Dreamers of the new world series



I Am the Lord Merlin dear ones of the light.  With joy I bring many dispensations of assistance that you may experience the enjoyment and freedom of being free from care, freed of the emotional pain and distress, burden, confusion, sadness and disempowerment which many of you have brought to the earth plane as your karmic load.  At times it does feel that the task of completely releasing ancient karmic disempowerment is never ending and that there is no relief.  But dear ones, with many Masters of Shamballa and the Great White Lodge we bring many new dispensations, methods and tools of energy clearing for the frequency you have amassed worldwide allows cosmic tools of healing and of transformation to be anchored to earth for your use in a fast-tracking of your restoration to your divine blueprint.

If you will breathe deeply several times, opening your column of light, opening the heart chakra with the deep breath, and breathing deeply and opening the throat chakra, and the third eye, opening the crown chakra and the soul star chakra and the upper chakras, connecting your chakra column through the suns and moons to the celestial realms and to the Source.  Connect with your God Presence deeply … and command God Presence to descend and to align with your column of light.  Deep breaths of light and energy are breathed down through your crown and third eye and throat and heart … and your heart expands in great love and power and is filled with light.  Breathing still as you open the solar plexus, the hara, the sacral and the base chakra, and opening the link chakra between your knees and the earth star beneath your feet … breathing deeply as you bring all of your light to Gaia, anchoring your being securely in her crystal heart.

Breathing deeply again as the security and abundance and love of Gaia is breathed up your column of light, meeting in your heart, blending the celestial and the earth energies together … the heart expanding greatly.  As waves of love are sent from your heart, your love and light spills over and begins to fill your light body, and your geometries of light as they are restored now by the angelic ones of Arcturus are wondrous to behold.  Breathing and expanding your love and your light, as the individual chakras, diamond plates, vortexes and gateways of your light body receive restructuring, building with light which you generate through your heart connection to Source and to Gaia.

A great radiance and lightness is experienced as you sit within golden chambers of light, attended to by so many of the angelic kingdom who serve with joy and delight … for they wait for their permission to assist you in this way and are overjoyed to have this opportunity to release that which does not serve you, and to restore that which has been lost to you over the aeons, closed down, distorted, inactive.

Dear ones of the light, I must stress to you that until you have cleared yourselves of the karmic debris you hold, you will continue to attract into your life experiences of pain and confusion and disempowerment.  It is your priority as lightworkers at this moment to turn all of your attention to the limiting patterns and distorted ways of behaving you must identify in yourself.  It is not for you to continue to blame others for you are masters of light.  As high initiates of light, there is a procedure to follow that you may accept your roles as pure transmitters of light and love.

Firstly, you are to go deeply within and to find the core patterns of behaviour you hold, those that cause you to react in pain, in fear, in doubt, anger, confusion and disempowerment.

To find these, to identify these patterns … for they are keys for your freedom from earthly pain and duality.

Each limiting behaviour and way of reacting has at its core a memory of some event you have experienced in ancient times.  These memories and experiences cause you to react in these distorted ways because the ancient memories and experiences have crystallised as karmic records within individual chakras of your energy body.  Because you hold these karmic records in your being, the universal laws of reflection and attraction bring to you experiences which mirror what you hold and seek to show you that you have distortions that are requiring healing and release.  And so until you have freed yourself of these karmic records, you will continue to attract into your life situations of pain and suffering.

I bring today great blessings in the method newly brought to earth to enable you to free yourself of all that limits, saddens, confuses and disempowers you.

What is required of you is that you identify each and every pattern in your life which does not serve you.

And time is given here for you to acknowledge those current situations in your life which are painful, for they show you as a mirror what you hold deeply at your core


And as you think deeply and own your part, the distorted patterns you find yourself within in this moment, all that is not peaceful is showing you that you need to go deeper and look further and identify where your actions and reactions are less than you would wish.

Sitting within your golden chamber of light with many angelics who repattern now your ability to cross time, to cross space and all dimensions … repatterning those chakras of your light body and releasing distortions, activating that which has been shut down and is inactive, bringing great technologies of light to restore your ability to traverse time and space and dimension.

For many of you this blessed gift was closed down and became inactive at the time of the fall of the great civilisation of Atlantis, closed by many in shame and guilt at their transgressions against the free will of others which caused such great pain and distortion and ultimate ruin.  And you may open your hearts dear ones, not in guilt and shame, for your role as worker of the light was always known to hold risk to you upon entering the field of duality, and none in your Family of Light holds you in blame.  Open your great hearts dear ones to receive your karmic absolution for the wounds of Atlantis, and receive your freedom from guilt and from shame.

As repatterning continues to restore your ability to cross time, continue to identify all in your life that does not serve you in peace and happiness.  You may wish to write your list of behaviours, and to go often to your list as you identify new breakthroughs of understanding … for this will free you dear ones of all pain and suffering.

As you continue to breathe deeply, your body of light receives its restoration and activation of its ability to traverse time and space .. as with so many of the Family of Light we travel together now, to the time the core pattern originated, to the original core experience that has resulted in each of your present distorted behaviour patterns.  Held securely as we travel in time to the original experience and memory and with the assistance of Lady Nada and the Karmic Board, releasing those original core records, memories, experiences, beliefs, patterns and programs … completely releasing all distortions.   You may wish to work with this many times, identifying each distorted pattern, and travelling to the core record and receiving its release, Lady Nada on each occasion offering this great healing and release of all that limits you because of ancient times of great suffering and sadness.

Breathing deeply to allow the release of karmic records from the individual chakras of your light body, with many beings of light assisting with joy, with techniques of sound and light and healing technologies.  With relief the distortions are released, breathing deeply as this completes.

We travel now through the dimensions, to Source, traversing all time and all dualities, crossing through time to return to the Source, and receiving now repatterning to your original blueprint of divinity.  Many angelics joyfully repattern and restore your being to its original divinity as you expand your being, open your heart in joy and gratitude and breathe, breathe, releasing all distortions with your out breath and breathing in great streams of healing Source light which restore your divinity.  Breathing so deeply as you experience this divinity, this free flow of such love and light which expands all of your being.  In this moment you are perfection.  There is no possibility of anything but joy and peace.

Travelling freely and gracefully and easily, we travel now to the future.  With the company of all of the Family of Light who hold you securely, you are able to express your joy, your peace, your divinity.  See and feel and taste this wholeness and fulfillment and joy and peace.  See yourself in your divinity, and observe how this is reflected in your life.  See and feel the ease of your personal life, with success in your relationships, fulfillment in your work, abundance in your life and much love given and received.  There is a great level of joy to be living life at such a high level of experience and fulfillment.

You may stay to experience this joy and peace and abundance and fulfillment for some time, creating in your future what it is that from your heart you wish to manifest, not from your mind, but from your heart’s dream of personal power and peace and joy.


And now open your heart’s dreams for peace for humanity.  Feel and experience the lack of oppression, the equality, fairness, justice … the unconditional love and sharing … the bounty of abundance in healthy food and water full of life, the clean rivers and skies … see the beauty of this wonderland which is earth, with enough for all, in equality and sharing and love.  Experience the peace with no wars, no control, no injustice, no hidden agendas, no fear, all open and clear and clean.  Feel the joy of life on this earth, freed of distortion and fear.

And with the angels and the Family of Light still journeying with us and holding us securely we return to the present, this moment in time.  And we bring back with us all that we have received today.  We return having restored our divinity, having cleared the karmic records of disablement and pain, and manifested our future selves in fulfillment and peace, personal power, abundance and joy.   We have crossed time, all space and all dimensions with great effect, restoring so much of your divinity.  And we have brought to the present your dreams for peace and plenty for mankind and for this wonderland which is earth.

And using the Karmic (Time) Code to seal all that you have received, holding the code of sacred geometry while singing the mantra three times


… and while looking at the geometries on the code, bringing the code slowly towards your face and holding against your third eye until you feel complete.

Dear ones of the light, you are loved and honoured for your role.  In return you are given all that you request.  Make your request now for that which will bring most ease to your life, what it is that you need that will bring peace and fulfillment and personal power,

Returning now to the physical and anchor your energies fully on the earth.

Go with God dear ones, I Am your Merlin.


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series