VI  |  Embodiment


Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence




Beloveds, accept the transmission of energies directly from the realms of the Magnificent, those which are unlimited, and godly – where there is freedom, and peace and love unconditional and abounding.  Allow the angels of creation to place you within a cocoon of light, and to assist your multidimensional central chakra column, that which connects you fully between heaven and earth, to open.  And as the energy flows down from the divine into your crown chakra, the higher divine chakras also receive their opening – and where there is damage, shut down, fragmentation, de-activation – then these chakras receive attention that they may be restored, filled with lighted geometries of perfection, and activated and aligned to your fullest potential.


And as the flows of light stream down, passing through your primary chakras and casting out distortions – bring to mind, and name those challenges you hold within your being – as the transmissions fill each of your chakras.


Open your crown and your third eye, as the flows of light brighten, enlighten, expand and enform your multidimensional gifts and abilities.  Allow the distortions, the shut-down, the doubts and fears connected to your divine chakras to be released as the frequencies of the divine dissolve all that holds you from perfection.


As the transmissions stream into the throat chakra, name the issues, the patterns – where you have conflict in your relationships, where there is opposition – the distortions of speaking deeply from your heart, of your truth – those of empowerment and disempowerment – where others talk over you, overpower you – where you are not free to speak and to be – in peace and in empowerment.   As you offer these wounds and patterns for release, they are dissolved as the angels assist and support you in this release of all that holds you bound from truth, integrity, intellect and empowerment of speech.


The thymus chakra, above your heart, where are held the doubts of your spiritual path – the connection with your soul path – and where you take on the distortions of the collective consciousness – where your tendency is to shut off from your spiritual path in fear of what may be asked of you – where you feel incapable of stepping fully into mastery – and where you are drained by the fear and distortions of the third dimension and of humanity as a collective in its suffering and lack of consciousness – receives the flows of divine light – as you name the suffering, the wounds, the lack and the fears – receiving release as these are dissolved by the flows of divine light.


Receive strengthening of your thymus which connects you on a soul level to all who are of your own frequency – and allow detachment from lower realities – as you are enabled to step up, into the highest frequency, and to receive connection with those who are of this frequency, and higher – which protects you and raises you above all suffering and lower realities.  Breathe deeply to receive this protection which was ever promised you, that which would enable you to embody the higher frequencies of your divine nature, without being drained and affected by lower dimensional suffering and fear patterns and pain.


The angels assist you to open your heart chakra – as you name where you are suffering, still, and where you have unresolved grief and disappointment memories, of betrayal, of loneliness, of feeling unloved, uncared for, unworthy to received or to give love – where you doubt your ability to love – in fear of pain, suffering, hurt, damage.


Offer up and name the wounds and fears of the heart, where you have grief and fear to love – and receive the release as the flows of divine light dissolve all suffering and limitation and fear and grief – and the angels attend to your heart chakra and to its multidimensional levels – that every level of your heart, every chamber and cell, may be restored, expanded, to divine perfection – casting out and dissolving all memories of where you have been injured and unloved – as you continue to offer up and to name, the wounds of the child, the teenager, the lover, the adult, the friend, the worker – as all wounds are dissolved, taken from you.


At your solar plexus, allow the angels to open and to activate this chakra, below your heart – as you name your fears, your inadequacies, your doubts and your mistrust – as the streams of light and frequency dissolve all limitation and memory of suffering and fear.


Your hara, at your navel, your centre of power, receives the flows of divinity – as you name the issues of power – where you feel disempowered, powerless, where you are overpowered, where others take power from you and you become a victim, and where you overpower others and take power through manipulation and neediness and oppressing others with guilt.  Breathe in to receive the flows of divine power, as you offer up for release all that holds you, in purity, from power, and from knowledge and trust in your power – as all wounds and memories dissolve.


Allow the angels to assist as your sacral chakra opens – and the flows of divine light empower and cleanse and nurture this which is your feminine chakra, as you name the insecurities of the feminine, where you are wounded, where you are without feminine and creative power – and offer up and name where you have been wounded or affected sexually, where you are holding pain and suffering and insecurity – where you have been abused, or treated unfairly, impurely – or where you have suffered in any way sexually – beloveds offer up and name every incident where you have suffered – as the energies flow through, stream into your sacral, dissolving and overriding with purity, creative power, the ability to be receptive and nurtured and nurturing – and to be empowered in this which is your receptive and creative ability.


Breathe in as the flows of light stream into your base chakra – casting aside all fears and insecurities – as you name where you have felt unsafe on earth, fearing the future, fearing for your livelihood, your security – where you have felt lack and feared the future, feared what was to become of you – and where you made transgressions against your own purity and integrity, by taking options which were beneath you, unworthy of you – for fear of loneliness, lack of security, fear of poverty – where you trusted not the divine to care for you, and where you felt unsafe and endangered, suffering and fearing and lonely and without care.  Allow the flows of divine light to dissolve and to transform every fear and lack – as your base chakra is restored in its ability to receive sustenance from the divine, and from Gaia.  Breathe deeply as you connect to the earth, and to Gaia, and receive the sense of safety and security, able to have your needs met, that you receive.


Your link chakra between your knees, which connects your earthly and your higher dimensional being – is restored – that you may be complete, and may connect with that which is your higher self, highest nature – and source.


Allow your earth star chakra, beneath your feet, in the earth, to be restored – allowing full connection to Gaia and to the inner earth and the crystals of love, light and power which give empowerment, connection and sustenance upon your divine earthly life.


And allow the entire multidimensional chakra system to be restored – as you breathe in – breathe in the divine energies through your crown chakra – with all upper chakras expanded in light, activated, aligned – and breathe down through your central chakras and down through your feet, into the heart, the crystal heart of Gaia and to her grids of light.  And breathe up from Gaia, and breathe down from the divine, breathing simultaneously up from the earth and down from the heavens, so fully connected and secured between heaven and earth, and with all of your needs able to be met in this place of connection.


And expand in this full flow of divine light – as you experience what it is to be safe and trusting on earth – where you are above all fear, all possibility of suffering – for you are held in such frequencies of light, far above the lower realities of the collective.




And allow now the higher bodies of light to be given to you – as we journey with the angels of creation to the Magnificent Realms – where are held, in varying form and place, those which are your bodies and gifts of the divine.  And some of these have received distortion – cast out in times of suffering and distress – and some have been closed down, have become distorted, crystals and chakras de-activated, damaged, misaligned, used wrongfully by others.  Many are the reasons why there has been distortion and lack and disconnection with these bodies of light.


And it is part of the ascension process that these which are your higher embodiments of light are to be reclaimed by the successful passing through of initiations of mastery, of truth, of knowledge and wisdom and of love.


And these are given you this day, in grace – that you may have these which are yours – and which will enliven and empower your life and your path – and fill you with love and with the divinity which you know in the higher realms.  This is your path, to enlightenment – and it is given you, in grace, that you may go forth, in grace, and share your beauty, and heighten the frequencies for all humanity and the planet earth.   This is your path and you are so loved and supported on this path of light.


The angels take you to the realms of the angelic, that you may have restored your original body of light – that of your angelic nature, angelic presence – that which is so pure and filled with wondrous light.  And here are held the angelic gifts, those of intuition, of ‘knowing’, those perfect gifts that connect you with all other realms and beings of purity and love – and your higher angelic nature, and angelic master body is given you, restored, in perfect form – as the angels assist this body of purest light to be restored in you, activating the angelic matrix, three chakras above the left shoulder and three chakras above the right shoulder, and two chakras above the crown – and this matrix of angelic light is fully restored in you – as you breathe deeply to receive this embodiment – and accept the angelic gifts of love and purity, of intuition and interconnection with the purest realms of divine light – and the ability to receive and to connect with these highest of realms of purity and truth.  And your inter-connection with all realms and realities – that where you have suffered – where you have taken on as your own the wounds and suffering of the collective – for such is the purity of the love of your angelic nature – receives release of distortion and memory of suffering – and you are praised and loved for all that you have given and for the love that you have shared which has resulted in disempowerment, sadness, loneliness, suffering and grief for you – as all memory of suffering is dissolved.


Breathe deeply as your galactic nature and presence is given you, as you journey to the realms where this embodiment holds form and gift.  Breathe in as the matrix of your galactic presence is restored in you, every chakra and gateway, vortex and portal is accepted, activated, aligned in perfect form.  And the gifts of the galactic nature, those which are of magnificence, of mastery, of genius, the gifts which are unlimited in their power, their beauty, their myriad complexity of nature and purpose and genius and talent – are received – as you breathe deeply to accept these gifts – allowing all fears of their use, those which may be based on incarnations where there has been suffering from the use of these gifts – to be dissolved.


And with the angels of creation we travel further, to the realms of the Christ Consciousness and attain that which is your Christed presence, that which holds the truth and the wisdom and the altruistic and unconditional love of such majesty and beauty.  Breathe in as this Christed body of light is received, given you in grace, that you may in truth and in beauty share your love, that the frequency of self may rise to greatness – and the frequency of humanity be shifted accordingly – for this embodiment of great purity and truth holds immense power in its ability to purify and to raise the consciousness and the potentiality for all humanity to live according to the tenets of truth, purity, compassion and love.


To the universal realms the angelics journey with us – that your universal nature, that which holds your universal mission – is given you in presence – and this one holds role within the universal realms already, working within Council under the auspices of the Galactic Federation and masters of light – and holds universal gifts of such majesty, of compassion, of wisdom and knowledge and love and truth – holding unlimitedness and ability to transform, to override, to create – with gifts of an unlimited beauty and power – as you open to your planetary role and purpose


And we journey to Source and enjoin with God, merged in divinity – and you are given the successful conclusion of all of the initiations required of you that you may have mergence with your God, that of your original divine state – as you breathe in and receive divine presence, and embodiment of light and of divinity – as your god presence, that mighty presence, wholly empowered, unlimited, wholly loving and wise and wonderful – is received  by you.


And the angels hold you and attend to your energies within your cocoon of light holding all of the Source rays – that each embodiment may be gracefully allowed and received – as each body of light is activated, aligned – and your frequency shifts, lifts, expands tremendously – and as the angels support these velocities to be received, gracefully.


And know that full alignment and activation occurs in the days and weeks ahead – for these alignments must needs be accepted proportionately – stepped – each level received, and then activated, and embodied – allowing then other levels to be received – and with the flows and influx of source light from the Magnificent realms holding and supporting each level of embodiment of form.  And that which is attained is the restoration of your full splendour, your multidimensional form embodied in highest light – holding each component higher gift of every embodiment – all is given you.


Expand and allow your mastery from all realms to be received and recalled as you allow opening to your planetary role and purpose – as you make your intent of that which, empowered, holding all gifts and perfection, you hold as the ideal, that which you would love to share as your path.  And allow and make your intent that your divinity be brought to earth, that which holds all component levels and parts of your divinity – making your intent of that which you will give to the earth plane in lighted wonder, and service and love.




And receive now the Hologram of Personal Frequency from the Magnificent Realms, that which allows embodiment of your higher bodies of light into light, holding all gifts and wondrous abilities, to be embodied upon the earth plane.  And know that every time you use this hologram of Personal Frequency – you will exponentially reclaim and restore that which is your divinity – allowing you to rise high above the distortions and fear and pain and suffering of the lower realities of past mis-creations and remembered distortions – and to live – and to create – and to share – in empowerment, mastery, and in love.



I accept the gifts of embodiment that are given me in grace

for my life – and my purpose

those of the embodiment in presence of my original angelic nature

holding my purity, my love, my clairsentient gift of intuition and knowing.

I accept and allow embodiment of my galactic nature and presence

that holds higher gifts of brilliance and magnificence.

As I expand in highest frequencies of light, love and mastery

I accept the embodiment of my Christed nature and presence,

holding the highest ideals of unconditionality, purity and love.

And I expand and allow my mastery from all realms to be received and recalled

as I allow the embodiment of my Universal nature and presence,

opening to my planetary role and purpose.

That which is my divinity, my highest form, divine presence, is given me

as my wholeness, divinity and mergence with god

allows me to bring divinity to the earth plane in lighted wonder, and service and love




Open your mind and your heart and your being … as the hologram of Personal Frequency is received by you  – now anchored to earth, transmitted through your being, and shared with Gaia and with humanity.




And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of Personal Frequency from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea in Bali – and with others around the world – to allow the embodiment of the higher bodies of light to be received and aligned, and allowing your divinity to be embodied upon the earth plane in lighted wonder, and service and love – and to be anchored through you and to the earth, anchored to earth as a reality and a potentiality to be shared with all  – that all may receive in ascension the completion of all initiations that restore each to their divine nature – that this journey which is life may be one of peace and wonder, of beauty and plenty, of truth and love, without limitation and without suffering.


Qwi Ah Ha Na Hu Su Ku Wa Na Hi Qwa Swa Hi Ni Hi Ti Hi Ni

Qwi Hi Ya Si Ni Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Qwi Hi Ni Ti Hi Hi Ana

Hu Swu Uh Uh Hu Uh




Qwee Ah Hah Nah Hoo Soo Koo Wah Nah Hee Qwa Swa Hee Nee Hee Tee Hee Nee Qwee Hee Ya See Nee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Qwee Hee Nee Tee Hee Hee Anah Hoo Swoo Oo Ooo Hoo Oo



Great expansion occurs as your frequency aligns and expands and shifts to its highest potentiality – and the hologram of Embodiment anchors through you, transforming and shifting you to the highest of frequencies, and is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers.


And give voice to your dreams and desires for your perfect life – now embodied in perfection – give voice to that which you would love to gift to humanity as that which is your purpose and your gift.  And place your dream and your gifts within your own hologram of magnificence, that which contains your dream of your perfect life and gift.


Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and faith and in acceptance of all that you have chosen as your perfect life path – and join your holograms of magnificence – with all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the new reality for the new world.


Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of Personal Frequency to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as new realities of creation bring to conclusion the realm of dualities, dissolving the karmic plane and the plane of suffering and deprivation.


You are blessed and divine and known as such.  Allow all assistance to be given you, as you call for that which will most assist you in peace and grace.






While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing