often being reminded to care for my feet – the state of my feet reflected the state of my etheric nature – and if my feet are neglected, then I am not whole.


I saw myself doing a Michael Jackson walk on an etheric stairway, marking time, appeared to be remaining in the one space, but the stairway was moving down …. a form of interdimensional travel.


~ soul fragmentation restored ~


I entered a beautiful 24-sided crystal in the Phoenix to receive healing of fragmentation.  There was beautiful tinkling energy, and harp plucking – high down to lower scales, very bright and energetic, high frequency energy, clear and very bright.  Bright, high, energetic, staccato energy.


~ healing of light body ~

I entered The Dove, a sacred chamber to experience my lightbody design.  There are 12 chambers and each can only be entered through the order of 1 through to 12.  I entered the 7th chamber and saw 7 screens for multidimensional viewing holding different encodements and colours and frequencies.  I received 7 encodements.  There were soft clouds to seal – golden yellow white.  I was advised to clear my energy with pranic sweeping and to connect to the Higher Self and drop down into my heart.

I was lying on a healing chamber and many white light beings were staring down at me.  I called for archangelic wands of wisdom and feathers and tickles of bliss and the love of the goddess to activate and they watched.


I journeyed to the Central Temple of Matreu and an emissary of the Phoenix meets me, with beautiful unusual eyes.  I saw a golden being of Alcyone, an exquisite golden baby, playful, loving, blissful, energetic, soft, innocent, pure love and experimentation – a soul extension – and received mergence.



~ healing wounds of lack of trust in God ~


Journeyed by canoe along a golden river to a platform, a place of healing for me, surrounded by walls of drawings and codes, a place to receive healing direct from Source through the lunar moons and through the spirit of the heart of Mt Kailash’s waterways.  As the water began to rise over the platform and cover my body, it spoke to me about becoming one with the river of God/Goddess.  I feared this water … “I’ll be swept away from God.  I don’t trust that God will protect me (from this water).  I want to control whether I go under the water.  I don’t feel safe, protected and supported.  I don’t trust, and want to have control.”

I was assisted to trust, and as I surrendered to God and allowed the water to cover me, I felt such a beautiful oneness and peace.


~ reclaiming my gifts of
shapeshifting, travelling interdimensionally

and drawing encodements of sacred geometry ~


I visited the second city of Mt Kailash, with small golden emissaries from the Central Sun and the solar systems.  Solar Archangels and Solar Children of the Light live within this city.  I sounded the mantra to allow me to enter and was met by the emissaries and placed my hands on the doorway into the city.  I then saw myself as a tiny acrobatic angel who flew in a spiral pattern, which I drew with my body.  In drawing the geometry with my body I was enabled to enter the portal – and thus I regained and reclaimed a wondrous gift.  (I began to draw on paper the complex geometries that my body would create with its body – and thus began my gift and ability to draw codes of sacred geometry).

This second city is the primary city of light that coordinates all codes to travel from Source to earth.  The codes travel on the galactic highways from the solar portals to the earth for the purpose of creation within the divine plan for all on earth.  I visited this city to learn about how the energy comes to the earth and how translation occurs.  I met a group of emissaries and asked them to show me how the codes work.

They told me that the codes I draw with my body are energy doorways, portals of Divine Consciousness.  “Step through these to another dimension.  Learn to read the codes, the signs, and to distinguish, to decipher the primary output of the portal.  The input is yourself, and as you step through the doorway, etheric waves open to admit your energy to be accepted, and from there, travel may occur to the dimension of your choice.  Test this and choose your destination.  The beach pathway is an open one for deliverance from the everyday to the sublime experience of expanded knowledge and experience.  Use the sand as your writing board and your feet and bodily form as your pen.  And write your reality, the reality you wish, to transport yourself, to know you have this ability.  Know you make the steps of discovery, the discovery of that which you have been afore, your multidimensional capabilities.  Crucial aspects are being delivered, to activate your knowledge and remembered topics for transcription and encodement.”

South Golden Beach, Byron Bay area, 31 May 2004.




~  healing the wounds and reclaiming Christ Consciousness ~

Journeyed to the inner heart of Chiron, Chira where I was shown that I was an angel at the time of Christ’s crucifixion.  I lost confidence in God when I saw the torture and cried out to help Christ but was not able to do anything to assist him.  My heart was breaking with grief … “I wanted to help you.”

Sananda told me Christ had taken on this role, it was his free will and agreement and he did it freely and gladly.  I must remove my anger at God because it is wrong, my remembering of the experience is incorrect and I must let this go, shrug it off, accept the truth, recover my Christ Consciousness.

“You have remembered wrong.  Shrug off your rememberings and reclaim your Consciousness of Christ anew.  Your heart flame is activated, on behalf of all.  Take this and run to the four corners of the Earth to share.  Sananda gave his life for the transgressions of humans and did it in full service and gladly.  Only now are the consequences of this act being reaped and rewarded, as fate plays out this tune.”


Entered the city of Jaqu’ia and floated on a raft which the goddess spun gently in a spiral.  She had a crescent moon on her forehead and was wearing a double arched headdress with plumes of floating material pouring from the arches.  I floated and found myself in a paradise, a garden of eden, sunny and golden with bright light and warmth.  I lay on the beautiful, soft, warm, velvety grass and many little cherubs came to me and I received sexual healing from them.  I felt a rush of heat go through my head and crown, and received release.


Journeyed to the city of Kara-Mautqu and visited the multidimensional temples of healing, prayer and initiation.  I was travelling and drawing codes of sacred geometry.  From a deep place I pulled myself back to the earth realm, and drew a code for sacred union.




~ healing of heart ~


Travelled to Kyra, the first city of Venus.  I lay in a pearl temple, many lustrous fantail pearly fish were circling me, beaming love and remembrance.  Then I was a mermaid, pearly, and a beautiful merman came to me and lay with me.  Great comfort to have him with me, and great grief at the loss of him for so long.  My heart was breaking with love and grief.  I said, “Is it safe to open this heart?”  “Soon it is time to open this heart forever.”

I entered the second city Teualovas and swam into a crystal, brightly lit inside, blinding.  I lay on a crystal bed.  Light beings told me my heart was filled with pain and hurt because I have loved greatly with no discernment.  “Not all are deserving of such love.”  I will have a further test of discernment.  They pulled the strands of pain and hurt from my heart and dipped it into liquid lovelight and transformed it and placed it back into my heart in a spiraling pattern.  Many angels with trumpets and instruments clamored around and breathed energy into my heart to enlighten it.  It did still feel not completely energised, still flat.

I entered Giurtareza, the third city and entered a large pyramid structure of rainbow light, the heart temple of this city.  I meditated and surrendered to the One Heart all that limits my heart from expressing the love of who I am.  A star mother faery told me my heart is very large.  The size of my heart and my love scares others because my neediness is relative to the size of my love – big needs because of past wounds.  But they have healed my heart and it is safe for me to love again, and not to be in need.  I saw and felt this possibility, this strength inside me.




~ To heal my broken heart and come into acceptance of my own role in the loss of a great love ~

Travelled to Jukreula, the fourth city and at a rainbow lake, met an emissary with a golden bulbous head, high forehead, domed, extraterrestrial type large eyes, triangular shaped chin with fluttery type energy, fluttering staccato wings of rainbow light, pearly and lustrous.  I was taken to a beautiful soft pink chamber.  As I dived closer into it, the sense of softness and love was palpable.  Oooh … like a magnet I was drawn into its soft, spongy, pink love, like a pink mat of sponge rubber love.  I wanted to roll in it and for it to envelop me.  As I got closer, it became a beautiful bed of pink rose petals, so soft and fragrant.  Then a memory arose of my Hindu frangipani wedding bed.  Much grief.  “I loved you so much.  You loved me so much.  What went wrong?”  “You were so needy, so needy, too needy.”  “I’m sorry, so sorry, so sorry.”  And I lay in the petals and I received a rose oil massage with Divine Mother’s elixir.  I was told I can come here any time and to also receive the love and heart of my cat Ruby.


~ healing of physical organs, restoration of DNA strands and anchoring of I Am and God Presence ~


I travelled to Ureskrisea, the fifth city, and to the spiral temple with a large spiral tower.  This city connects deeply to the plant and mineral kingdoms of the Earth and into the digestive and nervous systems, endocrine and respiratory systems of all beings on Earth.  The emissaries told me that my spleen and liver were exhausted by emotion.  My throat has a beautiful voice.  My heart, spleen and liver and throat were removed by a wizard and cleansed and energised and replaced.  Rainbow lights lit my meridians.  I was full of starry rainbow lights.  Then my I Am presence came down and was pulled over and into me, like a glove.  Such peace and light and love and power I felt.  Then my God Presence came in and all were braided to my renewed DNA strands.  I was told that all was done that needed to be done and that I would be tested, would need to remain in my God Presence, I Am presence and Christ Consciousness, or this (my I Am presence) would remove itself and I would have to go through the process to anchor it again.


~ explanation of the angelic heart ~


I visited Veillijesua, the sixth city, an angelic city.  The angelic heart is the feminine Christed heart of one’s being.  I journeyed along the emerald pathway to the heart temple of this city, a golden temple like a large golden shell, surrounded by beautiful lakes and large flowering trees that hold the Christ Consciousness of the feminine heart of the Goddess.  I met a lunar priestess with a crescent moon headdress.  She led me to the heart of the temple to meet parts of myself that have served through the angelic heart of earth previously.

I was told that this is my first angelic life on earth.  My Egyptian priest and priestess lives were in my whale and unicorn body.  I am a shapeshifter and this is my first body here as an angel.  I have had many times on other planets in my angel body.  The lunar goddess placed me on a bed of rose petals and said I had a beautiful angel heart.  It was of glowing crystal diamond, very beautiful.  She laid cards around me in a heart shape, encircling my head, shoulders and heart and placed crystals of rough unpolished diamonds on top of the cards.  She shrieked a high Oooooo to channel moon energy into my heart to energise and activate it.  Soothing and beautiful.


~ restoration and healing of the waterways of the earth and the physical body ~

I travelled to Leauticia, the seventh city, connected to the Inner and Middle Earth cities that emanate through the waterways of the Earth.  The Goddess Oceania oversouls this city and can be called up to assist in the healing of the waterways of the earth and the waterways of my physical body.  I travelled upon a sacred river that is a leiline of lovelight that runs from Venus into the Inner Earth through the crystals of the oceans and lakes of earth and was met by an emissary carrying love packages for the restoration and healing of the waterways of the earth and my physical bodies.  I was told to sing “Ki A Tu Hua Hua” as I walk next to the ocean and to sing this to the river.




~  reconnecting with and anchoring mermaid body   ~

During meditation with Gossamer I was swimming with dolphins and whales.  I was a whale and we were together in a pod and I was so happy, calling to them “hello beautifuls” and crying to be with them.  Then I saw a mermaid, a most beautiful mermaid with flowing blonde hair, very, very nimble, quick, able to twist and turn on a pin, quickly to spin and tumble and twist and turn.  She beckoned in short, jerky bursts of movement and we dived into an underwater temple cave, and I WAS the mermaid.

There were two beings there, a male and a woman, dressed in regal cloaks, but not quite human.   Most of the interaction came from the male.  He placed his hands (which were not hands really, but long, pointed, pincer-type implements) on my crown, and huge currents of electricity were seen coming from his hands into my crown.  All the while, they were talking to me, about my loss of power, that it had become depleted, reminding me who I am, how powerful I am, with capabilities to create anything I want.  Many times I was told to remember who I am, very powerful, a being of light, with absolute power.  Know this! And the current was being placed at various chakras, with 2 chakras being worked on together, making a positive and negative force coming through his hands.  I asked if they wanted to tell me something and they repeated that I should let go of my twin flame, to let him go completely, that it was holding me back till I let go of the idea of him.  His heart is dark while mine is light and there is no way we can be together.  They asked if I wanted to know something he has done that will help me accept that he and I will never be together.  And they told me something that shocked me greatly – and I was able to let go – and asked to be shown every agreement, every contract and vow I had made that I need to release so that I can have conclusion in my relationship with him.




~ reclaiming gift of creation ~

Meditating with Gossamer, we anchored my crystal body which is connected to Inner Earth, to the devas and trees and rocks, particularly trees which will have many messages for me.  Also repaired my Christ Consciousness body which had earth memories.  Felt very touched to be reunited with the Inner Earth and Mother Gaia, and rememberings came of the Mother Tree and the comfort she gave me at Cedar Creek in my pain, and the advice she gave me; of the deva at Tranquility waterhole – and I recall the grove of palms I jogged past each day at Huonbrook on the Tranquility hill, and always an answer to help me survive the deep grief that was embodying me.

There was a message about what I needed to understand and that was that I created the world, I am an ancient being and “my power of creation is existent and I need to learn to use it again.”  I realised strongly that I can create my reality, any reality I wish.




Journeyed to the portal of Bell Rock in Sedona where I met two golden beings and they took me from Sedona to Venus, where I met the two soul children of mine that were meant to be birthed on this earth, but were not, during my relationship with my twin flame.  We were so very happy to be united again.  They were very happy in Venus, a much happier place for them than the earth realm.  Much grief for me to connect with these ones again and I felt the separation very deeply.

I then journeyed through the Great Lakes portal and was taken to Atlantis.  Because I had not had a life in Atlantis I had presumed that there would be no grief.  But I saw myself as an angel there, caring for my sister, and as I watched with dismay and horror the fall of Atlantis, I realised there was nothing I could do to help her.  I felt totally unsupported and abandoned by God and felt the grief for all in Atlantis.  Reconnection with this grief during my journey was to help me to heal my wounds of Atlantis.  I was able to forgive God and to see the divine plan and to accept that there is a new reality now, and I will be supported always by God.

I realised why in this life my sister has crumpled every time I have left her, on my various moves around Australia and the world, and why she feels so abandoned by me.  Many waves of grief at this realisation.  It also explains unresolved issues she has with me of anger and resentment.  I set about breaking all agreements and vows I may have made across all time, space and dimension in relation to my sister and released myself from my role as her protector and caretaker and asked the Karmic Board to absolve the karma between us.



~ How I began to work with portals

and to assist lost souls caught in the portals

to be taken by the angels to their place in God’s garden ~


Later that evening I again journeyed to the portal of Bell Rock, Sedona.  I saw 5 girls’ faces with dark pigtails, demure and in dated clothes.  With a flash of recognition I realised these were lost souls and now I knew what help they needed.  I asked if they wanted to leave, and they did.  I asked Mother Mary and Sananda and the angels to assist and the Karmic Board to clear the karma, and they turned around and calmly walked to the light.  I had the knowing that I should also journey to the Middle East portals, asked for assistance and was shown some men’s swarthy faces, some with bloody clothing, and asked the angels and masters again to help.  This was the beginning of my portal work and my role in assisting so many lost souls, thousands and thousands, caught in portals around the world to be released and taken by the angels to their place in god’s garden so that their evolutionary path may continue.




Activated recordkeeper rods and travelled with Master Serapis Bey on our unicorn to Lake Batur in Bali.  I saw smoke and singeing and disturbance from volcanic action.  Had resistance and asked Mother Mary, St Germaine and all angels and archangels to assist me to overcome my resistance to travelling into soul memories in Bali.  Was taken back in time and shown lifetime of one of my soul monad in Bali where power was used arrogantly to achieve whatever was desired by the use of black magic and manipulation of forces and consequential suffering of many – and as the balance tipped from misuse of power, volcanic activity occurred and loss of life and chaos resulted – and was shown the karma I feel for this.

High initiates act as processing stations for the 144 souls of the monad – and the wounds and akashic records of these ones are embodied as a means of healing and releasing these on behalf of the entire soul monad.

Immediately saw again the vision I had a month previously when I first attempted portal work in Bali, when I saw all the souls, hundreds, some of them dressed in ceremonial black and white sarongs, Balinese warriors with Kris knives in their chests, children, babies, groups of Balinese dancers, Europeans, Japanese soldiers, Dutch soldiers and colonials, and also many animals, particularly cows, circling volcanic Gunung Agung.

I called to the angels to send them to the light and for a few hours, they just streamed in, lost souls, caught in the portal.  And for the next few nights they came, a few at a time. A Masters voice was heard, “May the beings of light assist you to find your place in God’s Garden” and I was so enthralled that I wrote the words down so I would remember them always – for not all beings are from the light, but each has their very own place in God’s Garden to which they sometimes need assistance to return so that they may resume their evolutionary path.  Over the years have assisted thousands of souls which have become lost and who are in need of assistance to move on and to continue their journey.  There is an awareness by them of those who are able to help them, and so they show themselves.  For some years had not been aware of why these souls would come to me, in waves, one after another.  It is beautiful work – recordkeepers also have responsibilities as portal keepers, to cleanse and restore the portals.

I now realised with great grief that the animals I had helped to release from the portal had been sacrificed, either before the eruption when this soul aspect was pushing through with his wishes, or after the eruption to appease the gods and to make the balance once more.  I understood why I feel so much for animals, particularly in Bali.  I understood with much grief my connection with many of the souls and animals that had been trapped in the portal at Gunung Agung who had come to me to be assisted to the light.



Activated the Zalua rod, third throat level, to generate amber golden creation elixir and attuned to my Ralua in the top of the throat to receive an intention to create.  I received a vision of a place to live in Bali, that I visit regularly, saw myself arriving there and quickly settling in and immediately commencing spiritual and inner plane work, reconnecting with my creation abilities in Bali and tuning in deeply to the energies there.

I did ultimately move to Bali and it opened effortlessly to me!


~ How I was shown to shift realities and to create my own realities ~


Late at night, after journeying in Lemuria I heard a voice saying, “Create your own reality.  In the blink of an eye you can create a new reality, the reality you wish.  You are a multidimensional creature.  You are whole.  You can create this reality.  What do you wish? Create it, the life you want.  Write that life out and create it.  You reality is not that of others, but distinct and separate.”  Anukitoba was the name of the male Lemurian elder who gave me this advice.  He insisted very strongly that I can create my own reality.  I am not a third dimensional creature and do not have to live by third dimensional rules and conditions here on earth.  I must write out my life, and what it will be, and create the reality I wish.  I am whole, not broken at all, and don’t have to wait to ‘fix’ myself.  I can just demand that my wholeness ‘is’.  All night this concept was spinning through me.  It felt like all night the Masters were working on me, shifting my reality.

When I woke I felt heavy and there were blockages in my aura and chakras, but my first thought was “I can create my own reality.”  I meditated and toned to shift the heavy energy and felt energised and high.  I wrote 4 pages of my reality and placed it on my altar, and felt so completely empowered.  I asked the angels and Masters to hold me while I was developing total trust and faith in my ability to create my reality, until I knew and trusted completely.

All dreams and realities have manifested and I continue each few months, as needed, to write of my heart’s dreams in details – and the universe mirrors and acquiesces – and manifestation comes into form.  We have this very powerful gift and tool if we only take the first step of trust – by writing the life of our dreams.  So many doorways of unlimitedness then open to us.



~ Learning how it was that my heart had broken,

how to acknowledge my own role in betrayal that occurred with my twin flame

and how my heart was healed  through acceptance ~


During a meditation with Gossamer she guided the group to visit a place where something had occurred that we needed to heal.  She suggested I travel to Venus to discover why my ‘knowing’ had shut down. Venus has been a theme I had been investigating since a poddy and gifted psychotherapist I really connected with at sacred mystery school in France had assisted me to talk about outstanding issues that I had not yet resolved that saw me still in grief.  I told her about my marriage and the difficulty I had had in resolving the loss of my marriage and in letting him completely out of my life.  When she asked where I felt his energy in relation to mine, I replied that it was in front, and she started to channel, that this referred to a relationship we had had together in Venus and that in this earthly life, one of us had wanted to have children and the other didn’t.  I remembered then that while we were living in Port Douglas after only 2 or 3 years together, I felt happier than I had ever felt in my life and finally was ready to have a child.  But he wouldn’t even consider this possibility, as he was quite young and felt he was still a child himself – which was true enough.  So, I went into mourning for a short while, and then I stuffed that feeling down deep where I hoped it wouldn’t bother me again.

She told me that there were 2 beings, 2 souls on Venus that had been waiting to be birthed through our relationship, but that they were still on Venus because we had not had children.  Because Venus is a place of pure love and light, they were very happy to remain there because Venus is a happier place to hang out than this dense and difficult earth planet.  So that was part of the puzzle, and I performed a beautiful ceremony in France to forgive and to apologise and to bring completion to my relationship with him, my twin flame.

After I returned to Australia and while meditating one day, the realisation came to me that I had unknowingly shut down my heart to some extent to him when he did not want to have a child, and that I had stopped loving him unconditionally.  And because my love had changed, his had also – and the purity and the innocence and joy and trust was lost.  I finally was able to see my own part in what brought us unstuck.  I could finally own my own part, whereas in the past all I could see was that he was unfaithful and so I blamed him for the lot.  So I was able to bring him into my energy etherically and apologise to him and reached another level of completion of this great wound and grief.


~ How I shut down my gift of ‘knowing’ ~


I again journeyed to Venus during Gossamer’s meditation, to find why I had shut down my knowing.  I found myself there with my beloved twin flame and we were in a very beautiful, loving relationship – on a very beautiful and loving planet.  But I could foresee that we would have a relationship together where my love was not returned and where his darkness would overtake him.  So I closed down my ‘knowing’ because I could not bear this knowledge as it was just too painful to accept.  And immediately, I saw that in this life, with my knowing shut down, I was totally blind in all of my relationships with men.  I could not bear to see their faults as I needed so badly to be loved, and I endured a form of self hate and self abuse as a result and became a victim in my relationships.  And I saw so clearly that in trying to avoid pain by not ‘seeing’ one’s partner’s unfaithfulness and another’s gambling addiction, I’d endured far more pain than if I’d faced the situation and challenged these men with my ‘knowing’ of their faults and darknesses.


~ How I shut down my gift of sight ~

I was guided to journey back to childhood, to age 8.  And I remembered that during childhood I had a youthful guide, and some would say he was an imaginary playmate, but at night we would fly together and have wonderful adventures and I just loved nighttime because of this.  He felt to be from Venus or some other place of great love, because it was very sensual and felt very nice to me, like cuddling with no clothes on.  And then I made my First Holy Communion, and the nuns and priests talked a lot about ‘indecent thoughts’ and ‘indecent actions’ and I thought they must be talking about what I did at night with my guide.  I became very confused and ashamed because this meant that my soul was in a state of mortal sin and if you’re in a state of mortal sin, you can’t go to communion.  And it wasn’t the sort of sin that a 7 year old could confess to a priest, and if I didn’t go to communion everyone would know I was in a state of mortal sin and that my soul was black.  So I didn’t know what to do – and went to communion – and that meant that my soul was getting blacker and blacker.  It put a big stain on my childhood and I lost my innocence and became tainted by the world’s judgements and expectations.  And so, I shut down my sight and stopped travelling and talking with my guide.

So I journeyed further, I did some writing and connected with my youthful guide and he said, “The place from which you come is not of earthly pleasures, but sublime, like a flower, a place of beauty and light and love and play and fun.  You came to this planet earth with such love and with such an unfulfilled need of love that it became your biggest wound.  I was there for you to fulfill your love requirement and to provide healing for you in this arid place.  And when you no longer procured me into your dreams at night, you became instead empty and in desperate need of the love you are.  And so you gave yourself to men, needing male love so desperately to fill your woundedness.”  Much understanding and acceptance was gained to hear these words.

Journeyed later, during a meditation with Tiannamai and one of the most gorgeous angels I have ever seen appeared to me and I realised this was MY angel.  He was so beautiful and his eyes so wondrous.  I was in a state of bliss and wonderment as the realisation washed over me that this is the angel who was my guide as a child.  I felt quite ridiculous because I see and draw other people’s angels and I’d kept my own angel out for 45 years.  As I opened my eyes, there on the wall were 2 of my angel posters that Tiannamai had placed there, and I realised those posters were drawings of my youthful angel guide as he appeared to me as a child.