Dreamers of the new world series



Beloveds, we join with the Voidal Mothers and with Gaia and our family of light as we journey together with those from Inner Earth and Middle Earth, journeying to meet those parts and aspects of ourselves from ancient lives. With symphonies of angels and Archangels, the Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation and emissaries of love and light from the higher realms surrounding you and pulsing you with love, breathe deeply and connect your column of light through the suns and moons to Source, and to Gaia and the inner and middle earth, as your vibration lifts and you are held with love … travelling to the cities within the Inner Earth which connect the grid systems of love, light and power through the earth and into your light body.

We travel to an amethyst lake, met by guardians of the Inner Earth, unusual beings with draping fabric around their heads, and following their long and loping strides as you walk deeper along the spiraling tunnels deep into the centre of the earth, receiving great healing rays of all the colours of the spectrum from the crystals which you touch as you walk past. You sit upon a crystalline seat in a deep inner chamber, the guardians and temple workers pulsing you with love and healing, as fears and anxieties release from you and your vibration lifts, allowing the tensions and worries of the mind to leave and feeling peaceful and at home in this beautiful chamber, surrounded by love. The guardians bring to you an aspect of your soul from Inner Earth. Open your heart in willingness to receive healing and restoration and transmutation to the void of ancient memories requiring release, and accept mergence and connection with this one.

Trapped within these inner realms are aspects of yours that have become lost, entrapped, disempowered, cast adrift … remnants of incomplete initiations … lost, hopeless, in terror and loneliness and separation. Look into the far reaches of the chamber … there are beings who are slumped and slouched. They take the form of beings and are memories of your soul that are held in separation from you, lost and trapped in memories, with not the courage or the fortitude to continue on their path, weighed down with hopelessness, holding many unresolved experiences and memories. And these are the ones who have created within you feelings of disconnection, disempowerment, hopelessness, anxiety, and the inability to move forward. All that is unresolved and all that is seeking to be whole is magnetically attracted back to the Void … and these ones have awaited wholeness with you and restoration of their unresolved memories.

Breathe deeply as their unresolved memories are released from these ones by the Voidal Mothers, and they stir and rise, filled with love and with hope as their memories release and they become filled with light, released from their hopelessness and stagnation, and begin to move across the bridge created by the rainbow serpent and to cross into your heart, a rainbow bridge which allows these aspects to return back to you. Open your heart in love and understanding and joy at the return of these ones who have been separated from you for so long, for they are in great need of your love.

And breathe as the temple workers ground a rainbow bridge of your group soul cord through all dimensions into the Inner Earth, and accept your connection to the creation/power current, able now to access your inner power source and creation ability through your hara. Breathe deeply and accept a rebuilding of your hara, as your power centre regenerates through this connection, and accept release of all memories and records which have resulted in the shattering of your hara and your power centre in previous lives of great power, manifesting in this lifetime as difficulty in accessing your power and speaking your truth. We call to those parts of the hara in separation and deeply wounded that are in need of reuniting through your power centre, and these are returned as you again open your heart in love and joy … the rainbow serpent allowing their return across the rainbow bridge, healed of their memories, distortions and separation.

With the assistance of the temple workers, your power cord connects with the crystal heart holding the power/creation matrix of the Inner Earth and through your hara and each of your chakras, anchored and grounded into Inner Earth … and grounding your soul cord into the earth core as your soul descends and the cord of your soul is braided through your heart and anchored into the crystal love matrix and all dimensions of the earth, your love body reconnected and your column of light and your light body and light current grounded deeply into the earth core.

Releasing now are those which are your deepest fears, and you are aware of these fears deep within … acknowledge these and surrender them to the Voidal Mothers … allowing you now to feel safe on earth and fully grounded.

We rise and leave the chamber and journey now to the vortexes of Middle Earth, core of the love, light and creation grids and home of the ancestral guardians who have cared for the spirit of the earth since creation … entering a temple and guided by the guardians who bring you to meet an aspect of your soul. Open your heart in willingness to receive healing and restoration and transmutation to the void of ancient memories requiring release, and accept mergence and connection with this one.

Receive an alignment of your light body and release of contractions and blockages within your matrix of light, the guardians bringing to you many aspects of your soul that hold unresolved thoughts and negative programming. Connect with these aspects and receive transmutation and unbinding of their deepest wounding, connecting your energy body to the central vortex of light within Middle Earth, as your energy body activates and receives alignment to the light grids of the earth.

We travel further, to the love grids of the earth to activate the love body and the love grids of your being, as an ancestral guardian walks with you across a rainbow bridge surrounded by sacred geometries of love … receiving assistance to activate your love body, aligned with the love grids of the earth … and to meet those aspects of yourself that hold no love for themselves or for the earth plane, who have repressed their deepest emotions through many soul journeys, who have come out of darkness and are unwilling, having given up long ago.

As you open your heart with love to purify these aspects, the ancestral guardians draw from the central vortex of love which they send to the hearts of these aspects, releasing great bodies of emotions which are drawn into the vortex for purification, and allowing the aspects to open their hearts and to experience hope once more as their deepest wounds release, allowing them to return across the bridge formed by the rainbow serpent and into your heart and to reunite with you. Breathe deeply to receive this mergence, having released the deepest of repressed emotions and feeling whole once more.

We journey again, crossing a rainbow bridge to a city in Middle Earth which contains beautiful luminous eggs, the original seeds of creation … to activate the creation/power body and creation matrix to harmonise and align with the creation/power grid of the earth and to clear the blockages that cause disempowerment and the giving of your power to others, and to a lack of will to live and to create.

The ancestral guardians assist your chakras to connect to the hearts of the eggs of creation and to the creation matrix, as a beautiful symphonic melody activates and aligns your sound matrix and creation body to the crystals of creation. Many aspects come to you, ones who have no will to live and who hold despair because of the responsibility they feel as creators. As you open your heart with love of these ones and pulse them with courage, the ancestral guardians of sound and creation bring the creation flame from the central vortex of Middle Earth to purify each of your aspects and your sound matrix and creation body, travelling with them to the central vortex of creation as full restoration occurs. 

We journey again to the Void, to meet now the unresolved parts and aspects of yourself from ancient times and to heal all that is unresolved. 
Many of your family of light stream in to be with you and you are placed in a chamber of light, pulsing with velocities of love and light. Breathe deeply as energies flood through your energy body, clearing any obstruction or blockage in the chakras, aligning the diamond plates, clearing and activating those chakras, meridians, gateways, vortexes of your energy body, restoring your energy body to pure light, releasing the emotions, fears, memories and doubts, inabilities, feelings of lack or of being not good enough, all the daily human sufferings which have troubled you and limited you … dissolving into the Void.

We journey in company with many of your family of light to the Voidal realms, sinking into this dense vibration as a heaviness descends upon your limbs, all stills and slows, held in the moment of Now by the Voidal Mothers and allowing to be taken from you all that is incomplete, outstanding … initiations incomplete within which you have become stuck and lost and unable to move forward beyond the stories. Offer up these stories within which you are stuck, of that which is not working for you in your life at the moment, the stories of those things you need, that which you lack … stories of those persons and places and experiences which cause distress because of your inability to resolve them. Surrender these to the Voidal Mothers and receive transmutation of all that is unresolved in your life. Ponder deeply and see the patterns, the stories of your life, pull these to the surface, acknowledge they exist, and offer them up to the Voidal Mothers so that they may be transmuted.

Step beyond the dimension of Now, cross the dimensions and enter the past and find here those initiations of other and parallel times when you have walked in initiation and have been unable to complete and to come to terms with those initiations, times when there was failure to complete your mission, and when you acted in duality, and failed … times when you have failed in your journey of evolution to complete those evolutionary leaps of growth and awareness but remained stuck in the stories within which you were caught and resulting in wounds of self-hatred and lack of love and trust of self. And you will see that there are parallels between those ancient unresolved stories and those you are currently walking within.

There were those times when you remained stuck at a level of action, unable to walk to a higher level … times when you placed others’ interests ahead of your own, waiting for partners and loved ones to catch up and missed the opportunity for the evolutionary growth which would have resulted. See the parallels in your life currently, unable to put your own needs and desires for growth and evolution ahead of others you love, and feeling unfulfilled and stuck, unable to move forward.

Offer all to the Voidal Mothers for transmutation and breathe deeply of the Voidal energy as it sweeps from you these ancient patterns … feeling the lightness which fills your being as you step beyond your current limitations and into the unknown, breathing deeply the splendour of the not known, of the infinite, the field of possibility, of growth, of completion, of being able to express all of your potential.

Offer your fears, arising quickly at the thought of leaving behind old patterns which have cocooned you in comfort and in not needing to grow and explore. Are you willing to offer them up, to let them go, the old patterns, the old stuckness, those comfort levels of stagnation and unwillingness to move beyond what is known? Accept the release of the fear to move forward into the unknown, into the brilliance of that which is you … undistorted by the stories, the stuckness, the fears … undiluted in magnificence and ability. Offer up to the Voidal Mothers all that stands between you and your full magnificence … all of those fears and doubts and hesitations to move forward, the patterns which hold you back from progressing forward into the brilliance that you are, the magnificence of what you may become … the fear of the responsibility … leaving as your essence your pure potential.

Offer your fears that you will leave others behind, loved ones who have not the same path who hold onto you and wish that you not step from them, and offer your love to them with the deep desire that they receive all assistance to move beyond their fears, judgements and limitations into their own magnificence, with Divine Mother holding these ones you fear to leave behind in your walk to completion.

Within the Void are those aspects and fragments of self which are incomplete, for all comes from the Void and all returns to the Void … those who have been trapped in darkness and unable to share their light and their gifts and who have suffered so severely. There are aspects and fragments of lifetimes which were incomplete, there were lives where there was sudden and unprepared for and painful death and incomplete transition to the other side because of the shock and trauma. There are aspects with thoughts of failure, in hatred and judgement and self. There are aspects who have cast aside their divine soul gifts, not trusting themselves to use these gifts in integrity and truth. These aspects, fragments and extensions of yourself who have been lost within the Void have sometimes created within you feelings of heaviness, hopelessness, disconnection, disempowerment, lack of wholeness, fragmentation, tiredness, resistance, sabotage of your efforts, anxiety and depression, stagnation and inertia.

We call to the Voidal Mothers to release these aspects and to bring them to you, as Divine Mother’s love cocoons them and heals their terror and separation. Open your heart to these ones to enable them to be assisted to return to the healing love of your heart which frees them of their pain and enables you in oneness with them to receive resolution of great wounding. Allow all of the ancient sadness and distress, hardship, lack and struggle to be gathered up … to be transmuted to love … to be restored to you in wholeness … continuing to swirl within the Void, returning all fragments to you in oneness.

We travel beyond the Void now, having restored yourself to wholeness, travelling beyond the Void and falling into the abyss which is God’s love. Allow the Voidal Mothers to bring you back to God, to freely float through the Void and to be carried to the feet of God. Look up into the face of God and see reflected there your own countenance, your own light, your own love. Beloveds, there is only love which shines from God’s countenance. Always there has been only love for you. Never has God judged you. Never have you left his side. Only your own perceptions have cast you adrift from receiving God’s love, but God’s love has been ever present for you. Never for a moment, never for a breath has God judged you, loved you less, never abandoned you.

Beloveds, it is the story of man, that they cast themselves from the love of God and then found themselves unable to fully return, the story which so many beings of light are bringing to completion, and to oneness and reunification with God. Accept God’s love. Absolve yourself from your perception of yourself as incomplete, as not whole, as having failed, as having walked away from God’s love, of having no connection with God, with no way that you could request assistance or receive that which you required. Accept the all encompassing love, support, guidance. Breach the separation … and step into the abyss which is God’s love of you. Open your heart, beloveds and accept God’s love. Swim in this love, this abyss which is God’s love. Receive this love and breathe deeply … and return this love of God. From deep within your heart, deep, deep within the core of your being, offer up from your soul your love of God, and return to oneness with God. Accept this return home and never doubt, never, never doubt your connection with God, the ever present and unlimited support which is yours. Allow all doubts and fears and hesitations to depart. Offer to the Voidal Mothers all thoughts of separation from God, of non-providence of that which you require in earthly life, of doubt of God’s existence, God’s knowledge of you and of your importance to him. Allow yourself to grow in size, swell to the full extremity of light, large enough to be seen, to be known by God. Allow the shrinking of your light to be forgotten, left behind. Allow yourself to swell to the brilliance of light which is you in the starry realms. Breathe in this light and allow yourself to embody this light upon the earth, free of all encumbrances, doubts and fears. Accept this light, this God light which is you, swim in this light, embody this light … and walk upon the earth in this light, sharing your light with all, creating healing wherever you step, bringing love to every corner of the world

Beloveds, this day you have completed all that was incomplete. You have restored yourself to wholeness. You have restored yourself to God.

Singing now the mantra for the code of sacred geometry to receive release and restoration from Inner and Middle Earth and the Void of all aspects and remnants of disempowered and incomplete and unfulfilled ancient lifetimes, with transmutation by the Voidal Mothers of all unresolved memories and experiences of entrapment, separation hopelessness, fear, sadness, and the return of all aspects in wholeness, freedom, love and original divine blueprint. I accept activation of my love body and connection to the creation/power current and the power/creation matrix, with release of all blockages to allow my power and creation abilities to be fully restored, and for alignment of my being with the love, light, power and creation grids and matrixes of earth.


We return now and your energies are anchored deep within the Inner Earth, connecting your energies to the crystal within the heart of Gaia.

Go sweetly and softly.




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#11 Void, inner & middle earth


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series