Dreamers of the new world series



As you sip deeply of the breath of life, Divine Mother infuses you with her love as you allow now the gentle disconnection from the collective wounds of humanity, the pain, the doubts, the fears, the troubles, the angers, the chaos. Allow your being to expand with the breath, raising your vibration, opening your heart and releasing your fears … and allow the unlimitedness of the Universe to enter your field and be yours to accept as your reality.

As you breathe, open your heart and all of your being. Open your crown chakra to the heavens, to Father Mother God and receive as light pours through your open crown and down into your column of light, clearing, opening and activating each chakra, and each dimension of your being … and breathing down through your lower chakras deep into the centre of the earth, anchoring your energies securely into Gaia’s crystal heart. And breathing Gaia’s energy up through your lower chakras into your heart, merging with the Source energy, receiving all the love of heaven and earth. As you breathe, the flow of energy releases the blockages, obstructions, dualities, wounds, memories, ancient records and patterns which may be lodged within your chakras, gateways and vortexes of your energy body, St Germaine transmuting with his violet flame as all distortions are lifted and transformed, and each of the diamond plates through every dimension of your being receives clearing, restoration, repatterning, aligning, activation.

A chamber of light is erected over you as we travel with the angelic ones from many dimensions who join us, to the Divine Mother’s Temple of Shamballa, whose walls tower over you, walls of shimmering glass and crystal in metallic hues of all the celestial rays, with peaked crystal tips outlining the sky which reaches beyond. As you walk to a doorway and stand on a circular crystal plate, you are transported inside and within this vast building of shining light to an auditorium with giant ceilings. Close your eyes and turn your face upwards and open your arms and hands towards the cathedral ceiling to bathe in the light of all of the celestial rays of healing light of Shamballa. Divine Mother stands before you and holds your hands, pulsing you with her love and healing light as you open your heart to receive all that is offered you, the guidance you are requiring, the assurances you request of special help and assistance. Ask for the release of the patterns of sadness and anger and disempowerment and fear and confusion that limit you…

With Divine Mother you walk further inside the temple into a golden corridor, pulsing golden light through the translucent glass and crystal walls and floors. There is a high pitched ceiling and as you raise your head to gaze at the height and the beauty of this steeply pitched ceiling, windows on either side of the pitched ceiling appear … six windows on one side and seven on the other, with light streaming through these windows onto the floor, creating a cross hatched effect. You stand within the cross hatched streams of light … and the walls of the corridor widen and open, revealing an outdoor area which encircles you, with beautiful gardens and perfumed flowers which contain all of the celestial hues in their abundant profusion and colour and perfume … sip deeply to receive their healing ambrosia, releasing all remnants of sadness and fear and doubt and confusion … sipping deeply of the peace and beauty as it fills you, uncovering your fears and transmuting them in beauty and peace. 

In the distance there is a form who emanates lightness and softness as it skips and playfully runs … stopping here and there, bending to playfully pick a handful of flowers and to breathe their scent in ecstasy, scattering the flowers gleefully and with joy and abandon, joyfully skipping through the leaves on the ground, and circling an ancient tree and running dizzily in circles around the tree, singing to this ancient tree with joy, and receiving its blessing.

And there is between you and the child … for this is your Divine Child … an aquamarine pool of radiant light and clear water. There are pebbles in the pool of many sizes, in all of the heavenly rays and hues, shining their radiant colours through the aquamarine water. The child, the Divine Child, without a worry in the world, throws off her simple robe and runs into the water, splashing the radiant waters in all their sparkling hues as she runs and skips, bravely plunging beneath the water, for she knows no fear. This one is innocent, with no experiences, no memories, no history, no baggage, no damage, no past, no patterns of disempowerment, and knows no other state than that of innocence … living in the Now with the wish to explore freely all that life brings.

There is sadness in you to observe this one who is so free and the desire arises to have this innocence and freedom. As your desire for the return of your innocence fills you, walk towards the aquamarine pool and fling off your robe with joy, not caring for anything other than to have this experience of bathing in the heavenly colours of the pool of the Divine Child … accepting your body just as it is, divine just as it is, naked as the day you were born, splashing playfully and diving gracefully into the child sized pool, and you have become a child again.

There are smooth rocks and pebbles of many colours on the bottom of the pool. You are drawn to pebbles and rocks of deep red, which you gather, holding these small rocks to your heart. These rocks represent the crushing of your spirit you experienced as a child, those times when your innocence was lost, when you were forced to leave your childlike nature and made aware of the denseness of the human plane, of the harshness of its people, of your loved ones and family, teachers and peers who in their own woundedness and pain caused your spirit to be crushed and took from you your innocence and naivety. Hold these rocks to your heart and love them free. And throw them up through the water and out of the pool, as far as you can throw them.

Reach now for rocks and pebbles of deep and dark yellows. These represent the pain, abuse and wounding of the small child, the individual incidents in childhood which held lasting harm … which formed many of your behaviours and patterns. Identify each of those wounds you suffered in childhood which broke your heart, closed your heart, took your trust away, caused you to freeze up, to mistrust, to fear. Hold these pebbles and small rocks to your heart with love, to free these memories. And throw these rocks and pebbles out of the pool.

And collect other rocks in colours of green which represent the patterns of self-hatred, self-doubt and lack of self-love which occurred in childhood. See those patterns, how they occurred, how they started, and how they have played out in your life. See how they have limited you, not allowing you to love freely with trust and in certainty that your love would be returned. See how you have learned to distrust the world, to distrust others … how you learned to fear … to fear danger … to fear others … to fear the motives of others, their anger, their judgment, their ridicule, their belittlement of you … fear to make mistakes, fear to start something new, fear to act from your heart, fear that your desires would not be in alignment with others, loved ones and family … and forced by fear to push down those desires of the heart and to listen and follow the desires of another, and conform to others’ desires, others’ needs, stifling your individuality, your love of freedom, your spontaneity and love of novelty and all that is new, creating a wall between your heart and its desires … and the right to act on the heart’s desires. Collect all of those rocks and hold them to your heart to heal them and to love them free. And throw the rocks out of the pool with all of your power.

There are rocks and pebbles of deep dark blues which represent each time when you were ridiculed, held as of no account, when your views, desires and needs were stepped on and abused. And as you pick each of these rocks and pebbles up, hold them to your heart and love them free. And throw them as far out of the water as you can. Each incident in your life which has stepped and trodden onto your childlike nature and caused humiliation, belittlement, ridicule … and caused you to close down your heart.

Larger rocks in colours of dark tan and brown represent the genetic and ancestral patterns and memories you have taken on and inherited within your DNA, those patterns which have limited you in your innocence, playfulness, sense of adventure and willingness to explore all that life offers, those fears which have held you back from your unlimitedness, your greatness, your wholeness … the sadnesses and memories and griefs you have taken on from your ancestors. Collect many rocks now and hug them to your heart to heal them free and hurl them from the pool as far as you can.

Other rocks are of the collective consciousness and these are in varying tones of brown … all that limits you in spontaneity … the fears and doubts, beliefs, angers, frustrations, irritations, regrets, confusions, chaos of the collective consciousness … the unwillingness to explore your divinity because of disbelief in self, mockery at the existence of God and of any existence other than that of earth … the heaviness of the collective, the denseness, the lack of love, inability to love freely and fully, unable to love without receiving something in return. Hold these to your chest and love them free and hurl them as far as you can from the pool and from your life.

So many rocks are being thrown with abandon from the pool and as the rocks and pebbles are emptied, the pool becomes shallow and you sit and playfully pull the water through your fingers and sprinkle it over your head and face and chest and arms, splashing its healing waters over your being and experiencing peace and joy and the desire to explore all of life in trust, and to love freely, as a child loves.

Your Divine Child who has watched all of your activity in the pool laughs at you joyfully and splashes water at you and you take on the spirit of his play and indulge your childlike spirit with your heart expanding in joy. Many take themselves so seriously with burden and responsibility, feeling it is a necessary role you must play. Nothing is further from the truth beloveds, for it is in play and in freedom that you will express your divine gifts. Your childlike nature opens you to receive the flashes of inspiration which tell of your very essence. It is in play that you will lose your hesitations and walk across your doubts and fears into your mastery and unlimitedness. And it is in play that you will serve the world. For those gifts you hold, those you bring to earth are not solid and serious, but are those things which you do so easily and well and which you enjoy so much, those things you do in play.

Look into the bottom of the pool again, and see those rocks and pebbles of purple which represent responsibility, burden, seriousness, gloom and heaviness. The Divine Child finds many that you miss and you both throw these as far as you can from the pool and there is much hilarity and noise now and uproar as all sense of propriety is lost and the absolute child is discovered. And laughing now with this one … and merging with him … and becoming that child, that Divine Child.

And the pool is emptied now of its rocks and pebbles … and you walk to the edge of the pool, looking down and observing your childlike form, and chubby arms and legs. Feel the lightness of heart. There is no sense of responsibility or burden. All of life is there for you to explore and to understand and discover. And there is such peace as Divine Mother comes to you and you climb onto her lap at the edge of the pool and cuddle her, as she holds you securely in her arms, stroking your forehead, tracing her fingers over your soft lips and the outlines of your face and nose, stroking your shoulders and arms. She holds your feet within her hands and pulses healing energy through the chakras at the bottom of your feet. She holds your hands within hers and sends light through your hands. She kisses your third eye and pulses it with her love, placing her hand upon your heart, with her other hand at the base of your spine, sending rays of light and of love through your being, kissing your crown and breathing her love into your crown. You are renewed, activating again the Divine Child, playful, adventurous, spontaneous, joyful, restoring to purity, innocence, wholeness and divinity – to your Original Divine Blueprint.

It is time to leave this sacred place and to journey further, to Lemuria. The angelics use their technologies of light and of colour and sound to clear now those portals and chakras and pathways of your body along which the love current travels, as with your breath and your intent you align your chakra column and light body to the Central Sun, Central Moon and Inner Earth. The pathway of the love current is cleared, and the vortexes and chakras are freed of memory and blockage and all energies not of your original soul signature as it makes a figure of eight around your body, down into the inner earth and back again, and flowing to the Central Sun and Moon, looping around and clearing the pathway of the love current. Expand with your breath as the love current flows, filling you with blissful peace and joy and a softening and opening of your heart and of your Love Body, filled with Christ Consciousness, compassion, forgiveness, understanding.

In this softening into love and with your vibration high, the angelics playfully lift you now and we journey together to the Ashram of the Divine Mother within the Temple of Love in Lemuria, that ancient land where humanity lived and loved and shared together in unity consciousness and where the feminine goddess was revered for her qualities and gifts, where men and women held equality and high regard for each other, for the qualities of the masculine were also held in reverence, aligned with the feminine in unity and balance, wholeness and peaceful coexistence. 
The angels lead us inside the Temple of Love, a place of sweetness and unconditional love, the place of the goddess, those glorious ones of the feminine who held the form of the goddess, of divinity walking upon earth. The roof is domed, but as we step inside we see that the ceiling inside is pitched and steep and there are many steeples, like cathedral spires inside, sparkling like crystal, with sparkling lights which are in the spectrum of many hues. A light emanates from within the crystal spired ceiling and there are pinpoints of light which enter through the domed ceiling which feed divine light through the crystal roof and like a prism, these lights refract onto the walls and floor within the ashram, dancing on the surfaces, for the surfaces are of a smooth and brilliant clear crystal. And the effect is of moving light as the divine light shines through the prism of the crystal roof, and the light moves and shimmers.

You stand in the centre of the inner chamber with hands outstretched and with face turned upwards to receive all of the healing celestial rays, soft yet intense, subtle and powerful. The sound of music made by many divine instruments fills you, played by beautiful women of all ages. The sound, combined with the lights as they move around and through your being … creates an intoxicating effect. Lifted and inspired, touched to your heart by the beauty and love of this place, surrender and relax … as sweet and lyrical voices are added to the symphony of sound which surrounds you. All the high and low notes encircle you and fill your being … with pitch of trueness and sweet intensity, of throbbing and yearning sweetness and love.

Walking into the temple now are those sacred ones who entered the realm of Lemuria to bring the light of the goddess to earth, anchoring many love temples throughout the continent of Lemuria, each temple presided over by one of the Elohim in feminine form … as creator goddess. The Elohim appear before you and stand in circle, feminine in form, otherworldly in appearance, having form as star goddesses, taking on form with feminine features on this occasion shining with radiant light. As you stand in the centre of the chamber surrounded by the Elohim, they add their radiant voices to the symphony of sound. And as they sing, they open their hearts and their entire beings to you, offering you freely all that you require, to have restored to you the original innocence of this age. You are filled with the love of the goddess, as the sound spirals around you, encircling you and through your being, and lifting into the high spires of the crystal ceiling, and descending again, and circling around and around, and through your being, filling you and thrilling you, lifting you up in total love, with light streaming through your being, and with streams of sound and light filling all of your energy body. Their notes and sounds of joy and of love and of light are received into your being as encodements of light packages … activating also the Flower of Life whose geometric grid descends from the cathedral ceiling of the chamber and settles around you. You stand within its silken web of interconnecting lines of light which rub against you, moving through you as you now commence to move, freely moving and swaying to the symphony of sound, of colour, of light which fills the chamber, moving your feet and swaying and dancing as the Elohim and the goddesses sing and play their instruments, with the angels joining their voices and sounds to the symphony, all moving and swaying and gracefully moving their arms in sacred mudras, joyful, graceful.

As you dance and move your arms in sacred movements, your knowledge and memory of your starry nature returns. As you brush against the Flower of Life it breaks open to allow your entry, and returns to its original form, and you follow with your arms and hands the outline of the form of the Flower of Life, following the circles and curves as they intersect, describing with your hands the circles and curves of the Flower of Life as all join to outline the form of the Flower of Life with hand movements of grace and power. The Flower of Life becomes increasingly more filled with light, and begins to glow with all of the celestial colours as the power which is emanating from this chamber of love is added to the Flower of Life and your connection is fully restored to you, undistorted, full of all of the munificence of the heavenly realms, connected with the love of the Father … and of the Mother … of Mother and Father God Goddess. Your heart feels almost to burst with joy to experience again the celestial love contained within this sacred Ashram of Divine Love.

In stream now those of the Elohim in masculine form, beautiful beings who raise their voice in song, adding their deeper masculine tones to the symphony of sound which fills the chamber. All move gracefully with the music, using hands and arms in widening movements which open the heart.

Surrender to the experience of wholeness as both masculine and feminine forms of divine love fill your being. All is balanced, and there is wholeness. Surrender to this love and accept the gift this day of your return to God, to the full and unconditional love of the Father and of the Mother, as you offer up for release all of those wounds and doubts and angers and mistrust of God, all those sadnesses suffered since the beginning of the ages which have held you back from this love … fall into this love which is your right as a Son and Daughter of God. 
Offer for release and allow to fall away all that has limited you from receiving the full flow of God’s love and support and connection, guidance, assistance … all that has occurred since the time of disconnection. Offer your anger and hurt and mistrust and doubt, allow all to release that stands between you and your return as a child of God, casting aside all that has occurred across the aeons as you dance and move with the celestial sounds.

Offer for release the wounds of Lemuria … when the connection with God was lost … when as a child of God there was the fall into duality, falling from God’s arms into despair and disconnection and aloneness … releasing the despair of being without God … the perception of failure and of being unable to return to God, of falling from grace and unable to return. Surrender for release the aeons of ancient sadness and aloneness and grief. Surrender and release the belief that because of all that has occurred across the ages you are unable to return fully to God. Surrender in ecstasy and fall into the arms of God once more. All is forgiven, all taken from you of memory and guilt and shame and anger and doubt and hopelessness and loneliness and despair. Continue to move to the music and to the light and to the sound and the colour, moving with ecstasy as all releases.

Feel yourself in the arms of God … not alone as you dance, but embraced by God, not alone but held securely within God’s arms as you spin and dance with joy. Allow yourself this day to surrender to God’s love for you and to forgive yourself totally … let it all go … and return to the arms of God who holds you in his love forever.

The lights and the sound intensify and many light emissaries arrive, adding their tones and sounds to the symphony … and with their healing technologies they release from you the wounds of Lemuria, those memories and distortions are released from your chakras and light body … returning you to your divine innocence, last experienced in Lemuria at the commencement of this age. Purity. Innocence. Unconditional love. Freedom. Sharing … where all lived, worked, loved and shared together as a cohesive community, adding their own unique gifts to those of others … where peace prevailed … where love was offered freely, and received, without attachment and need, ownership or jealousy, in innocence and spontaneous exploration and play.

Divine Mother with many emissaries of love arrive now to take us to the temples of the city anchored through the sacred lakes and volcano Gunung Agung of Bali, to receive through the 7 healing rays of Divine Love of the temples of this city purification and alignment of your energy bodies.

From the Temple of the Platinum Ray, receive purification and restoration of your Divine Masculine.
The Temple of the Golden Ray offers purification and restoration of your Solar Body, and your solar gateway receives clearing of blockage from ancient memories, allowing the full flow and divine blueprints of the solar rays to be received from all of the Suns.
The Silver Ray purifies your Lunar Body, clearing the lunar gateways, dislodging old records, blueprints, unresolved energies and wounds, enabling the soft and feminine lunar rays to be received.

Your Divine Feminine body receives the Opalescent Ray which purifies and transmutes the records and memories of the wounded feminine.
Your Physical Body receives purification from the Emerald Violet Ray, restoring the genetic, ancestral and soul DNA to original divine blueprint and releasing all distortions held. The Blue Sapphire Ray allows the body of Divine Will to receive alignment and purification, aligning your will with Divine Will, aligning you with the divine plan and with your role within the divine plan, and relieving you of the pressures of the mind. 
The Magenta Aquamarine Ray purifies your Soul Body, releasing those memories and records of distortion to allow your Soul Body in its purity to be freed. Your Spiritual Body is purified and cleared of all distortion by the White Red Ray, allowing the release of the inner battles between your physical life and your spiritual life.

As the angelics and emissaries offer a final alignment of all of your energy bodies to original divine blueprint, your God Presence is enabled to align, to activate and to anchor through the earth as you open your heart to receive the love of your God Presence, the love of the God that you are, increasingly becoming inherent within you, the love of God within.

We sing now the mantra for the code of the Divine Child, offering for release the records, memories, experiences, beliefs, behaviours, patterns that have resulted in the loss of the innocence and divinity of the Divine Child, releasing all limitations, all genetic and ancestral patterns and memories of sadness and fear and disempowerment, crushing of spirit and innocence and love and divinity, transmuting all limitations held and restoring to purity, innocence, wholeness and divinity, to original divine blueprint


And the mantra to offer for release to Source all wounds of the Lemurian age, reactivating the God gene, restoring DNA to original blueprint with removal of the 13th mutant strand, receiving purification by the 7 divine rays of love of Bali of the Divine Masculine Body (Platinum Ray), Solar (Golden), Lunar (Silver), Divine Feminine (Opalescent), Divine Will (Blue Sapphire), Soul (Magenta Aquamarine) and Spiritual Body (White Red), allowing God Presence to be aligned and to activate through earth, receiving full connection with the Flower of Life and Web of Light, healing all disconnection to Source and to God, so that in the divinity last experienced in the Lemurian age the full flow of love, abundance, prosperity, peace and connection with God, supported by the synchronistic connection via the Flower of Life with All That Is may be experienced, restoring to innocence, wholeness, unconditional love and interconnectedness with all.


Dear ones, it is time now to return to the physical plane with great healing having been received this day. I remain with you beloveds, assisting in the release of much that has troubled and disturbed you across the ages and aeons since the time of the separation and fall away from God, and cocoon you with my love. I Am Divine Mother.


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Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series