Dreamers of the new world series



Dear ones of the light.  Let us open our columns of light both to Source and to Gaia, connecting with the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command and the angelics and Archangels from all the realms.  Connect the portals of your physical body with the crystal grids of the earth … connecting the portals of your light body with the grid of light which surrounds the universe … aligning with the Great Central Sun … as great transmissions of Source light fill you, raising your vibration, releasing from you those distortions and imbalances which create confusion and pain.  

Breathe deeply and receive connection with the realms of light as a chamber of light is erected over you in your sacred space.  Many emissaries of light enter your field to begin to release from the individual chakras, gateways, vortexes, circuitries and crystals of each of the diamond plates of your twelve body system the distortions you hold, the obstructions and blockages, the records of the akasha of parallel lives which affect you with their memories of disempowerment, pain, sadness and lack of trust and belief in yourself, in the divine plan and in your Family of Light. 

As you are increasingly filled with light as distortions continue to release, your energy body is repatterned to your divine blueprint … restoring, replacing, activating, aligning. 

Within the vacuum created as distortions are freed, the beings of light from Arcturus and from Sirius bring to you those soul gifts you hold in the other dimensions of light, those which within the divine plan you bring to earth to play your role of service to mankind.  With the breath, receive encoding by parcels of light codes which travel along the circuitries of your being to your galactic chakras, building your light body, raising your vibration and the frequency you emit, taking you to advanced levels of readiness and divinity.

As you expand in frequency and in light, open your heart and allow all the dimensions of your heart to receive healing … offering to the angelics the sadness and pain of daily life, of disappointment, tiredness, heaviness, confusion, anger, grief.  Surrender all that saddens and disempowers you … hand it over to the angels and receive release from the initiations within which you are currently ‘stuck’, unable to move forward beyond the limitations that hold you bound.  Breathe deeply and receive release. 

Allow your mind to be freed of the media hype, of the doom and gloom caused by the reports of loss of life, of homelessness and of destruction.  Allow Lord Buddha to place his Pearl of Peace within your mental body and your mind … and may its powerful emanations of peace dissolve your doubts and fears for yourself and for humanity.  St Germain creates a shield of violet flame around your body of light to protect you from the energies of hysteria and fear.  All the Family of Light come to hold you and assist you … and to disconnect you from the collective fears of humanity. 

Lady Nada places her White Rose of Purity within your heart to soften and heal your memories of ancient lifetimes where you have played your role of service to humanity in their times of great need, in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, times when you may have made errors of judgement, became caught in the denseness and duality of the physical plane, where you observed and were involved within great distortions, and ultimately failed to bring peace and safety to the civilisations of man.  The rose takes from you the memories as Lady Nada with the Karmic Board offers for release the original core records, memories and experiences of distortion, disempowerment and pain.

The energies of change sweep through this world of man and much is raised to the surface for its review and healing.  More and more, all that is distorted is raised to the surface for as the frequencies rise, like oil and water there is separation.  Lower frequencies are shed, unable to have life as the frequencies shift and rise.  All that is within you that is distorted, of a lower frequency, is magnetised and caught within the planetary alignments and brought up for view, for healing … and for release.  There is discomfort for you and challenge and disturbance and conflict as the separation occurs of all that is dense and of lower energy.  All is being brought to the surface for its release, and there are times when you are buffeted by the energies which are sometimes fierce and unrelenting, bringing initiations to you as you seek to relearn new ways of being and doing, of thinking and believing.

Dear ones of the light, in special dispensation for your path of light and service, receive a purging of those distortions in your field, those incomplete initiations within which you walk.  Allow these to be taken from you … as increasing frequencies are now brought through your twelve body system to restore that which holds distortion and pain … to complete that which is incomplete … and to allow you to be free, unencumbered, at peace and in joy. 

Breathe deeply as great transformation is given … and connect now with those  other Dreamers around the world through the Eight Pointed Star of All Creation and the Lemurian Grid, linking your energies, aligned together in space and time, held in safety by all the members of the Family of Light. 

Within your pure channels of light, connected between the heavens and the earth, open your heart and all of your being to allow great transmissions of celestial light to pour through you.  The legions of angels from all the dimensions, the Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, all of the Ascended Masters of Shamballa and the Great White Lodge, the Sisters of the Rays and Rose and the emissaries of love and light from all the dimensions sit within your field of light.  Held in love and safety, the streams of light travel through your open channel of light and through your being, anchoring securely within the centre of the earth.  As the energy intensifies continue to breathe deeply and to expand as your vibration lifts … great expansion occurs and your frequency shifts higher and higher. 

Within the divine plan you take your place as a bearer and holder of the light, and this Source energy which pours through you is anchored by many beings of light into the grids of Gaia, and a grid point of light is created. 

Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans and those of the Ashtar Command will continue to create the circuitries and geometries of the portal and grid point of light anchored in your sacred space.  By daily opening your channel of light and meditating in your sacred space, this light increasingly adds to and builds the grid point and portal of light. 

Not only do you add a point to the Lemurian Grid which creates the template upon which the New World is built, but you also benefit from sitting within the great streams of light which connect with the Source realms and with Gaia. 

Linking your energies now around the globe of the earth, your Family of Light honours you and thanks you for the role you have played in creating this diamond grid of light which shines so brightly and encircles the planet earth. 

You are asked if you will continue with this work, to visit those places of beauty and high power where you find peace and inspiration, those favourite places in which you feel inspired by the beauty of nature, along the coastlines, atop the hills and mountains, at the ocean and along the rivers and streams … and to sit in meditation and to call on your Family of Light and offer yourself as the vehicle and conduit through which great streams of Source light may enter into the earth to create portals and grid points of light.   In this way, a great tide of light will increasingly cover planet earth.  You are revered for your service and for your love.

Singing now the mantra of the sacred encodement to complete this work


and using your divine voices to tone and to sing in your own language of light as you allow your personal dreams to release that you may know them … and those dreams you hold for peace and joy, fulfillment, safety, justice, equality, abundance for all of humanity. 

As you tone and sing, your dreams are added to your grid point of light … and to the diamond grid of light … and your dreams converge, and merge … and are added to the morphogenetic field of all possibility. 

As the blueprints of perfection are anchored to earth into Gaia’s portals and grid lines, her songlines and dreaming lines, in holographic perfection your dreams create the reality of the New World.


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series