Dreamers of the new world series



It is the Lord Metatron beloved ones through my beloved channel Astrea, with all of the legions of angels with you on this day.  Calling in now those cherubim and seraphim and thrones of angels, and those of the Elohim and the Archangels, standing guard around each of you, encircling your energies to the east, to the west, to the south and to the north they stand, enclosing you with their love.  And calling in now the devas and the overlighting guardians of the land, and those of the faery and gnome kingdom, and all of the celestial guardians.  Calling in those leagues of emissaries from the realms of Andromeda and Arcturus, from the Pleiades and from Venus, from Chiron and from Alcyone.  And all of the Ascended Masters are here, and those from your ascension and mission councils.  

A giant pyramid of light into which pours all of the celestial colour rays encloses each of you and your own angelic guides … four especial angels who walk with you always, guiding, loving, supporting, inspiring, holding and assisting you and available to you always … stand before you and behind you, and to your left and to your right .. and as you breathe deeply and connect your energies deeply within the centre of the earth, the volume and intensity of the celestial rays within your pyramid of light increases, transforming your light body with strong pulses of heavenly energy, taking from each of the dimensions of your being those distortions and wounds, fears and doubts and anxieties and sadnesses, flushing these to the extremities of your light body where they are taken from you by the angels who surround you.  With your breath you may surrender all that saddens and confuses you, releasing all with the outward breath.  Ah, breathing in all of the celestial power and light and love … and breathing out all that saddens, all that limits you, all that disempowers you. 

Offering now the sadness and the challenges of physical life to the angels who stand with you, their wings lovingly enclosing you now, holding you securely and safely, as you bravely lift and release and offer for healing all that challenges you.  And the angels take from you all that is not divine, all that is not joy, all that is not of fulfillment and satisfaction and empowerment in your daily life.  From all the dimensions of your being are taken the dualities and the distortions you have accumulated in your daily life, and those which you have inherited within your genetic lineage, and those ancient karmic memories and experiences from your akashic records … all that disables and disempowers you is released. 

And the angel that you are, the golden angel, your angelic presence  … descends and stands before you.  With tones of love and the universal language of light your angelic presence sings to you in words of remembrance and of love.  

As you breathe very deeply and surrender to this meeting with your angelic presence, technicians of sound and of light and healing attend to all the dimensions of your being, releasing the distortions and memories from your angelic nature, all that you have seen and observed and experienced across the aeons.  From all the dimensions of existence are released the distortions and memories of experiences across the aeons, of physical life and of galactic life, of lifetimes in all dimensions and places and portals, of earth portals and starry portals, releasing from all of the chakras of your light body all that is not of your divine nature and original blueprint. 

Receiving sacred encodements of light now to restore all the dimensions of your being, crossing all time and space and all dimensions to restore your angelic nature in divine perfection.  

Breathing very deeply as you receive the repatterning of your angelic master body … with many Arcturians who are master technicians of light and sound repatterning to original divine perfection each of the chakras of your angelic matrix, three chakras extending out above your left shoulder and three extending out above your right shoulder, and two aloft above your crown, repatterning to original perfection, overriding the distortions of the ages, replacing that which has been closed down and damaged and lost, repatterning, activating and aligning your angelic matrix 

And connecting your angelic matrix with the higher angelic chakras.

The language of light and celestial toning repatterns and restores your angelic nature to you and your original and initial body of light is returned to you in divinity and perfection … 

And sealing your light body with the celestial tones, sealing and anchoring this divine perfection that you may always hold and embody this … 

And receiving now an attunement … as you open your hearts fully, with the power to attune others to their angelic natures …

Embracing now the angel that you are, as your angelic presence steps forward and merges with you, both the masculine and the feminine aspects of your angelic presence merge with you … embodying your angelic nature in wholeness and purity, and enabling now completion to be achieved through the possibility that others of your bodies of light may anchor within divine timing … enabling all parts of yourself to come home, that you may in wholeness complete your ascension process. 

And the angelic gifts are returned to you and these will awaken within you.  The prime gift of the angelic nature is that of ‘knowing’, holding higher importance than other spiritual gifts for with the gift of knowing you are most easily able to know your every direction in life and to make decisions based on this gift and it will lead you wherever you wish, held within its clarity and truth and knowledge of the divine. 

You hold responsibility also in this embodiment of your angelic nature which has been restored to you this day.  You hold the ability to look into the eyes and to the heart of those you meet and to know of their truth or of their untruth, with the requirement of you that you hold no judgement of those you meet, for in truth all upon this earth plane do the very best they can in every moment.  All are held bound by the dualities and denseness of this earth plane, and as high initiates it is required of you that never do you hold judgement or criticism of another.  Only the angels know of the challenges and difficulties held within the daily existence of those of your fellows … and it is reiterated that all do the very best of which they are capable, and so must not be held in judgement or criticism. 

You each walk a high path of mastery and of love.  When you look to the heart of another and see the pain and confusion there of that one, it is required of you that you open your beautiful heart in unconditional love of each one you meet.  And in you they will see the eyes of the angel that you are and they will be attracted to the high energy and vibration you hold.  In you they will see the mirror of their own angelic nature, and you are enabled to open your heart and to merge with the heart of that one that you meet, and to share your angelic nature, the love that you are, with each one that you meet. 

And in this way, the frequency you emit is raised so high, and all will strive to match your frequency … you draw all those in your field to a higher frequency.  And in your dozens, and your hundreds, and your thousands you will raise the frequency of man … raising the frequency of the earth plane and shining by your example of unconditional love the mirror to which all will aspire. 

You each hold roles of greatness, dear ones, and you are honoured and revered for your path of bravery and willingness to embody all of which you are capable.  The Masters and angels bow down before you in honour of you and of your path of light.

The four angels who accompany you on your earthly journey stand close and make their connection with you and you may receive their names now or at a later time as they make their connection, happy that you have knowledge of their existence and of their ability of great power to intercede on your behalf in every circumstance of your physical life.  Your angels ask that you remember to call them in each day, and that you sit with them in quietness and in meditation and attune yourself to their energies and open yourself to receive their words of wisdom and direction for they do hold great ability to guide you and inspire you in whatever way you desire.  They wish to take their places as trusted friends and loved ones and yearn to have this connection with you and to receive your love, for it is love which is their fuel and which inspires them and fills them with delight.  Such a beautiful relationship is possible with these loved ones if you will open to them and receive a full connection. 

As you soar in the energies of light which surround you and fill you with a great frequency of angelic love, open your heart as the angel you are to make your connection with these loved ones ………………………………………………………………………….

As you open your heart and receive full connection with your angelic nature, fully conscious upon earth, receive the return of the angelic gifts, and restoration, repatterning, and alignment to Original Divine Blueprint … and receiving the power and ability to attune others … widening the circle of enlightenment throughout the earth plane through an awakening of the angelic nature.

Singing the mantra for the sacred encodement to allow the attunement and activation to complete


And using your angelic voices to tone and to sing in your own language of light, as your angelic nature embodies you and fills you with joy and light.

As you tone and sing, the angelic blueprint anchors through you and to Gaia and her portals, her songlines and dreaming lines and to the diamond grid of light … bringing such heightened frequencies to share with all mankind.  

Adding now your dreams that all may share in the return of their angelic nature … gifting this to the morphogenetic field of all possibility. 

Dear ones, you are held in great esteem and high regard by all of your Family of Light.  Go with God.  I Am your Metatron.

A voice transmission of the angelic language of light accompanies the activation and this can be accessed by the link 14_angelic activations

The sacred sound transmissions of the angelic symphonies and Tibetan bells take you on a journey with the Ascended Masters and all of the family of light.  As you sit in meditation or lie quietly, the sacred sounds will release records of the akasha … distortions, memories, experiences, beliefs, patterns, programs …. and repattern and transform your twelve body system, restoring every dimension, circuitry, chakra, cell and DNA to your original divine blueprint.  Allow time to integrate the healing and be aware that distortions in their release may create disturbance.  The activations will create change which is ongoing, so be kind to yourself, take adequate rest and hydrate your body with adequate fluids.


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series