Dreamers of the new world series



Dear ones of the light.  Let us open our columns of light to Source and to the innermost core of Gaia, connecting with the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command and the angelics and Archangels from all the realms.  Connect the portals of your physical body with the crystal grids of the earth … connecting the portals of your light body with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe … aligning with the Great Central Sun … and receive great transmissions of Source light as they fill you, transform you, raise your vibration and release from you the distortions which result from initiations within which you currently walk.  We connect through the Eight Pointed Star of All Creation and the Lemurian Grid with those around the world and link our energies, aligned together in space and time.

We call to our divine feminine energies and ask for their willingness to travel to the core of their woundedness.  We call to those aspects of ourselves from parallel dimensions who have suffered from the abuses and disregard of the feminine.  We call to our mother, grandmother, great grandmother and back through 7 generations.  We ask that the field of the collective consciousness of woman be anchored within a chamber of Creation as we call to our own Councils of Light to hold us and assist.

Lady Nada comes to each of us and places her Dove of Peace within our heart, and the mind stills and the anxiety of the heart releases.

As the frequencies are raised within the individual chambers of light within which we sit, we join our energies that we may travel to the ancient land of Lemuria in its early and halcyon days of communal life and sweet simplicity.  We call to our feminine energies to be with us that they may remember the bliss of these times, when the goddess and woman was honoured, when love was given freely and without attachment and ownership.  All live and love and work together at what they do best, using their natural talents and gifts for the good of all.  The men help in the care of the children and teach and mentor them with affection.  And all live happily together.

Our feminine energies receive an imprinting and a remembrance of physical and family and community life without duality and distortion.

Travelling to a later time in Lemuria when distortions from within the hearts of those responsible for its upkeep led to the corruption of the Flower of Life and the end of unlimited abundance and plenty.  The hearts of all began to falter and to close.  Love within relationship became less free and differences arose between man and woman.  Man began to wish to own woman, to assert power and to make use of woman.  Woman began to control and manipulate and to own the freedom of the man and to insist that he love her alone, and love not others as well.  Man was angry at this lack of freedom.  Woman became bitter as man fathered children, but left the family and community unit, took no role in the family, offered no support.

Childlike innocence was lost and children no longer roamed free, cared for by all.  Hearts closed, unconditional love was forgotten and the society broke down.  There was mistrust between man and woman, brother and sister, father and mother.  Society fell into disarray, for its foundation of unconditional love was lost.  Great grief was experienced at the loss of harmony and sweetness … at the loss of the great love between man and woman.  There was mourning by the elders, no longer honoured and supported, left to fend for themselves and grieving so for the loss of harmony in their community.

Woman lost her purity and grace and innocence in these times, in her need to hold onto and to own the male, for he no longer freely supported the children of their union.  She closed her heart, could no longer trust and love unconditionally in her need to fight for and to protect her child and herself.   She longed for the times of sweet love and security and began to use her feminine power against the masculine to own him.  She lost her innocence and inner beauty and began to hate herself, turned against herself and closed down her unconditional love.

We call to our Lemurian selves and feel the grief suffered at the loss of such innocence and sweet unconditional love.  We offer our distortions of the feminine to Divine Mother as we breathe deeply, releasing all of the wounding of the feminine which has its origin in Lemuria, as Lady Nada and the Karmic Board offer the records of the akasha for release from those places where they are held in the chakras of the energy body, releasing the distorted memories, experiences, beliefs, perceptions and programs of sadness, pain, disempowerment, anger, shame and guilt.

With the memories of distortion released, we remember the innocence of Lemuria and the unconditional love shared by all and our bodies and our beings receive imprinting of the original blueprint, allowing our DNA to be restranded to divine perfection.

Our hearts’ dreams are for the return of this golden age of innocence and freedom of love, without jealousy and the need to work for oneself alone.  Each of you acts as a forerunner with your own key and gift for humanity in the restoration of this age as it returns to mankind.

Breathe deeply as the frequencies are raised again to allow our journey to the civilisation of Ancient Egypt where such great distortions occurred between man and woman. There are many unresolved memories with humanity’s connection to empowerment, sexuality and relationship.

Distortions between the priests and priestesses were so great, so wounding, so disempowering for both … and all of humanity suffers many blocks to abundance, relationship, sexuality and empowerment because of the separation of masculine and feminine energies that occurred.

The lower chakras of females were closed as a way of shielding and protecting themselves from the sexual abuses of that age.

The base chakra, sacral and solar plexus hold distortions of personal power, fears regarding livelihood and security, disconnection to the physical body, sexual and intimacy distortions, lack of will and direction, and issues of fear and jealousy of others’ power and of misusing own power.  Shutting down of the heart results in an inability to trust others and to work in group consciousness.

The collective memory is held in the lower 3 chakras of the bodies, minds, personalities, bloodline and DNA of all humanity … and creates a collective fear matrix.

We call to our Egyptian feminine and to the Karmic Board to bring the records of the akasha … those of imbalance of sexuality, of fear, abuse, control … the core belief that to endure distorted love is preferable to having no love at all, and the deep repression of the need to be loved and touched with tenderness.

The records are offered of the closing of the base chakra which results in the females’ need to rely on the masculine for her physical needs because she closed her connection with the earth and became unable to manifest her own needs.

The records from the sacral chakra of fear of intimacy, touch, abuse, sexual union are offered.

The records of the solar plexus are offered … of lack of will and intent and fear of other’s power and lack of trust in own power.

The records of the heart, of heartbreak, grief and lack of trust of others, particularly the masculine, are offered.

Breathe deeply to acknowledge these memories and experiences, and allow karmic release to occur, releasing all memories and distortions from the chakras, with forgiveness of yourself and all others.

The filaments of light from the solar plexus extend now and connect to the starry portals and to the core of the earth, receiving frequencies of truth, and your will aligns with divine will.

All chakras closed down are allowed to open and to receive the flow of God Presence frequency, and all fears and suffering releases.

Our feminine is asked if she will forgive the abuses against her, forgive the masculine.

Lady Isis brings sacred elixirs of creation to all chakras, to soften and to soothe and enable healing as you breathe and receive restoration to your divine blueprint.

Calling to the 7 generations of your feminine lineage, your mother, grandmother, great grandmother and back … as Lady Nada offers their records of the akasha … those memories and experiences and beliefs of misogynous treatment, abuse, disregard, lack of respect and care for the feminine.  And as she offers for release the karmic records, she lifts from your cellular body and DNA those distortions of the feminine passed down through your bloodline as behavioural deficiencies and patterns.  Lifting from you the dishonouring of the feminine, the oppression, mistrust and fear … of men, of life, of the future … of despair, hardship, poverty … of lack of love for yourself and knowledge of worth and beauty and grace … the belief that to be female is to be without power.

All of the feminine are asked if they will forgive the lack of respect and honour they have endured … and as they forgive, the genetic line of the feminine in your family receives restoration to its original blueprint, and there is a great softening and joy and gratitude.  Honour and love is given the feminine and this is what she has hungered for.  The emptiness of the heart is filled with love … and perfection of divine blueprint is restored.

Calling now to 7 future generations of the feminine … as all now receive release of distortions from the DNA and disconnection from the collective wounded consciousness of the feminine, returning to the blueprint of the earliest age of Lemuria when all was innocence and freedom.

We offer now for release our own distorted beliefs of the feminine … of self hatred, worthlessness, lack of belief in our natural beauty … issues with our body, feeling that if you are not young and slender, then you are ugly and worthless … of anger at the male and bitterness … of neediness and victimhood … of manipulation and control to obtain our needs … of jealousy and mistrust of other women … of inability to manifest our own needs and forced to live without power in relationships that do not serve and honour us.  Let us surrender all distortions of the collective fear matrix of the feminine …

We open our hearts and connect with the chamber of Creation holding the energies of the collective consciousness of the mass feminine … and ask for release and dissolving of our own distortions … and those of the collective.  We call for karmic absolution and release of the akashic records and memories of collective pain, dishonouring, abuse and disempowerment of all of the feminine and a dissolving of the collective wounded consciousness of the feminine.

And we sing the mantra of the code of sacred geometry to release the collective wounding of all ages from our divine feminine … from that of our genetic lineage 7 generations back and forward … and from the collective consciousness of the feminine of all of humanity.   We accept from angels of many dimensions of light the template of the Divine Feminine in its original blueprint as it is anchored within our being.

Kwa Ya Na Ha Ya Na Ah Ha Qwan Nwa Ah Ah Ha Ah Ah Hah

Divine Mother offers to humanity this restoration and in its perfection its blueprint is offered to the Lemurian Grid.  As you sound and tone, the blueprints of perfection are anchored to earth, into Gaia’s portals and grid lines, her songlines and dreaming lines, aligned in holographic perfection with the morphogenetic field you have created by your group energies.

So loved and honoured for your roles of light.  Go with god dear ones.   I Am Divine Mother with Astrea Aurora.


Dreamers of the new world series


Dreamers of the new world series