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There WILL BE a further sacred mystery school in 2015 – atop a sacred mesa in MOAB, UTAH, USA – 16-22 September, 2015

As numbers are strictly limited, it’s suggested that you book early.

To make your reservation, click on our paypal button and send us the appropriate payment for the option of your choice:

1- Full tuition of US$1650 (US$1500 – early bird discount if reserved by July 31st)
2- Non-refundable deposit of US$350 to reserve your place.
3- Full payment is required by July 31st to hold your reservation

*payment is non-refundable after July 31st





Sacred Mystery School training,
Channeled Keepership and Life Mission reading
Life mission activation 
Lunch each day
Manual of daily tools, sacred geometry codes

Information, and booking –

Astrea also offers one on one – or small group – sacred mystery schools if they coincide with her travels – also available north of Byron Bay area, if Astrea is available – $1750 per person






Optional 4-6 month correspondence course
13 activations, sacred geometry codes, audio transmissions of sacred sound, tools, ongoing support




3 day sacred mystery school – no workshops planned for 2014-2015










-Sterling silver God Gene pendant

– oxidised – and shiny silver versions – NEW STOCK JUST ARRIVED!

prices from $US97 for pendant alone

Visit God Gene Pendant page for necklaces selection & order

also available very powerful faceted quartz crystal and pyrite ceremonial necklaces, with god gene pendant attached

and variety of many crystal necklaces – pearl, rose quartz, moonstone, amethyst, faceted clear quartz, garnet

$US97 +



Channeled reading:

brief version, approx. 300 words                    $US100                                                               full version, approx. 5000 words                     $US330

includes a series of activations, tools and codes of sacred geometry specially created as part of sacred mystery school training to use as a regular program








Astrea is resuming these beautiful sessions of journeying to the god realms for akashic clearing, overriding current distortions and sufferings –  and bringing in to replace with the highest intents.

~ PERSONAL SESSIONS of distant healing – and short recorded voice transmission in the language of light, specially attuned to your requests

Akashic clearing and karmic release of recurring distorted patterns and behaviours

This beautiful new gift replaces my former readings of the akashic records … and enlarges and enhances … gracefully dissolving the patterns, the wounds, the suffering … and reclaiming the gains of wisdom, truth and evolutionary progress made across all lifetimes … giving sense to the repeated lifetimes … and bringing the evolutionary wheel back to wholeness and oneness with God. The akashic record library is visited to dissolve all karmic records – and at the Halls of Higher Learning and Wisdom we reclaim all higher truths and wisdom that has been accumulated over all existences.  We merge with soul extensions, soul monad, twin flame – and with God – and in the God realms of pre-creation we manifest the new intents and dreams, linking with the grace realms, beauty realms, holographic universes, to make alignment with all opportunities and destiny partners within your life contract, life purpose, divine plan

email me with a brief list of 3 recurring patterns that challenge you

and from which you would love to be freed.

and email me a brief list of 3 intents that you wish to manifest for your life

(Includes a series of activations, tools and codes of sacred geometry specially created as part of sacred mystery school training to use as a regular program)






4 cd set of voice transmissions
Sacred mystery school activations sung in the celestial language of light, transforming and releasing … journeying across all timelines and dimensions to release the distortions and karmic memories and records of all lifetimes … and to restore to the original divine blueprint of your soul.


Divine transmissions, recorded live in Bali.  Accompanied by the Tibetan bells, Astrea Sri Ana sings sweet harmonies of the celestial language of light, bringing remembrance of your original purity and divinity.  Repatterning occurs of your cellular memories to release all that is of ancient disempowerment … your DNA is transformed … your bodies of light are restored to original divine blueprint … and all processes are put in place for wholeness, ascension and fulfillment within your life purpose.


Album I and II

Angel I Am
The God in me Awakens
Feminine Divine 
The Mind is Stilled
Aligning my Crystals of Light
Echo of the Void   
Union of the Divine


Album III and IV
My Soul returns to God
Divine Body of Light
Divine soul gifts of mine – return
Ode to Sweet Lemuria
Atlantis Rises
Ancient Nile of Egypt
The Christed One

set 2 CD

Set 4 CD


More details …



MP3 audio download

Astrea Sri Ana, singing sweet harmonies of the language of light with the sacred Tibetan bells … connecting with the celestial family of light … opening and unburdening the heart of all sadness and challenge … opening the heart’s highest dreams and receiving a divine transmission of blessings.

1-Calling in the Angels
2-Unburdening of the Heart
3-Receiving Transmissions of Blessings

Available on mp3 audio download




 by email:
• channelled activation word document
• 120 codes of sacred geometry 
• sacred sound voice transmission


* All the prices are in US dollars

Please contact me if you need further information



Donations are very welcome – to enable me to continue to offer more of the free activations, to continue to update the website – and to assist my unpaid planetary work which forms the major part of my work.
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special note to Astrea Sri Ana


Monday, 4. April 2016

Newsletter – April 2016

Some months ago I relocated to beautiful Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, resting, replenishing my energy after some years of intense planetary work, soothed and filled with peace, health, inspiration and joy in the beauty of this lush and wonderful place.

Am re-emerging from this time of quiet peace without responsibility – and readying for the next pathway.

Has been so intensely challenging for many – but the gains are clear to us as we look back to the one who was us only a year ago. Surely, transforming in light, in acceptance of our path – knowing the initiations we have chosen are to alchemise our lower memories where we have been not perfect in mind, body and soul.

Relentlessly hammered by the planetary alignments, perfectly chosen by us to be here, now, and receive the benefits of this that alchemises our baser selves to golden light and mastery.

This year continues in this way – and the path gets easier even as it becomes more challenging, as we have gained the tools that support us, and deeper acceptance of our path – and even though we may question our perfection, and seriously doubt this many times, we are closer and closer to embodying our mastery, and readying to channel this perfection permanently, relentlessly, unquestionably – to Gaia and with all of our human family of light.

Along the way I have been given new Holograms of Creation – of the Physical Body – and of the Goddess – and so happy to share these to use, as they hold the highest and newest frequencies.

As I replenish my energy and complete this current embodiment – there is such a calling to share further sacred mystery schools. I feel I will spend the rest of my days sharing this training in all the corners of the earth.

Not yet confirmed – but strongly intended – is to offer The Path of the Mystic in beautiful Santorini, Greece in late September this year. Our time there in 2015 was magical, and fun. Ease, joy, beauty – and strong connection with the beautiful ones who gathered to receive in this place that holds the Atlantis codes. Will advise and confirm in next newsletter.

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Friday, 28. August 2015

Newsletter – August 2015

These are intense times – the planetary alignments certainly allowing us, forcing us, to go very deep to allow all that holds us bound and blocked to be acknowledged, cleared – so that all that awaits us, soon, and allows our ascension into the new world – is cleared – every block and obstruction.

Have recently relocated north of Byron Bay on the eastern coast of Australia – not so easy to make the transitions that see us say goodbye to what was not working – as there is so much to let go, so much to leave behind. As part of my own transition I found the need to draw the latest series of holograms. Using these daily, morning and night, naming each day every incident that shows where I am not aligned with my highest joy and perfection – and clearing with the holograms – clearing every block, doubt, obstruction and anxiety, every incident where I am not aligned, not in joy – all that prevents ascension into the frequencies of the new world is cleared. Have found these holograms immensely powerful – shifting me into the next level of my destiny path.

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Wednesday, 24. June 2015

MOAB, UTAH, September, 2015

The Path of the Mystic, Sacred Mystery School with Astrea Sri Ana Moab, Utah, USA – September 16-22nd, 2015 Astrea Sri Ana will share her Sacred Mystery School – Path of the Mystic, for the first time in North America, on sacred land atop a mesa! Site of the very exciting Cloud Rock project, sacred location with […]

More details ...