Dreamers of the new world series



I Am Melchior, dear ones of the light.  Let us connect together with the starry ones, the beings of light, those from Shamballa and the Great White Lodge, the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command and those from all the realms and dimensions who flock to be with you on this day of planetary alignment, such that will enable the merging of your group energies with those of your family of light to create that which you seek, the raising of consciousness which may bring humanity into light from darkness.

If you will open your column of light to connect with the Source realms and with all those from all the dimensions who work with you, and connecting with the crystal heart of Gaia, held firmly and lovingly and securely between heaven and earth … as in special dispensation for your planetary service this day many teams of specialists of light finetune and transform your energies, releasing from you that which you offer up as the behaviours and reactions, the sadness, disempowerment and pain and confusion, fears, doubt and lack of trust and direction that you acknowledge in yourselves … taking from you that which creates distortion within your channels and bodies of light and bringing transformation through repatterning and restoration … aligning you now with your divinity that you may receive the blessings which will result in great peace in your life, taking from you that which darkens and distorts your life, replacing all with light codes of divinity … that you may be pure transmitters and conduits of energy and light and love.

Aligning your energies around the world to the Eight pointed Star of All Creation which connects all the Dreamers of the New World as the vehicle through which the energies you jointly generate is collected, and shared, to enable the creation of the Morphogenetic Field of All Possibilities, and sharing also with Gaia along her grids and matrixes of light.

And using the encodement of sacred geometry of the Eight Pointed Star, singing the mantra to connect and to align your energies together.


As great streams of light flow down through your open conduit of light with a concentration of many celestial frequencies from many dimensions filling your light body … with the crown chakra and the column of light expanding, strengthening, pulsing with great downpourings of heavenly light, connected via the filaments of light which extend from your light body to the galactic realms and those of middle and inner earth … as living transmitters of light you serve the divine plane, receiving great transformation and raising of your frequency as this occurs.

And as you sit in this great column of light which encloses all of your light body, activating now within each of you the Mind Virus which serves to align and to raise your lower mind with your divine mind, raising your consciousness in its ability to hold tolerance and clarity in all that you do, with understanding and compassion firstly for yourself, without judgement … and with tolerance for all others without regard to culture, to colour or religion or race, financial or intellectual or social status.

Using the code of the Higher Mind and singing the mantra


May this great shift of consciousness act as a virus to spread throughout all of mankind, with more and more receiving this alignment to the high levels of consciousness of the divine mind.  May this sacred code be shared with many to create a shift, a virus of transformation.

As all judgement, all reaction and attachment releases now, filled with light as Source frequencies continue to stream through your being … offer up now for surrender your intolerances and judgements of those in your life, those individuals you judge as different and those with whom you find no parallels of relating.  Own up to and offer for release your prejudices of those who are not on a spiritual path, of those who are unconsciousness, of those who suffer from lack of education and knowledge, of those who are loud and uncouth, of those you see to be in ego … of races and religions and sub-cultures.  Offer up for release your criticisms and judgements of those in positions of power and be unattached to your opinions for they create a forcefield of negativity and also of karma.  As lightworkers and high initiates, impeccable levels of integrity are required of you commensurate with your positions of upholding light.

A great shift occurs as you let go of your attachments to your opinions, ah, a great shift occurs to let go of this judgement of others.

And now open your great hearts of light to receive the Love Virus, allowing the mind to be still and to have its rest now, to be but a pure vehicle of light.  Open yourself to receive upliftment and enlightenment, as great waves of light allow a raising of your frequency and your consciousness … releasing all that is of a lower frequency … so that you sit within all that is light and only light.

Singing the mantra of the sacred encodement of the Love Virus


and receive your ability to attune others to reach this state of love and of consciousness by touching the third eye of another with your intent that love and enlightenment is transferred.  And may this virus of love spread around the earth plane, restoring all to the unconditional love which was known in the early days of Lemuria … allowing the bringing to a close of the circle of the Duality experience of man.

Breathing dear ones as your vibration continues to lift and as the downpourings of celestial light continue to flood your being, pure transmitters and conduits of energy and light and love, connecting around the world to add a concentration of these energies, aligned with your dreams for yourselves and for humanity … to the Morphogenetic Field of all Possibilities held within the divine plan.

Offer now your deepest dreams of the life of fulfillment you hold in your heart.  Pondering on this, and allowing the heart’s hidden dreams to surface and to bring joy to you in their possibilities.  Find within yourself the bliss and see yourself in that blissful life … what it is that you are doing that brings such joy and peace and fulfillment … and what are the relationships you have within that bliss … and what are the rewards in the way of abundance and flow and opportunity.  Create with the brush of the grand creator, and create your blissful dream of yourself at your highest possible potential, with all distortions and fears and doubts and blockages completely gone.

And open your hearts now with your dreams for humanity … see and feel the peace and tolerance and sharing, the healthy children, the abundance of food for all, without division of race or colour or creed or religion or country, all of mankind living and working and sharing and loving at his highest possible potential … with educators of vision and skill … with freedom of will for all, without harsh laws and rules … with tolerance … without corruption or oppression of any kind … with peaceful co-existence between all … with sharing in community … with all working at that which they love best … with relationships between man and woman and mother and father and child and grandmother and grandfather, aunt and uncle, neighbour loving, sharing, harmonious.

Offer your own vision for humanity at peace and in safety, and see the raising of consciousness that has resulted from the love and efforts of all of the lightworkers upon the earth who have in creating their own transformation and freedom from pain, allowed all of humanity to lift to that same frequency of understanding and consciousness.

Singing the mantra of the code for the Morphogenetic Field of All Possibilities


as your highest dreams for yourself and for humanity create the blueprint of the New World, placing into form in the infinite possibilities of the Morphogenetic Field a great raising of consciousness for all humanity. 

And now dear ones of the light, as a grand finale on this day of days your concentration of such high frequencies flowing through and linked to the Eight Pointed Star of Creation, is utilised by the many legions of angelic ones from all the dimensions to anchor the Lemurian Grid from the higher dimensions into Bali, anchoring the Grid deep within the crystal heart of beloved Mother Gaia.  It is the intent and the high ideals of the many lightworkers who connect their energies worldwide that make possible the creation of the blossoming of the New World, with unconditional love, justice, equality, freedom and abundance for all.

And as you sing the mantra, the energies are received with gratitude, and with honour for your paths of light and of service.


You may sit in these great streams of light dear ones for some time and enjoy the blessings that are now gifted you, toning in your voices of light to anchor all to the earth plane.

Go with God dear ones, I Am Melchior.


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series