Beloveds, open your hearts and your beings to have restored to you your full embodiment of light – that divine one who is you is given you – as you breathe, and open your being to receive this which is your perfection.  Along and through the length of your rainbow bridge galactic channel of light – your upper and your lower chakras – those which connect you to the heavens – and to the earth – and attending to the multidimensional bodies of light – the angelics and holy ones restore each dimension, each chakra, each vortex, portal and crystal of light to your divine blueprint.


And that which has ensued since the moment of original creation – that of all of your embodiments from light into matter – and the suffering, the memories, the experiences which created your separation from your godliness and from the truth of your gift and ability to create – is released from you – as the Karmic Board and the angelics release the records of distortion – and all memory of suffering, disempowerment, disconnection and loss of trust is taken from you, gracefully – as you breathe and surrender.


Those which are the challenges of struggle of recent days, and past – beloveds name these and shift them out from your being – as you breathe out to release every fear, every sadness, every lack, every struggle – as suffering and lack is taken from you and from every dimension of your being.


As the energies shift higher and higher, the pulses of heavenly light, shifted down through the angels, brought to you individually, those rays and pulses of heavenly light which are most perfectly suited for you – to heal, to soften, to release, to open, to activate and to restore – are received – as you breathe in – and expand and expand in frequency.


That which remains, as the distortions of sadness and suffering release – is peace and perfection.  You are given opportunity to freely flow in this peace – to truly experience the weightlessness that results from full connection with the divine.  In this moment there is no challenge, nothing to fear, no stress, no struggle.  You are with the divine, and you hold divinity.  All that has occurred across the intervening ages that has hurt and disempowered you has been left behind as memory only – and released from you, these memories of suffering.


That which is left is you in your divinity, whole, perfect, complete – and with so much wisdom that has been gained from all the course of your lifetimes – so many additions to original divinity that have been gained from your physical lifetimes.


Love has been expanded in your exploration and experience of its lack.  Its importance, that of love – is known by you – your knowledge that when you are loved – and when you are loving – innocently, without attachment – you are peaceful and whole.


The importance of inter-connection – with friends and beloveds who love you and accept you and honour you for your qualities and gifts – is known by you.


In the absence of struggle – peace is known by you – and this peace is desired above all.


Knowledge of these which are the highest qualities of god – those of love, of connection, of peace – are known to be that which is the goal of perfection.


Before your physical incarnations, there was only this love, this connection, this wholeness and this peace.


And the cycle of life has restored you to this place of perfection – with absolute knowledge now of its importance.


There have been gains upon all the course of your lifetimes – yet it is love, connection, wholeness and peace – that when known and embodied – allow then the life of dreams to be made manifest – for when you are in peace, heart open in gratitude and love, connected to the divine and to all realms of light, whole in your knowledge of self as pure, as perfect – and when you are anchored to the crystal heart of beloved Gaia – then all is possible.


This is that which has been gained beyond the course of war, of ill-health, of danger, of struggle, of lack, of hatred, of manipulation and control by others, of injustices and lack of freedom and truth.


The gratitude that fills you – to be in that state of love, connection, wholeness and peace – is the gift of the universe beloved – the state of perfection.


For when you embody these gifts, and emitting gratitude – the universe mirrors your joy – and offers more and more – that you may have returned to you all of your heart’s dreams.


This is the gift – and the universal law – that when you are in gratitude you have overcome any lower reality – you have recovered your ability, beyond and no matter what may be the lower reality which may surround you – to be content, to be grateful – beyond fear.


Fear is the corruptor of the universe – and gratitude is the manifestor.


Beloveds, all that has caused you to fear has been taken from you – for fear is based on your memory of that which has created struggle and suffering for you.  The memories and records have been taken.


And now that which is required is Trust – that you need not fear.


And to embody Trust – there must be connection with the divine and knowledge, beyond memory of lack and suffering – that you are able, through emitting love and gratitude – to have your perfection mirrored back to you – and all of your needs met.


All of the Holograms of God you have been given – those of :



Surrender To The Peace Within The Divine Plan







Interconnection With The Divine

and of God.


Each step which brings you to this place of wholeness, of peace, of love, of connection with all realms – of stepping beyond and releasing all memory of suffering and of lack – has been taken from you – replaced with the miracles that see you restored to your ability as a creator.


Beloveds, as the angels surround you and hold you, breathe deeply and expand in highest frequency – as you travel across the heavenly realms and to the godstreams – and in this place you are unlimited.  You are beyond suffering or fear – or any memory of suffering or fear.  You have had released from your being all records of the akasha of your soul which resulted from pain and struggle.  You have reclaimed from the halls of higher learning and wisdom each ‘aha’ of higher consciousness that you have ever gained from all the course of your life, both physical and celestial – and so you embody godliness enhanced by wisdom and knowledge of the dualities and of physical life – and this is the gift you bring – in mergence with God – as you attain the godstreams, those realms of unlimited possibility – where all mirrors perfection – connected throughout the universal realms – from whence manifestation comes into form as mirror of the mind of God.


It is from these realms that you are given the miracle of Creation beloveds – that which is unlimited in its perfection – and that which may manifest in any form of perfection.


Beyond the dualities, beyond suffering – there is oneness with God, and there is the gift of creation – that perfection may be embodied in myriad form.


The time acclaimed, the end of this cycle of experiment in human form – has reached its day – that the experiment of the dualities may be put aside – with all wisdom and knowledge reclaimed – and all suffering may now be cast aside – and all record and memory of suffering may now receive its deletion and dissolution.


And the gift of Creation is given you – for this is your special role, that for which you have chosen to embody in physical form in this lifetime – that you may reach beyond your own memories and records, to achieve their dissolution, their deletion – and to reclaim your embodiment of perfection – the restoration of your wholeness, your multidimensional divine gifts and selves – and to recover and reclaim your connection with God and the divine realms, and your knowledge of the trust which brings such peace and joy.


You have reached that moment beloveds of having stepped across and beyond your roles of restoration – and your path as creators now awaits.


Held within your beautiful hearts is knowledge of that which you desire for this earth.


There is the yearning that peace may be known by all.


There is such desire for freedom for all – for equality – for truth – for peace, harmony and tolerance and freedom within countries, religions, families and loved ones.


There is the dream that all humanity may have their needs of food and livelihood and shelter gracefully met – that there be sufficient for all, without suffering.


There is the dream for the purity and beauty of the earth – without toxicity or pollution or misuse and abuse – where all rivers and waters run freely and purely – where the air is clear and clean – and there is abundance and plenty, with foods that are pure and filled with life, with energy needs harnessed from natural causes, without damage to the environment.


There is the desire for animals, and the earth, and for all humanity – to be treated with integrity and justice and freedom and care and honour.


There is the desire that all ego and hatred may be put aside – and that peace may take the place of war.


There is the dream for the end of suffering – and the dissolution of struggle.


These are the dreams beloved.


You are given the Hologram of Creation as gift – that this ability as creator is restored in you – that you may take up your role – and bring to effect these dreams for the world – to assist the shift.  This is the role for which you have been chosen – and this is the gift that you are given, as ever it was promised you – the return of your abilities as creator.


Flowing in the godstreams – allow your dreams for humanity, for the world, for the animal kingdoms, for the earth, for her rivers and lands and oceans and streams, her mountains and her beauty – to be restored to new truth.


And add your dreams for your own personal perfection – that which you desire from most deeply within your heart – the life of your dreams – to manifest.


And allow from your highest heart to surface these dreams – of that which you wish to achieve – that which would bring most gratitude to your heart.  For it is this gratitude – living in this gratitude – and emitting this force and gift of the universe – which is the gift you bring the new world – and so it is asked of you to give voice to that which would bring you to gratitude – and to call it in – to name it, to describe it, and every component and quality – and you may name these – those of peace, of fulfillment, of ease, of beauty, of love, harmony, respect, integrity, co-operation, compassion, of truth, of alignment with your purest and fullest gifts, those which bring joy and empowerment to your heart.


Name those you desire as your destiny partners, those whose gifts when added to yours will create a synergy, as destiny partners, to achieve the fulfillment and the achievement of all that you contracted to achieve.


Accept alignment with your destiny partners – and call to these – to make themselves known, to acknowledge your readiness to connect with others, to share and to trust the role of each and to support and hold each other, adding your gifts together to create realities of greatness.


As you open in readiness – breathe in and expand in frequency as the angelics align the timelines and the destiny lines – that you and your destiny partners are in true alignment and timing.


Allow to arise the perfect life, the life of your dreams – and see this – begin to create it – to give it vision and form.  And create this life, and the component parts – and bring in those who will assist and support – as the angels create its hologram.


If within your deepest heart you feel the desire to serve, to act, to share your gifts and talents – allow these dreams to surface – and give them form – and expand on your dreams and give form to the details, the role, the manner in which you wish and would love to act and to serve and to share and to give.


And there are many whose role is of but wholeness and perfection – who have not such high outward role – those who are the transmitters of joy and gratitude – those who bring themselves to wholeness and who share that wholeness with all.  Not necessary to have a wider life – if this is not within the heart as dream.


So many lightworkers have flocked to the earth realm, not only to achieve their own wholeness and the release of the nature of all memory of distortion achieved over the course of their lifetimes, but who, in achieving this wholeness – will be the transmitters of love and joy and gratitude – which will allow the frequencies of the earth to rise so dramatically that there will be the shift into higher possibilities which walk beyond struggle, pain, suffering, of war and control and manipulation of earth and her humans and her resources.   You will know of this path if your desire is for the peace of life, without struggle – but without a bigger dream than that of peace and joy.


Name where you would love to live this life of peace and perfection – and how – the manner of your day – without rush or stress – with time to enjoy and to connect with beauty and with nature – and meaningful time with family and loved ones.


Name the life of your dreams, where you are in peace and joy – and describe this life, this perfect life – and how you will spend your days.  Not an empty life, but a full one, of joy and ease, using your gifts to best effect.   This perfect life you will live – as the model that you are of perfection – and sharing the possibility of this perfection with all.


Name the attributes and gifts and talents that fill your days – that which you are best suited to add as your special contribution – for all hold equal gifts – and experience the fulfillment of doing that which you most enjoy, that which is most closely aligned with your heart and your desires – that which brings you joy and fulfillment – and allows an attitude of entitlement to receive all your needs met gracefully, easily.


And that which you require, the physical assistance you need, to create this life – then describe this which is required – and the assistance that you need – the physical steps that are to be taken – and the supply of that which will bring your dream into form.


Visualise these component parts of your life and dream – and add these to your hologram.


Design the places, the people, the buildings, the nature, the beauty – and experience now the joy, the fulfillment in the use of your greatest gifts in the life of your dreams.


Feel the peace that fills you to have achieved the life of your dreams – to have achieved your destiny.


Feel the richness of your life, all qualities aligned and balanced – knowing you are loved and honoured for that which you give – and in such gratitude for all that you receive.


This is your hologram of perfection and of heart’s dream.


And know that you may add to this hologram – as your desires and goals become more clearly known – and that you may change and shift the realities within this hologram – that it may more perfectly reflect the life of your dreams.


Your hologram, which holds all of the component parts of your individual dream for your life – is merged now with the hologram of your divine purpose – all aligned – for there are qualities unknown and hidden from your present view – and these are given you, within your hologram – that true perfection may come about.


Open your hearts and your beings as the angels place this hologram of perfect destiny within your heart – this which is your own role – containing not only your personal dreams, but those which you have chosen as higher destiny.


And this is your role as Dreamers of the New World – to be the role models who hold the holograms of perfection – upon which all humanity may be modeled – that perfection may be replicated endlessly.


As each of you takes up your life of destiny and of fulfillment and empowerment, of gratitude and peace – its hologram expands and replicates endlessly – making possibilities for all to similarly step into higher paths which are fulfilling and bring joy and peace.


And hold your hearts where are held your holograms of destiny – and add to your holograms with joy and love.  Every time you are in joy and gratitude – place your hands to your heart to add this joy and peace – to bring closer your destiny and your life of dreams – and know that in adding to your hologram, to enhance and to brighten into fullness this life of peace and perfection – your hologram, enjoined with that of all Dreamers of the New World – is given life.


And join your holograms together, Dreamers of the New World – and connect and share your holograms, your dreams, your desires for the world – and allow the planetary frequencies of such greatness – to create the shifts that will manifest the new realities upon which the world will take up its foundation – and the qualities of truth, justice, peace, love, health, freedom, equality, sharing, honour, respect, purity, connection, abundance and plenty, those which you hold as your deepest dream for the world – are given form and manifest.




And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of Creation to allow this which you have received, the ability to create with ease and joy the life of dreams – to be anchored to earth as a reality – that others and each of them may similarly achieve this which steps beyond all suffering and struggle – as a Miracle from the realms of god that all may live in perfection, peace, grace, ease, safety, trust, connection, wholeness, empowerment, abundance, plenty, freedom, radiance, gratitude, fulfillment, joy, health, justice, truth, equality, and the life of their heart’s dreams.



Ki   Si  Aa  Ana  Na  Ah  Ha  Ah  Ha  Ah  Ah  Ha’ah




Kee   See   Ah-ah   Ah-nah   Nah   Ah   Hah   Ah   Hah   Ah   Ah   Hah-ah



On behalf of all humanity you allow the Hologram of Creation to anchor through you, and to descend through your being and to Gaia and to her grids of light – and to all of her sacred portals and along her dreaming lines, her lei lines and her oceans and rivers may this gift spread and transform all – allowing the gift of Creation to be restored to earth – and the Miracle Pathway is opened for all to traverse – that the new world may have its creation.


Breathe deeply as the Hologram of Creation anchors to earth, anchoring through you and to Lady Gaia and to her grids of light.


Open your radiant hearts and allow the gift of Creation to expand and to transform you into wholeness and trust and the life of your dreams – as you accept and acknowledge that the suffering of the past has been taken from you – and as you step forward now holding your intent for the qualities of life that will bring you to peace and love, empowerment, health, prosperity, ease, fulfillment and joy.


As you step forward, with full trust, into the life of your dreams, and as you expand on the qualities you desire for your life, all that will bring you to joy and to peace, expand outwards in this joy and empowerment – and step into the life of your dreams – step through the doorway that awaits you – make the first step – and acknowledge the step that is required of you – that which it is for you to let go of, or to step into – and having stepped into the dream, experience the bliss, the peace, the joy, the health, the wealth, the empowerment, the gift of using all of your best qualities and those which bring you most joy – and with your breath continue to radiate outwards this empowerment and perfection you have stepped within – radiate this outwards in widening bands of perfection, stepping along your path of destiny, where you are in most joy and gratitude – and expand further and link with those who are your beloveds, and with your countries of residence, and with all those who hold love for you, and you for them.


As you flow in the joy and perfection that the gift of Creation gives you, will you link with all other Dreamers of the New World – receiving, and giving – add your joy and empowerment – and each receives exponential expansion – heightened frequencies of joy and perfection shared and received – as the hologram of perfection of each merges – and creates the foundation upon which the new world will build and create.


Radiate your joy, your fulfillment – the peace and wholeness that brings such joy, content and gratitude – as leaders and Dreamers of the New World, and expand your hearts to connect with all lightworkers – that they too may receive the peace, ease and empowerment of the life of their own dreams.  Hold the frequencies for all lightworkers, that they may receive that which will shift them beyond their experience of suffering – and allow them to receive this peace and ease, beyond struggle and suffering – allowing them to add their perfection to the divine plan to enable all humanity to be restored to wholeness, peace, purity, justice, truth, plenty, love, grace, ease, fulfillment, gratitude, freedom – and the life of their dreams.




And expand your radiant hearts with humanity, those who have desire at the deepest core of their being – the desire for the release from struggle – and for ascension – expand and radiate your joy and gratitude for the gift of Creation which allows transformation for all.


From your hearts and your beings expand your love, your joy, your gratitude, empowerment, wholeness and the knowledge that you hold ability now to step fully within the life of your dreams – and to shift all humanity – by the force of your numbers – and the power of your love – that the Miracle of Creation may be received by them to lift and shift them to a life without struggle, where peace takes the place of war, and where all of life’s needs are received with ease.


And you may tone and sound – to anchor the Hologram of Creation to earth that all may receive the ability to journey upon the Miracle pathway which has been this day restored to earth from the realms of creation.


You are beloved of God and the angels and masters and family of light for your Dreaming and for your love.  You are held always in purest light, loved forever and endlessly




While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing