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Dear ones, it is Serapis Bey with Isis who is with you … and Divine Mother, with many Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation … and your own Councils of Light are with you … with many angels. For in this activation, much will release which has as its origin the original deep and core memory and experience of that which occurred to you, carrying through within the DNA of all humanity, and which has resulted in such disempowering trauma and disconnection from the truth of your divinity.

Surrounded by all of your family of light, and breathing deeply, you are placed within a pyramid chamber of golden light, fed by Source … which intensifies as you breathe in and absorb the healing and transfiguring light … opening your chakra column to receive the influx of transfiguring light which floods each of your chakras, held steady and safe within this flow of such strength and power and love and light. Dear ones, open your higher galactic chakras and receive full reconnection and alignment through all of the realms of existence … and open your lower chakras and connect to the crystal heart of Gaia and receive your reconnection to the earth and inner earth and all of her kingdoms, aligned with the love light and power crystal grids of her earth and all of her realms and forces of nature.

The Source light as it is received casts to the outer extremities of your energy bodies the distortions, dualities, disempowerment, sadness and pain … and your individual diamond plates receive their flooding with light, repatterning, restoring, aligning to your original magnificence and divine blueprint.

Breathing still, fully aglow with divine light, expanded, secure … and with all of your family of light accompanying, we journey together now across the dimensions to the time of Ancient Egypt, travelling to the Chamber of Records within the Sphinx, making our way inside and below to a chamber which is

lit by sconces of light surrounding the walls, to a cushioned lounging bed directly within the circle of light which emanates from the roof and sitting comfortably on this bed.

We call to those ones from the time of Ancient Egypt, those parties who became caught within the dualities in this age, whose wounds and memories and experiences result in deep core disempowerment and suffering for you and for humanity … to be with us for resolution of their memories and experiences.

We call to the high priests, afraid of being controlled by the feminine, and so they controlled the feminine.

We call to the priestesses, afraid of being hurt and unloved, dominated, abused and used sexually … some closed down their sexuality and their hearts … and others used their sexuality to receive what they needed from another

We call to those whose desire for soul growth and ascension led them to deny themselves the full expression of physical experience and whose only concern was their own spiritual growth.

We call to the Nibirians, young master souls who brought new teachings which became distorted, creating great fear of blame and responsibility, repression of their teachings and lack of self belief and trust.

We call to those who honoured the goddess, but denied and closed their hearts to the masculine.

We call to those who formed feminine circles and masculine circles, seeding the expression of homosexuality on earth.

We call to the new children birthed through Nibirian/priestess matings, fearing father God and their fate, blaming father God for all suffering and pain.

We call to the teachers and protectors of the new children, choosing to work alone as they fear both father God and the goddess, who have lost their trust in love.

We call to the members of the Light Council, whose hearts are distorted and who blame and mistrust, but take no responsibility.

We call to the Overlighting Celestial Guardians of Egypt who have seen so much suffering and pain and taken on this suffering as their own so that others may be freed from this, mistrusting Father or Mother God to help them, yet feeling judged by God if they fail, working alone without assistance, holding responsibility and giving to all others, yet not to self.

Open yourself to identify with those patterns which continue to play out in your life, and offer these for their release.

All souls of humanity within their bloodline and DNA hold a connection to Ancient Egypt through their three lower chakras and this collective wound and memory has become a collective memory fear matrix which affects our bodies, minds and personalities.

The blocks to abundance, sexuality and empowerment result from our feminine and masculine energies experiencing separation in Ancient Egypt … and from the chakras’ loss of their connection to the full and free flow of love and light through the suns and moons.

Held within humanity is separation between our masculine and feminine selves and the closing down of the base chakra and the physical body … resulting in the loss of power and direction, lack of ability to manifest … with scarcity and fear, lack of abundance, lack of clarity in our feminine and masculine relationships, inability to give to self or to others, disconnection to the physical body and feelings of lack of safety and support in physical life on earth. As our base chakras closed we were unable to have our needs met and our great fear of being unsafe and unprovided for on earth arose.

Held within humanity is the closing down of the sacral chakra … creating fear and many distortions of intimacy and sexuality. There were power imbalances of priest and priestess in divine union initiations which result in distortions and imbalances in the use of power through sexuality, and dominance, abuse, control, rejection and lust in both, and distortions in the use of their power of manifestation which led to greed, self centeredness, and also impoverishment.

Held within humanity is the closing of the solar plexus … without will or direction … in fear and judgement of our power and of others’ power.

The hearts of humanity have closed … and there is inability to work in group consciousness.

Held within the DNA of each being on earth there are unresolved memories within humanity.

Held securely by all of our Family of Light we journey to the sacred temple ceremonies of divine union between priest and priestess, where they merged through all chakras, travelling together as souls during union to connect and anchor their God Presence. Unintegrated aspects and extensions of their soul began to increasingly interfere with their interaction … and the priests came to fear the unconscious memories that overcame them via their higher chakras, causing them to feel manipulated by the love of the priestesses and to despise and to close their hearts to them. Though their love was deep, the memories which entered through their higher chakras created a deep distrust of that one they loved, and a fear of manipulation and trickery, and an inability to open fully in intimacy without being overwhelmed by fear of the power of the sexuality of the female. Such was the power of these energies, such grief overcame them in union, that the priests as a group made the choice to shut down their higher chakras, aligning only their lower chakras to the priestess during divine union in the temples.

The priestesses were disturbed by the reactions of the priests towards them, and as divine union was occurring only through the priests’ lower chakras, they began to experience the subtleties of sexual abuse. Their own memories of sexual and mental abuse were now embodying them and they were in fear of the priests and felt greatly dishonoured and without respect. In their attempts to deal with the memories they were experiencing they asked the priests to hold them in sacred space, to help them, but found that the male was not able to hold her or to be there for her, though she had given so much to support him and hold him through his own suffering, yet he was unable to be there for her.

And you will see the parallels which are still playing out in relationships today between male and female.

As the distortions experienced during union by the priestess in the lower chakras increased, as a group they came to the decision to close down and seal the lower chakras so they would not receive the distorted energies from the lower chakras of the male priest … and this created in them a loss of their connection to the earth and an inability to fully ground their bodies … reliant on their masculine partners to create their earth connection for them. Great distortions occurred.

The ability to merge and to expand together through all bodies and chakras into the stars and into the earth was lost … yet there was still the yearning for sexual connection. The female offered the male sexual connection … in exchange for love and respect. Union was experienced separately, the priestesses able to experience divine union with god, out of the body … and the priest experiencing a physical and intense experience through the body. Some of the priestesses became dominant sexually, and the priests came to fear the power of this sexuality.

There was force, and abuse, and distortions increased. When the females had sacrificed their equality in union out of their desire for love and respect, they denied and repressed those parts of themselves that wished to be touched and loved by the male. In denying their need of equality with the male, and suffering from the forcing of union by the male, deep wounding occurred in the base chakra. The male and female separated and the base chakra of humanity closed to the universe … unable to receive sacred earth connection with the goddess, creating poverty consciousness, and greed in some … current till this day.

These are the origins of the distortions and inequalities in sexual relationships on earth today held in the DNA of all of humanity. As high initiates and Christ emissaries, your role is to heal this deep wounding within yourself and to share this healing with humanity. To meet with and to free yourself from this is the path of Christ consciousness, which led Christ to embody, to lift the veils and to free this wound, allowing all on earth to connect with God Presence and to have a heart connection to Source. Mary Magdalene embodied for this, to free this wound from the darkest ages of the earth.

The light intensifies as many emissaries of light from the higher dimensions assist now to release the wounding and disempowerment and pain and distortion and suffering of this ancient age, as you open yourself to receive this.

From the solar plexus and DNA filaments are released records of misuse of will … allowing many filaments of light to extend from the solar plexus and to reconnect with the starry portals, the heavens and earth core … and drawing frequency to ignite the true will of your soul and spirit.

As you open your lower chakras to allow God Presence frequency to flow, and all bindings are released from your solar plexus, cleansing and purification is received, allowing the marriage within your solar plexus of your soul and spirit. Align yourself with divine will … as universal energy of love and light flows freely through your solar plexus and hara … releasing the wounds of Ancient Egypt relating to personal power and the fears of divine will and of personal power … opening the solar plexus to allow God Presence frequency to flow … choosing to open to the full flow of trust.

We call for all chakras that were sealed, shut down in incarnations in Egypt, Andromeda and Sirius to be opened by our God Presence and our soul … with all fears and records absolved and released. As our masculine forgives father God for the experience of being overpowered by the light, we call for the release of his great fear and distrust of the feminine and her sexual power … and his separation from the feminine … the records are released from each chakra, transmuted and forgiven and each chakra is opened. By dispensation of God and of the Karmic Board, all vows to close the higher chakras to Source and to the feminine are released.

We call for the unlocking and opening of our crown chakra, releasing all agreements and vows to bind the crown … allowing our base chakra to open more deeply to allow the grounding of godstream, releasing all restrictions and controls placed on receiving energies through the crown, releasing our patterns of distrust of frequency, calling for all obstacles and restrictions to be removed.

We ask for the portal and gateway of Sirius which extends 6 feet out behind our hearts to be opened and records released, breaking all agreements to shut down this portal of wisdom and releasing all fears. We breathe through the portal of Sirius through our base chakra, regenerating our sacral, calling for celestial assistance to fill every cell, body, chakra and portal of each dimension of our energy body to open these.

We honour the sacral and our connection to the Goddess, calling for our dark feminine parts that do not feel their beauty, that feel anger, guilt, betrayal, to forgive all that has occurred, for grace to flood the sacral, as karmic absolution is received … and our feminine opens the divine feminine gateway … and the feeling of being entrapped by karmic patterns is released.

We call to our Andromedan higher self and ask for an opening of the Andromedan gateway, 6 feet above our hearts, calling for our feminine spirit to release any seals, vows and agreements to block the flow of receptivity, and for assistance to forgive Father God and the masculine. We open ourselves in willingness to receive lifting of the memories of our feminine spirit that does not feel light, receiving dispensations to those parts that feel separated, disconnected, to forgive all that has occurred … opening this gateway

As we open our hearts and our feminine offers willingness to release the Egypt memories, St Germaine in merging with us transmutes all energies from the sacral which hold rejection of the masculine … and we offer our willingness to let go of all she has been holding, binding her to her oldest fears across all ages and dimensions and time and space … as Divine Mother takes from us those which are our deepest feminine fears … as we forgive.

We ask the feminine to forgive all times she has felt blocked or controlled by male energy, to forgive herself for any control she may have held over the energies of the masculine. We ask the masculine and feminine to forgive the distortions of sexuality that have occurred across the ages, allowing the release of the karmic records.

The sacral receives elixirs of creation and sexuality, allowing the sacral to open fully, as we breathe into the sacral, calling for a clearing between the sacral chakra and any present, past or future partners and any beings we may hold connection with through Ancient … as we release vows of anger by the feminine of the male, releasing all patterns that are based on control for protection and safety from all dimensions of our soul, releasing all obstacles now.

We open ourselves now to consider the greatest issue in our life, which blocks the flow of life in relationships, our manifestations, and our work in the world, which is a pattern which repeats itself … as we open ourselves to acknowledge this which is our greatest obstacle and pattern … as we call for this to be released as special dispensation, calling to our feminine spirit to choose to resolve this through forgiveness of that which created this pattern through Ancient Egypt and embodiment on earth, calling for an unbinding of this from the lower 3 chakras.

We call for assistance to reclaim and to open the divine masculine gateway of our mind that may have closed through the journey in Egypt to block the flow of distortion received … as we open ourselves to forgive … calling to our masculine to offer for release the vow of self punishment and to forgive the experiences of deep distrust that have closed the solar plexus from the Godstream, creating a locking in the lower mind and a disconnection from the higher mind.

We call to the masculine spirit of our soul to release the agreements they have made to close the power door, the Orion gateway, and to open this ancient gateway to empowerment that is above us 12 feet above our heart, allowing all chakras to receive the stream … as the blockage to expansion is released, allowing filaments to unite through the stars and into the earth portals again, and to open to the power of God Presence again. We choose to open the Orion gateway and to unseal the solar plexus.

Gaia opens the base chakra, as we connect to the Arcturian gateway 6 feet beneath our feet in the earth, closed upon agonizing, painful, difficult deaths and receive lifting of these memories, receiving absolution, and all loss of faith and lack of love of self lifted now … as we call for the Arcturian gateway to be cleared and opened and for all seals to be released, all vows broken, and all memories of painful passing to the other side released, calling for all loss of faith to be lifted now.

We call to our masculine spirit to choose to open the Christed Masculine gateway Chiron, 6 feet to the right of our heart, which holds the truth that we are already whole and from our wholeness we may heal all that may not feel whole, allows us to heal ourselves of all, holding the power to heal all within us through our God Presence … sending our light to the right 6 feet out from our heart, calling to our masculine spirit to allow God Presence frequency to flow again

We send our light 6 feet to the left of our heart, to our Mayan Pleiadian gateway, as we honour the feminine who connect with us through this gateway, as we offer for release our feelings of abandonment and disappointment … opening ourselves to live according to the laws of grace, of faith, and of love.

Beloveds, great healing occurs in acknowledging the patterns you hold, and to work consciously with these, using the codes and the activation and the voice transmission together consciously … to see the patterns you have been holding which act as mirrors and reflections of the Ancient Egyptian wounds, and to offer these for full release … those which you hold personally and those which are part of the collective memory matrix of humanity. As you recognize and acknowledge these patterns, you are asked to offer these to Divine Mother, with gratitude for their release. As these deep core wounds release, you are asked to drink much water which will assist in the graceful release of the ancient wounds and memories from every cell and chakra and dimension of your being.

I Am Serapis Bey with Divine Mother.

This activation is offered with love as a channeled message of love from the Family of Light … and is based on the loving teachings of Qala Sri Ama Phoenix.

While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra … 3 times or more.

Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

The sacred sound transmissions of the angelic symphonies and Tibetan bells take you on a journey with the Ascended Masters and all of the family of light. As you sit in meditation or lie quietly, the sacred sounds will release records of the akasha … distortions, memories, experiences, beliefs, patterns, programs …. and repattern and transform your twelve body system, restoring every dimension, circuitry, chakra, cell and DNA to your original divine blueprint. Allow time to integrate the healing and be aware that distortions in their release may create disturbance. The activations will create change which is ongoing, so go gently, take adequate rest and hydrate your body with adequate fluids.



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#9 Activation of ancient Egypt


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series