Dreamers of the new world series



Open your hearts dear ones, and all of your chakra column, connecting through the portals of your physical body with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe, aligning with the galactic portals and the Great Central Sun and with your planet of origin … and connecting through the portals of your physical body with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids and chakra points and portals of the earth, as clearing of your galactic chakra column occurs and activation of each of the individual chakras, and the diamond plates of each dimension of your being receive clearing of distortion and repatterning to divine blueprint … fully calibrated and aligned to divine perfection.

So many from the angelic realms are with you and your family of light surrounds you within the chamber of diamond light within which you are placed, and the emissaries of love clear the pathway of the love current which travels in a figure of eight pattern through the portals and vortexes of your light body, flowing to the Central Sun and Moon, crossing at your hara, and flowing down into the inner earth and back around your energy body, and its flow of light and love clears all blockages, freed of memory and obstruction as the love current flows smoothly around your energy body and you breathe deeply in this flow of deep peace and bliss.

To sing in your own language of light activates the love current within you to flow, opens your heart, raises your vibration exponentially, and clears distortions and memories from your chakras and diamond plates. This gift of great power which is known by you and used in other realms softens and opens your heart and activates your Love Body. When you play with the sounds of your voice, indulging your inner child, you will make the leap of consciousness into the language of light, a tool of such greatness … able to create realities, to heal, to clear and release energies to heal the love grids and the light grids of the earth, to add light to portals and to transmute energies, and to open the heart of those who receive activation by your voice.

As the love current continues to flow through and around you, feel the joy, the love, the grace, the radiance, and the faith, openness, trust, forgiveness, compassion and fearlessness. Your chakras and body of light are filled with Christ Consciousness and you expand in freedom and in love as the angelic ones playfully lift you now and we travel together to the Temple of Love upon Venus.

At the entrance to the temple stand Lord and Lady Venus emanating such love from their eyes and their hearts … as you open and surrender to this love and receive … and return this love, your heart fully open. Many angelic emissaries hold your hands and walk with you, some to the left and to the right and others in front and behind, inside the Temple of Love which radiates intense white light through the glowing temple walls. Imbedded into the floor of the vast open space in symmetrical designs of sacred geometry are crystal mosaics of rainbow jewel colours and your bare feet receive the healing, cleansing and activation of the sacred geometries as you walk across the floor, pulsing with love through your feet and into your heart and all of your being.

You are led to a large lounging area filled with soft cushions in jewel like colours, glowing with an inner light which encompasses you as you sink into the cushions with Lord and Lady Venus and many angels, all together on the couch with feet touching. As surges of love flow through your feet, reach to Lady Venus and place your hands and feet against hers and receive activation of the qualities of the divine feminine. She moves closer, opens her arms and holds you in her embrace, heart to heart, and the pulse of her love radiates and fills you and your heart opens and sends this love back to her. Your love and her love, backwards and forwards it flows to become one in love as you breathe in deeply, filled with her feminine qualities as you gaze into the eyes of this one who is the embodiment of feminine beauty and grace.

As you sink into the love, look deeper and see your reflection, the reflection of your feminine self which gazes back at you. Acknowledge the beauty of this one, and give honour and respect and love to your Divine Feminine, the beauty of her form and face and the love which flows so strongly from her … and receive activation from Lady Venus through her vibration, heart to heart, as she restores your Divine Feminine to its original divine blueprint, as angels playfully brush their wings through your hair and softly across your face and throat and down your arms and legs, clearing and aligning all of your energies, and angelic emissaries from Arcturus with technologies of light release from the crystals of your Divine Feminine body all distortions, memories, records, blocks, obstructions, patterns of ancient sadness, isolation and loneliness, anger and shame and bitterness, all the ancient woundings of love, the fear of love and the pain of love, the yearning for love, unrequited love and the wish for love which has been unfulfilled … restoring you to original divinity, the love that you are, expressed in grace and beauty … as you fall into that love and feminine power.

Gracefully rise from the embrace of Lady Venus as Lord Venus leans closer and opens his arms to you. Place your hands against his hands, and your feet against his feet and receive his pulses of love, and move into his open embrace, receiving activation heart to heart, of your Divine Masculine qualities. His heart pulses with love, and your heart returns this love … and his strength and grace fill you with love and confidence. Gaze into his eyes, the embodiment of masculine strength, wisdom, beauty and grace.

Feel the softness of his love and look deeper and see your reflection, the reflection of your masculine self which gazes back at you, the strength and wisdom and light and beauty that you are. With reverence and honour, acknowledge your Divine Masculine and pulse him with recognition and love as your Divine Masculine is restored to original blueprint. Lying in the arms of Lord Venus, the angels play with your hair and tickle you with their wings through your hair and across your throat and down your limbs, clearing your Divine Masculine of distortions, and the angelic emissaries from Arcturus release from the crystals and chakras of the Divine Masculine body all memories, records, blocks, obstacles and patterns, of ancient sadness, isolation and loneliness, all the ancient woundings, the wounds of love, the fear of love and the pain of love, the yearning for love, unrequited love and the wish for love which has been unfulfilled, the solitude, loneliness, anger and shame, and repatterning your Divine Masculine body to its original divinity as you surrender to the grace and beauty and wisdom of your masculine qualities.

The column of light which bathes you intensifies and your vibration increases as you rise from the embrace of Lord Venus, with Divine Mother standing before you, cocooning you with great love. Two mirrored screens of crystal with a bright reflective surface are lowered before you and images begin to form. On the screen to your left emerges a feminine form who moves with slow grace and beauty within her glowing merkebah of sacred geometries of brilliant light, her posture so graceful and proud … your Divine Feminine.

Your Divine Masculine takes form upon the mirrored screen to your right, his form of grace and strength moving within his radiant merkebah of sacred geometries. With graceful strength and certainty he stands tall, emanating wisdom, compassion, strength and light.

With honour and love for these ones open your heart, for they have suffered, both, from lack of respect and love. They are requiring this respect for each other also, made possible this day by the release of their ancient patterns and behaviours. Breathe deeply and acknowledge the journey in its complexity of your masculine and your feminine and give gratitude for the healing that has been received. Open your heart in this great love and relief and offer your honour of their divinity … as your masculine and feminine behold the mirror of their own divinity in the eyes of the other. Their gaze meets, their eyes lock, their hearts open to each other … the two mirrored screens merge into one screen … and your Divine Masculine and your Divine Feminine merge as one. The beauty of this merged heart, merged mind creates one form of beauty, wisdom, light, grace, receptivity, strength, power, compassion and love.

As you breathe deeply of the breath of life, your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, merged as one are received by you holographically, superimposed upon your own energy body and received and integrated within you. Breathe deeply the energies of Oneness as you experience the strength and the love, the qualities of the masculine and of the feminine at their best, merged within your being.

Divine Mother brings to you your twin flame and offers dispensations to completely heal and release from the energy body of your twin flame the core memories and patterns of disempowerment, isolation, disconnection, darkness, sadness, pain and separation from God and the Family of Light. Offer your great love of your twin flame as the energies are assisted to release as the violet flame and the colour rays of the celestial realms transmute and transform all distortions from both flames, allowing the love of twin flame in its original divine state to be expressed and to be received and restoring each flame to its original divine blueprint.

Breathe deeply to receive this mergence in original purity and wholeness.

Held within Divine Mother’s cocoon of love, she places her pearl of wisdom within your mind and the qualities of the higher and lower mind of the masculine are received, the knowledge of ages past, from the stars and other realms of high dimension, contained within the pearl of wisdom.

Deep within your heart she places her turquoise heart of receptivity and love, and you receive the qualities of unconditional love and compassion as these are returned to you.

Within your base chakra she extends her rod of power which contains the merged qualities of masculine and feminine, enabling you to walk upon the earth in power, in light and in love. Both the feminine and the masculine qualities are required to pull your full power from within … the wisdom of the masculine, complemented by the unconditional love and receptivity of the feminine.

Sip deeply of the breath of life as Divine Mother’s rod of power now extends up through your higher chakras, enhancing and strengthening all chakras, extending up through all of the Suns and Moons to Source … and extending down through the lower chakras into the earth, so Mother Gaia may receive the benefit of this balanced flow of energy also. You stand connected fully to the heavenly realms and to the earth realms in your power, your love and your light, supported by heaven and by earth.

Your full flow of power, balanced equally between your masculine and feminine energies courses through your being as you breathe and expand in the love, the light and the power that you are. 
As you flow in this expanded energy feel the strength which emanates from you. Within this strength and power and love you are unlimited, unlimited in what you may achieve. If you wish success for a project in your life, then focus on this now with the full flow of your love, your power and your light filling you … and project your heart’s desire for this project … and love is your fuel … expand your love towards your desired reality .. and know that it comes to you, beloved.

Taking leave of the beloved ones who have supported your journey this day, return to your sacred space and know that in your wholeness you serve humanity through your restoration and transformation to divinity.

And singing the code for the release of all distortions held within the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, allowing mergence and the return to original divine blueprint, experiencing balance, alignment, peace, wholeness, divinity.


And the code for the return of the divine love of Twin Flame, healing in wholeness, uniting in divinity and oneness, returning to the state of inception at God’s hand at the beginning of the ages


And the code to completely heal and release from the energy body of myself and my twin flame those disabling and limiting patterns which arise as a result of the core memories, crossing all time, space and dimensions to completely heal and release all records, memories, experiences, wounding, sadness, pain, grief, darkness, terror, isolation, loneliness, deprivation, debasement, and separation from God and the Family of Light … with full karmic absolution across all time, space and dimensions … through the unconditional love of my heart … with the graceful release of these energies of myself and my twin flame … which transmute through the unconditional love of my heart … with the assistance of St Germaine’s Violet Flame and all of the colour rays of the celestial realms, totally supported and assisted by all of the Ascended Masters, angels, Archangels and emissaries of light and love to release fully from my energy body these ancient wounds, allowing these to completely and gracefully flow through, release and not be retained by me … allowing the love of twin flame in its original divine state to be expressed and to be received … restoring each flame to its original divine blueprint.


You are so loved and honoured for this life mission which has seen you take up the reins of the part you play so joyously for all humanity. Blessings are given you of such power for the roles you each play in creating a new reality for all humanity. You are loved and served with devotion and care.


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Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series