III  |  The Soul


Activation of the Hologram of Magnificence




Open your heart and your being beloveds, as the angels of creation attend to the chakra column and to the varying bodies of light – that imperfections may be released, blockages dissolved – and transfusions of divine Source light may be received in every level and dimension of your bodies of light.


Your physical vehicle receives attention also – for the influx of light over recent times, days and weeks and months – takes its toll on the body in that great integration needs occur to hold and to embody these great frequencies.  The angels attend to the body to enfill every cell and atom with divine light, and to allow the DNA changes that occur to be gracefully accepted through every dimension of your being.


Breathe deeply to receive all assistance as, placed within chambers and cocoons of love, you receive alignment once more with Divine Mind – that which effortlessly allows upliftment to the highest possible reality.


And open your divine heart  and receive reconnection at its highest frequency possible – as you breathe deeply to receive assistance as the heart through each chamber and dimension is expanded and filled with divine love energies.


Accept the pulses of frequency and the transmission of divine light of the highest frequencies – as you expand – and breathe – and expand – and breathe.  And as each of your bodies of light, your heart, your mind – expand in fullness and power and purity and light – accept the angels’ care and support – as we journey together above these limited realms of lower dimensional thinking and reality – and journey together to realms of unlimited magnificence.


And as we journey above all possibility of being pulled and drawn to stress and worry and challenge – beloveds – we may more effortlessly now attend to the levels of the soul wounds – where these may be brought to view without suffering or fear of falling back into the memories of greatest suffering.


Held by angels – connected to divine mind – and with your heart and your being connected to the universal pulse of All That Is – safe, expanded in love and in frequencies of highest light – with Divine Mother in attendance and the angels of the Karmic Board – we look now to the wounds of the soul – those which are your deepest soul wounds – those which pull to you those recurring challenges and patterns – which, no matter how hard you work to accept, to clear, to work through and acknowledge, no matter how hard you forgive self, and others – continue to recur – those events which you fear, feeling victim and unable to oppose or block these recurring experiences which see you fall into the pit of fear and hopelessness.


And the angels of karma assist beloveds – to draw to the surface those which are the wounds of the soul – that you may know these – and you are held in realms of freedom from suffering – and it is in these realms that you may in safety and without fear have brought to your awareness those which hold you bound in limitation and stuckness and which bar you from freedom, from peace, from love, from achievement and fulfillment and harmony and success.


And the angels bring to you in picture form – knowledge and remembrance of those which are the great challenges of your life – those which restrict you and hold you from happiness and peace.   Connected and aligned with divine mind, the patterns are shown you – without experience of suffering or fear.


And these that are shown you are the wounds of your soul.  And it is the recurring experiences of suffering and limitation, the patterns that recur, where you are stuck and unable to move forward – that you have chosen within this physical incarnation – as that which will bring to your awareness the nature of that which has created so much suffering that it has been pushed down so deeply inside, and unable to be brought forth into the light, and known.


The purpose of your physical life in this incarnation is that you receive awareness of all distortions that have occurred over all incarnations – for this is the lifetime of greatest opportunity to dissolve all errors, all wounds, all distortions, all memories, all limitation, all grief and all suffering – so that you may be released from the yoke of suffering and the karmic wheel and that you may achieve ascension and the return, with your soul, in mergence with God and with the divine.


And so it is likely that you have experienced suffering and sometimes beyond bearing has this been – and confusion and sadness and failure in body and mind and emotionally – limitations and experiences of failure, where peace has been not easily achieved, or sustained.  For you have chosen all before ever you incarnated, within the planetary alignments set in place at your birth – and accompanied by the destiny partners with whom you would play out these occurrences – and all to bring to the surface that which has been hidden and covered for aeons – because of the perception of error, of wrongdoing, of failure, of loss of purity, lack of self love, and disbelief in your own worthiness, beauty, ability and power.


So deeply have these ancient wounds been held down, pushed down where they are unable to be accessed or known – that strong experiences have been chosen – whose purpose has been that these which are the wounds of the soul may be known – for when they are known, uncovered – then beloveds as part of the ascension process – as part of the agreement within divine plan – the wounds of the soul may be dissolved and you may find your release – which allows the shift and movement in levels of initiation and of frequency shifts – higher and higher to God and to ascension.


With acceptance of this path – you may look now to the wounds of the soul – and the purpose is that they will be dissolved.




What have been the great griefs?


What have been the great disappointments?


What have been the betrayals?


What are the great regrets?


What are the great fears?


What are the great disempowerments:


– where you find yourself without power

– where you give power to others

– where you allow others to take your power

– where do you take power from others?




These are the pointers which show you the wounds of your soul.  Allow all to be shown you beloveds, without suffering or fear.




What has been your great stuckness?

Where do you get stuck and unable to move forward?  And why – what are the fears and doubts – the factors in your life that keep you stuck in situations that are not perfect for you?


What have been the great blocks –

– to peace

– to fulfillment

– to success

– to love

– to health

– to well being

– to joy

– to abundance?


What are the patterns that own you?

What have been the consequences?


What are the wounds of the soul?




Enhanced vision is given you of that which has recurred and recurred – and now you are given awareness of why you have attracted these blocks and obstacles – these wounds of lack of trust and love of self, of others, of your life, your purpose, lack of trust in divine plan and God – the issues of control and fear – that have blocked you and stopped you repeatedly – and held you from peace, fulfillment, peace, harmony, love, success, power, ease, grace, abundance and plenty.



And without judgement of self or others – you are able now to be in acceptance of these, the wounds of your soul, which have wished to surface so that they may be known – and healed – and released – and now dissolved.


Over all the course of your varying lifetimes you have suffered, and the dualities have been experienced, and wrought suffering and lack and grief and failure – and there have been wrongs to you, and to others – and this is the lifetime beloved when all may be put to right – and brought to conclusion.


You have been given view of the experiences, the wounds – and you have been shown the destiny partners who have shared in these experiences with you in this lifetime.  You have been given an overview of why these experiences occurred – and are asked now to accept the roles played by your destiny partners – those who may have harmed you, loved you not enough, caused you suffering and grief and pain.


There is a step required of you that you may be completely released from your suffering – and that is the acceptance of all that has occurred – without judgement or wish for revenge – and forgiveness.  For it is forgiveness which sets you free.


You are asked if you will forgive all those who have hurt you, acted against you, acted unkindly, triggered you, where there has been suffering of any kind that has involved another.


And the angels bring ones to you that you may know them, these ones who have played role to assist you to know of the wounds of your soul – who have played roles so that you may be freed of soul wounds.


And held in a cocoon of highest light – surrounded by the love of the angels – and with your heart assisted to open to fullest love and understanding of your path and the path of others – you are enabled to forgive all those who have acted against you, in any manner, and hurt you, and where you have suffered at the hands and minds and words and actions of another.




You are asked now if you will bring to mind the mistakes you have made – where you have acted against others – where you have failed yourself and failed others – where you have made decisions that resulted in suffering for self and others – and you are asked if you will forgive yourself for every act and error – of word, and mind, and heart and action – forgive yourself – and accept that all has been desired as experience – and so much has been the playing out of ancient patterns of wrongdoing, seeking renewal, dissolution and transformation into new ways, new realities.


Accept yourself, for always you have acted as best you could – and held down to such great degree by the ancient wounds and records of the soul – doing the best you could – yet holding such grudges against self, and self-contempt and hatred of self for mistakes and errors of judgement.


Beloveds, allow the angels to assist you to let go of all grief and suffering – as the Karmic Board now offers for release the akashic records of your soul – releasing, dissolving from every dimension of your being, all records, experiences, memories, beliefs, programs, patterns, thought forms and seals which hold the origins of those recurring patterns which you have this day identified – all is released, dissolved, with karmic absolution and you are freed.


Archangel Michael now cuts the karmic cords which have tied you to karmic partners and experiences.  With the records released, you are now longer tied to those memories and behaviours of the past – and all cords are cut – so that you are freed and no longer subject to recurring episodes of disempowerment and grief and suffering.


Breathe deeply beloveds, for so much has dissolved this day – and the angels attend to your chakra column and to your bodies of light and to each individual crystal of light within every dimension of your being, to release all records and distortions – and to transform – replacing distortions with new light codes which hold your original divine perfection.


Expanded, expanded in light, in love and in frequency and power – the angels hold you and journey with you to the Halls of Higher Learning and Wisdom where now is reclaimed all of the truth that you have gleaned and gained from all of your existences, every aha of wisdom and knowledge and truth – and that which has been shown you is the value and efficacy of love when compared with any other emotion – its value is known now – and it is accepted by you as this which is the rarest and most valuable of God’s truth – the importance of love, now that you have known its lack – and its value and importance is acknowledged as that which you desire – love and peace, harmony, acceptance, grace.   And you are given these – for you are held in the love of God and the angels – and connected with the love of creation and aligned with divine mind – and all is given you, all wisdom, and love and truth is reclaimed by you, all that has given purpose to your lifetimes – all is reclaimed – with the suffering now dissolved, cast aside – and only the love and the truth remains – as you breathe deeply and allow this which is the truth and the love and the wisdom of your soul to be reclaimed – and to be now dispersed by the angels to every atom and cell and crystal and chakra and body of light of your soul and your being.


And we journey further, to the realms of absolute unlimitedness – to the Realms of Magnificence, where there is naught but the love of God and the mind of God.  The angels assist you to be reacquainted with that which is your other, your divine other, your twin flame – to merge with that beloved one who is the mirror  image of your soul.  Allow the dualities to be dissolved between you – that you may be freed from your role of embodying the dualities – that you may have mergence with your twin and may embody that which is highest of your twin, that which you have mourned as lack – where you have looked outside of self for the love that you mourn and feel yourself to have lacked – and this is given you, this which you have mourned for, this which is your mirror and that which you have mourned and desired so avidly.


Breathe so deeply to receive mergence in fullness – this which is the highest of steps in your ascension process – and given possibility in these which are the Realms of Magnificence.


Beloved you are without limitation – you are whole – you are beloved of God and the angels and known as such – as you expand in this wholeness for which you have longed – this which has been lost to you within the path of individuation.  All is now possible, as all steps are now retraced – and all positive truth and wisdom and love is reclaimed – and all suffering is taken from you and dissolved.


And there is mergence now with God – as your soul is bonded and reclaimed with God – without limitation – with no memory of imperfection or suffering or wound or block or lack.  Accept this which is the highest bliss – and know that you may return to these realms of Magnificence at any time – calling to the angels of creation and using the Hologram of the Soul, you are taken to these realms of perfection – where you may indulge in and enjoy the realms of mergence and wholeness, beauty, perfection, truth, knowledge, peace and harmony, joy and unlimitedness.




In perfect bliss and peace – aligned with divine mind, expand your mind and receive alignment with the life of highest potential which you have chosen.


Your thoughts and dreams aligned and beating with the pulse of divine mind, aligned with your original divine perfection, divine blueprint, life role and mission – allow the dream for your life to be shown you, and known.


What are your dreams for your life?  What would you love to do, if you had the money, the time, the opportunity, the assistance?


And let us design this perfect life of dreams – by visualising ……………………………




And what are the present blocks that hold you back – and the steps required to bring about this which is the life of your highest potential?


What assistance do you need?


What people do you need to meet who will help you and what roles will they play?


What are the practical things with which you need help?


What do you need to do to start?


What steps do you need to take?


Where are you without the time to step into your higher life?


Where are you without funds to step into the life of your dreams, and how much would you need?


What opportunities do you need to allow you to live the life of your deepest and highest dreams?




Design the solutions and visualise them.


In purest and highest frequency, held by angels, hold your dreams before you and give them form with your visualisation and imagination gifts – as you fill in the dots, add form and focus, direction and goal, designing the individual aspects, the pleasures, the blessings that you hold as the life of your deepest dreams – without holding back in limitation, for you are unlimited – you come as the brightest of the bright, the light of the eyes of God, and you come in brilliance to share your light.  You have chosen paths of greatness – whatever greatness means to you, this is that which you have chosen.  Trust your dreams, that which would bring you the life of your dreams, and give it form and visualisation, as you see this dream, and feel its pleasures, the fulfillment of a life well lived, and lived at your highest and most meaningful and peaceful potential – as you shift peacefully, joyfully, expanding, feeling all love, all possibility – in these unlimited realms of magnificence.




And open your heart and your mind – in trust – that perfect timelines have been chosen by you for the blossoming of your perfect life – and that planetary alignments hold sway, chosen in perfection – that you will be fully empowered when these alignments bring to you the destiny partners and opportunities – that these opportunities not be lost.  And it was known always that there was wounding of your soul to be first dissolved and released, so that the opportunities be not wasted and lost.


Allow all doubt of your path to be dissolved – as you accept that the path may have been cast with stones and obstacles to date.  Accept that the purpose of the rocky path has been to free you, so that you may take full and perfect advantage of those opportunities which the planetary alignments specially chosen by you will offer.  Allow the past to be put behind you – that you may in trust open to, and accept, that which is there for you, that which was chosen and put in place – for the life of your highest fulfillment and potential.


You are reminded that your heart holds knowledge of your path and role – and when your heart is open – when you are in joy, when you are in realms of nature and inter-connection with all, that glimpses of your perfect life and dream are given you – and you are asked to trust these which may seem to be beyond possibility of coming to fruition.  Trust in your heart and know that your dreams hold the keys for that which is your highest potential, that which you have chosen that would most expand your consciousness and your being in peace, harmony, success, fulfillment and love – in service to the divine.  The gift and value of the heart beloveds – is given you – for it holds the keys to your destiny.  Breathe so deeply as remembrance is brought to mind – from your heart to your mind – as you are given knowledge of that which is your perfect path.


You are our beloveds.  You are so loved.  All that you seek is given you – if you will ask for assistance – ask that you be assisted to remain free of these realms which seek to tether you to anonymity and numbness – and you are given all that you seek.




And receive now the Hologram of the Soul from the Magnificent Realms.  And know that every time you use this hologram of The Soul – you will reclaim your inheritance as one who is divine – and will separate yourself from lower realities of past mis-creations and remembered distortions – and will separate yourself from the hindering restrictions of the collective.


I acknowledge the wounds of my soul,

– those of grief, disappointment, betrayal, regret, fear, disempowerment

– where I have experienced stuckness, failure, limitation, lack of flow,

– and blockages that prevent peace, fulfillment, success, love, health, well being, joy and abundance,

as I allow the angels of creation to release all imperfections and blockages,

dissolving the wounds of my soul as karmic absolution is received

so that every memory, experience, belief, program, pattern and seal

releases from every dimension of my being across all time, all space and all dimensions.

Transfusions of highest frequencies of pure Source light are received

filling and transforming my heart, my mind and each of my bodies of light

and every cell and atom and dimension of my being with highest divine light.

I reclaim every gain of wisdom that I have ever made,

and release all memory of sadness and disempowerment.

I accept mergence with my twin flame, as the dualities we hold are dissolved

and as my soul receives mergence with God, I receive the freedom of being without limit,

without memory of imperfection, suffering, wounding or block or lack

– and flow in eternal bliss as I effortlessly rise high above all lower third-dimensional realities,

aligned now with my original divine perfection, divine blueprint, life role and mission,

holding the perfection that is mine to reclaim for the life of my fullest and deepest dreams.


Open your heart and your being as the hologram of the Soul is received by you  – now anchored to earth, transmitted through your being, and shared with Gaia and with humanity.




And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of the Soul from the Magnificent Realms – connecting with and aligning with Astrea and the group in Bali – and with others around the world – as you allow the wounds of the soul to dissolve –  achieving mergence with your twin soul – and merging with God, receiving the freedom of being without limit, in full trust and faith, flowing effortlessly high above all lower realities and holding knowledge of your own perfection – as the Hologram of the Soul from the Magnificent Realms anchors through you and to the earth, anchored to earth as a reality and a potentiality to be shared with all  – that humanity may be freed from all distortions – and reclaim their divine nature, in trust that they are so abundantly cared for in their every moment


Hu Ki Ya Na Swi Hi Hi Ah Ana Ha Si Ana Hu Ki Qwa Na Hi Ah Ah Sa Ti Ah

Ana Hu Hu Ki Kwa Na Hi Si Ti Ah Na Hi Ah




Hoo Kee Yah Nah Swee Hee Hee Ah Ahna Hah See Anah Hoo Kee Qwa Nah Hee Ah Ah Sah Tee Ah

Ahna Hoo Hoo Kee Kwah Nah Hee See Tee Ah Nah Hee Ah



Great expansion occurs as your soul and your frequency expand and shift to these highest of frequencies – and the hologram of the Soul anchors through you, transforming you, and is transmitted and anchored to Gaia and to her grids of light, and to her sacred places, her portals of power, and along her dreaming lines and throughout her oceans and rivers.


And your dreams of your perfect life – unblocked now – allowed to blossom freely – and to be mirrored back to you in perfect beauty – are added to your hologram of magnificence – as you expand your mind and your being again – dreaming the perfect life of dreams, where there is perfect peace and beauty and love, fulfillment and success in whatever ideals you hold as that which is the perfect life for you.


Breathe deeply and expand your frequency further, in trust and in joy – and join your holograms of magnificence – with all Dreamers of the New World – and your dreams hold in their individual perfection, joined together, the composite of the new reality for the new world.


Toning and sounding enables the Hologram of the Soul to anchor to Gaia, and to humanity – and increases and shifts your frequency yet higher – as the angels of creation join their voice with you in their universal tones of creation – as new realities of creation bring to conclusion the realm of dualities, dissolving the karmic plane and the plane of suffering and deprivation.


You are so loved – breathe and expand yet further in frequency and receive this love which will hold you and guide you upon your path of full restoration and the life of your dreams.






While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing