Dreamers of the new world series



Beloveds, I am Archangel Michael with Lady Nada and the Divine Mother.

The activation this day is for the restoration to its Original Divine Blueprint of your Mental Body and of your Divine Masculine. Beloveds, it is the Lord Michael who stands before you this day, bringing with me my dispensations to free the mental body and mind of those cluttered preoccupations of the collective consciousness.

Beloveds, breathe deeply and allow the body to sink deep into relaxation. Allow your being to accept the sweet blue rays of truth which flood your being as I raise my Sword of Truth and cast its healing rays within your mind and mental body, healing those obsessive thought patterns and preoccupations the mind has become fixed in, and casting from your being those thought patterns of the collective consciousness. Allow your being to relax further now, to sink into your cushions and to give yourself to surrender, for surrender is required. The mind has held for so long onto its obsessive wish to know all, to control all, and the pattern has become so engrained … and totally unconscious … that total surrender is required today … wishing to be free of those obsessive thought patterns which have bound you and humanity for so long.

Breathing deeply now beloveds, and accepting the blue healing rays in their varying hues and degrees of brilliance … of aquamarine and turquoise, of soft blues, and deep blues, of midnight indigo and of azure blue, and soft baby tones of blue … to enter your being, to fill your aura, to enter all of your chakras, and to overfill into your energy body, filling all bodies and diamond plates, healing all, bringing sweet peace and quiet to your being … allowing surrender. And the heart is filled with the healing blue rays, allowing the heart to surrender also, and to rest … and to know that its yearnings for peace are heard … and are fulfilled.

And breathing deeper now to allow the heart to open more wide, accepting the healing rays of blue, allowing to reach all corners of the heart, reaching all sadnesses and disappointments.

Breathing and accepting the blue rays to flood all of your being, calming those fears and doubts held in the solar plexus, taking from you the fear, dissolved in the blue ray of God’s truth.

Flooding through all of your being … into your base chakra, and dissolving those survival issues you hold … the aloneness you feel, your separation from God and from these realms … all the pain of separation from these realms is dissolved by the blue ray of god’s love. For never are you separate from these realms … only the mind’s intricate imaginings and mankind’s stories of God give rise to this belief. Dissolving those beliefs now, and taking away the uncertainty, hesitation, doubt, fear, anxiety, worry. For the mind has all of these wondrous abilities … and is very free with its offerings, sending these wondrous thoughts and feelings … those beliefs, hesitations, doubts, fears, uncertainties, anxieties and worries … into all of your chakras.

And breathing and relaxing deeply, as the blue rays flood your hara, your centre of power, relieving you of its burdens of inability and confusion, of swaying between the desire to overpower … and of becoming powerless … in confusion … doubt … hesitation … and fear. Fear of your own power, fear of its might, fear of its lack, doubting you have power one moment … and in fear of your integrity in using your power in the next moment. Observing your power play out its games … desiring to control and manipulate others on one day … and feeling overpowered and manipulated by others on the next … swaying between the two extremes. And accepting the healing blue rays which stabilise your power centre, alleviating the fears and doubts, and providing balance. For indeed your power centres are powerful … but wounded by those experiences in other ages, when others have taken your power and used it, and of other times when you have been punished and suffered greatly for your power … and of times when you have wished to have others’ power and have competed in jealousy and envy … and your hara holds ancient fears and doubts … and the blue sword of truth cuts to the core those ancient fears and experiences, releasing, releasing all … taking cleanly from your hara these ancient fears … these desires for power … these fears of your power … and of others’ power … taking, releasing all from you … leaving your hara pulsing with blue light, free of taint and burden, pulsing sweetly and powerfully with the blue light of truth. And in truth, there is no possibility of abuse of your power … or of other’s abuse and manipulation of you.

Relaxing deeply as the blue rays pour into your throat, healing in its sweet balm the ancient fears held within the throat and jaw, the seat of much tension, holding so much pressure and tension in the throat and jaw and mouth. So many experiences and memories are held within this chakra and throat area. Opening your mouth a little now and relaxing your jaw, as the healing blue rays fill this area … taking these ancient sadnesses and feelings of being overwhelmed … by sadness, by responsibility for the sadness of mankind … by all that you have seen and observed and experienced across the ages … of those times when you have spoken with love, knowing so much truth within you, and wishing to share this truth, and receiving punishment in ancient times, and disregard, and laughter and mockery, shunned by others for the truth you held within you … and of times when you have misused your powerful ability of oration and inspiring with words, using the power within your voice to convince and sway others with clever use of words and ideas. Receiving the blue rays to heal all, taking from you these memories which prevent the entire opening of the power within your throat and voice. For you hold immense power within your throat … and your words and your voice are powerful creators … with power to walk across others’ hearts and minds when used in love … and to walk across the dimensions in song and in the language of light, and to bring forth from these realms all the healing power and love of the heavens. Your voices hold sublime beauty and power. Such power is contained within your voices. And when you open to sing the language of love from the galaxy from which you originate … do you realise the power you are expressing upon the earth plane … bringing forth the healing and creative abilities of your galactic self … bringing these gifts and abilities as tools of healing and of creation. Relaxing further as your throat and mouth and jaw are replenished with the healing rays of blue light I offer, loosening the tension and anxiety completely, allowing the mouth and jaw to receive the calming peace … as tension releases and is dissolved.

And the Blue Dove of Peace is placed within your mind and mental body. For there is not much of peace within the mind at present … so many large and small thoughts, anxieties, fears and doubts are contained in the mind currently. And the Dove of Peace may flutter its wings and gently ruffle and detach and release all of these thoughts, uncertainties, fears, worries and anxieties … detach and release and brush away all of the mind’s concerns, obsessions, fears, doubts, worries.

And I say to you that so many of the fears held within the mind are those which in truth are not your worries and fears … but are those of the collective consciousness, and some are more particularly of the feminine consciousness, and some of the masculine. And as I raise my blue sword of truth, I bring it now through the collective consciousness of mankind … to unbind you and to free you of those fears and doubts of mankind. And say that these feverish ideas and worries and fears are enlarged and played upon by the media and those who have interest in ensuring the continuation of mankind’s obsession with these fears and worries, who play up and enlarge those international incidents … giving them energy to fill the minds of humanity … wishing mankind to be bound by fear and uncertainty … and to conquer the mass consciousness and hold it bound in disempowerment, into a frenzy of fear and disempowerment. And suggestion is made that you detach yourself from this frenzy of the media to disempower and to create fear and confusion, continuously feeding fear and confusion, hatred and depravity into the minds of mankind.

And you are freed now by the sword of truth, as you are cut away from the collective fears of all of mankind. Breathing and relaxing as this occurs, freeing you from the stain which surrounds humanity … of imagined fears and worries and constant obsessive thoughts. Breathing and accepting this freedom within your mind, allowing your thoughts to be your own. Allowing the love which is within your heart to filter to your mind, and to be expressed through your mind, allowing your thoughts to be those of love and not of fear. Allowing creative thoughts to be allowed free. Allowing the pulses of guidance and love which are sent to you by the angels and Masters and those of the heavenly realms … to be heard … to be put into place and used. Allowing the background noise within the mind to cease. Allowing freedom to hear these messages of inspiration and guidance … free of the noisy mind chatter. For the mind is never still, always has stories to tell, wishing to control everything, wishing to know everything, wishing to get in the way of the divine flow .. and to force events to occur … having no faith in the divine flow … and wishing to force by will those events which the mind thinks it has need to enforce. And so much of unhappiness and dissatisfaction is caused by the mind and its urgings to want … to need … to do … to have … to say … to be in control. And how can the flow of divine guidance ever be heard when the mind is so busy listening to and creating its own universe … when all the time the heavenly flow is there … to bring you all that your heart requires … but the mind is so busy and obsessed with its universe … that it does not see that which the Flower of Life and the Unified Field bring … wishing to get in first, with its obsessive desires and thoughts … not wishing to wait for the divine plan, not trusting it, doubting it completely … and feeling the necessity to do all alone. Such hubris has humanity … thinking it alone may control and bring to fruition its own selfish desires. Such confusion there is … and unhappiness … such dissatisfaction … one wish fulfilled … and immediately the need and desire for something new arises … ever dissatisfied … always wishing, needing, wanting, doing. Never seeing the divine plan, never hearing the divine guidance, never waiting for the divine flow of life to carry one, at the exact time … to take advantage of all that is sent. But cutting off the divine flow, in obsessive need to get there first. And analogy is given of the flow of life as a divine river. And with the heart open, and without the need to control the destination, or the method of journeying to that destination … one may sit quietly by this river of life … awaiting that moment, with joy and trust in one’s heart, when there appears around a bend in this river of life a graceful boat … and stepping gracefully onto the boat, which contains divine provenance and opportunity … and sitting joyously in this boat and looking around at the abundance and beauty and deep experience through which you flow … being carried to your destination gracefully, without hardship … and stepping out onto the platform of inspired opportunity … and gathering up all of your skills and talents and gifts and making use of these to take advantage of the divine opportunity given, with trust in your heart, and joy at the perfection which is divine plan.

But humanity, in its haste and its doubt, mistrust, and not wishing to surrender to the divine plan, in case it is not what the mind wants … is not able to sit patiently by the river of life, awaiting the divine flow and the divine moment … but accepts the mind’s urgings to walk beside the river, looking for the boat, and stumbling and becoming exhausted in this journey of looking for the boat, and then, not accepting that there is no boat yet, placing together those pieces of material he finds here and there, and painfully pulling these from varying places, miles distant, obsessively making a type of boat, suffering and confused and not knowing how he will make the boat, but obsessed with the idea that alone he must build a boat … and time and again attempting to successfully construct this boat and .. finally placing it in the water, but it is not seaworthy and so again it must be rebuilt … until finally it is again placed in the water, and fearfully sitting in this structure which is a little like a boat, perched on top and holding on for dear life, the boat like structure finds itself in rapids, and traverses the rapids, going under the water, and coming up, and struggling to remain afloat, and going under again, and again coming up and struggling for air, and desperate, praying to God … where are you God, why have you abandoned me in my hour of darkness … coming to a deep waterfall .. and managing to steer the boat to the side of the river … and to swim exhausted to the riverside … and to reach the safety of the shore … and to sit quietly, having reached safety .. but with the mind already wondering what to do next. And wandering a little down the side of the river .. and seeing a beautiful boat floating by … and rushing to meet that boat … but too tired by the experiences just past, unable to reach the boat … and sadly watching it disappear from life … lost opportunity, bad timing, missed the boat. The boat of the flow of life.

And judgement of man and man’s amazingly inventive mind there is not. We see the confusion and the pain caused by the collective experiences of man over the ages … we see the desperation of mankind at this moment … and its confusion and pain. Judgement is not held. Only the wish to assist humanity to detach from this mass of confusion and pain. And beloved, to assist in every way possible that you be restored to your original divine blueprint, that in mastery you may bring those gifts you have for humanity … and we say that there are many lightworkers upon the earth, and more are streaming in from the heavens daily, each with their own mastery and gift … and that it is in this way that mankind will receive freeing from the confusions and pains of the collective. And as each of you is freed from this collective web of pain and confusion … allowing your light and your love to freely flow … then all will receive the benefit of this love and this light.

So let us begin beloveds by detaching the mind from the collective. Breathing deeply, as St Germain anchors his violet chamber of light over your beings, and frees your mind and mental body of the collective clutter and obsession. And the violet light burns fiercely through all of man’s illusions and delusions, freeing you from the collective web of darkness. Surrender to this process beloveds, for it will set you free. And see how your obsessive need to control all has led to only attachment, to pain, to sadness, to lack, and to fear. Surrender beloveds to the divine flow of life. To the divine plan for you. Allow the trust to fill your being, and to know with certainty that you are so cared for and guided and loved by those guardians of light who surround you always. Who carry you along the river of life, divinely guided and supported and loved … taken along the flow of the river of life freely, gracefully, easily, to your every destination. For if the mind will only let go of its obsessive need to control, to know, to interfere, then it may open to completely trust and to accept the divine intervention of those who surround you and support you, who guide you and love you. Allow trust to fill your being, accept our love. Feel this love … open to this love … and surrender to this love. Allow this love to take you to your destination … and know that you will not be misguided or led astray. Fully open to the flow of this love … and all will be as it should be, and there will be such fulfillment in this for you … as struggle will leave your side, and need not be encountered again. All you need will be provided to you … in complete abundance it is your right to live and to love and to experience. Allow yourself to be detached from the collective fear patterns … and to trust.

And pondering now quietly on some of the patterns of your mind which you may identify … those which have caused you struggle and hardship, doubt, fear, anxiety…………………………………………………………………………

And allow my sword of truth to cut these from your being, all of these struggles, and doubts, fears, anxieties. Breathing and accepting the cutting away from your mind of all of these limiting patterns.

And Lady Nada comes now and places within the mind an opalescent pearl of truth, that provides protection from the collective consciousness … enabling only truth to be known in your mind, freeing your mind that it may be used as the amazing storehouse of creativity that it is, that it may be used in troubleshooting and in interpretation, in bringing to you the divine messages which are impulsed through you. In creativity. For the brain is an immense organ of creativity … and there are areas of the brain completely unused … and with the brain and the mind now free of the clutter and chatter … it is free to be creative … and to allow those areas of the brain which have been latent and unused in mankind in centuries … to flower, to open, to flourish. And say that much repatterning will continue to occur in your brain, as previous abilities within the brain and the mind are restored to you … abilities and gifts of clairaudience, of clairvoyance, of clairsentience, of sight of the third eye, of knowing, of telepathy. And to know that this is a time just for you, of restoration of your former abilities and powers, and that sometimes there will be disturbance within the body as much changes and is realigned, repatterned and rewired and as circuitries are opened and activated. And you are surrounded by your Family of Light who watch over you and guide you, and all will be provided that you are in need of. You are to know of this and to trust in it.

As Sananda comes now … with many angelic ones from the realms of Arcturus who place you within a cocoon and chamber of light and of love. And breathing this love and light into your being, breathing it into your heart, and in its expansion receiving a releasing of the distortions of memory and perceived patterns of behaviour of the emotions, breathing, expanding and releasing those memories and patterns of the collective. Expanding and opening the heart. Within the Divine Masculine are held energies of non-feeling of the heart and of the emotions. Breathing and receiving an opening of the heart, deeply breathing as the heart is enabled to open wider now, breathing, breathing to enable this to occur … with much assistance given this day to achieve this result … the open and feeling heart, able to receive the love which is now pulsed to you … from the many angels who stream in and surround you in circle. And with them come Archangels … Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Uriel, Aquariel, Faith, Hope, Charity, Christine, Aurora. Astrea of the Elohim and many others, who stand in circle. So many angelic ones are with you this day. And those of your Mission Council and of your Ascension Council arrive and stand with you. Opening your heart to receive all the love that these ones pulse to you. And experiencing the expansion as this love floods your being, removing all careworn sadness and disappointment, filling you with the love of your Family of Light, and taking away all loneliness and feelings of isolation and separateness.

And breathing their love up into your thymus chakra, your higher heart, located midway between your heart and your throat .. your connection point with the universal rays of love … your connection and inter relatedness with all others. And here experience the love of all and for all, your love of humanity which has led you to this mission upon earth. Experience this love. And receive a lifting from your thymus of the pain you experience for humanity and its burdens and trials. For your hearts and higher hearts are so sensitive, and it is not necessary that you take on this pain for humanity. Your role is to heal through the beauty of your heart … not to take on humanity’s pain and lessons for them. And it is not possible to be effective when you are filled with the pain of humanity. This pain is taken from you. And Divine Mother places her Pearl of Compassion into your higher heart, your thymus, which opens your heart to all others … while providing protection .. enabling you to open wide the heart to all, without suffering or pain.

Breathing the love of the Family of Light into your throat and receiving a lifting and releasing of your doubts about your course of action … your path … and of the fears of other’ judgements and criticisms of this path of evolution you take. Your separateness, solitude and loneliness in this path is released from you. Allowing you to stand in your truth and integrity and to freely share with those others your path of walking through initiations into mastery. And taking from you the sorrow and loneliness as some friends and acquaintances whose friendships have warmed and fulfilled your life drop away. For you are changing. Your vibration is ever increasing. And as you step into higher and higher vibration and as you evolve and walk through initiations, the old becomes less important and you feel the stagnation of the old life. And new friends and loved ones will come into your life … new experiences, new opportunities … all of the new may be welcomed into your life. But there is sometimes sadness as the old which has served for so long … falls away … and while waiting for the new to fully arrive. And so, taking this sadness and disappointment from you, the loneliness and the worrying about the lack of fulfillment in some areas of your life … as you step into the new life that is ahead.

And the love is breathed into the third eye, seat of your abilities and gifts. And there are many changes occurring within this chakra, and sometimes discomfort as repatterning and rewiring occurs. And receiving this love as your chakra is energised with its healing light, expanding and filling the third eye with light.

And the love and light may be breathed up through the crown chakra, expanding, expanding … and spilling over into all of your light body, filling you with pulses of light and with love … expanding, expanding all of your light body.

Receiving the healing love pulsed into your solar plexus, and releasing all fears and insecurities and doubts of your abilities … and hesitations to move forward through initiations which formerly you have resisted moving through. As you are pulsed with all assistance to continue strongly and firmly on your path of mastery, moving through all obstacles and doubts, leaving the old pattern of struggle behind. All love is pulsed to you, that you may receive all the assistance you need to continue walking proudly and confidently forward on your path. And honour is given you for the challenges of this path … and we say that the road lessens in steepness, and moves quietly now and on straight ground and stretches ahead … the open road, without obstruction or blockage. All is clear. The road has been cleared and you are free to walk at your own pace, with grace and with ease, your path to completion and to mastery. It stretches invitingly ahead, this open road of discovery, the discovery that you are a Master, a divine one, releasing all memory and experience … of all that stands between you in this mastery and divinity. And assure you of the peace that lies ahead upon this path. Of the peace and fulfillment. Contentment. Pleasure. Sweet joy.

And the sacral chakra receives the healing pulses of love as they are pulsed and breathed into this chakra. Releasing those blockages to putting into place those inspired pulses of opportunity sent to you by your Family of Light. For much is sent to you, offered to you. Those flashes of inspiration and of brilliance. Those ‘aha’ moments of realisation and of acknowledgement. As ancient patterns of behaviour release. As you are offered glimpses of your mission, your gifts, your path. As the realisations come to you of your nature, your gifts, your origins … and as you see that each part of your life has played a role in preparation for your role which you step into. Everything which has gone ahead … prepares and paves the way for your excellence and mastery. And those flashes of brilliance and of inspiration may be confidently stepped forward into … without the limiting fears and blockages and patterns of behaviour which formerly have limited and restricted you, held you back from stepping forward fully into brilliance and mastery. Breathing in the love as it releases the old patterns and blockages which restrict your ability to create … to create within your keepership, to step into the mystery which is your mastery and your role. Allowing this flow of mastery to be unrestricted, not obstructed by the ancient patterns of doubt and uncertainty, fear of moving forward into the new life which beckons.

Breathing the love down into your base chakra, receiving this feeling of solidity, of being firmly connected, receiving the support, all of the support and sustenance of your Family of Light, and of Gaia, feeding on the love and provenance which is there for you, freely accepting all of the support of the heavenly realms as it is pulsed to you. And offering to your Family of Light your cares and concerns of survival and physical existence. Hand your fears to them. Ask for that which you need. Ask of this now. Ask for those physical cares and needs to be taken from you, and provided for. Ask for all that you need. There is no need to limit yourself in any way. Whatever will bring ease to your life, and happiness, ask for this now. And know that your every request is given all consideration and care for its resolution. Your requests are placed in the arms of angels .. and upon the arms of angels fly the answers to your prayers.

Breathing the love down, down, and through your link chakra between your knees and down through the lower chakras, and into the heart of Gaia, receiving full connection with the earth, the Middle Earth and the Inner Earth, and the benefit of all of the love of your Family of Light from these realms also. Breathing up their love as it is pulsed, pulsed to you. Breathing the support, the stability, the connection, up, up, and into your heart. Breathing this expanding love into your being, expanding and expanding out and filling all of your energy bodies.

And settling comfortably as we prepare to journey now to the ancient realm of Egypt, where we will heal the remnants that remain distorted of your Divine Masculine, returning to this realm where so much of distortion and of shut down occurred to your masculine energies.

And your vibration is pulsed with increasing velocities of light, and your merkebah commences to spin, enabling us to journey together in group to those times of distortion in Ancient Egypt where within the temples there was a lifetime where distortion and wounding occurred to your masculine energies, either taking the form of a masculine in that age, or as a female who was affected by that which occurred to the masculine, and receiving an imprinting of those distortions, and of judgement and great pain resulting from the distortions and woundedness of the masculine And the energies of your soul extensions are similarly wounded, and act through you, and are requiring clearing of these ancient distortions of the masculine.

And it is not intended to visit again the despairs and hardships suffered within the temples of Egypt, but to lift those remnants that remain from that ancient time, which have resisted returning to and which are creating separation and bringing their spiralling energies of woundedness and disconnection into your life, with the challenges of the masculine woundedness.

And as we arrive within the temple, receive the support and love of all those of your Family of Light who have accompanied us this day, all those angels and archangels and the Ascended Masters and those of your Mission Council and Ascension Council, so anxious that you be restored this day to wholeness and to full connection with the Source energies.

Walking together into the temple, which has many pillars of cream stone, embellished with those symbols, sacred symbols, which bring remembrance to you. And as you walk past each of the pillars of cream stone which line the entrance to the inner temple, you place your hands upon those symbols and receive an imprinting upon your energies and a remembrance of your life within the temple, a remembrance of your role, your gifts, your purpose within the temple. And as some stirrings of pain and confusion may arise as your memory returns of ancient times of sadness and pain, you are met by Isis at this point, and she holds a golden rod which has a golden ankh at the tip of the rod, and as you breathe in now, she places this golden ankh within each of the chakras of your energy body, enabling you to receive a restoration to your equilibrium, creating balance … and peace with your heart. And Isis walks with you, at your left, holding her arm loosely and lovingly across your shoulder. She holds you with her love … as you step together inside the inner sanctum of the temple, leaving the pillars of pale stone behind and stepping down 7 steps into a sunken chamber which is darkened and though you peer into the darkness, you are unable to make out very much of what is inside this chamber. And Isis leads you to a golden chair and as you near this, it shines dimly in the darkened room, glimmering with an air of regality and of sumptuous splendour, for it is encrusted in jewels and crystals and is ornamented with raised glyphs and symbols, and its seat and backrest is covered in soft and lustrous fabric. Isis urges you to sit comfortably upon the seat. And there is a footrest which is also of a gleaming gold, with jewels encrusted into the legs, and with a padded rest for your feet, soft and of a lustrous sheen. And sitting down comfortably, and placing your feet on the footrest. And noting your feet, and seeing that you wear golden sandals that wrap in thonging and tie midway up the calf of your legs. And looking around, and seeing that all of your Family of Light is with you, sitting comfortably all around you.

And a hush descends upon this gathering, as an opening within the roof of the chamber is pulled aside, and in floods light which is so bright that all the outer corners and extremities of the chamber are illuminated. And the light floods its beam of strong and powerful golden white light into the temple, and you sit in your golden chair of regality directly in its beam. And its light, the power of its light is infused into your being, for it is Source light which streams in. Receive its healing rays of love and breathe of it deeply. For with so many of your Family of Light gathered today, and with your heart open and so ready and willing to receive complete restoration of your Divine Masculine, and with the influx of Source light so freely available to you, there is a softening within your heart … as the realisation comes to you that all that you desire is possible this day. The knowledge comes that the wounding of your masculine may indeed receive complete healing this day. And your heart softens further … with hope dawning within you … and trust … and gratitude for this healing. For you have suffered much since the ancient days of Egypt in the inability to make full use of your masculine gifts and abilities and talents. For these were tainted and distorted in Egypt and there has been an inability to step into the beauty and the strength and the grace of the masculine fully since those times.

And looking about you now, feeling comfortable and enjoying the healing rays of Source light as they stream upon you, strengthening you and bringing peace and sweet joy, expanding your energy body, and enabling you to expand your heart further. And at the outer reaches of the temple walls there are slouched and slumped beings, who have been hiding along the walls of the darkened temple, and who are alarmed at the illumination which sees them brightly outlined against the outer walls. And see that these are aspects and remnants of yourself, and of your soul extensions, who have remained in this place, wounded and separate. These ones are in much pain and confusion, alone and separate for so long, suffering with their memories of the distortions which occurred within the temples, who spiral into despair and depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and fear whenever the masculine attempts to walk forward and to draw upon his abilities. These ones who, across time, space and dimension impact upon your daily life in their fears and wounding.

And today we are not wishing to dwell further on the woundings of Egypt, but to transmute these memories … to release all records of the original experiences … of you, your soul extensions, and of all remnants and aspects of your Divine Masculine.

As you breathe most deeply now beloveds, the Source light is intensified, and colour rays begin to flood into the temple, all of the healing rays of the celestial realms, in their individual rays, and then in combination with others. And each ray has a healing quality. And some of you have role in utilising the vast healing qualities of the colour rays of the heavens … bringing these rays to the earthly realm, with your inherent knowledge of the healing qualities of the colour rays returning within your memory and knowledge … and bringing magnificent healing tools to the earth plane, capable of creating and changing reality with the rays of the Source realms.

And the aspects and soul extensions receive the healing rays with much relief, for these ones have been alone and lost, and wishing for a way, some way to return home. These ones are filling with hope now. For they have waited for so long, have suffered in separation and in loneliness and pain for such an age of longing and confusion and disorientation. And Isis goes to each of these ones, again holding her rod with the golden ankh at its tip, and places the golden ankh upon the heart and third eye and crown of these ones. And Thoth steps forward and he wears a headdress which is very high and large, and it is jeweled at the front, back and crown of his headdress, enabling him to transmit the Source light through his being. And he stands in a pillar of light which floods over and through him, and from his third eye he directs great healing rays to each of your soul extensions and aspects. And these ones close their eyes and receive this healing light. And he wears on his chest a breast plate with a jewel at the heart, a large ruby chiseled and modeled into an ornate shape, and this is a sacred symbol he wears, and he pulses the great love within his heart to these ones, utilising the power of the ruby to transmit the healing love into the hearts of your soul extensions and aspects. And all of the angelic ones, the Archangels and Ascended Masters, additionally pulse their love to you, and to your extensions. And the Voidal Mothers come, offering dispensations and using the Voidal Disc to transmute energies of wounding, pain, distortion and anomaly held by these ones. And they soften and become filled with light.

And the Great Divine Director comes now and offers dispensations of full karmic absolution for all that occurred in Ancient Egypt, and for all that had its origin … in later times … of those ancient woundings. Offering absolution for all that occurred in Egypt and for all that has occurred since that time which had its origin in the distortions of Egypt, crossing all the ages and dimensions through to this present day.

The Rainbow Serpent arises, and acts as a bridge to enable these ones to step forward now, having received healing of their wounding and pain, and to walk now, assisted by Isis and Thoth, and by many angels who stand either side of each extension and aspect … as they walk towards you. And Merlin’s manifestation for magnetic mergence is pulsed through these ones … and like a magnet it draws them across the rainbow bridge and into your heart .. the dispensation of Merlin’s disc of magnetic mergence. Hold open your heart to these ones, and pulse them with your love, as they may return to your heart. And they walk … and return … home to the One Heart. For they will receive purification within your heart, and then will return, via your column of light, to the Source realms, to their place in God’s garden, no longer separate and in pain.

Breathing deeply as they continue to walk forward and return to you, crossing across the Rainbow Serpent, pulsing them with your love and with gratitude that this day there has been an end to the distortions which occurred in the age of Ancient Egypt in the masculine. For much occurred in this age. And it is time that all be released from the memories and experiences of these times. For mankind has suffered enough. And it is your role as forerunners, to first clear yourself of those ancient energies … and to share the healing methods of great power you bring to the earthly realm … with all of mankind.

And feeling the wholeness return to you now, no longer affected by these ones who have wished to hold you back in their pain and separation. Expanding in this wholeness, with your heart increasingly able to open and to feel.

And Isis appears again before you, with Thoth by her side, and between them is your Divine Masculine, for he has received great healing this day and there is the wish and the yearning that your Divine Masculine be fully restored to you.

And as colour rays are again flooded over you, and your Divine Masculine also receives these healing rays … rays in varying tones of white, and gold and blues of every hue, and pink, and violet and aquamarine and turquoise and red, crimson red, and golden yellow … you are enabled to merge fully with your Divine Masculine. And expanding in wholeness and in love. Feeling the strength of this one, the certainty he exudes, the wisdom, the brilliance, the magnificence. And expanding, expanding with the breath, as you fully experience your Divine Masculine, whole and in power and strength.

And Isis places the rod of the golden ankh to the sacral chakra, and then the base chakra where it acts as a bridge to the heart, reconnecting the lower chakras with the heart, and allowing full consciousness of the masculine to be experienced, with both upper and lower chakras open once again … for in Ancient Egypt the upper and the lower chakras received disconnection … and the masculine was able to experience sexuality only through the base chakra, without connection to the heart … and unable to experience transcendence as his crown connection to the Source realms had been closed … till this day, receiving full restoration of this connection. And Thoth stands before you with his golden headdress and golden breastplate and pulses all of your chakras with transmissions of healing Source love and light … activating all chakras … restoring full connection, restoring to Original Divine Blueprint.

Beloveds, it is time to return from these realms of Egypt. And Isis, Thoth, and all those of your Family of Light walk with you from the inner chamber, passing again those columns which line the path, as you climb up the 7 steps, and leave the temple. And we journey together in group merkebah to the physical realm.

You are reminded that from this activation, many patterns of the mind and records and programs may rise to the surface .. and release. The memories will create disturbance only if you become embroiled in these ancient patterns of behaviour and feel to follow these emotions in old patterns, from habit. If you will be aware that these are memories only, which are releasing and leaving your being, you will not suffer from any disturbance.

Beloveds, we surround you with our energies of love and of support … Sananda, Nada, Germain and the Lord Michael are with you constantly during this time. And morning and night especially, when you meditate, dispensations of assistance and rays of truth are pulsed through your being … and you may request anything specifically which you are requiring assistance with at these times … and know that you are heard, and all is put into place to heed your request and to assist you.


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#4 Divine Masculine & Mental Body


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series