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Tuesday, 31. January 2012

Dreaming the New World – Miracle Hologram of Acceptance

Group Activation Thursday 2 February -10am   A great shift occurred after the last activation, the anchoring of Hope to earth – just as Lord Ashtar had promised – and it was as if a new dimension had been entered.   During our group activation at the Temple of Heaven, great winds swept in and continued […]

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Tuesday, 24. January 2012


DREAMING THE NEW WORLD Meditation Wed 25 January 10am – 12th Wave of Ascension Newsletter Hologram from the Miraculous Realms ~ HOPE ~ The Holograms from the Miraculous Realms receive final anchoring to the earth realms on 25 January – coinciding with the opening of the doorway, the 12th Wave of Ascension.   We gather together […]

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