Divine Template of perfection




Breathe deeply, as we call in many angels, archangels, Elohim, Enlightened Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, emissaries of light and love from the higher dimensions, ancient ones, sacred guardians and holders of all knowledge and wisdom through all dimensions, Gaia, the starry ones – your own Council of Light – all of the family of light gather around and hold you in love and make their connection with you – as you experience their love – and the heightened energies of expansion which now occur – and we open our hearts to receive the blessings they bring.

Beloveds, as you breathe deeply, many angelic ones place you within a cocoon and chamber of light and of love, connected to the Source realms, and to Gaia – as assistance is given you to open each of your chakras – connecting through the portals of your physical body with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth – connecting through your own diamond body of light – connecting the portals of your light body with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe, connecting with the galaxies, aligning with the galactic portals, aligning with the Great Central Sun and with your own planet of origin – and connecting and aligning also with the chakra points and portals of earth – all gateways and portals opened and restored – fully calibrated and aligned to divine perfection – connecting with Gaia – and with the Flower of Life – and with the realms of Grace – with all assistance given that you are fully and divinely connected and aligned to the highest potential for transformation, for love, for health, for joy, for peace, for truth – for abundance and plenty.

Breathe deeply, as each individual chakra of the rainbow bridge column of light is now assisted to open and to receive release of all distortion, and restoration, activation – and repatterning to its original divine blueprint.

Allow your heart to open, and as it opens and expands, offer up for release all sadness and pain, suffering, isolation, loneliness, confusion, doubt, separation and fear – breathing as you expand – and release – as we receive the release of all that saddens and limits us – and the angels and holy ones rejoice.

Expanding, and receiving an opening of the heart, deeply breathing as the heart is enabled to open more widely – breathing, breathing – able to receive the love of the angels and family of light which is pulsed to you so strongly. Open your heart to receive all the love that these ones pulse to you – and expanding with love as this love fills you – and all careworn sadness and disappointment is released from you – filling you with the love of your Family of Light, and taking away all loneliness and feelings of isolation and separateness and doubt and fear.

Breathing this love up into your thymus chakra, your higher heart, receiving a lifting from your thymus of the pain and fear you experience in your connection with humanity, and its darkness and desolation.

Divine Mother places her Pearl of Compassion into your thymus, which opens your heart to all others – while providing protection – enabling you to open wide your heart, without suffering or pain.

Receive disconnection from the collective pain and fear-based consciousness of humanity – as an amethyst of divine protection is placed within your thymus chakra – that you may be free of the heaviness and dense negativity and pain of the collective consciousness.

Breathe the love of the Family of Light into your throat and receive a lifting and release of your doubts, hesitations and fears – and of the fears of others’ judgements and criticisms – the fear of making mistakes, and of being shamed by others – allowing you to stand in your truth and integrity. Your separateness, solitude and loneliness is released from you – and sadness and disappointment and doubt releases – as you receive assistance to step into your mastery, and the new life that is ahead.

And the love is breathed into the third eye, seat of your abilities and gifts, energised with healing light – expanding and filling the third eye with light and restoring the divine gifts in this chakra.

And breathing up through the crown chakra – as all distortions and blockages release – and your crown chakra receives reconnection with the divine realms, with God, and the angels, and the family of light – and the higher chakras are restored, activated, repatterned – and connected with all multi-dimensional realms of importance to you. Breathe deeply to receive connection – energised and filled with golden Source light.

Breathing up through the higher chakras, passing through all the suns and moons, to the celestial realms, the galactic, universal and cosmic realms, to Source, to Father Mother God – connecting with your Divine Presence – and expanding in this connection – as Divine Presence anchors and aligns with your column of light.

And the divine energy spills over from your crown and fills all of your light body, filling you with pulses of light and restoration to your divine blueprint – expanding, expanding as wholeness is received.

Breathing now as we open and restore the lower chakras. The healing love is pulsed down into your solar plexus, releasing all fears and insecurities, hesitations and doubts of your abilities – releasing all hesitations to move forward through initiations within which you may be stuck, as these incomplete initiations are taken from you and dissolved.

You are pulsed with all assistance to continue strongly and firmly on your path of mastery, moving through all obstacles and doubts, leaving the old patterns of struggle behind. All the love and assistance that you need is given so that you may walk proudly and confidently forward on your path.

Your hara, at your navel, receives the pulses of divine light – as all issues and challenges of power are shown to you – and clearly able to be accepted and acknowledged – fear of others’ power, doubt of your own power – as powerlessness is released – and your power centre receives restoration.

The sacral chakra receives healing pulses of love breathed into this chakra – releasing the blockages to your creative gifts – as ancient patterns of disempowerment and of distorted behaviour release.

You are assisted to acknowledge that each part of your life has played a role in preparation for your higher path. Everything which has gone ahead – has prepared and paved the way for your excellence and mastery which lies ahead – as you now confidently step forward having released the limiting fears and blockages and patterns of behaviour which formerly have held you back from stepping forward fully into brilliance and mastery.

Breathing in the divine energy as it releases the old patterns and blockages which restrict your ability to create – to create within your mastery – as your mastery is restored to you, unrestricted and unobstructed by the ancient patterns of doubt and uncertainty and fear and pain – which are taken from you.

And any issues and challenges of sexuality which disturb and sadden and disempower – are acknowledged – as the memories and disturbance receive their release.

Breathing the love down into your base chakra, receiving this feeling of safety, of being firmly connected, as you receive all of the support and love of Gaia and of your Family of Light – as you accept the support of the heavenly realms pulsed to you.

And offering to your Family of Light your cares and concerns of survival and physical existence. Hand your fears to them – and ask for what you need that will bring most ease, and joy, and fulfillment and grace to your life. Ask for what it is you need that will bring ease and fulfillment to your life – and hand over all struggle and fear and pain.

And ponder on your belief that you are separate from god, abandoned, uncared for – that god and the angels listen to others, and not to you – and that you are unable to have your physical needs fully met – the belief that you are worthless and not able to easily receive what you need and what you ask for the ease and joy and fulfillment of your physical life – as the original akashic records that lie at the core of these beliefs – those of the original separation from god – receive their release, with karmic absolution across all timelines and dimensions.

And receive restoration of your rod of power through your hara, connecting down through your lower chakras – and receiving reconnection through the sacral with the heart and the higher chakras – restoring the full chakra column in its connection with the heavenly realms, shut down in Ancient Egypt – as all processes are put in place for full restoration.

Breathing the love down, down, and through your Link chakra between your knees and down through your feet, through the Earth Star chakra beneath your feet in the earth, and into the crystal heart of Gaia – receiving full connection with the earth and middle and inner earth realms – as you breath up this love and nurturing, connection, support and abundance as it is pulsed to you – experiencing safety, support, stability, abundance as you breathe this energy up, and into your heart – expanding and filling all of your energy bodies – the love of Gaia merging with the love of your Divine Presence – and expanding into this love as it washes your entire light body, raising your vibration, releasing all blockages and limitations – and restoring you to your divine blueprint of mastery and magnificence, purity and love.

Breathing this love and light into your being, breathing it into your heart, and in its expansion receiving a releasing of the distortions of memory and patterns of behaviour of the emotions and the mind – as you breathe – and acknowledge your challenges and fears and sadness and pain and patterns of distortion – offering up and surrendering for release all sadness, disappointment, pain, grief, regret, anger, confusion, doubt and fear.

Expand and receive a further opening of the heart, deeply breathing as the heart is enabled to open more widely – with much assistance given – the open and feeling heart, able to receive the love which is now pulsed to you by so many angels who are with you always – experiencing great expansion as this love floods your being – removing all careworn sadness and disappointment – filling you with the love of your Family of Light, and taking away all loneliness and feelings of isolation and separateness.


In this expanded state, receive the anchoring now of the holograms for the release of the dualities which were apportioned at the commencement of creation.

When the earth plane had been desired to be entered – for this was desired, to experience the dualities – that of not only light and love – but also that of darkness and lack of love – the dualities of poverty, lack, disease, ego, and many others were also experienced – for this was within the will of god, that the godliness of each should be expanded into absolute knowledge of self, not only within light, but also within the realms of all of the dualities – that god’s knowledge of self could be expanded – and upon entering the realms of the physical, all of the cosmos expanded with this largess of understanding and of experience that was occurring. And, having experienced the dualities, and the suffering that has ensued across the aeons for all humanity, we have reached that moment in time when we bring the dualities back in their return to Oneness – and we open ourselves to receive the holograms which release us from the dualities, so that we can experience the return of Love, Health, Fearlessness, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Plenty, Equality, Impermeability and Implausibility.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Love Where you hold blocks to love – those of not receiving enough love – in need of love and affection – and where you withhold love from others, feeling not able to fully open your heart to others – ponder on this, on the patterns of love that you hold – and acknowledge these – acknowledging where you have been unable to have your needs of love met, and where you have felt unable to open to love others – and accept now the release of the duality – which prevents the full exploration and experience and giving and receiving of love – as the flows of love from the universal realms now flood you, and you open yourself to receive your full complement of love, without any obstruction, block or duality which has in the past prevented its ability to be fully known and received.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Health Where you hold illness, blockage of the body in ill health and decay and pain and disablement, acknowledge where the blockages are held, in which areas of the body – and ponder on the areas of your life that are affected – and acknowledge now that each distortion of the body, each illness, holds at its core an imbalance and imperfection of the attitude and the emotions – and ponder on these, what it is that you are holding that affects your bodily health – as the patterns are offered now in surrender, for release – and as you request, with much assistance given by those who surround you in love and concern – the restoration in full of your physical health and vitality.

And open your heart in gratitude to allow the duality to be taken from you – so that you may receive and know health in its fullness.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Fearlessness Acknowledge those areas of your life where you hold fear – acknowledging also the effect of your fears on your life – and how you are prevented from living life to its fullest measure of potential by your fears which hold you back.

And open yourself in readiness to hand over your fears and to receive the release of the apportionment of fear – to enable you to experience physical life in fearlessness – and in openness to the universe in trust that your path is divinely guided, always cared for, supported, lovingly directed.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Joy Where there is no joy in your life, acknowledge those areas where there is a lackluster, and a dryness and an aridity – where there is not play, and freedom and lightness of heart. And acknowledge how life is limited by this joylessness – and visualise how your life would be expanded if there was more joy – how the force of this joy would propel you forward beyond stagnation, doubt and fear and inability to act.

And accept joy into your life, as its duality is released from you – allowing the full potential for joy in all aspects and areas of your life to be experienced, as you visualise its receipt, and surrender with joy and gratitude at its restoration.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Happiness Each area of your life where you are unhappy, where there is no flow, no joy, no vitality – where you are not equally rewarded in happiness for that which you expend – whether in love, in work, at home, in your relationships with lovers, partners, friends, workmates and those in places of bureaucracy – where there is an imbalance, and you are not in full receipt of happiness to balance your life – acknowledge where these areas of unhappiness lie – and ponder on their cause – and ask for assistance to release your own part in your reasons to be unhappy – calling for the release of your own patterns of behaviour which create unhappiness, those which are of the mind and of the emotions – calling for the release of the original akashic records that lie at the core of your behaviours. And open yourself in gratitude and willingness to receive the release of the duality – so that happiness may be fully accepted into your life in every moment and experience of your reality.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Peace Where is it that there is no peace in your life – and why is this so? What is required that is of change that will allow peace to be present – and what is required of you – what steps are there ahead of you which would allow peace to be known?

In willingness to step forward beyond the blocks and fears, what is it that would assist you and hold you to make the changes necessary that would bring peace into your life?

As you open yourself in willingness to change, and to receive peace in every area of your life, make your requests and receive all assistance to allow the release of the duality – so that peace may be accepted – and as the Dove of Peace is placed within your heart and its soft flutter casts to the periphery of your being each instance in your life where there is lack of peace.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Plenty The areas of life where you are in lack, where there is a depletion of abundance – not enough flow, love, money, opportunity – acknowledge these – and ponder on what lies behind the lack in the way of your behaviours and patterns and doubts and fears – and acknowledge these patterns and doubts and fears – where you are withheld from receiving plenty in your life.

Open yourself in willingness to allow these patterns of lack to be released – and to receive abundance in all that you do and in each area of your life – calling for the release of the original akashic records which prevent the full flow of plenty to be received – and for the release of the apportionment which may have been accepted within your genetic inheritance on your mother’s side or your father’s side – as you open to receive the restoration to your right to receive Plenty.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Equality Where there is inequality in your life – where you have been shown this within your family, or in your work experience, or in love – in that which you give, imbalanced with that which you receive – where you are of a giving nature and give too much, and receive not in equality – and where you are feeling depleted – and feel there is not fairness – acknowledge those areas of your life where there is inequality – and acknowledge also the patterns and blocks and behaviours that you hold that bring to you these experiences of inequality – and your own patterns of worthlessness and self-doubt and lack of love of self – as you surrender these patterns for release, calling for release also of the akashic records that lie at their core – and accept full equality into your life, in full measure, in every aspect of your life as equality is restored to you.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Justice Ponder on those times in your life where you have been unjustly treated, where there has been distortion in the manner in which justice has been applied against you, or where you have not been able to receive the full measure of justice – and acknowledge that there have been blockages that have allowed this denial of that which is just and fair – and acknowledge what you have been holding that has prevented and stood in the way of your receipt of fair treatment – as you offer the patterns for release – calling for the release of the akashic records also that have drawn to you experiences which seek to bring to your awareness the nature of the blocks to justice that you hold. And receive the release of the duality – allowing justice to be known by you in every moment of your life as your reality – and open yourself to live your life with true integrity, knowing that justice is applied as the mirror of your actions.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Impermeability Where there have been blockages that have denied you the full receipt of universal love energy – and this may have manifested as an inability to receive full connection with the Source energies and with the assistance of the family of light and the angels – and where you have not been able to anchor and to embody your higher gifts, prevented from stepping fully into your higher purpose – acknowledge the blocks, the patterns of behaviour, the doubts and fears that have held you back from this higher path – as these are surrendered and taken from you, releasing also the akashic records that lie at their core.

And where you have been so sensitive to the energy of others, and have felt attacked, judged by others and not able to open yourself fully in physical life, having shut down your heart and your being as a means of protection and survival for physical life – allow yourself now to receive disengagement from that which previously has allowed others’ energies to enter yours and created suffering for you – as you are given this protection, impermeable to the energies of others which are dense and which hold darkness and not light or love.

And allow in wholeness and oneness the duality to be released – enabling you to be open to the energies of light and love, without fear of harm by any lower energy.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Implausibility And where you hold doubts of self, doubts of your path, doubts of the divine plan and of the family of light – where you hold areas of disbelief in the higher realms and in god – and where you hold not trust in the divine – and feel yourself to be impure and incapable of higher gifts or divinity – acknowledge these doubts – and offer them for release – calling for the akashic records that have attracted into your life these doubts to also be released in fullness – so that your full measure of trust in the divine, trust in self and trust in others who may hold role as your destiny partners for the purpose of the new world may be fully restored.

Hologram of Physical Perfection Having received the release of the dualities, we open ourselves to embody physical perfection – offering for release all that stands as blockage and obstacle to embodying this state of divinity within physical reality.

And we call in the Karmic Board and ask for the release of all akashic records, memories, beliefs, experiences, programs, patterns and seals which lie at the core of the patterns which you have acknowledged this day and which are held within the dualities – with full karmic absolution across all time and space and all dimensions.


The dualities released, and brought to wholeness and oneness, remain in this expanded state of connection – as assistance is given now to restore to original divine blueprint each individual chakra of your rainbow bridge galactic column of light – and to commence now the restoration of your multidimensional bodies of light.

With your breath, receive clearing, repatterning, restoration to original divine blueprint of each crystal, chakra and vortex, portal and gateway of each diamond plate of your multidimensional body of light, calling for release of all karmic memories and records of distortion which are held, with grace and ease

– commencing with the diamond plate of Soul DNA – Genetic DNA – Physical body – Etheric body – Emotional body – Mental body – Spiritual body – Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine body – Star body – Solar/Lunar body – Soul body – the body of Divine Presence – and the multidimensional soul gateways

Cleared of distortions, and your bodies of light ablaze with flowing light, breathe these energies into your being, held by angels and Masters – as you now unburden your heart of all suffering and pain and confusion – receiving transmissions of grace and many blessings of love.


And travelling deeper now into the heart, breathe deeply, deeply cocooned in soft love, as we travel to the temple of your heart, a beautiful temple with a golden domed ceiling and sparkling white columns of crystal quartz and mosaics and geometries of deepest rose quartz on the floors and walls.

There are 4 angels – and these are your own personal angelic guides who make their connection with you, and pulse you with their love – as you ask for their assistance and guidance in those areas of your life where you are needing help. These ones are waiting for your permission, to help you – if you will only ask for their help – as they are so willing and ready to help in every area of your life.

Held by angels you are able to acknowledge in yourself the patterns you hold – of distortion, of sadness and pain and disempowerment, anger, chaos, disillusion, jealousy, judgement, impatience, bitterness, lack of trust and lack of faith, and confusion and lack of direction – and acknowledge your own part in any challenges that are playing out in your life, and accept that within the Law of Attraction you have attracted to you what you hold as distortion and as karmic records of your soul – and may surrender and hand over all distortion and pain, sadness, disempowerment, loneliness and lack of trust – as the Karmic Board offers for release with full karmic absolution the original akashic records of your soul which lie beneath and at the core of the patterns you have acknowledged. In special dispensation, the akashic records of your soul are offered for release across all timelines and all dimensions, with karmic absolution and without the need for further initiations.

Within your heart temple you are able now to offer acceptance and forgiveness for all that has happened in your lifetimes – bringing to forgiveness all that may be unresolved in your lifetime, forgiving father and mother and brothers and sisters, loved ones, lovers, friends and acquaintances with whom you have unresolved issues that create pain for you – as you are assisted to forgive now and to allow the past to be put behind you – as Archangel Michael cuts the karmic cords which may have tied you to painful experiences and memories of ancient times of disempowerment and pain and sadness which have pulled you so often into the disempowerment and sadness of your memories of the past.

And within the temple of your heart we may find those aspects of self which are wounded and in separation and in fear – soul extensions of past and parallel lifetimes who are wounded and suffering – as you acknowledge where you are in pain and fear and disempowerment and suffering, anger, chaos, disillusion, lack of faith, and confusion and lack of direction – acknowledging the existence of the distortions that create all of your life experiences – and these aspects of self, soul extensions, are given cosmic tools of healing – as you open your heart to these ones in love of them and of their experiences – as a rainbow bridge of light is anchored into your heart to allow these ones to return to you, healed and no longer in separation and in sabotage of you and your path – ah, and they return in a steady stream – and will continue – until all parts which are in separation receive their return Home in wholeness.


And you may unburden the heart of all that saddens and limits you – receiving many transmissions of healing and restoration – as your heart and your being open further – to your higher purpose and life mission and destiny – and you may open yourself to receive knowledge of your life path and direction – for this to make itself known – and to receive the transmissions of blessings that your life path may align, and all destiny partners and destiny opportunities may be put in place, and received – with impulses of bravery and courage, trust, faith and love received now.


And there is a turquoise pool within the temple of your heart – and assisted by angels to untie your golden cord of divinity from around your waist, and to take off your robe of purest white – you may safely dive into the pool in the temple of your heart – and wash off all remaining distortion and pain and fear, doubt, sadness and grief – as all washes away and is taken from you.

And you may offer yourself forgiveness for any imperfection, any error of judgement or mistake you have ever made – and apologise to those you may have hurt – and receive their forgiveness.

And those who have hurt you and caused you grief and pain – within the temple of your heart you are assisted to forgive these ones – and to see the bigger picture – that you have chosen your karmic partners to play out between you the imbalances which will ultimately set you free of the distortions of ages past – and to accept now the release of all blame and judgement and pain and separation and grief – as the cords between you and each of your karmic partners where there are unresolved issues between you – are cut, with karmic absolution – and an end is put to all initiations of karmic redress and imbalance.

Ablaze with light, with all gateways opened, cleared, activated – and with all karmic distortions and blockages released – open yourself now to receive repatterning and restoration of your angelic matrix and angelic master body, your initial divine state, upon which all other higher bodies of light may anchor – as your angelic wings are restored to you – and the angelic gifts are returned. And your golden cord is again fastened around your waist, noting you as one who holds divinity, as you acknowledge the honour that is now given you.

Your galactic presence signature is activated through all chakras and bodies of light – as you open yourself to receive the restoration of your soul gifts, higher gifts of light.

Allow the higher multidimensional bodies of light to be received, and for connection with the love, light, power and creation grids of heaven and of earth, and for all processes to be put in place for your ultimate wholeness, and ascension with your god.

With love allow your keepership to be activated and anchored to earth – that you may embody your mastery and magnificence.

The Crystal of Disengagement is anchored and activated – that you may rise above all lower realities – and reside in the New World – detaching from physical distortion and pain, as you open your heart, and take your awareness up and above the third dimension and its cares and concerns and struggles of fear and suffering – and receive reconnection with the godstreams – where all is unlimited – without pain or limitation – experiencing disengagement and detachment from lower reality suffering and pain – and bliss, peace and freedom from care – as you safely flow in the energies of the divine – and this may be your new reality, of unlimitedness, joy, peace, fulfillment and love.

Your Council of Light intensifies their love as your Galactic Presence, Divine Presence anchors and commences mergence with you –- and as all energies of transmission of excellence and wholeness now receive alignment.


We open our hearts, our beings, in gratitude – and we allow our heart’s deepest dreams to surface with yearning and love.

What are your dreams for your life? If money, and time, and opportunity, was not an issue – what is it that you would love to do, that would create in you such joy and fulfillment? We are meant to create in joy, and play – and it is that which we do most easily, and with most joy – that is our gift to the world.

We ask for the opportunities we require – to allow us to step forward into the life of our highest and deepest dreams.

And we open our hearts to receive the blessings of the angels and holy ones – in gratitude and joy we receive.

And as we expand in gratitude, original divinity now experienced in the fullest flows of love, and as our path of magnificence opens to us with such assistance and support given in all areas of our life, our hearts and our beings open wide to enable us to receive the Holograms of Divine Perfection, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through us and to Gaia and to her sacred portals and grids of light.

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Love KI SA TWA YA NA HU KWI TA YA NA HA YA NA KI HA SA NA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Health HI KI AH SA TA YA NA HA KU TU WA SA YA NU KWI HI TI HA NA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Fearlessness HI KI AH NA HA SA YA TA NA HU KI SWA NA HU KI HWA NWA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Joy HU SA HI KA NA HU TI AH HU SU KU HU HI AH

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Happiness SWI KWI YA NA HU HU SI HA NA HI QWI HI AH SA NA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Peace TA HI AH HA SA QWA NA YA HA SA NI AH HU KU TU WA HA SI AH AH AH HA NA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Plenty HA KI AH NA HU SA TA YA NA HA KI AH HA NA HI SI QWI NA AH HA NA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Equality HI SA HA NA HU KU WA HI TI HA SA YA NA HU KI AH TA NA KI SA NA HA HI KI AN NA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Justice KI AH SA NA HA YA HU TU WA HA SI KI ANA YA TA NA KI HA NA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Impermeability KI SA AH HA TU KU SA NA KI AH SA NA HI KI HA TU TU WA NA

Hologram of Release of the Apportionment of the Duality of Implausibility TWI HI HA NA HU SA YA NA KI AH AH HA NA HU TI QWI AH HA NA

Hologram of Physical Perfection HO HU WA HA NA KI HA SA TA HU UH HU KU WA YA NA HA KI TI HA NA

And as the new etheric body for Gaia is achieved which holds all templates and holograms of perfection, holding the ideal and dream and possibility for perfection for each of her inhabitants, open your hearts and your beings in willingness to live your reality as one which interconnects with Gaia’s highest reality – in the ideals of trust, truth, love, sharing, equality, justice, plenty, love, peace, health, happiness, joy and perfection from which you will expand your energies outwards – to live the life of your dreams. And as the shift occurs, and the old world with its many distortions is left behind – accept your placement upon your destiny path as a Dreamer of the New World, one who lives a higher reality of all possibility within the deepest core of your highest heart’s dreams. And make your intent, in willingness to continue to break free from every distortion that comes into your life, to live the life of your fullest dreams of fulfillment on earth and in completion of your divine life contracts.

With joy and love, in wholeness and bliss and empowered as Dreamers to play your role as divine models and holograms of divinity, share with your voices the anchoring of the Holograms of Wholeness as the worlds shift and move and all possibilities are put in place – toning and sounding and making your Oms – to share with humanity the new realities made possible by our group work, and with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms and with humanity.

And as you flow in the blissful streams of godliness, receive all the support and love that will sustain all of your days within your life plan as leaders and Dreamers of the New World – flowing with the godstreams – as you make your requests, and receive all that you require for fulfillment, peace, and connection with the divine that will sustain every area of your life. You are revered for your roles and all that you request as that which will bring most ease, grace, fulfillment and love is given you.

I am Divine Father God.





Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection