Divine Template of perfection

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In 2009 Lord and Lady Ashtar gave me the Templates of Universal Law upon which the New World will build as foundation.

As you work with each activation and Divine Template for your own healing and transformation … the Templates are anchored to Gaia’s grids as the Universal Laws upon which the New World will be founded, those whose principles are justice, love, fairness, freedom, equality, honour, communication, sharing and fortuitous connection with all elements, all realms … allowing the restoration to divinity for all humanity and to allow the ascension of planet earth.

‘The earth changes may receive their culmination when a percentage of 30% of humanity is in heightened reconnection with the divine within, and it is stated that the relentless nature of the continuing destruction-based onslaughts will, by the great heart opening that occurs in sadness at the continuing levels of huge pain and loss within brother and sister that results, bring heightened levels of divinity which may reach its timely commencement with the hallowed time of such speculation.

And so it is not the destruction that occurs that is the prime reason for the losses, but it is the heart opening and softening and love of one for another, one for all, that is the fulcrum which, in rising from disillusionment towards sad love of others, lifts all from the percentile reached, and indeed the fulcrum of love and hope propels all upon their journey Home.’ Lady Ashtar


Divine Template of perfection


While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra  … 3 times or more.  Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.  The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body.  Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

Divine Template of perfection