Dreamers of the new world series



Breathe deeply as your family of light streams in to be with you, beloved angels, Elohim, archangels, seraphim, cherubim, radiant ones … and the emissaries of light and love of Arcturus, Andromeda and Sirius and those of the Ashtar Command accompany us, with the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters of your Ascension and Mission Councils.

A chamber of golden light is anchored over you and the light technicians enter your field to release distortions and anomalies held within each of the diamond plates of your energy bodies. As you receive each of the activations, this clearing and restoration is progressive, with layers of records, memories and ancient patterns allowed to be released, like skins of an onion, peeling away the old memories and patterns, ancient wounds and memories, to reveal the divine innocence within. From each dimension of your energy body are released those ancient records and memories and patterns which have lodged as memory within the crystals and gateways and vortexes of the diamond plates of your light body. As your multidimensional bodies return, the ancient records and memories become lodged within these crystals of the diamond plates … causing disturbance, muddled thinking, and obstruction … and in each activation you receive the benefit of the ongoing removal of these records. As you breathe, all diamond plates are restored and brought to alignment and you are enabled to experience balance, peace and wholeness.


Breathe deeply and open the chakras of your column of light and experience the expansion of your energy body, able now to receive vastly increased volumes of light which pour forth from the Source realms, entering through your crown chakra, and flowing down to the heart and through the lower chakras, through the earth star chakra beneath your feet and connecting securely with Gaia’s crystal heart in the centre of the earth, and breathe the love of Gaia up into your heart. From your heart breathe again through the upper chakras and connect to the Suns and Moons and to Source, to Father Mother God and to your God Presence, asking God Presence to descend and to align with your column of light. Feel the love and light of God that you are … expanding … with your God Presence anchored within your energies. For several deep breaths experience the love which is your God Presence, pure, whole, complete…


With the frequency so high, we journey together now to the ancient civilisation of Atlantis. Breathe deeply as we journey … arriving amidst crystal light, blue light glancing off crystal structures, buildings grouped in a circle, 8 shining crystal structures of differing sizes, all of towering height … the beings of Atlantis are tall and their structures reflect their height.


Poseidon greets us as we approach the smallest crystal building, and we enter through the large oval door, bending to enter as you have taken on the form of your Atlantean self … looking down at your feet and seeing the type of footwear you wear, and the robe which gracefully covers your body.

There is a breastplate you wear, with ancient symbols embedded in its surface. You are wearing a metallic headdress … and as you walk past a shining crystal surface which reflects mirror like light, you see in your reflection your headdress, and your face … and allow the memories to return of your time upon this ancient place.


We have returned to the early times of Atlantis, when the flow of God’s Source energy and love was freely utilised without duality … utilised in the name of God and for the good of all. And there was peace … and abundance … plenty … and fulfillment … for all used their talents and gifts to the utmost, advancing the abilities of mankind in many ways … utilising all of the cells of the brain … developing the abilities of telepathy, and there was the gift of sight of the third eye … and there was sophistication in the manner in which problems were tackled, using lateral thought and methods of overcoming, finding new and innovative solutions in the manufacture of types of machinery … traversing new ground in methods of thinking and problem solving … expanding the abilities of the brain by their experiments … utilising all of the power of man … and fuelled by the love and light and energy of God. There was no end to the innovations and marvels they produced, and there was much happiness in these early times, for all were living to the limit of their potential, with love freely flowing back and forth, fully supported by the heavenly energies of Source.


We enter a large oval area, surrounded by mirror like surfaces of crystal. In each facet of the oval crystal wall are reflected scenes from the early times of Atlantis, captured within the crystals and able to be accessed and viewed through the crystal technology available in this age. Walk slowly around the perimeter of the oval area, stopping to gaze at the refraction of light which offers for your sight views of these ancient times of happiness and fulfillment on Atlantis. You are shown qualities of man from this ancient age which have not since been available as they were shut down and lost. As you pass a reflected scene which offers images of the Atlanteans using telepathy as freely as speech is used on earth now … place your hands and your forehead against the crystal surface … and receive imprinting of these latent abilities … receiving restoration of the ancient methods of communicating.


Walk to the next facet of the crystal wall, showing Atlanteans using lateral methods of the mind in problem solving, using all of the chambers of the brain to achieve what is required. The marvels of the mind and its myriad uses are shown in swiftly moving images which reflect from the crystal facet as you observe. As you place your hands and third eye against this facet, receive the restoration of the abilities of the mind, able to utilise all of the chambers of the brain, opening these powerhouses of wisdom and ability once more.


Place your right hand upon your brow, and your left hand upon your heart … and receive the reconnection of the mind with the heart. The mind, used in isolation, is not acting within the absolute divine parameters of which it is capable … but when connected with and fuelled by the heart … then the higher mind comes into play … the gift of the divine mind … fully connected with the heart … and with the heart playing its lead … as guide and receiver of the mind’s messages of brilliance … unlimited in brilliance when fuelled by love … interpreted by love … made known to you by the heart’s callings and yearnings and messages of intuition and ‘knowing’.


As you walk to the next facet of the crystal wall, scenes are reflected in glowing images of the inhabitants of Atlantis using their gift of clairvoyance, able to see into and beyond the present … into the future and to the past … and with that gift intact, able to also manipulate the past, the present and the future. As you stop before the facet of the crystal wall, you will see many and varied aspects of the wisdom and intelligence of the mind, looking closer to receive vision of those qualities of the mind which you hold from Atlantean times … and receive a knowing of the latent qualities you hold … trusting that these qualities may be restored … as you again place your third eye and hands flat against the crystal surface of the wall and receive restoration of those abilities.


We walk to the next crystal facet, given vision of the acuity of hearing in Atlantis, so much further developed than we experience currently on earth … able to tap in, used juxtaposed alongside the gift of knowing, each sense interweaving with the other … and the sense of sound, greatly enhanced, was used together with the sense of knowing, making possible for the Atlanteans to know before an event occurred by using all of their senses together.


The gift of sight was well developed with acuity of vision used in conjunction with the sight of the third eye. All senses were used together and it was not possible to separate the senses, for all worked together … and the effect was of ‘knowing’, of predicting, of sensing and knowing all … all the senses working together, tuning in and with the ability of the mind, making decisions, gaining directions to follow, like human machines, with highly developed extrasensory abilities. As you are offered vision or knowing of the gifts of this time, continue to press your third eye and your hands flat against the crystal surfaces of the facets … those relating to the sense of hearing … of sight … of the third eye … of knowing … of interpreting and making decisions … and acting upon those instinctive decisions, receiving the restoration of the divine gifts of man in Atlantis.


Walk to the crystal facet which offers vision of the abilities of clairsentience … of sensing, able to receive messages via the brain which signaled the body, those truth bumps and shivers of recognition, of deja vue, of knowing, felt within the body, those tremors of energy felt in the hand and around the energy field of the body and at the back of the head and neck and within the ears, those tingling surges felt within the heart, the increased flow of energy which creates a heaviness of breathing and shock of recognition. Receive restoration of this ancient gift of clairsentience by pressing your forehead and hands flat against the crystal facet.


You come to a facet which displays vision of the use of clairaudience … the ability to hear telepathically what is sent by another as message … the ability to hear the messages, either by the distinct words able to be heard, or through the knowing. The ability to hear the messages of love of the Family of Light was the most joyous use of this gift, receiving their words of love and of support and of guidance and wisdom. As you observe the use of this beautiful gift, press your third eye and hands against this facet so that you may restore this gift to your being.


There was the gift of oration, the gift of speech, utilising the wisdom of the mind and heart, expressed through the voice, inspiring others by the gift of oration, easily flowing wisdom which was expressed by the voice in melodic and mellifluent tones of beauty, and used in toning and singing for varying means of manifestation and creation, of healing and of travelling across the dimensions. As you are offered vision of the ancient methods of the use of the voice, the gift of sound, place your third eye and hands against this facet, and receive restoration of this gift.


We find at the next facet of the crystal wall the varying uses of the gift of clairvoyance, the gift of travelling across the dimensions through all time and space into the past and the future … the gift of x-ray vision, and of seeing all of the etheric energies, vision of the aura, of the colours which make up a being’s aura and light body … and this gift enabled access to the truth … for if duality and malice and anger and wrong intention was held, it was easily known and action taken to avoid the entrapment of that situation. All emotions were reflected within the colours of the aura and energy body, allowing no hidden motives to be kept from view … all was clearly visible with this gift of clairvoyance. There are scenes of connection with other realms far distant, and of connection with beings from these realms, those from the Family of Light with their loving guidance and support. The heart opens with joy to have the return of this ancient gift as you again place your forehead and hands against the crystal wall.


The gift of knowing, perhaps the most magnificent gift, of ‘knowing’ the truth … the truth of a person … of a situation … of a direction to take … to assist in making decisions … the gift of receiving those flashes of brilliance and genius, of divine guidance which is received through the heart’s knowing. Joy expands within the heart as this beautiful gift is returned, as you place your forehead and hands flat against the crystal facet of the wall.


As you reach almost to the last facet of the crystal wall, you receive vision of the use of the open heart … for the heart is the key in the use of all of the other senses. When the heart is fully open, all of the other senses are intensified and expanded and more easily accessed and known and experienced. The wisdom of the heart guides and directs and allows sharing without competition or jealousy or power struggles. With the open heart, all work together in oneness, utilising each of the individual talents to work together cohesively and achieve wondrous creations not possible through the use of the genius and inventiveness and ability of the individual working alone. Place your forehead and hands against the crystal surface to receive the healing and restoration of your heart to its full power of love, creation and expansion.


Walk to the last facet of the circular wall and find here vision of the joys of full connection with the Source realms, tapping into the full light, love and power of these realms … and using the brilliance of the mind and its inventions and genius … filtered through the heart … and receiving utmost support from the universe by way of energy and light. Observe the inventions and the uses made of man’s genius of the mind … inspired by the divine flashes of inspiration … and utilising the full support of the power and energy of the heavenly realms. Observe the fulfillment in the lives of these ones as they make full use of all of their divine talents and abilities, living in splendour and abundance, using all of the senses combined, each sense merging with the others, all working together to make possible the giant leaps in technology and knowledge of the Atlanteans in this age. Receive the return of this gift of full connection with the Source realms, the source of all power and light, inspiration and support, as you place your hands and crown against this facet of the circular wall.


Much returns to original blueprint this day. Imprinting of the ancient gifts is received in packets of light within your light body … and as you continue to restore your light body to full magnificence, the ancient gifts surface gracefully.


Breathe and receive an alignment now of your energies, allowing the integration of the restructuring you have received and which will continue, for this work is gradual, with much having been lost over the aeons of man, and there will also be restranding of the DNA to accommodate the new gifts as they gracefully arise and return.


Return to the centre of the oval room, standing upon a template of a metallic bronze star, looking down at your feet and see that your footwear has changed … as pulses of light flash off the facets of the crystal walls, encircling and moving around you in swift flashes of coloured light, faster and faster, creating a vortex of light in which you are swept up … and travelling with this vortex of light and finding yourself inside another of the 8 circular structures. In this building there are crystal facets again lining the oval wall and accompanied by your Family of Light, step closer as you observe within the flashes of light upon the crystal wall those scenes of the particular gifts and abilities which were unique to you in a life in Atlantis when you were acting in full power and light. Receive through your knowing or your vision knowledge of those gifts which you used in great fulfillment and for the good of so many. Breathe deeply and place your third eye and both of your hands against the crystal wall, receiving imprinted upon your energy the knowledge of your divine gifts used in this ancient age. Breathe and receive the return of the knowledge of your divine gifts, and of some of your methods of wisdom and creation and innovation. Receive knowledge of three major attributes and gifts which you made use of at this time, those divine gifts and abilities which were most easily accessed and used, inherently held within you as your very essence.


Divine Mother stands before you and offers the return of these 3 qualities and gifts and places these within your chakras, placing crystals of amethyst in your third eye, your heart and your sacral chakras, restoring these gifts to you.


Again you find yourself standing upon a bronze star template in the centre of the oval room, and again the crystal walls begin to flash with light, faster and faster as the light races around the walls, creating a vortex of light. Look down at your feet, finding different footwear … as you travel through the vortex of light, and find yourself in another of the 8 buildings, again lined with the crystal facets along the oval wall. Flashes of colour and of scenes begin to be reflected upon the facets of the wall. Your Family of Light remains with you as you step closer, holding and supporting you with their love, as you watch the scenes displayed upon the crystal wall of times when you acted in duality and distortion, not fully in accord with your divinity, your mission and your divine role as an emissary from God. Breathe deeply as you receive knowledge of a lifetime in Atlantis when you may have acted not in purity and integrity, but in avarice, in arrogance, in superiority, with motives which were not pure but were fueled by greed, by competition, by jealousy, by the wish for power and manipulation … when your heart was closed and you were not in touch with either your truth, or God’s truth, or the truth of your mission and role upon earth in this Atlantean age.


There is no judgement held of those times when you have fallen from grace and acted in duality and distortion, for the density of the physical plane is well known and the fall into distortion has been common.


There are those who have become corrupted by the power and divine gifts they held, who used those gifts in distortion and in duality with many consequences of great harshness, great suffering, and chaos and hardship and pain. Great wrongs were done. And God’s love judges these ones not.


Breathe deeply as you place your hands and third eye against the crystal wall … and now is the time that you may acknowledge fully that there have been occasions when you have acted not within divinity … but in distortion and corruption and duality … for the acknowledgement is necessary. It is necessary that all must ‘own’ their darkness, their deceptions, their mistakes. In acknowledging and owning the mistakes and errors of judgement made in ancient times, the release is possible of all that occurred…


Lady Nada and the Karmic Board offer the karmic records for release and karmic absolution is received by you, taking from each of the chakras which received distortion each of the akashic records of duality. The memories are released, those that continue to create disempowering memories and patterns, for you have agreed to make your descent upon earth again in this lifetime to rid yourself of those karmic wounds, to become aware of the limitations you still carry and to receive their release, relieved of all that limits you so that your divine path may be walked, and so that all may receive the benefit of the great love within you which holds such desire that all mankind receive a lessening of pain and suffering and receive restoration of their connection with God.


Receive with gratitude this clearing from your energy of all that has bound you from this ancient age and walk to the centre of the oval room, again taking your place upon a bronze star template, observing the lights flashing again around the crystal facets of the room. Your footwear has changed again and as the light flashes around the room, you are lifted into the vortex of light which is created and find yourself in the last of the crystal buildings, walking with your Family of Light to these walls where you may view scenes which occurred at the fall of Atlantis, given an overview of the chaos and the pain of these times, and of the shame and responsibility felt by those divine ones who played roles of duality which contributed and led to this downfall of the civilisation of Atlantis. There is much grief to observe these scenes. Allow this grief to surface and to release, for it has been held within your being for aeons. Such shame and responsibility has led some of you to be caregivers, to care for others without care of self … to give power to others. There is hatred of self held by many and great lack of love of self, patterns which have led to such sadness and disempowerment. There has been abuse, and self abuse, shame, disconnection from God and from the Family of Light … the fall from the grace which is God’s love … the deeply held belief that it is not possible to be forgiven by God, or forgiven by self, for failing in mission, for letting oneself down and for letting humanity down by acting without integrity and with errors of judgement. There is the belief that you are not good enough, not good for anything, having no qualities worthy of success, not worthy to be loved, not able to love fully because of the shame held so deeply at your core.


Beloveds, no judgement is held of your actions. It is required of you that you forgive yourselves, for God forgave you at the moment of your errors of judgement. The time is now to let the ancient wrongs go so that you may be in freedom. Are you willing to receive this divine opportunity to offer yourself complete forgiveness? The time is now to forgive yourself fully for all and any errors made in mission in all ancient times. Are you willing to let it all go, to receive absolution for all that occurred? Lady Nada waits … and offers on behalf of the Karmic Board full and complete karmic absolution for all that occurred across all time, space and dimensions, which had its inception and origin in those original core wounds of Atlantis. Breathe deeply, and receive this completely within your being, as records are taken from your crown, your third eye, your throat, your thymus, your heart, your solar plexus, your hara, your sacral and your base chakras, all contaminated and distorted by the ancient wounds of Atlantis. Breathe and receive this absolution and allow your energy now to expand, to break free of the contraction of your energy and to expand with the breath as you open all of your chakras now to allow Source light which streams into this oval chamber to fill all of your chakras and your light body, allowing the release of those energies of distortion held within the light body, taken by the Voidal Mothers who transmute all energies to light.


The Arcturians come now to intensify the volume of Source light. Breathe and let go all memory and grief, sadness, and responsibility for humanity. Allow yourself to release your responsibility to care for others, often to the detriment of your own well being. It is not necessary to hold back from yourself those offerings of love you offer to others but not to self. It is in free will and in abundance and love of self that you will best serve humanity, not in guilt and shame but in full openhearted love of yourself and in love of your life. It is not necessary that you live in lack for it is in openhearted joy and ease that you will serve the world. This is what is required of you … that you love each moment of your life … that you love yourself … in God’s image and in bringing your Godself to the earth plane, so much is given to mankind and to Gaia. This is what is required of you, to live in joy and to restore yourself to your divine magnificence.


Singing now the mantra to release all wounds of the Atlantean age, and restoring the power, intelligence, wisdom and connection of the Divine Mind, fuelled and guided by the unconditional love of the Divine Heart, undistorted by the duality, memories, fears and corruption of this ancient age, returning to Original Divine Blueprint, wholeness, unconditional love and divinity.




And the mantra to release the guilt, shame and responsibility held towards mankind for the Fall of Atlantis, releasing any and all curses placed by humanity for all and any role played, particularly as it relates to the creation role in implementation of the Divine Plan and the implementation of the desire for self-will, self-direction and autonomy … and to release all distortions, duality and wounding in relation to Creation, the Fall of Atlantis and restoring to Original Divine Blueprint




Beloveds, stand again on the bronze star within the centre of the oval chamber and again the vortex of light begins to spin. Look down at your feet and return to the physical plane beloveds, to your sacred space.


Divine Mother remains with you as the records and memories and distortions continue to release. So much has been achieved and there is much joy in these realms at your restoration in peace. I Am Divine Mother.


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#8 Atlantis


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series