II  |  The Mind


Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence




Beloveds, unclutter your mind of extraneous thoughts, those that originate in past occurrences of displeasure, irritation, judgement, anger, separation, loss, loneliness, betrayal, lack and sadness.  The angels of creation come to you to attend to your energies – to your heart – to your mind – and to your being – to take from you that which you surrender and offer up as that which you would long to have taken from your cluttered mind.  And beloveds, these thought forms will stream in to you now, that you may know of the enormity, the immensity, the seeming never-ending stream of thoughts, of obsessive thinking, of doubts, of fears, of fantasies, of worries, of stress, of past regrets, past sadnesses not able yet to have been resolved, brought to conclusion and let go.  And as these thought forms of seeming never-ending streams of nonsensical realities are brought to your awareness – be aware of the blockages, courtesy of your mind – which have blocked you from peace, from beauty, from love, from joy, from plenty, from fulfillment, from success and from perfection.


Become aware of that which has been streaming into your consciousness from your mind – unaware of these streams of thoughts that were actively leading your life, your reality.


Become aware of that which has been fed into your mind by the collective – the beliefs, the realities, the madness, the violence, the fear, the distortion and darkness of the collective – fed by entities of darkness who have sought to numb and to block and to diminish your purity and your perfection.


As you open your heart – your chakra columns of light – your bodies of light – and your mind – allow the angels of creation to place you within a cradle cocooned with light – placing you within a multidimensional portal which aligns with the highest frequencies.




Placed in this cradle and portal of light – allow the angels of creation to divest you of that which is imperfect – every miscreation that has maligned your purity and magnificence – every experience which has led you to disbelieve, to doubt, to fear – every memory which has seen you close down your purity, your trust, your beauty, your power, your grace, your belief in self – and shut down your trust and brought you into patterns and beliefs of fear, of limitation, of doubt, of lack, of confusion and struggle, of sadness, suffering and pain.


As these patterns and programs of limitation and of distortion are shown to you in streams of mind projections – name them, these doubts and fears and struggles – as they are brought to you – for these are thought forms of your mind – and have become engrained within your being as patterns which inexorably replicate and replicate – every thought of fear and struggle and doubt and sadness – inexorably replicating exactly that which you are thinking – creating your realities with these thought forms and engrained patterns of behaviour – and fed by the collective, the cumulative fears and struggles and doubts and sadness, confusion and limitation that has accrued in humanity since the inception of the dualities – for beloveds it has recurred and replicated, feeding on itself, like a never-ending cycle of madness.


And offer up in surrender – to have these recurring patterns and thought forms of the mind taken from you – dissolved beloveds – as you continue to surrender all that has limited and angered, saddened and hurt you in your beliefs and thinking.


And as you offer up all that has limited you in your thinking, and in your reality – the angels of creation continue to divest you of all that which has its seeds in the past, the miscreations of suffering which have imprisoned you into beliefs of limitation and of suffering.




And that which has its seeds fed from the collective consciousness, collective reality of humanity, based on the cumulative aeons of madness, of violence, deprivation, slavery, destitution, hatred, abandonment, betrayal, war, competition, control, manipulation, jealousy, self-hatred and lack – and the belief that one must push and strive and hurt others in order to ensure survival – beloveds the angels of creation dissolve these ancient wounds – dissolving also that which has recurred and replicated based on these ancient distorted realities.




And think particularly on those which are the recurring patterns of your life which so often have brought you to stuckness, to blockage that prevents you moving forward into peace and fulfillment and joy.  These which are the patterns which own you, and which have governed your mind – in thoughts of fear and suffering and limitation, these which are the seeds of your suffering are taken from you, dissolved and released.




With the angels of creation, held in great cocoons of splendidly lit light, containing all of the angelic coloured rays, allow yourself to be taken on a journey now – freed of the ancient sufferings – able to receive those which are the highest of frequency.


And as we journey we encounter the Akashic Library along our path – and here we surrender the original core records and experiences which have stood behind those recurring thought patterns and mind games.  Divine Mother and the Karmic Board with joy offer for release the original akashic records of your soul, those which have created within you those recurring blockages and doubts, thoughts and mind struggles – releasing from all dimensions of your being, over all timelines, every karmic record, experience, remembrance, belief, program, pattern and seal, with karmic absolution.


Breathe deeply to receive this release – this which frees you mind and your being – from that which has held you down as prisoner to your mind and your thoughts – and has allowed the collective consciousness to feed your mind with distorted beliefs and thought forms and programs.


Breathe deeply as the cords which have tied you to lower realities, those of the lower collective of humanity and to realities of small thinking, mistruths of fantasy and of darkness, to fear of others, fear of bureaucracy, the beliefs that you are prisoner, without freedom or free will, incapable of changing your life, your reality – these cords are cut from you – every belief based on distortion and limitation is severed from your being – and you are freed.


Breathe deeply as immediately that which is of distortion and of darkness, of limited beliefs and lower thinking is taken from you – your mind, your heart, your being, your bodies of light, your chakra system and your physical bodies are transformed with frequencies of highest light, highest reality.


As that which is distorted is dissolved – a vacuum is created – and creation abhors a vacuum.  Held in highest frequencies, high above possibility of lower realities, karma dissolved – you are now enabled to receive that which displaces and replaces with highest light, purest possibility of perfection.




And we journey on, reclaiming from the Halls of Higher Learning and Wisdom all that you have gained as experience and higher truth, that which gives sense to your lifetimes – each aha of wisdom and of truth, higher knowledge, mastery and concepts of belief in the attributes of love and truth – is reclaimed by you – that which is your birthright as a child of God is reclaimed by you as the higher wisdom of every experience that you have incurred – giving meaning to your lifetimes.


Taken away is all memory and discreation of suffering and of limitation, of doubt and disbelief – and you are enfilled with every higher realisation and vision of truth and of love that you have ever even momentarily gained.  Each gain is reclaimed, added, compounded and expanded now in its complexity – as each higher truth feeds and connects to others – leading to great realities and belief systems which are based on these gains which have been made over the course of all of your lifetimes – for all is positive in these realms – all is based on truth and love and expansion based on the purest principles of trust in self, trust in the divine and surrender to the divine plan.


The angels assist you in this surrender, this free-fall into perfection, into truth and into love and trust.




And as you journey freely, purely, heart opened in trust – we travel further, to the Magnificence Realms – and to God who awaits with arms opened in joy to reclaim you as one of the brightest of his lights.


Held and surrounded by angels, allow mergence with God – as your monad, soul family, those parts of self which originated in this moment of godliness – are alike restored to you in mergence – all merged in Oneness – in the realms of unlimited splendour and perfection and love.


Experience, again, this which you have yearned for endlessly – this meeting and remembering of your wholeness, your beauty, your perfection, your safety and peace, where all needs are effortlessly given you in grace and beauty, where you are loved endlessly and forever – where there is no separation from another – but only wholeness and beauty – held in that place of purest sanctity, security, pleasure and peace and joy.




Open your being, with the angels again assisting, and open your mind – that which has had dissolved every limiting and impure and distorted thought and fear and behaviour pattern and belief.  Open your mind in trust in the purity of your mind – and know its power, its clarity, like a knife edge of clarity that extends in all directions of love and truth.


And expand your mind, with the angels assisting – expanding every further – as you encounter divine mind, which is the all-encompassing, all-knowing field of absolute perfection – the mind of God.


And allow mergence with divine mind, that you are fully aligned, your mind aligned with divine mind.  And in this moment you are freed of all suffering – for within divine mind you are so totally aligned with your own path, that which is your highest path of life, of mission, of destiny – that which knows of your current life and of all lives – and that which knows of your future – that which has been designed by you, with God, for you – that which holds all of your highest gains of potential and of realities which are of the highest for you – and that which holds possibility of that which you will share with humanity – to bring to earth and to share your mastery, your beauty, your power, your grace, your love and your highest gifts.


Aligned with divine mind, expand your mind and reclaim that which is your perfection, reclaiming your divine blueprint, and knowledge of and alignment with your highest reality for your life, your mission, and for your fullest and deepest dreams.


Allow your mind to be aligned to divine mind, the mind of God, reclaiming your connection through your mind with your divinity, reclaiming your connection with that all-encompassing, all-knowing field of absolute perfection.


And allow your thoughts and dreams to be now aligned and beating with the pulse of divine mind, effortlessly enabled to rise high above all lower third-dimensional realities, aligned now with your original divine perfection, divine blueprint, life role and mission, and holding the perfection that is yours to reclaim for the life of your fullest and deepest dreams.




And with your perfect mind, aligned with divine mind, having knowledge of all that is there for you, all that you have chosen as possibility and as blessing and as gift – expand that perfect mind and visualise your perfect life.


In purest and highest frequency, held by angels, hold your dreams before you and give them form with your visualisation and imagination gifts – as you fill in the dots, add form and focus, direction and goal, designing the individual aspects, the pleasures, the blessings that you hold as the life of your deepest dreams – without holding back in limitation, for you are unlimited – you come as the brightest of the bright, the light of the eyes of God, and you come in brilliance to share your light.  You have chosen paths of greatness – whatever greatness means to you, this is that which you have chosen.  Trust your dreams, that which would bring you the life of your dreams, and give it form and visualisation, as you see this dream, and feel its pleasures, the fulfillment of a life well lived, and lived at your highest and most meaningful and peaceful potential – as you shift peacefully, joyfully, expanding, feeling all love, all possibility – in these unlimited realms of magnificence.




The angels who hold you as you expand your mind – aligning with your life plan, life dream – will bring to you within the timelines chosen all that you have created with your mind – for indeed your mind brings to you all that you create in your mind – and you are reminded to observe your mind, its machinations, for they are tricky beloveds – and sometimes you will hook into old realities, old fears – and be fed again by the collective if you should actively enter these realms through your connection with those who are of lower consciousness, lower thinking – if you actively enter these realms which are distorted, those which hold addiction and altering of the mind by alcohol and mind-altering substances – and we speak here also of the media, who actively engage in lowering the consciousness of humanity in depravity and in limited thinking – seeking to keep prisoner those who are of magnificence – by their editions of that which dampen magnificence and dim its brilliance by lower realities, lower consciousness.


Be aware that if you enter these realms you are endangered – and you are in free will and need be aware of the dangers of actively entering these realms which seek to dim your brilliance.  And once having again entered these realms, it is challenging to again rise above these realities – so you are cautioned to be aware, and to take steps to remain distanced from lower forms of damaged thinking and behaviour – to hold yourself in purity, loving self, and loving the freedom that is possible if you will only engage in caution and disciplinary attitudes which seek peace and purity, freedom and love.


You are our beloveds.  You are so loved.  All that you seek is given you – if you will ask for assistance – ask that you be assisted to remain free of these realms which seek to tether you to anonymity and numbness – and you are given all that you seek.




And receive now the Hologram of the Mind from the Magnificent Realms, that which

expands and aligns your mind in purest magnificence with the pulse of divine mind, divine perfection.  And know that every time you use this hologram of The Mind – you will reclaim your inheritance as one who is divine and aligned with divine mind – and will separate yourself from lower realities of past mis-creations and remembered distortions – and will separate yourself from the hindering restrictions of the collective.


I open my heart and my bodies of light to the eternal perfection of the mind of God which holds all facets of the divine plan for me, and for creation.

I open my mind, and allow the angels of creation to release from me all dis-creations of perfection, releasing across all time and space every imperfection of duality and remembered imperfection.

I allow my mind to be aligned to divine mind, the mind of God, reclaiming my connection through my mind with my divinity, reclaiming my connection with that all-encompassing, all-knowing field of absolute perfection, my thoughts and dreams aligned and beating with the pulse of divine mind as I effortlessly rise high above all lower third-dimensional realities, aligned now with my original divine perfection, divine blueprint, life role and mission, holding the perfection that is mine to reclaim for the life of my fullest and deepest dreams.


Open your mind … and your being as the hologram of the Mind is received by you  – now anchored to earth, transmitted through your being, and shared with Gaia and with humanity.




And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of the Mind from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea and the group in Bali – and with others around the world – to allow your mind to be freed of all imperfection, aligned with your divinity and with the pulse of divine mind in its all-knowing, all-encompassing field of perfection –  allowing divine mind to be anchored through you and to the earth, anchored to earth as a reality and a potentiality to be shared with all  – that humanity may similarly be freed from the web of oppression based on mis-creations of lowered thinking and depravity, of suffering and of misinformation and of lack.


Wi  Ya  Ah  Ha  Na  Ah  Ha  Si  Hi  Ah  Ah  Aha  Hu  Hu  Oh  Hu  Ki  Si  Hi  Ah Ah  Ha Na  Hi  Ki  Qwi  Nwa  Ha  Na  Hi  Ah  Sa  Na  Hu  Ku  Hu  Si  Ana  Hi  Ki  Hi  Na  Wa




Wee  Yah  Ah  Hah  Nah  Ah  Hah  See  Hee  Ah  Ah  Aha  Hoo  Hoo  Oh  Hoo  Kee  See  Hee  Ah  Ah  Hah  Nah  Hee  Kee  Qwee  Nwa  Hah  Nah  Hee  Ah  Sa  Na  Hoo  Koo  Hoo See  Ana  Hee  Kee  Hee  Nah  Wah



Great expansion occurs as your Mind and your frequency expand and shift to these highest of frequencies – and the hologram of the Mind anchors through you, transforming you, and is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers.


And your dreams of your perfect life, created by your perfect mind – aligned with divine mind and with all perfection – are added to your hologram of magnificence – as you expand your mind and your being again – dreaming the perfect life of dreams, where there is perfect peace and beauty and love, fulfillment and success in whatever ideals you hold as that which is the perfect life for you.


Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and in joy – and join your holograms of magnificence – with all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the new reality for the new world.


Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of the Mind to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as new realities of creation bring to conclusion the realm of dualities, dissolving the karmic plane and the plane of suffering and deprivation.


You are so loved – breathe and expand yet further in frequency and receive this love which will hold you and guide you upon your path of full restoration and the life of your dreams.







While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing