Breathe deeply, as we call in many angels, archangels, the Elohim, the Enlightened Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, emissaries of light and love from the higher dimensions, the ancient ones, the sacred guardians and holders of all knowledge and wisdom through all dimensions, connecting with Lady Gaia and the nature kingdoms – and the starry ones – and your own Council of Light.  All of the family of light gather around and hold you in love and make their connection with you – as you experience their love – and the heightened energies of expansion which now occur – and as you open your heart to receive the blessings they bring.


As you breathe deeply, many angelic ones place you within a cocoon and chamber of light and of love, connected to the Source realms and to Gaia – as assistance is given you to open each of your chakras – connecting through the portals of your physical body with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth -connecting through your own diamond body of light – connecting the portals of your light body with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe, connecting with the galaxies, aligning with the galactic portals, aligning with the Great Central Sun and with your own planet of origin – and connecting and aligning also with the chakra points and portals of earth – all gateways and portals opened and restored – fully calibrated and aligned to divine perfection – connecting with Gaia – and with the Flower of Life – and with the realms of Grace – with all assistance given that you are fully and divinely connected and aligned to the highest potential for transformation, for love, for health, for joy, for peace, for truth – for abundance and plenty.


Breathe deeply, as each individual chakra of the rainbow bridge column of light is now assisted to open and to receive release of all distortion, and restoration, activation – and repatterning to its original divine blueprint.


Allow your heart to open, and as it opens and expands, offer up for release all sadness and pain, suffering, isolation, loneliness, confusion, doubt, separation and fear – breathing as you expand – and let go – and receive the release of all that saddens and limits – as the angels and holy ones rejoice with you.


Expanding, and receive an opening of the heart – deeply breathing as the heart is enabled to open more widely – breathing, breathing – able to receive the love of the angels and family of light pulsed to you so strongly.  Open your heart to receive all the love that these ones pulse to you – and expand with love as this love fills you – and all careworn sadness and disappointment is released from you – filling you with the love of your Family of Light, and taking away all loneliness and feelings of isolation and separateness and doubt and fear.


Breathe this love up into your thymus chakra, your higher heart, and receive a lifting from your thymus of the pain and fear you experience in your connection with humanity, and its darkness, fear and desolation.


Divine Mother places her Pearl of Compassion into your thymus, which opens your heart to all others – while providing protection – enabling you to open wide your heart, without suffering or pain.


Receive disconnection from the collective pain and fear-based consciousness of humanity – as an amethyst of divine protection is placed within your thymus chakra – that you may be free of the heaviness and dense negativity and pain of the collective consciousness.


Breathe the love into your throat and receive a lifting and release of your doubts, hesitations and fears – the fears of others’ judgements and criticisms – the fear of making mistakes, and of being shamed by others – allowing you to stand in your truth and integrity.  Your separateness, solitude and loneliness is released from you –  sadness, disappointment and doubt releases – as you receive assistance to step into your mastery, and all that lies ahead on your life path.


Healing love is breathed into the third eye, seat of your abilities and gifts, energised with healing light – expanding and filling the third eye with light and restoring the divine gifts in this chakra.


Breathe up through the crown chakra – as all distortions and blockages release – and your crown chakra receives reconnection with the divine realms, with God, and the angels and the family of light.  The higher chakras are restored, activated, repatterned – and connected with all multi-dimensional realms of importance to you.  Breathe deeply to receive connection – energised and filled with golden Source light.


Breathe up through the higher chakras, passing through all the suns and moons, to the celestial realms, the galactic, universal and cosmic realms, to Source, to Father Mother God – connecting with your Divine Presence – and expand in this connection – as Divine Presence anchors and aligns with your column of light.


As the divine energy spills over from your crown and fills all of your light body, you radiate with pulses of light which restore you to your divine blueprint – as you expand, and expand, as wholeness is received.


And breathe as we now open and restore the lower chakras.  Healing love is pulsed down into your solar plexus, releasing all fears and insecurities, hesitations and doubts of your abilities – releasing all hesitations to move forward through initiations within which you may be stuck, as these incomplete initiations are taken from you and dissolved.


You are pulsed with all assistance to continue strongly and firmly on your path of mastery, moving through all obstacles and doubts, leaving the old patterns of struggle behind.  All the love and assistance that you need is given so that you may walk proudly and confidently forward on your path.


Your hara, at your navel, receives the pulses of divine light – as your issues and challenges of power are shown to you – and clearly able to be accepted and acknowledged – fear of others’ power, doubt of your own power – as powerlessness is released – and your power centre receives restoration.


The sacral chakra receives healing pulses of love – releasing the blockages to your creative gifts – as ancient patterns of disempowerment and of distorted behaviour release.


You are assisted to acknowledge that each part of your life has played a role in preparation for your higher path.   Everything that has gone ahead – has prepared and paved the way for your excellence and mastery which lies before you – as you may now more confidently step forward having released the limiting fears and blockages and patterns of behaviour which formerly have held you back from stepping forward fully into brilliance and mastery.


Breathe in the divine energy as it releases the old patterns and blockages which restrict your ability to create – to create within your mastery – as your mastery is restored to you, unrestricted and unobstructed by the ancient patterns of doubt and uncertainty and fear and pain – which are taken from you.


And any issues and challenges of sexuality which disturb and sadden and disempower – are acknowledged – as the memories and disturbance receive their release.


Your base chakra where you may hold issues of lack of trust and faith, of lack, of struggle, of not having your needs met – receives so much assistance, releasing distortion, struggle, lack – and connecting you and your energies safely down now to the centre of the earth – to the love, light, power and creation grids which hold importance for the embodiment of your love, light and power and creation abilities upon earth – and connecting you to Gaia’s crystal heart – fully and divinely connected between heaven and earth – and all your needs may always be met in this place of connection and security.


And offer to your Family of Light your cares and concerns of survival and physical existence.  Hand your fears and your needs to them.  Ask for what you need that will bring most ease, and joy, and fulfillment and grace to your life.  Ask for what it is you need that will bring ease and fulfillment to your life – and hand over all struggle and fear and pain.


And ponder on your belief that you are separate from god, abandoned, uncared for – that god and the angels listen to others, and not to you – and that you are unable to have your physical needs fully met – the belief that you are worthless and not able to easily receive what you need and what you ask for the ease and joy and fulfillment of your physical life  – as the original akashic records that lie at the core of these beliefs – those of the original separation from god – receive their release with karmic absolution across all timelines and dimensions.


And receive restoration of your rod of power through your hara, connecting down through your lower chakras – and receiving reconnection through the sacral with the heart and the higher chakras – restoring the full chakra column in its connection with the heavenly realms, shut down in Ancient Egypt – as all processes are put in place for full restoration.


Breathe the love down, down, and through your Link chakra between your knees and down through your feet, through the Earth Star chakra beneath your feet in the earth, and into the crystal heart of Gaia – receiving full connection with the earth and middle and inner earth realms – as you breath up this love and nurturing, connection, support and abundance as it is pulsed to you – experiencing safety, support, stability, abundance as you breathe this energy up, and into your heart – expanding and filling all of your energy bodies – the love of Gaia merging with the love of your Divine Presence – and expanding into this love as it washes your entire light body, raising your vibration, releasing all blockages and limitations – and restoring you to your divine blueprint of mastery and magnificence, purity and love.


Breathe this love and light into your being, into your heart, and in its expansion receive a release of the distortions of memory and patterns of behaviour of the emotions and the mind – as you breathe – and acknowledge your challenges and fears and sadness and pain and patterns of distortion – offering up and surrendering for release all sadness, disappointment, pain, grief, regret, anger, confusion, doubt and fear.


Expand and receive a further opening of the heart, deeply breathing as the heart is enabled to open more widely – with much assistance given – the open and feeling heart, able to receive the love which is now pulsed to you by so many angels  – experiencing great expansion as this love floods your being – removing all careworn sadness and disappointment – filling you with the love of your Family of Light, and taking away all loneliness and feelings of isolation and separateness.


The multidimensional bodies of light anchor – that of the angelic master body, the original divine body of light – upon which all other bodies of light may now anchor according to your readiness – among them are the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine bodies, Solar/Lunar body, Divine Child body, Archangelic presence, Star body, Galactic presence, Christed Planetary presence, Divine presence – and the higher gifts of these bodies of light may receive embodiment incrementally – much assistance is given for ease in this transformation.


And these processes are given you, that you may walk more strongly upon your path – and able to have compassion for all that you have experienced, and given, and been – and all that is still to come – in the embodiment of mastery – for this is your path – of mastery – this is why you are here.


And first there are steps to relieve you of the burdens of the wounds of the soul that you have incurred as a result of your experiences over the aeons of time.  We walk you through the steps beloved, with angels walking alongside, to the left and to the right and before and behind and above and below you are held in light – as with Divine Mother God we journey to the ashrams of the Ascended Masters in Shamballa to find all that is unresolved, all that is unforgiven, and to find the karmic cords that hold you, still, to your experiences of the past – so that you may be freed – ready now to step fully forward on your path of light.


And we return to the wounds of the soul – that these may rise to the surface where they may be known – and dealt with – accepted and healed and released.  And we travel deeply, held by angels, journeying to traverse all the deepest core experiences of your life – those that are unresolved – awaiting forgiveness.




Held safely within a healing chamber of vast resources of healing and light, attended to by angels who encircle you and hold you and pulse you in great love, breathe deeply to uncover all that is unresolved, holding you from full forward movement on your path of mastery, ease and fulfillment.


In your life, what have been the great griefs?

And who accompanied your journey through these griefs?

What were the actions of these ones – that created harm and suffering for you?

And feel into your heart – if still you hold resentment, hurt, suffering, confusion, grief, lack of understanding, blame, judgement, anger, desire for revenge.


Where does your heart hearken back – in memory of what was, what if, what should have been, if only – ah the loss?


What are the mistakes you made – where you loved too much, or not enough – where you hurt another, created suffering, made choices that took you along a path of suffering and lack and loss and isolation, changed your life forever.


Father, mother, brothers, sisters, family  – the differences between you – where you have been seen as different, wrong, accused, blamed, shamed, cast adrift – or where you have pulled yourself away – blaming, judging, in pain and suffering – what are the wounds that have arisen, and remain?


Lovers, beloveds, life partners – who have treated you unfairly, wounded you, abandoned you, chosen lives and opportunities that preclude you and have left you behind – with no thought or care for you – who have wronged you, acted unfairly, victimized you, hurt you, taken from you – or where you hurt another and caused suffering – what are the issues that remain in your heart, still not resolved?


Friends, acquaintances – who turned against you, gossiped, talked cruelly, unfairly, demeaned you, hurt you, misjudged you – those who were competitive and acted against you to make you lesser – those who were jealous and unfair – those who argued and talked over you and spoke harshly – and cast you aside …. what remains as residue of hurt and betrayal?


And those to whom you have acted unfairly, in anger, judgement, gossiping, hurting, blaming, shaming – what are the regrets and what has not been resolved?


What have been the betrayals of your life – where others have acted secretly – against you – to hurt and lessen you?  And what resentments against these ones still remain?


What have been the great disappointments?

Were there those who did not support you when you were in need of help?


What are the great disempowerments – where others take power from you – talk over you – are louder, with larger egos – and you hold not the power or confidence to assert yourself.  Where do you give power away – by feeling self lesser – not able to stand firm and be unaffected by those who have need to compete, to over-shadow, to demean?

In what situations are you insecure and feel lesser, worthless – not holding your own in confidence and mastery and power? And what are the attitudes you hold against those who more strongly hold power – what are the insecurities, jealousies, comparisons?


What are the great mistakes of your life?  Who are those with whom you hold resentment and blame for these mistakes?


What are the patterns that own you and control you and limit you – for which you feel ashamed – unable to change and feeling lessened by your inability to live a better, more loving, more fulfilling life?



Beloved, you have discovered the wounds of the soul where there are karmic cords still in place – those which constantly drain your energy and pull you back to your memories of times of disturbance – unresolved because the karmic cords still exist.  A gift beloved to uncover and to reveal that which is hidden – for this day the missing link is given you – which will enable the emptying of that which is unresolved in the akasha of your soul and that which continues to tie you in bond with karmic partners.


Angels             tenderly bring to you all those you have identified with whom you have unresolved issues, where you are grieving, hurting, angry, confused – where all is not yet forgiven or put away as wisdom and experience.


In circle your karmic partners, identified now, stand before you in circle – and Archangel Michael stands by your side, his sword of truth aloft.  And each of these ones comes to you, with angels either side – stepping into the healing chamber within which you sit – a place of sanctity and truth – where only truth in fairness, compassion, understanding and acceptance may be spoken.


And one by one they come to you – those who have brought you the greatest truths – greatest wounding – greatest sorrow – greatest betrayal – greatest abandonment – greatest disempowerment.


And to each of them you speak – and in this place of truth you are given opportunity now to speak of that which has not been spoken – and to be heard – not shouted and spoken over – but heard in acceptance and truth of all that has gone between you.  You are able to ask these ones – why did they act as they did – why did they choose against you – speak against you – walk away – not care that you were cast aside, blamed, shamed, humiliated, hurt and suffering.  Why did they act as they did?


And they will tell you their reasons – and you will hear them, in honesty and with great assistance given you to hear finally their truth.


And they will ask you – why – why did you change – why did you act as you did?  And you will tell them and you will speak your absolute truth, holding nothing back – for there is no reason to speak of anything but truth – for your purpose now is the absolute emptying of all regret, disappointment, suffering, grief, pain, blame, shame, anger, confusion.


Such a gift to have this last opportunity to speak of truth and to be heard.  And as angels transmit the celestial rays of colour to heighten, absorb, enlighten and heal – you – and those who have hurt you – are able to come to acceptance for all that has gone before – and to understand that each did the best they could – and that mistakes and errors of judgement were made – as part of the journey of physical life and the embodiment of the dualities.


As angels hold you, acceptance fills you – and you are given clarity – as the realisation comes that in holding grudges, humiliation, pain, suffering, blame, regret, anger, isolation and the belief that you cannot move forward from these betrayals and acts against you, and the misperceptions between you – you are blocking yourself from a life of flow – blocking new opportunities – for you are held so tightly bound still to the past – and new opportunities, destiny openings, destiny partners – are prevented from entering until you have fully resolved the issues of the past where you have held grief and suffering.


And that which will free you is Forgiveness.  Forgiveness will free you – and will await you – either this life – or another life – for it is outstanding until it has been fulfilled – and the karmic cycle will endlessly play out – until you reach that moment of readiness of being able to forgive that which occurred.


Held by angels you are assisted now to forgive those who have hurt you.


‘You have caused me grief, but I understand you were only dealing with your own grief, anger, insecurity, powerlessness – and your desire for self-fulfillment was greater than your love of me.  I understand more clearly now what happened – and I am able to forgive you.  I understand you had your own issues you were trying your best to heal, family issues, behaviour issues – and that you made mistakes – just as I sometimes made mistakes – and I am so sorry for what happened between us.’


And those who have hurt you are given also this opportunity to apologise – so that they receive likewise the benefit of the karmic clearing between you that now occurs.  Open your heart to hear their explanations, their requests for forgiveness – for they are held in a place of great love and light – assisted and supported to bravely ask for your forgiveness.


Individually you may speak with each of those who have caused you pain and suffering – and to make amends between you.




And where you have made mistakes, made errors of judgement, taken wrong directions, hurt others – hurt yourself – and suffered from these falls of grace – beating yourself up for mistakes, and ashamed of your actions against others – where you have spoken badly of others, shamed them, made them less, gossiped, judged – taken power and energy from others – and held your stance of being right – where you were unable to move beyond righteousness – and lost friends and beloveds because of your mistakes, creating pain and suffering for them, and for you – allow the angels to assist you to accept your mistakes, and to forgive yourself.




Until this moment, awaiting this forgiveness, there have been karmic cords that have connected you together with karmic partners, unaware of that which has pulled you back so often into memories, into depression, sadness, anger, loneliness, disempowerment, grief and lack of understanding.


This that awaits you is the moment of separation from your memories – and forgiveness is that which sets you free of these cords.


As the angels show you these cords that attach you to another – you may now detach these cords from your being – and gently begin to unravel them, to wind them up – and to return them to those ones with whom you have remained connected and without resolution to your conflict.  And watch their faces as they accept these cords – in some dismay and astonishment – and some with acceptance and gentle smiles of happiness – and give them back these cords.


Archangel Michael stands beside you to cut the cords fully, using his sword of truth so that you are freed of the past and from your memories of suffering – and where your energy has been drained by being continuously pulled back to the past, the entry points are sealed by Michael – and your energy is now replenished, filled with astounding light – no longer draining away and giving energy to others.




Beloveds we journey now to the akashic library on Sirius to unwind and to reweave your experiences which have created suffering for you.


As great ones of light there have been life experiences that have occurred as part of your mission lifetimes where you have embodied the dualities, made errors of judgement and where you feel you have fallen from grace – fallen from perfection – feel unable to ever have restored to you your purity, your magnificence, your interconnection with god and the family of light – feel you are undeserving of assistance because of your mistakes, and barred from the ability to stand by the side of god in full lighted wonder.  There are the perceptions that you do not deserve success, love, abundance, fulfillment, forward flow – denied opportunities because you have darkened your light by your actions, your words, your deeds.


Beloveds, you are assisted to view the remaining wounds of the soul which arise from the nature of all of your life experiences which have taken you away from god in your own perception of tainting, feeling unworthy to take your place as one of god’s lighted warriors and to receive assistance, gifting, support, acclaim, acknowledgement and care.


Divine Mother and Father God hold you in greatest care and love – holding you – merged in love and acceptance of all of your path – and remind you of the vast expansion that has occurred through the embodiment of each of god’s children in lifetimes which have encountered the dualities and the distortions and density of human life – remind you that all was desired as experiment to enable this great expansion – and that never in god’s eyes have you fallen from grace or deviated from your path – for always it was known of the possibility that in encountering the denseness of physical life you may fall into darkness and duality – and never have you been judged or seen as anything but perfect and one of the highest of god’s lighted warriors – in the eyes of god.


As you forgive yourself for holding yourself apart from god – receive the full release of all akashic records, memories, experiences, beliefs, programs, patterns and seals held as core wounds of your soul.  The akashic records are deleted as if they did never occur.


Held aloft by angels we journey again to Shamballa and the halls of higher learning and wisdom – to reclaim the gains of consciousness made – the expansion that occurred through the wisdom gained from your experiences of life – and hold these to your heart as the angels restore this knowledge and wisdom to your being – to make sense of all of your lifetimes and to reclaim the radiance, wisdom, truth, the knowledge gained – every aha of wisdom and truth is held by you and reclaimed.


The angels journey with you back along the pathways of creation to the god realms, from whence you first made these first steps away from god into individuation – imbued now with such truth and understanding of your path, and the path of all others – and there to merge in the embrace of god’s love – arms outstretched to reclaim you, in your original purity and divinity – unraveling time and experience – and reweaving all back into Oneness with god.


The wisdom and expansion you have gained over all experience is returned to Oneness – the dualities reversed and brought to wholeness.  And you are loved by god – endlessly – and forever – able always to return to the arms of god and to receive and to enjoy this love of the father and of the mother – always there.  In great expansion, joy, peace, contentment – the journey of ascension is given you – journeying back to the arms of god in wholeness.


In this place of such wonder, restored in Oneness with god, with all creation, with understanding now and acceptance of the path – having put aside judgement and blame of god and others for the nature of your path and of the suffering from the dualities and from the karmic plane which resulted – having put aside all resistance, anger, hatred, fear, blame – you are taken further into the heart and mind of god – into ascension – and in this place of such wondrous and great love, the all-encompassing greatness and all-absorbing wonder of the love of the god realms – you are able to fully forgive all – accepting the Miracle of Forgiveness as a Miracle Pathway – and traversing this pathway – to allow its opening for humanity that all may receive this forgiveness which brings resolution and freedom to their paths.


And we sing the mantra for the Hologram of Forgiveness to allow this to be received – and to be anchored to earth as a reality – as a Miracle of Forgiveness from the realms of god to enable all to surrender into forgiveness of all  – for the path has journeyed across all manner of experience, through loss and lack, poverty, impoverishment, war, hatred, ill health, and grief and suffering – yet achieved such wonders of experience, truth, love, radiance, transcendence, wisdom and knowledge, expanding the mind of god and of all creation – and this pathway we open and traverse allows the journeying back to god with this knowledge and wisdom – reweaving the experiences to relinquish and fully release the suffering.


That which remains is the enchantment of life, of living, held in the arms of god – in deep surrender to the divine plan – for we have reached that moment across all of the aeons when completion is possible – and each plays their role to bring about this completion – with such reverence given each of you for that individual role you play, in the perfection of the divine plan.


KI   I’II   HI’I   TI   HI   QWI   HI   KWI’I’I   SWI   KI   HI’I

(sounded Kee  Ee’ee’ee   Hee’ee   Tee   Hee   Qwee   Hee  Kwee’ee’ee   Swee   Kee   Hee’ee)


On behalf of all humanity you allow Forgiveness to anchor through you, in truth and fullness, and to descend through your being and to Gaia and to her grids of light – and to all of her sacred portals and along her dreaming lines, her lei lines and her oceans and rivers may this Forgiveness spread – to lighten the burden of humanity and of Gaia – and to allow all to traverse their journey of ascension back to godliness, held in the abyss of god’s love.


Breathe deeply as Forgiveness anchors to earth, anchoring through you and to Lady Gaia and to her grids of light.


Open your purest hearts of light and love and allow the love of your being to widen, to expand and to fill your being in its expansion and greatness – and share your love in widening bands of perfection and of Forgiveness – to fill your being in understanding of the path of humanity, the path of all experience – and expand further, linking with others around the world – linking your circles of light – linking countries of residence – and with your beloveds – naming these, those in countries close – and far – those who are your beloveds.


And linking with those who are Dreamers of the New World  – and expanding further now as you link together, exponentially receiving great expansion as the frequencies of each receive connection – and expanding wider, deeper.


All Dreamers of the New World may now link and connect, sharing your frequencies and your love with all lightworkers – that all may receive the frequencies of Forgiveness that will allow them to shift beyond suffering, beyond anger, stubborn stuckness, resistance and pain – into Forgiveness of all that is and all that has been – and in trust that the journey continues and all is well, for the Galactic Federation assures us of the gains that are made in the successful path of return home in ascension with our god.  Hold the frequencies for all lightworkers, that they may receive these energies gracefully – hold them that they may sustain these frequencies of highest light.


And share now with humanity, those who have desire at the deepest core of their being, even though it be unknown to them physically – the desire for wholeness and Oneness with their god, and for ascension – and expand and expand to hold these ones of humanity who desire to return to wholeness and Oneness and to godliness.


And you may tone and sound and sing your language of light – to anchor these deep energies of love – and the rays and miracles of Forgiveness – that all may receive the miracle of Forgiveness – and able to journey across and along the pathway of ascension which has been this day restored to earth from the realms of creation.


You are beloved of god and the angels and masters and family of light for your Dreaming and for your love.  You are held always in purest light – and greatness is achieved this day.  I Am Father God.


While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing