Dreamers of the new world series



I Am Lady Nada, dear ones of the light, with transmissions and dispensations of joy I offer each of you in this work you perform of collectively enjoining your energies as

As you open your channels of light, connecting through your Soul Star and higher chakras with the Source and through your Earth Star chakra to the crystal heart of Gaia, many beings of light from the celestial realms immediately flock to be by your side, containing your energies in a divine pyramid of golden white light containing all of the celestial rays. Breathe deeply dear ones as each radiant stream of colour is applied to your energies, illuminating in their light those which are your great soul gifts, and taking from you those which are your deepest core wounds and patterns of limiting behaviour.

Continuing to breathe so deeply as you offer up and surrender those challenges of the moment, those fears and doubts and worries, those challenges of the physical which sadden and confuse you, handing these over so they may be taken from you through the intercession of the celestial rays, those which are applied to your energies by those workers of the light from all the dimensions of the heavens who seek to be of assistance to you in honour of the role you play and in the desire that you be freed of all that limits you.

Breathing deeply as a great expansion fills your field of light as the gateways and pathways of light receive refining and release of all that blocks and limits the flow of energy and light able to be received … clearing, unblocking, restoring the connection through these gateways to the galactic portals which hold primary importance for you in your reconnection with your starry nature.

Breathing to receive the return of soul gifts which are impulsed to you now in their packages of light and geometries, able to be accessed by you within the timing of the divine as you pass through your initiations of light and mastery, held by you within your light body, awaiting their awakening through the transmissions of light received within the planetary alignments, all aligned within the divine plan, in perfect timing.

Your body of light shines with much radiance now and you fill your Family of Light with delight to observe your great beauty of heart and your willingness to pursue your magnificence in aid of the divine plan for all of humanity. In honour we bow before each of you, great warriors of the light, undergoing the cleansing of karmic wrongs and releasing from your beings on behalf of yourselves and also on behalf of all humanity all of the limiting and negative behaviours and fears and doubts, undoing within yourselves the patternings of duality which you have inherited within your physicality so that all of humanity may also receive this release.

Dear ones, I offer you many dispensations this day to achieve the release of the karmic records and experiences held as crystallised memories in the individual chakras of the diamond plates of your light body that you may be freed of all that limits you from taking your place as an empowered worker of the light, walking fully upon your path of mastery and life passion, life fulfillment.

I offer a sacred encodement, a karmic code, which you may use each time you find that you are reacting with an emotion of pain, anger, irritation, fear, jealousy, hopelessness, loneliness, abandonment, mistrust of self or another or judgement or blame of another. For I say to you that each time you react in these emotions and behaviours you are being shown as a karmic mirror the existence of a deep and disempowering core record of the akasha of your soul which you hold in one or more chakras of your energy body which is requiring release. And I say to you that until such time as you rid yourself of this core karmic record, it will continue to play out in your life and bring into your life experiences which seek to show you the existence of the wound you are holding.

On each occasion that you are troubled by such an emotion in daily life, it is important for you to begin to empty your akashic records of ancient wounds of duality and pain … for it is in the emptying of the akashic records that peace will begin to descend in your physical life. Until the akasha of your soul is emptied of karmic wounds, you will continue to encounter experiences in your life which seek to show you the existence of the wounds you are holding.

So dear ones of the light, it is so vitally important to ‘own’ your part in anything which is playing out in your life which is causing you pain, or judgement or blame of another.

Each time such a situation arises, it is required of you that you only ‘own’ your own part in this challenging experience. And in this surrender and acknowledgement and ownership of your own limiting behaviours, all of the heavens seek to bring assistance to you that you may release yourself from these conditioned ways of reacting and behaving which cause you such sadness and pain.

I give each of you my promise and vow on behalf of the Karmic Board that each time you open yourself to surrender and release of the limiting pattern of behaviour you have found in yourself, all of the might of the heavens will come to your aid to assist in its release, with karmic absolution which transmutes across the dimensions and all time and space … effectively ‘deleting’ the original core record of the akasha of your soul.

And the effect will be the ongoing emptying of your akasha, your soul records, of all negativity and pain. You will see the benefit in this as life becomes more peaceful, and as core patterns of pain and confusion begin to leave. Light will descend upon each of you, and hope will return. And then you will see, believe and experience the possibilities of really embodying your divine qualities, for the doubts and fears that currently hold you back will no longer trouble you.

Owning your own limiting beliefs, programs, patterns and ways of reacting will empower you totally and free you of all that limits you. Such powerful work, and required of each of you … that you continually empty the limiting akashic records of your soul experience. And as you become in the habit of releasing records, your life will transform as a result.

Breathing dear ones and meditating deeply now, going to the core of your being, bringing to your awareness those challenges in your life you are facing at this moment, the challenges with people, in relationship, in work dynamics, in challenges of power, of security and abundance, the fears and doubts that sadden and confuse you. Allow the beautiful mind to have its merry way, bringing to your attention all the negative experiences and challenges within which you sit in this moment, all that is not resolved. Ah, the beautiful mind, so blessed to be given a fulfilling task, so happy to be of positive use to you.

And with leagues of angels holding and supporting you, begin to acknowledge not the blame you apportion to others for what they have done to you … but what it is in yourself that is not of the highest … what it is that are your own weaknesses and fears and negative ways of reacting.

Allow the beautiful mind to bring these behaviours and patterns to your knowledge, sitting there so clearly now for you to see…

And as you acknowledge and ‘own’ these behaviours and fears, use the karma code which is attached, holding the code in front of you and saying the words aloud …

‘I call to the Karmic Board and request the release of the original core akashic record, memory, experience, behaviour, pattern, belief and thoughtform which results in the limiting and disempowering pattern I acknowledge in myself, with complete karmic absolution across all time, all space and all dimensions. I forgive myself and all who are involved.’

And looking at the sacred geometry of the code and singing the mantra of the language of light at the bottom of the code, three times or more


… and slowly drawing the code towards your face, bringing the code to your third eye and holding it there … until it feels complete.

And now breathing and releasing the karmic records from the chakras of your energy body … as the sacred geometry repatterns the electro-magnetic field of your energy body, releasing the akashic records where they are held as memory … allowing their release.

Held by the Angelic Symphonies and all the leagues of angelics from all the dimensions you have released a core memory of ancient disempowerment and pain from your being.

Each time you identify a limiting pattern you find that you hold, use the karmic code and continue to empty your soul of all disempowerment and pain. The work is ongoing and until your soul memories have been released, it is challenging for you to fully engage in your life purpose and mission … for it is necessary that the distortions first be released, to enable your soul gifts to fully anchor into your being. And so this work of karmic release and of becoming the master of your own behaviour and ways of reacting is so crucial for each of you … and for this reason you are given all the support of the heavens to hold you and assist you.

Continue to work with the karma code, releasing all of the patterns you find … and experiencing great relief and ease and lightness of being as you empty your being of all that limits and saddens you…

In this moment you have created a vacuum within your being, and the angelics are in haste to bring you great transmissions of light and to gift you with dispensations of grace.

If you will breathe now deeply and open yourself to receive great downloadings of geometries of light and of colour, encodements of soul gifts and the restoration of those missing and damaged circuitries and chakras of your light body. Held within a pyramid of great light, great transformation occurs, psychic surgery gifted to you in honour and in assistance for this work of light you perform for humanity.

Great warriors of the light, there is a further encodement of sacred geometry given you if you choose to use this, a Divine Channel code, which will enable you to receive embodiment as a divine channel of light for the unfolding of the infinite possibilities of the divine plan. As a divine channel of light you will anchor great streams of light to the earth plane to assist the return of all humanity to wholeness, peace and harmony.

If you will use the Divine Channel code which is attached, holding the code in front of you and saying the words aloud …

‘I receive embodiment as a divine channel for the unfolding of the infinite possibilities of the Divine Plan in the return of all humanity to wholeness, at One with God, with peace, harmony, abundance, equality, justice, love, affection, fairness, with harmony among and between all of humanity, reaching beyond time, across all dimensions, to the inception at God’s Hand at the beginning of the Age of Man, traversing all time and all dualities to the return to Original Divine Blueprint, freed of all dualities, with all karmic constraints and all karmic debt accrued dissolved, annulled, restoring to Oneness in God, merged with God and all Creation.’

And looking at the sacred geometry of the code and singing the mantra at the bottom of the code, three times or more


… and slowly drawing the code towards your face, bringing the code to your third eye and holding it there … until it feels complete.

In opening yourself to this sacred work, there are so many dispensations of grace and assistance given you. You are asked to honour yourselves as great warriors of light and to know that the stature of each of you embodied as divine channels of light for humanity enables great change and transformation to occur.

When a collective of like minds applies their minds … and their hearts’ dreams … collectively, with common intent … they create a morphogenetic field of all possibility. Do not doubt the power of the work you achieve individually and collectively.

You are collectively capable of holding the power to change the reality for all of mankind with the new paradigm you will create together … and a great raising of consciousness for humanity is given force.

You hold the Dream for all humanity and you are surely held in love and all the support of the heavens will be applied in the success of the manifestation to earth of wholeness and of peace and harmony for all humanity. In honour your Family of Light bows to you in gratitude and love.

Always loved dearly beloveds. I am your Lady Nada with Astrea Aurora.


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series