Dreamers of the new world series



Beloveds, as you open your channels of light to connect through the suns and moons to the celestial realms, the Source realms, and anchor your light deep within the crystal heart of Gaia, breathe deeply and receive an expansion and a clearing of your energies, offering and handing over the challenges you face at this moment, the confusions and irritations, sadness and tiredness, and receive their release from your energies, taking from you the careworn sadness of physicality.

Lord Ashtar brings the New Children to join us on our journey … those who have arrived already and those who are yet to enter the physical plane, that they may receive with us.

Lord Buddha offers the tablet of peace and places this within your heart as you breathe deeply and allow deep peace to travel from your heart and to your mind. Radiant angelic ones join you in circle, wings outstretched to hold you tenderly, energizing your field and raising your vibration and filling you with love and with light, filling each of your chakras with universal love and with great healing streams of celestial light, releasing the fears and sadness of the physical condition, the pains and heartbreaks, the failures and inabilities, clearing every dimension of your heart.

And your heart crystal is taken by the angelic ones and restored to its original divine state, releasing distortions and impurities, replacing lost and damaged circuitries, activating with universal light … replacing your heart crystal, radiant and glowing with light … allowing you to open your heart freely and with the breath to receive universal light which fills every dimension of your heart.

Divine Mother offers her pearl of wisdom as great streams of light release your uncertainties and fears of physical survival. She holds the divine plan in her heart for humanity and of your role and of the support for you within that plan … and she gently places her hands within your base chakra to offer her pearl of knowledge and of wisdom that you may know of the support there is for you. Breathe deeply of this wisdom as your fears of physical survival, of mistrust in the divine plan and of your support and care are transmuted.

As you breathe this universal love and support down through your lower chakras and connect securely with Gaia’s heart in the core of the earth, offer your physical needs and requests to Gaia and to Divine Mother … open your heart and ask for what you need … and upon the flow of Gaia’s lei lines and grids of love your requests travel, connecting with the universal flow of love … and the Flower of Life now intersects with the flow of universal love, the unified field … and your heart’s request flows along the grids and geometric spirals of love of the unified field, streaming now in holographic form around the universe and returning to you in divine timing, in perfect acquiescence to your heart’s request.

We journey today across the ages to the origins of your ancestral soul lineage. At the beginning of the ages, when form was desired and experiment in free will began, the dualities were apportioned between you that you may experience a reality which contained both polarities.

Some chose to receive embodiment as love. And some lack of love. Others chose abundance and success. Some chose to experience failure, poverty. Form in all of its myriad expressions was desired. Mankind remains victim to the increasing degrees of polarity and duality which across the ages the experiment has created, reaching levels never contemplated. And upon wresting self empowerment and free will as your right, the illusion was created that you had also cast yourself away from God. Such pain, chaos and distress has occurred across all the aeons, in free will choosing this experience but becoming separate from God … and blaming God for your pain … separating yourself from God … and blaming God for his abandonment of you.

The experiment of form, and life and free will leads us to this moment in time, when the dualities see their return to oneness … and the experiment, having led to such great pain and sadness, separation, terror, war and suffering … may have its conclusion as each is restored back to oneness with their godliness.

You have role to heal within yourselves the dualities you hold and to clear your genetic line and DNA of karma and duality, walking through initiations and detaching from the karmic wheel … and this will assist and enable all of mankind to return to its oneness with God. Never before have so many beings of light been present upon the earth, and available to mankind in the playing out of this magnificent story to unhinge humanity from its inherent duality and from the karmic restrictions which hold humanity bound in suffering and pain.

There is the wish to release you now of the dualities you hold as the Mother Emissaries of Love cocoon you with soft pink petals of love which they place tenderly in your heart, and in each of your chakras, and within your energy body, creating a barrier of love and protection to soften the dualities of the physical plane for you.

Breathing deeply as your family members come now and stand in circle before you, from 7 generations of your father and your mother’s genetic line.

And we begin now to offer the dualities … as you identify those ones you hold … and those that your family holds … and offer these for their release.


Light … or darkness.

Health … ill health.

Ability to love and to receive love … and lack of love and inability to love.

Power and lack of power … disempowerment.

Vitality … stagnation.

Enthusiasm for life … heaviness and unwillingness to be on earth.

Beauty and luxuriation in beauty … lack of beauty.

Sexuality … celibacy.

Will … and of lack of will.

Abundance, or of lack.

Happiness … unhappiness.

Good luck … lack of luck.

Lightness of attitude to life … heaviness.

Honour … or shame and ridicule.

Integrity … deception.

Fairness, wishing the best for all … or envy and jealousy.

Helpful to others … or only wishing to look after self.

Truth … or duplicity and deception.

Struggle … or ease.

Ambition and will … or lack of will.

Flow … lack of flow, stuckness and rigidity.

Hope and trust … or hopelessness and fear.

Peace … or chaos.

Simplicity … complexity.

Fairness … unfairness.

Loyalty … or thinking only of self.

Faithful … unfaithful.

Compassion … harshness.

Openness … or secrecy, stealth.

Discipline … and its lack.

Patience … impatience.

Grace … or lack of grace.

Subtlety … and its lack.




Apathy and inability to step forward beyond doubts and fears.





Need for control.

Lack of control.

The need to overpower others, to dominate.

Interference, control.

Rigidity, inflexibility.




Anxiety and fear patterns which disempower and preclude success.

Performance anxiety and fear to step forward beyond fear.


Lack of emotional balance.

Ill health and disease.




Scorn … of others, and scorn of self.

Bravery … or stuckness and inability to move forward.

Lack of trust and faith in self and in others.

Hatred of God, fear of God, mistrust of God.

Holding great light … or lack of light.

As you identify the patterns you hold and also those you have inherited from your family, acknowledge what they have offered you as the mirror they shine on the dualities necessary for you to clear from your DNA and from your karmic memories. So easy to see the karmic mirror in others … as you open your heart to them and acknowledge the role they have played in bringing to your notice the dualities and limiting patterns that require release from your DNA. Each of your family members comes to you and stands before you … they are needing your forgiveness for they have agreed to participate in the playing out of these dualities and have suffered for this. The time is now to acknowledge the roles you have played … and to forgive each other, to apologise … and to free your family from blame and accept for yourself the lifting of guilt and judgement. Forgive yourself dear ones and acknowledge that you have merely been playing out these dualities, holding these for humanity … that they may be transmuted.

As your heart opens in forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of yourself, accept St Germaine’s Violet Flame as you are placed in a healing chamber of violet light which flows through all of your chakras and fills all the dimensions of your being, transmuting all duality from you. With your breath, open your heart most wide and request all duality be removed from your being and from your DNA and that all karma be transmuted between you and your family across all time and all dimensions.

Lady Nada and the Karmic Board offer the karmic records for their release … and the karmic cords between you are allowed their release also, with absolution across the ages and all time and space.

Open your heart in love of your family members and ask on their behalf that their pain and suffering, their limiting patterns and behaviours be released from them. Your ancestors from 7 generations back receive with you as the violet flame surrounds and fills them, releasing all karmic behaviours and patterns, memories, records, wounds and sadness. And 7 generations ahead also receive with you the release … and a repatterning is enabled of the DNA of your genetic heritage. Your family of light offers dispensations that will assist your family to lift their sadness and offer them freedom from karmic patterns.

And the group wounds of lightworkers … of mistrust of each other and lack of faith and trust and confidence in themselves and in others … which have their origin in ancient memories of group consciousness and soul family consciousness … are offered for release … enabling our consciousness to be elevated to unity consciousness, working together with common goal, common mind, common heart for the good of all.

As you open your heart with willingness to forgive all that has occurred … and there may be those who come to you now, those with whom you have had issue in the past … and to apologise for any errors of judgement you may have made, and to receive apology from those who have had issues with you, or judged or challenged you … allow the mistrust and competition and jealousy and fear to completely dissolve and to receive its release with a lifting of the karmic records … and as a great wave of forgiveness and relief floods through your being, release occurs of all disempowering karmic ties.

Breathe deeply as the angels bring to you now your twin flame who holds the duality of what you hold, one holding the positive and the other the negative, in polarity and duality. Hold the hands of your twin flame, and look deep within the beautiful heart of this one. As you open your heart and acknowledge the dualities you hold between you, embrace and merge now with your twin flame, and receive the release now of all polarities, all dualities. Lady Nada and the Karmic Board with the Galactic Federation and many legions of angels and archangels offer support and love as Archangel Michael with his sword of truth releases you and your twin flame from the dualities you have taken on and agreed to apportion between you.

All the heavens stand before you in this moment, as you reach across all the ages and the dimensions to put to right and to annul that moment in time when you and your twin flame chose to apportion and to bear duality between you. The sword of truth releases all sadness, all guilt and shame you have carried. It was at this moment in time that the separation from God occurred, and so much of duality and of pain, loneliness, grief and terror, hopelessness and war, anger and bitterness, jealousy and chaos has resulted from that moment when duality was stepped into.

Breathing, merged together, and receive the lifting of so much that has burdened you with the limitations you have carried. Breathe and experience this release … all limitation falls away … and there is grace and ease on your path and a new trust.

Open your hearts to God and receive reconnection now, fully restoring your connection to God and healing the separation and gulf that has its origin in those earliest of days. St Germaine offers the violet flame again within a healing chamber and all shame is taken from you, all fear and pain and guilt at your pulling yourself away from God is taken. All guilt and responsibility for the pain of humanity is released.

Your role in this life is to restore equanimity within yourself, freed of the binding dualities. And in transmuting your own duality, you do this for humanity, an important role and a joyous one.

Open your heart to assist the New Children to receive with you all that you have received, enabled to enter the physical plane free of distortion and duality and to receive grace and ease on their path. And there are those who are already here, and those still to arrive. You are holding sacred space, clearing and bringing light to the path, preparing the way for the New Children who stream in and who will continue to arrive upon earth, creating safety for them … as many angels hold these ones and offer them activation and integration so they may fully connect to their natural vibration and state of consciousness … activating the matrixes upon which they are held and aligning them to the grids … and receiving every support and assistance … and also offering divine support, guidance and assistance to their guardians and teachers in their supporting roles.

As you hold the New Children with love, you may use the code of sacred geometry and tone the mantra to release the dualities, to heal the ancient memories of group consciousness and to pave and light the way for those to come.

Kwa Twoo Hu Oo Oo Oo Swah Ni Ee Wah Ku Hu Uh Uh Hu Oo Oo

Qwi Ne He Me Ee He Ee Ee

You receive all the support of the heavens for your role. Such love is held for you and so closely are you held and guided. You each have a most important piece of the puzzle for mankind, so vital you are to the divine plan, for not one, but many, are needed to place their pieces of the puzzle together and to work in harmony together to effect change.

I am Divine Mother, with Melchior.




Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series