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Breathe deeply as with Divine Mother and Lady Nada, we reclaim connection with those aspects and extensions of ourselves, our group monad and soul who are acting in separation,disconnection, grief and pain in their individual separate existences across all of the dimensions of time. We are joined by many emissaries from the angelic realms, flooding your sacred place within a chamber of light which is created as you breathe deeply and open your column of light to the Source realms and anchor your light in the centre of Gaia’s heart.

As you breathe receive a clearing and restoration of each of your chakras … releasing with the breath as the distortions lift … expanding with the breath as restorative Source energy floods your being. The angelic ones clear and restore now each of the dimensions of your being, releasing distortions and karmic memories and patterns from the individual crystals and chakras of your energy body diamond plates, restoring, activating.

Breathing deeply as the portals, gateways, pathways and vortexes along which the love current travels are cleared, aligning the light body to the central sun and moon and to the inner earth, traveling in a figure of eight pattern around and through your being, freeing obstruction and memory so that the love current may freely flow… opening the heart, clearing all energies which are not of your original soul signature … enabled now to feel the blissful peace, exhilaration and heightened sensation of love … with a softening and opening of your heart and of your Love Body … a raising of your frequency … all chakras and dimensions of your being filled with Christ Consciousness … with the full flow of love and light flowing through the pathways.

In this heightened vibration, we travel together with the angels in group merkebah to Ancient Egypt to the Temple of the Hall of Records to meet those soul extensions of your soul monad and those of parallel existences and dimensions. In company with the full complement of all of the Ascended Masters and Family of Light we make our way into the temple, walking down a steeply inclining ramp pathway made of cold and smooth rock, looking down at your feet and see that you are barefoot but that there is golden thonging which loops around and behind the big toe and crosses at the ankles and 3 times up the calf, and is tied in front in a bow. The simple robe you wear is made of a softly lustrous golden fabric of transparent luminosity, falling into soft folds and draping your body comfortably and gracefully. As you near the end of the ramp, there are ancient symbols and glyphs carved into the walls on either side which heal and activate and you smooth your hands over these symbols to receive their frequency. A spacious chamber is stepped into and angels playfully hold your hand and guide you to a tall gilded chair in the centre of the chamber, with the Ascended Masters seated in a circle around you and with a chamber of light erected over you. As you breathe, your vibration lifts,expansion occurs and your heart opens with joy.

Divine Mother steps before you, with many legions of angels and emissaries who pulse you with great love,bringing forth the karmic records of your soul and that of your monad, group soul, and the records of all of your existences in past and parallel dimensions.

One of the purposes of your physical incarnation upon earth in this lifetime is to heal the disempowering memories of other existences and to bring home in wholeness and restoration all of the aspects of your being from all dimensions … and also those 144 of your soul monad, group soul … known collectively as your soul extensions. The challenges of this path are well known and you are honoured for your path of walking through and releasing the ancient patterns and programs and beliefs of not only your own existences in parallel time, but those of the soul extensions of your monad.

Many dispensations are given today to ease and to fill with grace your path of physical life and of mission in the restoration to you of your Original Divine Blueprint, cleared of those disempowering memories, patterns, programs, experiences and records incurred across the ages … and to enable also the freeing of your monad from that which has resulted in anomaly, distortion, disturbance.

Within this sacred space are those of your soul extensions of parallel lifetimes who remain in separation and pain. We call to them and they stream in, with angels supporting them and holding them, looking a little disoriented and fearful, but reassured by the presence of the angels and the Family of Light and by the light which streams in through the opening at the apex of the pyramid like temple in which they sit.

Divine Mother offers pulsing rays of her divine love to these ones and speaks softly to them of the challenges they have faced in their existences … of those times when they have not achieved success … or completed initiations, and of their pain and separation and loneliness and struggle. She asks if they wish today to return home to the One Heart, and be returned to their Family of Light and to wholeness and oneness.

As light streams upon these injured ones who are in separation and pain, they look dazedly around. From separation and fear they have come to this place of warmth and light and love. With Lady Nada and the Great Divine Director and the Karmic Board, great pulses of love and understanding are offered along with full karmic absolution for all that has occurred across all of the ages and all time and dimension.

A great rainbow bridge of light is anchored into your heart as you sit surrounded by your Family of Light… and with angels supporting and assisting, your soul extensions who have received healing and release of their karmic wounds and experiences commence to walk across and into your heart, receiving great streams and pulses of love …and as they return it is the love of your heart which heals them completely and brings their reconnection in wholeness with you, no longer in separation from you … no longer in fear and reaction against your choices … no longer sabotaging your efforts and filling you with fears and doubts … their ancient patterns of limitation and of distorted behaviour no longer affecting you,disempowering you, bringing you sadness and pain. Open your heart to these ones in gratitude at their return and accept them into your heart. Not only will you be no longer affected by their disempowering memories,but their soul gifts, withheld because of their fears and disappointments and failures and sadness, will now be available to you.

Divine Mother calls now to those 144 of your monad, group soul and you may recognize some of these as your closest soul family. These ones hold you in gratitude and honour for the karmic clearing and restoration you have achieved already on their behalf … you have taken incarnation on their behalf to assist the distortions and anomalies of all of your monad to be healed and released, restored to original soul blueprint and divinity. And this day Divine Mother offers release from your contracted role, as those of your monad are allowed the release of all distortion, clearing and releasing all energies which are not of their original soul signature.

Breathing beloved to receive this release as the Karmic Board commands the release of all energies not of original soul signature from those of your monad, with complete karmic absolution.

Never was it intended that your life upon earth was to be a struggle and filled with pain. Within the divine plan are put in place the assurances that you will receive all assistance to gracefully release yourself from all karmic constraints … and to rebuild and restore your magnificence …returning all of your divine gifts so that you may achieve fulfillment and joy in your earthly life of love and service to mankind.

Breathe deeply as we leave the Hall of Records in Ancient Egypt and journey now to the Ashram of the Divine Mother in Shamballa where the Ancient Mothers welcome and guide us inside a temple with many domed roofs joined together, forming patterns of symmetry and creation, receiving encodements of memory and activation as you place your hands flat against the gilded panels on either side of a rounded doorway, pulses of light and energy received through your hands. As you walk to the centre of the circular chamber,you experience the sacred frequency of this place, and walk to the centre of the room where there is on the floor a circular panel of golden metal with inscriptions of raised glyphs and symbols, and with lines which cross at the very centre of the panel and extend out to the outer walls in symmetry. Begin to walk slowly within the circular panel, walking in a circle and crossing each of the lines which extend out from the panel to the outer walls … aligning your energies with this sacred place,slowly walking in a circle, following with your eyes the lines which project out from the circle upon which you walk, aligning your energies and your vibration. As you walk within the circle, the chamber opens and widens and the walls disappear … and you are in an open area, with the night skies surrounding you on all sides, and the roof has opened also … and you stand under the skies … surrounded by your Family of Light. Look to the stars, to the skies,to the heavens of this sacred place and feel coursing through your being your remembrance of these energies which stream from the stars and moons and suns of these celestial realms, breathing and receiving the light codes which stream within,restoring to you that which has been lost to you during the transition from your starry nature and your descent into earthly matter. Look up to the stars, and open your heart to the light codes as they continue to stream into your being.

Open your hands and accept into the chakras of your hands those abilities of creation, those attributes of healing, those senses of being acquainted with energies, those sensing and knowing gifts held within the hands.

Expand your heart as it receives restoration of the galactic heart, with such bravery inherent within this heart, such grandness and excellence held within the heart.

Open the sacral and receive restoration of the creation abilities … of brilliance … unique and so powerful. Creative ability of such versatility,unlimited in its scope and power.

Open the power centre at the hara and receive restoration of this place of power and centeredness,holding firmly and enabling all of the other chakras to express their gifts …in power, in graceful embodiment of power inherent within, known and accepted.

Open the thymus and receive restoration of the connection with your soul … and with your universal nature, your inter relatedness to all beings.

Open the throat and receive the return of your gift of oration … of inspiring with sound … of voice, of music … of soaring tones of healing, inspiration, light and love …capabilities of great power … able to affect known and unknown realities …to change outcomes … to cross dimensions and to pluck from those places healing and restorative powers and creation abilities.

Open the third eye now beloveds, to receive restoration of the psychic gifts … often closed down because of experiences suffered across the aeons, closed down in sadness and anger … releasing those records,memories and barriers, veils and obstacles placed across the third eye chakra which have dimmed and weakened and distorted your psychic abilities. Sip of the breath of life as the third eye now receives replacement and rewiring of missing circuitry within this crystal,activated and aligned to restore in full.

A column of light descends over your being, containing and holding within its sphere of light all of your energies and light bodies. Sip deeply of the breath of life and receive the expansion this light brings to your being,as further release occurs of the memories of times when you have not acted in full accord with your divine nature and have created within duality, those ancient doubts and fears, uncertainties of your abilities, lack of faith in yourself and in God, and in others, those karmic experiences which hold you bound with others in ancient times of darkness … all released.

As this completes,streaming in within the ascension column of light within which you stand are those soul extensions and star extensions and genetic extensions and bodies of light from all of the realms, those ones who hold gifts of excellence, of creativity, anchor into the earth plane. The angelic technicians of light remove from the energy bodies of these ones their distortions,records and memories of duality and anomaly … releasing as special dispensation all which distorts, limits, confuses and sabotages, hinders and obstructs the free flow of love and light.

Sip very deeply of the breath of life, as all soul extensions and bodies of light, having received release of distortion, are assisted to anchor within your body of light … breathing deeply to receive this reconnection, receiving within your energy all of their qualities and gifts and magnificence.

Open your heart and receive… held within group energy and with grace you are enabled to receive so much in this activation as a gift of acceleration.

Divine Mother comes to you now and makes her connection with you, lovingly offering you the knowledge of the gifts and qualities that you have received this day. Sip of the breath of life, and listen, go deep and experience, and see, and hear of the magnificence which you are, of the gifts you hold, of the experiences you have had, the abilities returning to you. Receive the wisdom she offers, the keys she gives you, the gifts … the advice on the use of your gifts, of how you may best use your gifts and qualities within the divine plan for humanity … of those qualities and gifts that will come most easily to you, and how you may use these in personal fulfillment and joy in your life …

You have opened this day to the full return of your magnificence in oneness and wholeness, and light codes will continue to anchor into your light body as much continues to be restored to you. There is need for a time of integration where you are not to expect too much of yourself, and you are asked not to push or to force, but to rest if you need to rest, and not push beyond your capabilities … to drink ample quantities of water … to eat nutritious food.. to sing and to tone to your bodies of light into alignment.

We return in group energy from the realms of the Divine Mother, calling to Gaia and to the inner earth templeworkers and guardians to assist in grounding your energies. May you enjoy the exploration of your divine gifts as they open to you in perfect timing, returning easily as if always you have held these abilities … as indeed you have … only the memories of distortion … just now removed … have stood in the way of the complete return of these soul gifts. They will create much joy and fulfillment in your life beloveds.

I remain with you and maybe called upon for guidance and assistance at any time. I Am the Divine Mother.


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Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series