IX  |  Beauty



Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence




Breathe in and relax deeply, purging self of all that holds you from the knowledge of your absolute beauty and perfection.  Breathe deeply and allow the angels of creation to link your energies – linking through the portals of your body and the gateways and portals and vortexes of your multidimensional chakra column and bodies of light – with the web of light that surrounds the universe – and anchoring your energies deeply within the earth so that Gaia and her own sacred portals may receive the influx of light from the Magnificent Realms which now pours through you, and through every cell and dimension of your being – casting aside that which is distorted with that which holds magnificence, that which holds your original divine form – overriding, replacing with that which holds magnificence from the highest realms of Source.


Your crown chakra is assisted to widen and to expand to receive those which are the highest transmissions of light – that divinity and perfection may flood you and transform every dimension and cell.


Your throat chakra receives that which will restore you to clarity and to truth – and the ability to speak and to share and to be heard in purity and clarity and truth.  Expand strongly within your throat chakra as you receive empowerment and self-knowledge, self-trust.


Open your beautiful heart and receive the influx of light which allows expansion sufficient to override all sadness and disappointment and grief.  Where you doubt your worth, where you feel damaged and broken – allow the influx of light to restore you to knowledge of your beauty, your wholeness, your love and purity.


Your solar plexus, where are held your fears – is flooded with that which transforms fear to trust and acceptance of that which is – without fear of that which may be.


Receive the rays and transmissions of light which restore your hara and your power centre, overriding feelings of inability, of weakness, of fear, of failure, of errors and mistakes, of shame and humiliation – with empowerment, certainty, sureness, faith and belief.


Breathe deeply as the transmissions of light continue to pour through and along your central channel of light – as your sacral chakra is flooded with that which transforms the woundedness of the feminine and that of receptivity – of sexuality – and of creative power and gift.


The transforming transmissions flood your base chakra and your fears of the physical, of survival, safety on earth, of having your needs met – transforming the wounds of lack, of failure, of dependency, of being untethered, not able to have your needs fully met – and as they fill you, receive a new groundedness and connection with Gaia and her munificence – the ability to have mirrored to you gracefully all of your physical needs – and to create and to manifest from that state of certainty and safety and connection.  And where you are exhausted from the nature of your earthly experiences, and the nature of your path – and the demanding nature of the tasks required of you – the initiations you have passed through on your pathway of ascension – then breathe up these energies, from Gaia – that her restorative power may be given to your body – and emotions and mind and spiritual body.


Between your knees is the link chakra, the connection point between your physical life and your divine life – which expands and is restored, activated, aligned – to allow your divinity to be embodied, gracefully, powerfully in human form – interconnected with the realms of your magnificence and with the realms which allow guidance and inspiration to lead and to support.


Breathe the divine energies down through your central chakra column – and to the feet and below – to the earth star chakra where is held your connection with the earth – allowing you to be solidly grounded, and your earthly and physical needs fuelled by Gaia, without lack or depletion.


And breathe down to the centre of the earth, and to the crystal which is Gaia’s heart – that she may receive these heavenly energies of magnificence – and you may receive strong connection with the love, light and power crystals which anchor your mastery and your light to earth.


Breathe up these energies from the earth – and breathe down the energies from the magnificent realms – as you are expanded with heavenly energies, grounded, anchored, safe between the realms of heaven and earth and able to have all of your needs met.


In heightened frequencies of great expansion, breathe in and expand further as the angels of creation journey with us – to take us to the Beauty Realms of Source.  Safely we journey to these highest of realms where are held the holographic universes – these where are held all higher holographic realities of absolute beauty and perfection.


And there are original divine creations of Source – and there are those which have been attained over the course of all creation – those which have been wrought from the experience of the embodiment of the dualities – those which have been attained by those avatars and bodhisattvas and holy ones who have transcended the dualities and brought new forms of wisdom and truth and love – those which were given as holographic representation of that which they had attained.  And not only the avatars, but every gain of truth and wisdom and love that has ever been achieved by each member of humanity over the course of all their existence – every gem of wisdom and truth and love has been added to, to enhance and upgrade every holographic representation of that which is truth and knowledge – and that which is universal law.


There was the desire for embodiment into form by those of angelic heart who desired, in free will, to expand their knowledge of self, not only in light but also in darkness – and not only in love but in its duality.  And many were the dualities that were created, and embodied, and over the course of all existence many are the gains that have been made – of knowledge of that which holds importance when seen against the mirror and canvas of darkness and of hatred.  God’s knowledge of self has been expanded by every action, every thought and word and deed of each of those of angelic heart who has embodied into form.  And every gain, every gem of knowledge and understanding of the importance of love, of truth, of purity, of clarity, of altruism, of compassion, of caring and sharing and giving – has been added to the holographic universe which is the Beauty Realm.


And there are universal laws which form the guidelines and hold the framework of creation and the multi-universes.  And then there are the gains that have been made over all the course of existence – and these have been added, in holographic form, to that which has been known as universal law.  Universal law has been expanded in its scope and in its beauty and in its possibility of that which may be gained from its knowledge and its use.


Beloveds, you are in those realms where is held the holographic representation of all wisdom, all truth, all power, all knowledge, all love, and all beauty.  Divinity is held in these realms – and it has been added to by the experiential nature of embodiment into form across all dimensions and all timelines.  There are holographic universes beloveds where the gains of ascension have been made, already – where there is known, already, that which humanity requires for its ease of transition into these realms.


And these are given you, in holographic form – as you, in expanded form, journey within these realms.


And the purpose of your journey to these realms of Beauty – is that you may partake of those individual holographic realities which will transform your limitations, your challenges, your struggles, your karmic inequalities, your genetic inheritance – to transform that which has held you bound to lower realities of limitation, suffering, fear, doubt and inability to receive the mantle of divinity which each holds.  That which has disallowed the full connection with your inherent divinity, purity, power, love, wholeness – is that which may be now overridden by your receipt of the particular holographic representation which will replace that which is lower, suffering, damaged, powerless – into that which holds the highest form of holographic reality from the Beauty Realms of Magnificence.  This is that which is the mind of god, expanded by all manner of experience – well rounded by the experiential nature of the paths of embodiment of all of his children.


And we allow the angelic ones to now enter our own fields, and to work with the holographic nature of our own form.


And we commence to reconfigure the central chakra column – attaining each and all of the higher multidimensional chakras, those which interconnect with every area and realm of your divinity, your power, your perfection.


And attaining the crown chakra in perfect form.


The third eye, brow chakra achieves transfiguration – holographically transformed to its highest potential, that which holds your multidimensional gifts and powers, and your interconnection with all realms.  And it is asked of you that you acknowledge the wounds, the lacks, the fears and doubts that you hold in relation to your higher gifts – and to open yourself to receive their holographic transformation, where are held your gifts of magnificence.


Breathe deeply as you open your throat chakra – and acknowledge the weakness, lack of clarity, inabilities to speak, to communicate clearly, powerfully – for your voice, your words to be heard and received with acceptance.   Where you have been judged, mocked, ridiculed – where you fear to speak, fear to make errors and mistakes and to be punished, humiliated – where you have been unable to speak always in truth – where you have expanded, exaggerated the truth – where you fear that you have not knowledge or expertise to share – then acknowledge these limitations of the throat and of truth and communication – and allow to be holographically restored with the replacement which transfigures you to your highest potential of divine perfection.


The thymus, soul chakra – where is held your disconnection with your spiritual path and divine mission – the doubts and fears – expands as you breathe – and acknowledge these fears and inability, the resistances and stories you have of your inability to fully open to, and to live, your path and your mission.  And here is held your interconnection with humanity – and your own soul role to assist humanity – and held here also is the interference to your equilibrium – in your connection to the lower realities of humanity and its collective consciousness.


As you acknowledge where you have held lower realities, of feeling interfered with in your ability to rise above the lower realities, and interference and a lowering of your frequency, your vitality, your freedom to be divine, to be free and to rise above the collective because of your link to these ones in your role of support and assistance – then accept the holographic reality which will allow you to be freed, unaffected by lower realms, lower realities, lower thought forms, especially those directed against you of judgement, of being different, strange, weird – and allow self to be freed of self-judgement, freed of interference and attack – and free to rise above all lower realities – and free to live and to love your life and your spiritual path and mission.


The angels of creation, gathered around you, assisting, supporting, transplanting higher holographic realities – attend to your heart – as you are asked to acknowledge the wounds of the heart – where you have been damaged and hurt – in childhood, in your teenage years, and into adulthood – and to acknowledge the wounds and damage caused in your love relationships – the lacks personally, the failings, the needs and attachments – the betrayals – the feelings of inadequacy, of worthlessness, of lack of beauty, of unworthiness to receive and be loved – the inability to freely love, to give love, of coldness, lack of compassion – of self-protection.


As you acknowledge every area of your heart where you are not whole, not totally able to expand in love in every moment of your life – accept restoration by holographic transfer of your divine heart, never damaged, totally whole – and expanded additionally by the holographic representation which you receive which is acquired from throughout the holographic universe – the Beauty Realms.   Breathe and expand beloveds as magnificence is embodied.


As you acknowledge from the solar plexus area those which are your fears, your inadequacies, your doubts, your issues of lack of trust, lack of faith – allow the angelics to holographically replace that which overrides all fear and inadequacy and doubt with that which is perfection, as your will, aligned with divine will, and with knowledge of all that has transpired over all the aeons of creation, is strengthened, purified – to empowerment and truth.


At the navel, the hara – you are asked to acknowledge where you are without power – where you feel not strong and powerful – where you doubt yourself, doubt your abilities and talents and gifts – where you have been shamed by others – and have shut down your love of self, and trust in your abilities.


Where do you give power away – to others – in your need to negate your own abilities, where you trust others, and not yourself?


And where do you take power from others – by controlling, manipulating – holding outcomes and needs and insisting that others meet your needs and give your needs priority?


Where do you not trust self and your talents?  What do you fear?  Do you fear what may be asked of you if you stepped fully into a higher path, using all of your talents and gifts?


What holds you back from being your best self?


As you acknowledge the wounds of power – allow the angelics to transform your hara holographically – to power within truth and love and humility.


The angels attend to your sacral chakra where are held your wounds of sexuality, of sensuality, of being able to receive and be receptive, and of your creative power.  As you acknowledge where are held the distortions in this area, where you have been damaged, hurt, shut down – where you fear to open again to creativity, where you feel you have no creative gifts – where you have been hurt sexually – where you are unable to respond and to be receptive and to express your sexuality – the angels holographically replicate your sacral chakra to its highest divine potential, restoring the immense power and love of this chakra, and restoring your ability to creatively express your divinity on this earth plane, allowing the divine gifts to be expressed and embodied and shared.


Breathe deeply into the base chakra and acknowledge the insecurities, fears, where you are without success in your physical endeavours, ungrounded, unsupported, in lack, feeling unsafe, fearing what will come, fearing death, fearing life, fearing physical survival – where you have been unable to fully step into your highest potential and to have mirrored to you the success you deserve and desire – the failings, the inadequacies, the fear of mistakes, of losing, where you hold on fast, where you attach to money, unable to freely spend, where you are not free economically and fear being without.


And as you breathe out the fears and lacks – breathe in as the angels of creation restore your base chakra to its highest holographic potential – safe, grounded, knowing self as gifted, supported, divinely led and guided – secure on your path, secure in your abilities, secure and confident that your gifts and talents are mirrored to you in every area of your life, with all physical needs fully met.


Great transfiguration, transformation has occurred beloveds – and you are asked to continue to flow in these Beauty realms of magnificence – as your chakra column and your bodies of light – every crystal, chakra, vortex, gateway and body of light through every dimension is holographically repatterned, restored – and aligned and activated – to your highest divine potential.


Breathe, and continue to breathe – as this highest holographic representation transfigures every lower reality – and you are transformed to highest potential of empowerment, purity, love, truth and wisdom.


And know that you may continue to upgrade your energies upon your path of light by continually using this activation and the Hologram of Beauty – to override every level of duality and distortion that may continue to release – each time upgrading, transfiguring to higher realities of potential.  The work is exponential – each gain received and forming the foundation and platform upon which higher gains are then able to be embodied.  You are magnificent beloveds, and known as such.  There is such sweet joy to see you within your divine embodiments, for these are your natural form and you are but remembering that which is known so well to you in the higher realms from which you incarnated into form.  Each gain is exponential – and all assistance is given you.  It is in the holographic transfiguration that your divinity is given greatest benefit and effect.


And receive now the Hologram of Beauty as you are fully transfigured and transformed to your highest divine potential.


I connect with the web of light which surrounds the universe,

connecting through my heart, my multidimensional chakra column

and my bodies of light with the beauty realms of magnificence,

those from which emanate the rays and realms of all that is perfection.

I allow the angels of creation to journey with me

to these realms of beauty and perfection,

as I breathe in these pulses and transmissions capable of transforming every reality

to those which are of joy, lighthearted play, pleasure, peace, harmony, happiness

and wide-eyed wonder at the beauty of this life, even in its complexity.

Flooded with beauty, I experience and acknowledge the divinity and perfection

that I hold and see beauty reflected in my every experience.

As I breathe in to imbue these realms of beauty I am filled with such great light, love, peace and harmony.




And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of Beauty from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea and the group in Bali – and with others around the world – as you experience the holographic form of beauty and perfection within which you are now embodied – allowing Beauty to be anchored through you and to the earth, anchored to earth as a reality and a potentiality to be shared with all  – that humanity may similarly share the holographic realities that you bring for all to receive as potentiality.


Si Ki Qwi Ah Ya Na Na Ha Swi Hi Qwi Yi Na Sa Ha Na Ti Hi Qwi Hwi Twi

Ya Na Si Hi Ah Hu Ku Sa Ya Ha Na Ha Ti Hi Ah Ya Na Hi Ki Qwi Hi Na




See  Kee  Qwee  Ah  Yah  Nah  Nah  Hah  Swee  Hee  Qwee  Yee  Nah  Sah  Hah  Nah  Tee Hee  Qwee  Hwee  Twee  Yah  Nah  See  Hee  Ah  Hoo  Koo  Sah  Yah  Hah  Nah  Hah  Tee Hee  Ah  Yah  Nah  Hee  Kee  Qwee  Hee  Na



Great expansion occurs as you embody Beauty, your frequency aligning and expanding and shifting to these highest of frequencies – and the hologram of Beauty anchors through you, transforming you to your highest form, freeing, empowering you, able to have your every need met, enabling you to step up powerfully, lovingly, upon your path of light.  And as the hologram of Beauty fills you and transforms you it is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers – anchoring beauty in its highest holographic form to Gaia and to humanity.


Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and faith and in acceptance of your wholeness, your love, your purity, your power – and give thought to the dreams for your life, your perfect life, where you use your most perfect gifts in great fulfillment and joy – and join your own holograms of your dream life – with all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the new reality for the new world.


Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of Beauty to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as new realities of creation bring to conclusion the realm of dualities, dissolving the karmic plane and the plane of suffering and deprivation.


You are so beloved of God and the family of light, blessed and known as such.  Receive all your needs met, as you breathe deeply and make your needs known.





While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing