Beloveds, breathe deeply as you allow to be released from you the travails of your earthly life – for all to be taken from you that depletes, exhausts, challenges, saddens and blocks you from peace, joy, health, prosperity, enlightenment, empowerment.

Offer up the challenges of recent times – and of ancient times – as you open your heart, your chakras, your channel of light – as the angels and holy ones attend to your energies to release from every atom, cell and dimension of your being that which holds distortion or disablement or suffering or loss of power.

Beloveds, the wounds of the heart – as you offer these up – those which are resistant to healing and from which you suffer the lingering and recurring sadnesses and grief – the angels attend to the chambers and far reaches of your heart to release across all dimensions that which lingers as suffering and pain – as you continue to open and to expand your heart – to allow all that is not love, joy, bliss, trust – to be released, taken from you and from every chamber of your heart – releasing also the memories, the experiences, the records of abuse, betrayal, disappointment, loss, failure, suffering and grief.

Expand the heart as you breathe – and continue to allow all that is suffering to release – as the heart fills with light to take the place of suffering – expanding and expanding the heart in its beauty, its purity, perfection – and knowledge of self as power in purity.

From the throat release the doubts, the disbeliefs, the lack of confidence, the inability to speak with power and fluency – as the hurts and doubts and lacks are taken from you – as you breathe strongly, in and out, releasing with each outward breath the doubts, the sorrows, the failures, the inefficiencies of your abilities to speak and project with power and purity – breathing in the light and strength which replaces the doubts and the failures – and breathe and expand as light and power and purity and strength – fill your throat chakra – and certainty of your truth in empowerment – is known by you.

The third eye opens – as the angels attend to restore your multidimensional gifts – and your gifts of intuition and of knowing – the senses of godliness are restored in you – as you allow to be taken the memories of misuse, of fear, of disbelief, of incapability, of failure, of distortion and suffering – as you breathe outwards to release all suffering, all failure, all doubts and fears – breathing inwards in expansion of the gifts of the third eye and brow chakra, expanding, expanding into brilliant light which casts out any distortions.

Expanded in light and love, allow the solar plexus to open – and for the fears, the deep and core fears you know that you hold – as you name these – these which are your biggest fears and deepest and most hidden fears – to be taken from you. And the fears that block you from your path, from empowerment, from fulfillment, from success – and allow in energies that taint and disempower and detract from your power in purity – are taken – as you breathe in the light that displaces the fear – and continue to breathe out the fears, naming these as they release forever.

From the hara, the navel, where are held your doubts of power – abuses of power – inabilities to express and embody power – where you are without power – breathe out the imbalances, the lacks, the fears, the failures – replaced by empowerment, certainty, strength and surety as you breathe in impulses of light which fill you with powerful purity.
The sacral where is held your creative power is opened – with assistance from the angels and holy ones – as the blocks and wounds and records of distortion of your creative power are released from you – the fears, the failures, the memories of misuses, of times when your creativity was lost to you – as you breathe out to release the lacks, the fears, the inabilities – and breathe in as the creative power that is yours as a creator being is returned to you in brilliance and in certainty.

The distortions of sexuality, of physicality are taken from you, the memories, the experiences, the behaviours – as you name these and breathe them out – and they are replaced by purity and creative power as you breathe in and expand and radiate with creative light, creative power, talent and gift.

The base chakra opens and there are distortions a’many which surface and are taken from you by the angels – those of feeling unsafe on earth, burdened by physical life, unable to have your physical needs fully and plentifully met – those of doubt and inability to sustain your physical path, physical life – of lack, of mishealth, of poverty, of fear of being without physical needs met safely and fully and efficiently.

Breathe outwards to release the fears and blocks – as these are taken from you – and breathe in as light and power, plenty, abundance, safety, security – fill you – as you radiate outwards from your base chakra in certainty and power.

Your bodies of light through all dimensions are attended to, that you may embody once more your divine perfection, that which is ever yours – but yet that which has been tainted by the nature of your physical experiences – by the doubts and failures that have seen you shut down and lose your divinity, your purity, your knowledge of self as divine. Always you have held perfection – but the human condition has carried with it the memories of all distortions, failures, misuses of your divinity by and for and against self – and these are that which are now taken from you – for these are but only memory and do not affect the divine one who remains untainted, untouched by physical experience, but gaining immeasurably in growth through the course of the stepping upon of all of the varied physical experiences.

Beloveds let the angels take you to the halls of higher learning and wisdom where are held each ‘aha’ of wisdom that has been gained over all the course of your earth lifetimes – and those of the higher realms, your experiences in these realms have also served to enhance and to expand your wisdom and your love. The angels reclaim these gems and jewels of wisdom, unimpeded by the pain and suffering and distortions that may have prevailed – reclaiming only the wisdom and growth.

The akashic library which holds the records of the nature of all of your experiences – beloveds, the angels travel with you to this place – for here will be displaced, dissolved in entirety – the nature and memory of every karmic imbalance you believe yourself to have incurred – all is taken from you, absolved.

And your physical experiences are given sense – in that the wisdom gained is reclaimed – and the distortions and the suffering endured – are taken. And that which remains is the divine one who is you, yet expanded in wisdom and experience, expanded in love and truth and knowledge. And this one is given you, this one who is you in divinity.

As connection in full is made with Gaia that she alike may receive the blessings that mirror those which are given you, as you anchor your divine energies fully into her crystal core – beloveds, expand in purest light – all distortions taken from you – as we travel to the godstreams – and meeting there with those who are your beloveds, those of your soul who are your beloveds. And each has incurred suffering – and each has experienced and gained great wisdom along the course of the path. Beloveds, the suffering is taken from each – with the angels and holy ones attending to your energies that you may be restored to your divinity. All wisdom and truth that has been gained from every step of the path of each is reclaimed and held.

As you meet – and connect with love – with each beloved who is of your soul family, soul monad – expand your hearts outwards – that each may know and receive this love of the beloved that has been lost and mourned – this separation of soul and of love is given conclusion – as each now expands in the wisdom and truth and experience of all that has been gained – and from the heart and from the bodies of light are exchanged these gems that enhance divinity even beyond that of the original divine state – for these ones have known not only light but also that which has been gained over the course of the experience of all darkness – that of the dualities – which has expanded the knowledge of love and of truth. And these gains are reclaimed – and these gains are shared between soul beloveds – each reclaiming the jewels and gifts of the whole.

And the angels hold you, and hold each of you – as you are assisted now onwards, upwards, closer and closer to the highest of realms – where you are assisted to merge together – and the separation of the soul is transformed to oneness – one soul, one heart, one purity, one perfection – all breathing as the one.

And god who is your father holds open his arms – as one, you are assisted and enabled to merge with beloved father god – and mother god cocoons and envelops with her love – and there is mergence and there is oneness and there is unity with the All That Is.

All that you have experienced of life is given meaning – as you step beyond each experience – having cast aside all suffering – and reclaimed all wisdom. And you may hold this power and perfection in pure light – and know yourself as divine.

You are given this path of perfection, this wholeness is restored in you – for the role you play for the new world which emerges in timing, in perfect timing. And you have laboured long and arduously, this is known in each of you – and the timelines have reached that moment when your perfection is given you – that you may now step far from the memories of challenge and suffering – to step away from the fear that your suffering will continue relentlessly, without end to suffering – as the angels and holy ones take away these fears, these memories of suffering, the tiredness, and the desire to be spared this suffering – all is taken, all memory of the length of the path – and of each of the initiations you have stepped through and beyond.

Beloveds, you are asked now to step far beyond the past and suffering – and to turn your attention – your mind – your heart – your consciousness – your yearnings – your dreams – to that which does excite you – that which does make your heart sing with joy and with peace and with pleasure. You are asked in the intervening month ahead to give your focus to stepping away from the past, away from memories of suffering, of fear of suffering, fear of failure – to allow all these memories and experiences and fears and records to continue to fall away from you with the assistance of the holy ones present this day who hold contract to assist you to achieve this clean slate, this empty cup. For in the month ahead, that which concludes on 12:12 – you are given the gift of Creation – and it is required and expected of you that you will be an empty cup into which may pour the gifts of magical creation – that which will carry forth and fuel your dreams for your life – and your dreams for humanity – and your dreams for the planet earth – and of the new world and its methods of purity which will be governed by the laws of justice and truth that each of you will engender and raise as model of that which you desire.

You hold the new world in your hands – and you are asked to give this coming month to the full dissolution of all that holds you in doubt, fear, suffering, disempowerment – and to look ahead to that which you desire as the model of the new world – and of the principles upon which it will be modeled. You hold the world in your hands and in your hearts – and your hearts know of your role.

You are asked to step forward in willingness again – beyond the tiredness, the arduous suffering – as all is taken from you which holds you in suffering – and to know and to accept and to trust that that which is before you is role of creator – holding the attributes of god, undiminished by any doubt or any distortion – to gather together – in mind and in heart – and to connect your beauteous hearts together – with your shared ideals of this perfect earth that you hold – as you name these dreams and ideals that you yearn to bring to creation – that all humanity may have blessed lives of peace, perfection, empowerment, truth, justice, health, plenty, freedom, equality, safety.

Hold these ideals – and give them energy beloveds – and expand and expand with your love these qualities you desire with deepest longing for planet earth and her inhabitants – those of the beauty of the earth, unravaged, treated with honor and with gratitude for her plenty, and shared equally, with respect, among all – and visualise the oceans, free of debris and her ocean creatures swimming freely – of the rivers, pure and clean and flowing freely – and of the food sources which are undiminished and untainted, generously and abundantly available – and homes and housing for all – with clean and dry bedding for all, and water and food purely, freely, abundantly available for all.

And visualise peace – personally, within your families, your friends, your neighborhoods, your country of residence – and among all religions, all cultures, all countries, all races.

Your hearts in their greatness and in their true desire to see peace on earth – hold the gift of achieving this aim. Know your power, and your purity – and expand your heart that all wars may cease – and that all karma of wars is released from the land, from humanity, and from the atmosphere – that recurrent and continuous karmic cleansing is brought to an end – and that the memories and records of ancient wars and curses are dissolved and no longer attract continuous need for karmic balance.

Your beloved hearts hold this gift for humanity and for the new world – and you are beloved of god and the angels and all of those who form celestial government. And hold your ideals that celestial government, based on the ideals of perfection, purity, altruism, justice, freedom and plenty for all – may be that upon which the new world may build – and your beloved hearts hold this ability – to bring about that which you desire. You are so beloved of god for your hearts of purest longing for perfection.

And singing now the mantra for the Hologram of God to allow this which you have received, the embodiment of self in godliness – to be anchored to earth as a reality – that others and each of them may similarly achieve this which sets them free from the karmic wheel and restores them to perfection – as a Miracle from the realms of god that all may live in perfection, peace, grace, ease, safety, trust, connection, wholeness, abundance, plenty, freedom, radiance, gratitude, fulfillment, joy, health, justice, truth, equality, and the life of their heart’s dreams.

Ki Ti’i Ki’i Swi’i Ki Hi’i Si’ii I’ii I’ii


Kee Tee-ee Kee-ee Swee-ee Kee Hee-ee See-ee-ee Ee-eee Ee-eee

On behalf of all humanity you allow the Hologram of God to anchor through you, and to descend through your being and to Gaia and to her grids of light – and to all of her sacred portals and along her dreaming lines, her lei lines and her oceans and rivers may divinity spread – allowing Godliness to be restored to earth – and the Miracle Pathway is opened for all to traverse – that wholeness and perfection may be embodied – and that Gaia may receive the frequencies of godliness which will restore her to heightened levels of frequencies, which will shift and lift her burdens and enhance and ease her path of ascension to light.

Breathe deeply as the Hologram of God anchors to earth, anchoring through you and to Lady Gaia and to her grids of light.

Open your radiant hearts and allow Godliness to expand and to transform you into purest light – as you accept and acknowledge that the suffering of the past has been taken from you – replaced with each gem of wisdom that you have gained over all experience – and as you receive the shield of protection that will ensure safety and permanence within your perfection.

As you expand in godliness, in mergence with soul monad and with god, with your breath continue to radiate outwards this godliness you now hold, in widening bands of perfection – and expand further and link with those who are your beloveds, and with your countries of residence, and with all those who hold love for you, and you for them.

As you flow in godliness and enhanced levels of such high frequencies, will you link with the Dreamers of the New World – receiving, and giving – and each receives exponential expansion – heightened frequencies of perfection shared and received.

Radiate your wholeness and your divinity as leaders and Dreamers of the New World, and expand your hearts to connect with all lightworkers – that they too may receive godliness and perfection. Hold the frequencies for all lightworkers, that they may receive that which will shift them beyond their experience of suffering – and allow them to take their place as leaders who will restore humanity to wholeness, peace, purity, justice, truth, plenty, love, grace, ease, fulfillment, gratitude and freedom.


And expand your radiant hearts with humanity, those who have desire at the deepest core of their being, even though it is unknown to them physically – the desire for wholeness and Oneness with their god, and for ascension – expand and radiate trust and the love of god from your hearts and your beings to hold these ones of humanity who have the desire to return to wholeness and Oneness and to godliness – that the Miracle of God may be received by them to lift and shift them to their highest potential.

And you may tone and sound – to anchor the Hologram of God to earth that all may receive the ability to journey upon the Miracle pathway of ascension which has been this day restored to earth from the realms of creation.

You are beloved of God and the angels and masters and family of light for your Dreaming and for your love. You are held always in purest light, loved forever and endlessly.


While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing