Dreamers of the new world series



Beloveds, I am Archangel Michael with Lady Nada and the Divine Mother.

Breathe deeply as a chamber of golden rainbow ribbons of light and of love is placed around you,surrounding your energies with harmony and peace and protection, held by angels in safety and in love. The ribbons of light intensify and multiply, forming a solid column of light direct from Source entering through your crown chakra and pouring, streaming down through all of your chakras and into the earth core where this energy is firmly anchored within the crystal heart of Gaia who receives this light with gratitude.

As your light body begins to fill now with Source light and love, become aware of a beautiful temple, a temple with sparkling white columns of crystal quartz and domed with a golden roof. The floor of the temple as you climb the steps inside is shining with a soft rose pink quartz surface, with rose petals scattered along the intricate geometric designs on the temple floor. As you walk, trace the geometric designs scattered with rose petals, following the geometric designs, following the rose petals, and you come to an inner room with soft pink walls, and the light of the heavens streams inside. Many angelic beings surround you, shining their great love upon your being and you breathe deeply and become aware that you are in your Heart Temple,a radiant place of beauty and love.

And your heart temple,radiant with light, mirrors the state of your heart. Become aware now of the state of your heart temple … is it dim or brilliant with light? And if it is dim and dark, filled with cobwebs and shadows, ask the angels to assist now to cleanse your heart temple, removing any debris, those fears, sadnesses, griefs and doubts, to lift the sadness and heaviness of heart and to restore your heart temple with brilliant white light, bringing light to the far corners and reaches of your heart.

Breathe now as the heart is filled with light … and expand the heart with the breath, enjoying the radiance this brings, the love able to be experienced, feeling great lightness of heart arise within your being, as all distortions and pain and sadness release from your heart. Continue to breathe deeply as all sadness and heaviness is taken from you … and now observe again the state of your heart temple, with increased radiance and light.

You walk softly to the edge of a crystal clear pool inside your heart temple … and place your hand into the water, cool and refreshing, sparkling clear, and the angels assist you to take off your silken robe, step to the edge and dive deeply into the pool which is radiant with healing light.

Offer up as you swim all that is challenging you in your physical life, the daily sadnesses and disappointments. As you swim receive a cleansing of your heart within the pool of your heart temple, emerging to the surface and washing from your being all pain, fear, disappointment, regret,doubt, anger, feelings of inability, incompetence, instability, hardship, lack of support, despair, unforgiveness, hostility, hesitation, sabotage,procrastination, forgetfulness, chaos, fracture, being in pieces. All washes away as you emerge to the surface and step from the pool, restored to purity and wholeness, sparkling clean and with your heart full of hope, full of love, full of knowledge of your divinity,your path of light and of the assistance available to you.

As your light body continues to fill with light and your vibration increases, filled with light, we journey together to the realms of Shamballa for the restoration and activation of your Divine Heart … arriving at a light city shining and vibrating with all of the brilliant rays of rainbow light and led by leagues of angels to sit within the presence of Archangel Michael and Divine Mother in a chamber of light. Surrounded and held in love,breathe deeply to allow the angels to work now to clear the pathways of your heart, connecting a bridge between the sacral chakra and the heart so that there is divine connection. As this bridge is now activated … the pathways that move energy through your multidimensional body and into the heart are cleared,creating a golden tube pathway through each portal of your heart.

We commence now to travel deeply into your heart along the golden tube pathway and clear each level of the heart, reaching to the heart of your God Presence, your Divine Heart.

We enter the ruby heart of the physical .. and flow through thisruby portal .. looking around and experiencing the healing ruby light emanating from within the physical portal of the heart.

We flow further now into the core of the heart … into the blue heart portal, receiving sapphire blue light streaming from this portal which releases and removes from your heart all the ancestral memories, genetic memories you have inherited .. releasing these memories lodged deep within the blue heart.

Flowing now into the brilliance of the light which shines from the emerald green heart … and releasing the sadnesses of the heart, all of the emotions, the losses, deceptions, all of the wounds of sadness and of love… the frustration and grief at those parts of your life which you see as lost, with mistakes, failures and wrong directions … of inability to access and step into your greatness … releasing, taken from within the emerald heart.

Flowing into the red heart, activating the red star within … and the heavenly memories begin to return … able to be accessed by you … and the connection gateway between the realms of consciousness activates, enabling you to travel interdimensionally and to access those galactic attributes and gifts you retain from other and parallel existences.

Flowing into the violet heart of transmutation which transmutes and releases all limitations held … transmuting with violet light the inabilities,fears, doubts, memories of failure in times past when you have failed to complete your mission and projects … releasing wounds of great regret and failure, disappointment, shame and guilt, becoming caught within the density and duality of the physical plane and fearing this again, becoming lost and distanced from God and your loved ones.

Flowing into the luminescent pearl at the centre of the Divine Heart, activating all of the wisdom of the ages to direct your path, guide your way, and offer divine direction.

Flowing into the silver heart of the cosmos to your starry connection, opening the pathway that you may travel to and connect with your galactic nature.

Flowing into the golden pyramid at the core of the silver heart,giving you access to the akasha of your soul and the records of your soul journey.

Flowing now into the golden heart which is your God consciousness, that level of the heart which contains the love and the wisdom of your God self. Breathing, to just experience the love of your God Presence .. the love that you are. There is no end to this love which you are,no beginning and no end. Love is all there is. All else is illusion.

Removing all memories and records since that moment in time when you stepped away from God at the beginning of the ages. Your God Presence has pulsed you across all the ages with its love … pulsing you in the direction that will bring you back to your God like nature that you may return Home. And as you step now into the abyss which is God’s love .. the universe opens to your unlimitedness. And your unlimitedness opens to the universe.

Divine Mother steps before you and the Elohim congregate by her side. Many angels commence to clear the pathway of the love current as it travels in a figure of eight pattern from the central sun and moon, looping around your energy body and clearing the pathway through the chakras and vortexes with the flow of the love current … crossing at your hara … and flowing into the inner earth and back in a figure of eight pattern. As this pathway is cleared the vortexes and chakras are freed of memory and of all energies not of your original soul signature. Breathe deeply to experience the joy and peace of Christ Consciousness as this flow of love fills you with freedom and with trust.

With your vibration so high, the angelic ones playfully lift you now into a chamber of light for the restoration and activation of your Love Body, cast aside, shut down, inactive in earth lifetimes when great pain has been experienced.

Divine Mother stands before you and she holds within her hands your Love Body, wishing to return this to you for it has become lost, detached,distorted, inactive. The angels release from the Love Body the distortions, memories and energies which are not of your original soul signature, releasing from the crystals of this body all behaviours, memories, records, blocks, obstacles, limitations, ancient sadness,loneliness, terror, isolation, all the ancient woundings of love, and lack of love. The wounds of Lemuria are released from your Love Body, for it was in Lemuria that the Love Body received great distortion and the full flow of love was last experienced.

As you breathe and relax, Divine Mother places your Love Body into your energy body, fully restored. And as you breathe, the full flow of the love current passes freely through your Love Body and you expand with love, the flow of energy again looping around your Love Body, flowing up to the Central Sun and Moon and crossing at your hara and flowing to the Inner Earth and back, filling you with all the love that you are. The angels align your energies as you breathe and receive clearing of the receptivity chakra to the left of your brow, as all bodies align and all of your feminine energies are unified as one.

Your Emotional Body receives release now of all distortions. On entering the physical plane you took on as inheritance the emotions and distorted behaviour patterns of humanity through the DNA of your parents and ancestors. And during the course of your lifetimes your emotional body has also become embedded with behavior traits of the collective consciousness, and many in-built patterns of behavior which are so limiting.

As you surrender for release the distorted emotional patterns you have identified in yourself, these are taken from you.

And release is offered from the collective consciousness and its many fears and limitations. Angers,jealousy, neediness, insecurity, resentment … and fears … of offering love, of receiving love … fear of rejection … the attachments of humanity … to outcomes they wish, attachments and ownership of those they love. Such pain results from attachment, pain for the one who wishes to bind in ownership,and pain for the one who is held prisoner by the ownership of love.

Attachments to outcomes cause so much suffering to humanity … for humanity has lost its way and is no longer open to the divine plan and able to accept those spontaneous happenings which are divinely inspired and which guide life effortlessly and gracefully … they wish to force and to hurry … to bring to themselves those events their minds have decided they must have … and cause such pain in this use of their will. This pain reverberates across the universe ..causing such great confusion and chaos. The emotional body of humanity is a battlefield across which little is gained by sadness and grief. The mind rules in its wants … and the emotional body suffers because of these wants.

Your emotions are pulled by the confusions and chaos of the collective consciousness. The collective patterns of humanity which have been built across the ages of humanity see the feminine as disempowered, wanting, needing love. The masculine consciousness has received its own patterns of avoiding entrapment by the feminine in her need for love. So much pain in humanity over love … the need for love, the lack of love, the loss of love, and the avoiding of the entrapment of love. The hearts of humanity have closed as protection against the pain of love … and not able to open fully to love and to the emotions which arise when it does arrive.

Pondering quietly on these behaviors and these patterns, fears, sadnesses, these desires and needs that hold you caught bound by your emotions, just acknowledging that you have held these patterns in your physical existence.

And breathing and handing over these patterns and behaviours, as the original core records of the akasha of your soul that result in these distorted emotions are released, with karmic absolution given by the Karmic Board … and the angelics commence to restore to its original divine blueprint the crystals, chakras and the diamond plate of your Emotional Body. And those incomplete and distorted crystals and chakras within your energy body which have been shutdown, removed, cast aside and abandoned as a means of avoiding the pain of emotion and sadness are replaced, restored.

And your Divine Feminine receives release of distortions, and repatterning to your original divine blueprint and releasing to Source all limiting patterns, wounds and behaviours. Open your divine hearts to receive and to know the divine feminine qualities of unconditional love, wisdom, knowledge,nurturing, receptivity, compassion.

Great healing and restoration has occurred this day and you are asked now to breathe very deeply and to open all of the dimensions of your heart … as the valves of the heart are opened to receive an influx of light and of love from the heavens, expanding all of your being with radiance and love. Experience the lightness and bliss which floods your being and raises your vibration. Deeply breathe as the love current freely flows and fills every dimension of your being with healing love and with great pulses of heavenly light … and all remaining distortions receive their release by this flow of celestial love … restoring to your original blueprint … able to receive the full flow of light, love, power and abundance without limitation.

And singing the mantra for the code of sacred geometry to receive healing and restoration of all chakras of the Love Body, releasing all limiting patterns, behaviours and distortions, allowing the full flow of love to be received without limitation, crossing all time, space and dimensions to restore to original divine blueprint


And the mantra to receive activation of the Divine Heart to original blueprint, receiving the release of karmic records, memories, sadness,fears, disempowerment … releasing genetic and ancestral memories and distortions, transmuting all limitations held … activating the connection gateway between the sacral and the heart … clearing the connection pathways between all the realms of consciousness … restoring to purity, wholeness,divinity, the love and wisdom of my God self.


And the mantra to release all distorted behaviours, patterns,programs of the Emotional Body, receiving release of all distortions of my ancestral and genetic heritage and those of the collective consciousness, with karmic absolution and release across all time and space and all dimensions ofthe original core records, experiences, memories … restoring my Emotional Body and DNA to original divine blueprint.


From the heavens it is your hearts that are seen to glow so brightly, like beacons here and there your hearts glow with extraordinary love and with light. You are loved for the divine hearts that you are. Your love lights up those areas where you live and where you walk, balancing and restoring the energies, adding your love and your light to those grids of the earth upon which you walk … pulsing your love to Gaia in your meditations when you open your column of light and anchor this into her, pulsing her with your light, and making your light available where it may be used for many purposes of alignment, of restoration and of channeling the power of this love and light to those places in need.

Flow in this radiance and love as restoration continues … and toning now to anchor the blueprints to earth that all may share in what you have received today.


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Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series