XI  |  Gratitude



Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence




Beloveds, breathe deeply of the breath of life, as you open your central chakra column and allow the angels of creation to journey with you, that you may be taken to the realms of the Magnificent, those realms of your own perfection, those that predate any memory or experience of pain, suffering, disempowerment or distortion.


And as you journey within these realms, shifting high above all lower realities – and as you begin to name that which has held you bound, held you down, in lower realities of confusion, doubt, fear, anxiety, stress, conflict, worry, disempowerment, opposition, suffering, lack, ill-health, grief and sadness – breathe out to release your every lower reality of suffering and of distortion.


Breathe in as the angels support and assist you – as the streams of unconditional love fill you – transforming every level and dimension of your being – every atom and chakra and cell now restoring to original divine magnificent.


Breathe in divine light – and breathe out your every fear, every stress and doubt, every conflict, every worry – and every instance where you feel sad, suffering, triggered, unclear – where you doubt yourself, feel imperfect – and every instance where you feel not able to experience a peaceful life without continual and recurring challenges and striving to overcome obstacles.


Breathe out to empty self of every lower reality – and continue to breathe in that which restores, overrides lower realities – with divine perfection.  Each time that you release distortions and memories of suffering – each time you have gained the wisdom from traumatic experiences and shift into higher frequencies – you are separated further and further from the collective human consciousness – and closer to your own divine nature, where you are perfect, whole, and able to live from a place of peace, where you are without limitation – where all is possible.


Each time that you are enabled to embody higher frequencies, then increasingly you are able to attract that which matches your perfection.  And this is the course of your path in this year of journeying to the Realms of Magnificence – in each activation able to let go of, and to dissolve all that holds you from perfection – and then able to receive higher and more intense levels and frequencies of divinity, which match your original divine nature.


Distortions released and dissolved – in gratitude breathe in higher levels and frequencies of light – as these flood you – and the angels assist, that every chakra, crystal, cell, gateway, vortex and portal and body of light receives these which are the highest frequencies possible – these gains made possible by the course of your progress through each of the activations from the Magnificent Realms, whose purpose has been to clear, to dissolve, to heighten, to expand and to restore.


Breathe in as higher flux and frequencies of the energies of the divine continue to flow through your being – and as you offer up for release the particular distortions, insufficiencies, lack of balance and wholeness – of the body and its organs and systems.  Name those areas where your body is unbalanced – where there are recurrences of weakness, imperfection, lack of health and vitality.


With your breath, breathe out all distortions of the body – and breathe in the highest of frequencies to transform that which has been dissolved.


And experience a shifting within your body – as the imbalances receive alignment – and all organs, cells and systems are aligned in perfection – as you continue to breathe in to allow the flows of divine light to stream through every cell and organ and to distribute in equality that which will restore you to full balance, wholeness, radiance and vitality.


Breathe in as the angels of creation connect your multidimensional chakra system and bodies of light with the multihued universe of light – that which restores you to your own illustriousness – and with your planet of origin – and with every plane where are held the gains of wisdom, knowledge, love, truth, mastery and empowerment that you have ever known.


Breathe in as you receive this alignment with every realm and plane which holds importance for you – and breathe out every distortion, every experience and memory where there has been trauma, disempowerment and suffering and imbalance.


Distortions dissolved – aligned and connected with your magnificence – breathe in this empowerment as you experience the stability and strength that is known through this connection with and alignment with every area of your magnificence, your divinity, your wholeness, your light, your love and your perfection.


Receive the soul gifts from every dimension and plane – those which have been lodged in other planes of existence – as all is reclaimed – every gain, every truth, every wisdom and gift is accepted by you.


And call for these – and name these – those which you have known in lack – those which you have lacked and yearned for – call for these, the higher gifts of your mastery, your confidence, your strength, your power, your trust, your love – where you are undamaged, undistorted, unfragmented – call for your wholeness, and call for your gifts – as you name that which you lack, where you feel lack of wholeness – where there are gifts of mastery and of strength, of knowledge and of love that you have been denied on this physical plane.


Breathe out your doubts, your lacks, your sadness – where you have felt without power or magnificence, without gifts – where you have compared self with others and felt self to have been denied higher gifts and mastery.  Allow all doubts and lacks to be dissolved.


Breathe out the fears of your higher gifts – the fears of the other worlds – the fear of your inability to in strength, and safety, travel to these realms.


Breathe out the fears of what may be asked of you if you should step up into mastery – breathe out the fear of error, of mistake, of misusing your gifts, of criticism, of judgement, of humiliation, of comparison, of punishment.


Breathe out the fear at the extent of what may be asked of you on your path of mastery – the fear that you will be denied love and intimacy, denied normal relationships – the fear that you may be called to live the life of a mystic and hermit – and the fear that you will be denied what are considered normal human pleasures.


Breathe out your belief that you cannot confidently or with purity and safety step up into mastery, and access the multidimensional realms.


Breathe out the fear to be untethered to the earth and to your physical life – the fear to step out into the unknown – where you feel unsafe, incapable, without gift or ability.


Fears and blocks and obstacles dissolved – as you breathe out and allow all memories of deprivation of access to your divinity to be taken – all fears and blocks dissolved.


And breathe in yet higher streams of light – as exponentially each individual crystal, chakra, gateway, vortex, portal – and every dimension of your bodies of light – receive this magnificent influx of the highest streams of divine light – and you become enlivened, filled with light – magnificent to behold – as your colours of light are transformed to the purest pitch and hue of beauty.


You are of beauty to behold – so close to your original divine self – yet expanded by the nature of all of your experiences.  And this was ever the path – that you would individuate and explore all nature of experience, that God would know himself through the filter of your experiences – and that you would return to God – having expanded this knowledge of love, not only in light but in its mirror of darkness – and so love and light, within your form, has been restored, and expanded – beyond ever that which was considered possible – and yes, there has been suffering – but this is the purpose of your family of light, and their physical representatives on the earth plane, whose role is to divest you of suffering and memory of deprivation and pain, that your path may be accelerated – and to allow you to only reclaim your every gain of wisdom, of truth, of knowledge and understanding – and to understand the magnificence and the value of love – through having known and experienced its lack.


This has been the path of magnificence, this return to your original state, yet heightened in understanding of your own magnificence – and the dissolving of all that prevents your knowledge of self as pure, as whole and perfect, empowered, loving, compassionate – as one who desires peace, equality, justice, fulfillment, purpose, meaning, ease, joy, health, plenty and abundance for all of God’s children.


And this is given you – as you are asked to accept your path – only to accept that which you have chosen freely before ever you incarnated – and to accept that though there has been the necessity for the re-stepping through many karmic episodes which have brought harshness and struggle and conflict to your life and to your being – that the path of ascension has been given you – and that you have reached now the heights of magnificence which see you reflected as one who has restored your divinity – and reclaimed every gain of wisdom and knowledge and truth and love through all the course of your aeons of existence.


Breathe in with gratitude that you have reached this place of Home.   Breathe in and offer yourself the praise that is your due for your successful manoeuvre along and through this path.


As waves of self-love fill you – and joy to have reached this place of perfection – breathe in yet higher volumes of the light of the divine – as increasingly you are transfigured by frequencies of divine light – casting out any lower reality – and raising you yet higher in possibility.




Flowing in the Magnificent Realms, where this is no lack, no block or obstacle – it is from this place where, held by angels, you will create now the life of your dreams.


Breathe in as the transmissions of the divine are increased yet again – as you are aligned with the destiny realms – those which align you with that which you have chosen – and those which in free will you have added to your original life path.


And call for that which you know to be the perfect life of dreams – and name the qualities that you know that you will embody in this perfect and peaceful life – those of safety, security, peace, joy, ease, grace, plenty, freedom, fulfillment.


Design, create, envisage, visualise the life you would love to live, where you are unhindered by physical distortions and obstacles – and where you are free to live, to create, to use your gifts and talents in the manner that brings you most peace, joy, fulfillment, ease, plenty.


The angels support and love you as you create, and they bring to you visions that add texture

and beauty and possibility to that which you have dreamed as the life that brings joy.


Continue to breathe in as alignment occurs with the destiny realms – and added components are enjoined, those that form part of your life plan, and those which you have added within free will – and throughout the universe and its grid of light are pathways connected and joined – aligned with all realms of importance that will allow your dreams to manifest.


And flow in gratitude, peace, sublime contentment and joy as you experience and enjoy all that you have put in place as your highest heart’s dream – as the angels bring vision and experience of this which you have created as your perfect life.  And this is Gratitude beloveds – joining with the divine to co-create in mastery and empowerment, in love, in altruism – creating your perfect life which holds all humanity in the support and love you give as the role you will play.  And your perfect life, lived in service to the divine, and playing your role to assist all humanity to shift that they too may live a life filled with Gratitude to enjoy this life on this most beautiful planet – is that which plays such an important role to shift the frequencies of this planet earth – to bring to an end the duality streams and the karmic plane and all possibility of grief and pain and suffering.


You are blessed of God and the family of light – and you are given your perfect life – that you may bless all humanity with the mirror of Gratitude you shine on every area of your perfect life – that its reflection may endlessly be replicated throughout this planet earth.


And hold to you your hologram of perfection, that which the angels bring you – that which you have added to in its complexity, its component parts, the qualities and elements you have enjoined to that which is your original life path – and that which has been perfected, enhanced – and intend that all that you are, all that you have received of transformation, all that you experience now as Gratitude that you have reached this place of perfection on your path – is added, as is the strength and trust and confidence that you now hold, and the trust and gratitude for the gifts and qualities that you now accept that you hold in mastery and empowerment – all  of this added to your hologram of perfection – and breathe in as this, which is your hologram, expands into utter perfection.


And know that holographically, this which contains the component parts of every dream you have added, every request and prayer – may be reflected back to you in divine timing – as you bask in Gratitude for your life, even in all its complexity – for the gladness of this moment – that it may replicate and replicate – and be your every-day reality.


And when you are in gratitude, its mirror is replicated endlessly back to you – grateful, with so much for which you may be in gratitude, endlessly.




Connect with all Dreamers of the New World – all holograms now merged – to one hologram which contains all of the component realities you have dreamed and created – and this forms the foundation and the model for the new world.


In peace and joy for your life, and for your role – in trust that your role, and that of all Dreamers allows vast changes that will create peace on this planet earth, receive the Hologram of Gratitude as it is anchored through you – as you breathe through your central chakra column to allow Gratitude to fill you and to transform you – and to anchor through you, and to Gaia – in Gratitude for this life and in Gratitude for the trust and joy that fills you.


I activate my multidimensional chakra column and bodies of light

and journey with the angels of creation to the Magnificent Realms

where I flow freely, easily in these realms which are without limitation,

restored to my divine blueprint and immaculate perfection,

filled with love and gratitude for this experience of life, and its complexity.

From this place of limitlessness, merged with the divine, and embodying my own divinity,

I create now that which would bring most joy and gratitude into my life.

I visualise this perfect life, and its component parts

of that which would bring ease and joy, beauty, fulfillment, peace and purpose to my life.

The angels align me with the grid of light that contains the universe,

aligning me with all realms of importance that will allow my dreams to manifest,

as I flow in gratitude, peace, sublime contentment and joy,

and as I experience and enjoy all that I have put in place as my highest heart’s dream



And sing the mantra for the Hologram of Gratitude from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea in Bali – and with others around the world – as you experience the holographic form of beauty and perfection within which you are now embodied – allowing Gratitude to be anchored through you and to the earth, anchored to earth as a reality and a potentiality to be shared with all  – that humanity may similarly share the holographic realities that you bring for all to receive.


Ki Ah Qwa Ya Na Na Qwi Hi Ah Si Ti Qwi Hwi Ya Na Ti Ah Sa Qwa Ya

Ni Ah Twa Si Ki Hi Qwa Ya Na Twa Hi Hi Qwi Nwi Hi Ya Ya

Na Ti Hi Ana Ah Ha Qwa Ya Na




Kee Ah Qwah Yah Nah Nah Qwee Hee Ah See Tee Qwee Hwee Yah Nah Tee Ah Sah Qwah Yah Nee Ah Twah See Kee Hee Qwah Yah Nah Twah Hee Hee Qwee Nwee Hee Yah Yah

Nah Tee Hee Ahnah Ah Hah Qwah Ya Nah



Great expansion occurs as you embody Gratitude, your frequency aligning and expanding and shifting to these highest of frequencies – and the hologram of Gratitude anchors through you, transforming you to your highest form, freeing, empowering you, able to have your every need met, enabling you to step up powerfully, lovingly, upon your path of light.  And as the hologram of Gratitude fills you and transforms you it is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers – anchoring gratitude in its highest holographic form to Gaia and to humanity.


Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and faith and in acceptance of your wholeness, your love, your purity, your power – as your dream of your perfect life, where you use your most perfect gifts in great fulfillment and joy – is expanded – and as frequencies continue to flood through you, in highest flows of empowerment and light.


Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of Gratitude to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as the frequency of Gratitude is given to you that you may receive its never-ending mirror – and that humanity may similarly be in that state of grace which will mirror to them a life of perfect content, harmony and peace and plenty.


You are blessed of God, and known as such.  Make your needs known and know that all assistance is given you, for you are loved and supported always. 






While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing