Divine Template of perfection




It is Divine Mother and Divine Father God.


Open your beings and your hearts to receive reconnection with the godstreams as you are placed within pyramid chambers of purest Source light.  Accept the rays and realms of godliness as you are each apportioned those which are your godstreams of light and divinity.


And open your dear hearts beloveds and connect your heart flames with those others who meditate and dream with you this day – and connect your heart flames together to form a multi-petalled grid of light upon the earth realm, with its mirror connected to the godstreams which encircle and encompass all.  In this place of unlimitedness, ponder on your paths and on the strivings and urges which have led you forward through so many initiations of growth, evolution, healing, transformation – and through and along the path of pain and struggle and fear and forbearance.


You are so loved, each and all of you, for your diligence in continuing beyond fear and beyond struggle and pain and anxiety and feelings of lostness, disconnection and solitary aloneness.  There is such desire by your family of light and by your own god presence who urges and pulses you forward so relentlessly towards fullness, wholeness, unlimitedness and restoration of your full divinity on earth – that you find the peace within transcendence of your earthly realities – and the full power and gift to know and to receive reconnection with your abilities within divinity which allow and enable you to manipulate and to create the reality of your choice and dream.


In your reconnection with the godstreams, allow and intend now that the crystal of disengagement activates to disengage and detach you from physical distortion and pain.  And open your dear hearts, and take your awareness up and above the third dimension and its cares and concerns and struggles of fear and suffering – and experience disengagement and detachment from lower reality suffering and pain – as bliss overtakes you and fills you – and peace settles like a cocoon of freedom from care – as you flow in the energies of the divine.


Peace dear ones, and bliss, fills you in recognition of the divinity within – so that you may know yourselves in this state of divinity, peace – and unlimitedness – for in this place of full connection with the godstreams, you are unlimited – and your reality is that one which you choose for self, unhindered by the distortions of third dimensional restrictions and fear and pain-based realities of karma and obstruction.


In this place of unlimitedness, open your beings to receive the Divine Templates of Perfection which allow you to receive the harvest of the heart’s dreams that have surfaced for your knowing ……. and ponder on those dreams, and follow and expand these – that which you desire from your physical existence – in success, fulfillment, the use of all of your divine gifts and abilities – the life of your dreams where you are connected in synchronistic alignment with the fortuitous life openings, opportunities, destiny partners, timelines – which bring to fruition your chosen life path of peace and fulfillment, restoration and joy in wholeness – that enables your journey Home.



Divine Template of Illustriousness

Accept restoration of that body of light, in holographic form, which completes your illustriousness – that one which is in full perfection, without imperfection or doubt or fear or distortion – accept restoration to your multi-dimensional body of light to enable you to know of and to use and to trust your connection with the illustrious realms of perfection – and open yourself in trust to your abilities to manifest, to create outcomes and realities.


And ponder on this, on that which you wish to manifest as dream and goal – without crossing the freewill of others – and receive the trust in your wholeness and in your abilities – to enable you to manifest your desires and to rise above limited realities which are of third dimensional restriction, those based on fear, struggle and hopelessness within pain and limitation.


Divine Template of Perfection

As you open yourself to embody perfection – make your intent now beloveds, that you will act within perfection – that you will tidy up your habits and routines which pull you into unconsciousness – those which through addiction and smothering of truth – hold you bound to third dimensional realities.  And name those activities which pull you down to the lowest common denominator, those of neediness, boredom, of diversion, of stimulation, of unconscious actions – based on lack of joy, lack of fulfillment, lack of happiness and peace – lack of trust in the future – of burden and responsibility – of being lost within a path that has diverged from your true divine path of fulfillment – where you are not expanding within full use of all of your creative abilities and physical qualities and gifts.


And as you acknowledge those areas of your life where you are not in perfection – make your intent and dream and goal – that you leave behind the actions, the fears and doubts and habits that lower you from the full blown wonder of all that you are – and receive their release – as the original core akashic records of your soul that lie behind these fears and doubts and actions of unconsciousness – are released from each dimension of your being, with karmic absolution which crosses the timelines and annuls and diminishes all that has gone before which results in the distortions you have named in yourself.


And open your being in readiness and excitement to excel – and to embody full perfection, with all assistance given you that your heart’s dreams may lead you to this place of wholeness.


Divine Template of Manifestation

Accept reconnection with the Flower of Life and with the web of light that surrounds the universes – and allow full reconnection with these realms to anchor through your being, and to the crystal heart of Gaia – that she likewise may receive this reconnection in full with the realms that enable synchronistic opportunity to manifest and for destiny openings to align with the timelines that are in most accord with your own life path.


In this reconnection, accept as yours the gift and reality of  the power of manifestation – the ability, within reconnection with the realms of manifestation, to allow your desires to be mirrored under universal law with those which you intend and dream and desire as outcomes which are of most fulfillment and joy.


Divine Template of Harvest

In acknowledgement of your desire for perfection, wholeness, peace, fulfillment, happiness and joy within your life path – accept harvest of the heart’s dreams that hold desire for attaining ultimate peace through fulfillment and wholeness and the enjoyment of all of the well-deserved gifts of abundance and of harvest of physical desire.


And knowing now that you hold this gift of harvest – you may surrender into non-desire – receiving alignment of your life path and destiny path with the godstreams – and may disengage from striving and control and manipulation of resources – and effortlessly now you may swim and flow within the godstreams, aligned with the divine, and know that your ultimate journey will take you past and through all that is incomplete, effortlessly – and to Home. 


Divine Template of Soul Gifts

Within your multi-dimensional bodies of light, open yourself to receive the release of all distortions – and in the vacuum which is created as all that is of lower dimensional distortion is taken from you – allow your soul gifts, those of original divine perfection, those you have used with confidence and wisdom and truth and knowledge in your parallel lifetimes which are of illustriousness – to be restored to you.  And you may ask and intend that the gifts that will thrill and fulfill you – return to you – asking for those gifts which will bring tears of joy – and accept that within the timelines of the divine – all that you request is given you.


Divine Template of Fulfillment

Where there is lack of fulfillment in your life – where this emptiness, and boredom, and where your role of employment does not make use of your gifts, or bring you recognition, where you are unrecognised, taken for granted and where your employment belittles you and is beneath that of which you are capable and worthy – acknowledge your willingness to step away, in trust, from that which is of lower reality limitation and non-observance and non-use of all of your divinity and talents and soul gifts – and allow the timelines to be aligned now with your willingness – and for the Flower of Life to play her role in bringing to you the opportunities and destiny openings that reward your courage in stepping away from realities which are lower than you deserve, stepping away from that which does not serve you in fulfillment, accomplishment, joy and abundance – as the angels from all realms now attend to your energies to reward your courage and to bring to you the destiny openings that allow your higher abilities and gifts to be utilised – and rewarded in full recognition and acclaim of your purity and desire to use all of your gifts, in simplest purity and ease.


Divine Template of Recognition

Recognise self dear one as the divine one that you are – and accept your gifts and abilities and qualities.  And where you acknowledge that your qualities are lower than you would desire – name these – and offer them in surrender for their release from you – and accept the courage and bravery, in grace, to be given you, to enable you to walk fully from all which is lower – so that you may recognise yourself in your purity as one who makes full use of all talents and gifts, and knows and accepts the perfection you hold – enabling then the mirror of Recognition to be shone upon you – that all may be reflected from your mirror, and that you may receive the recognition that you have earned through your assiduous efforts which have seen you continuously step beyond duality and limitation and pain and struggle- into the full-blown wonder of that which you are.  May you know yourself as fully divine – for indeed, you are seen as thus by your god and your family of light.


Open your beings to accept recognition of your perfection – as you shine and emit the light within which you are held – and may your mirrors of perfection shine to each other, and embrace the world with your splendour.


Divine Template of Acclaim

The family of light holds you in acclaim, and shines the mirror of acclamation upon you that you may see the lighted splendour of your full divinity – and know yourself as one of the highest of god’s children, whose path of restoration and of light has seen you walk through many valleys of death and trial – and you are acclaimed for your bravery, your love, your all – and asked to hold yourself within the mirror that shines acclaim on you, and know yourself as deserving in full measure all of the delights that await you in wholeness and fulfillment.


Divine Template of Peace

Open yourself to receive the success you have yearned for – and to acknowledge the nature of your karmic clearing that has seen you striving through and beyond paths of pain and karmic balance and release – acknowledging that the timelines have not allowed you the full success that is your due because of the nature of the karmic release that has been your path in these past years.


And we call to the Lords of Karma and the Lords of Time – and call for the cessation of your path of limitation and of karmic clearing – asking that the karmic records of your soul be emptied of all distortion that you are karmic-free – and that the timelines may be aligned now with that which allots you full success within opportunities and destiny openings – that you may know success and fulfillment – and that you may receive the acclaim that will fill your heart with delight, and mirror the perfection of your soul and the purest intent that you hold to be all that of which you are capable.


The Divine Template of Peace fills and thrills you – as all which is not of peace is taken from your being by the angels who surround you, and attend to each dimension of your being, in special dispensation for your willingness to be your all.


Divine Template of The Divine Other in Perfection

There are those who are single upon the spiritual path, who have the perception that they are denied the normal physical intimacies of relationship and of physical love – and these ones are asked to acknowledge the nature of their path which has been of emptying of the distorted karmic memories they hold and of the rebuilding and restoration of their bodies of light in full perfection.  You are asked to let go of your perception that you are denied – for indeed this sorrow and loneliness brings you the mirror of your discontent – and holding this perception of lack and of being denied that which you need – finds that this is returned to you in further lack.


So many suffer so from the lack of the divine other – and there are those who have desire to experience motherhood and fatherhood – who feel they are denied this experience – and who cross the timelines beyond which this is possible as physical ability.  And there is pain and sorrow in this – and the family of light mourns with you for your lack.


You are asked however to acknowledge your difference from many others – to acknowledge that you hold divinity – and that many of you enter the physical realm as soul walk-ins, and as beings of heightened gift and ability – whose path is not a physical path – but is a path of enlightenment and restoration to full divinity.


You are asked to acknowledge your divine paths and divine natures – and to hold yourself not in lack and in comparison with those who lead a truly physical existence.  You are asked to acknowledge yourself as divine and to know yourselves as holding a differing path, one that may preclude motherhood and fatherhood – and to acknowledge that you have chosen, each of you, the life paths, the karmic partners, the experiences that you desire, and the goals and contracts of service you have chosen – and the destiny partners and openings and opportunities are held within timelines.


You are asked to take back your power and to cease and desist from blaming the family of light for that which indeed you have chosen with full awareness, and with full knowledge and trust in your path.


You are asked to acknowledge that in this one physical lifetime you have chosen to take advantage of the perfection of the planetary interludes and alignments which allow perfection through allowing to surface all of the distortions held within your karmic balance sheets, and which also allow and assist full release and healing.  You have chosen to take advantage of the ability to heal yourself of all memories that hold you back from your full perfection – that you may in ascension return Home.


You are asked to acknowledge that you live in times which are unparalleled in the history of time and of creation – and to proudly hold your path, that one which you have chosen to accept and to live – and to not compare yourself with others who are living a life which is only that of physicality, without knowledge of the divine – those who have chosen a differing path – and to not compare, and to not be discontent and in lack and sorrow and sadness.


Dear ones, where you have chosen within your contract of life that you will meet your divine other – ah, then the timelines receive their alignment – and the Keepers of the Planets concur – in bringing your destiny partners to you – that you may have fulfillment within love relationships that hold you in evolvement and wisdom, learning and love.


You are not denied love dear ones – but are asked to acknowledge that in feeling incomplete without your beloved, in this moment you are merely searching for the love within and healing the divine other within who forms your masculine and feminine equivalent – and it is when you are whole and balanced within masculine and feminine, and not in lack or aloneness – that you attract your mirror – and receive the destiny meeting and merging with your divine other in perfection.


Much assistance and love is given you now, as you open yourself to receive – allowing sadness and limitation and solitary aloneness and bitterness and regret to fall away, to be taken from you – and for trust and endurance, peace and self-love in merged splendour to fill you.


Open your hearts and your beings as the divine ones that you are – and accept the anchoring of the new Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –


Divine Template of Illustriousness



Divine Template of Perfection



Divine Template of Manifestation



Divine Template of Harvest



Divine Template of Soul Gifts



Divine Template of Fulfillment



Divine Template of Recognition



Divine Template of Acclaim



Divine Template of Peace



Divine Template of The Divine Other in Perfection






As the innocent divine ones that you are, in purity and trust, connected with the divine, in wholeness, perfection, self-love, illustriousness and peace, supported and inspired, guided and loved – share, with your voices, this anchoring of the Divine Templates of Soul Gifts, Illustriousness, Manifestation, Perfection, Harvest, Fulfillment, Acclaim, Recognition, Peace and The Divine Other in Perfection – toning and sounding and making your Oms – to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms and with humanity – allowing knowledge of your innocence and divinity, and of the support and love that will sustain all of your days within your life plan as leaders and dreamers of the new world – to flow through you – as you make your requests, and receive, all that you require for fulfillment, peace, and connection with the divine that will sustain every area of your life.


I am Divine Mother with Divine Father God.


And Amma’trisha, Keeper of the Celestial Mysteries channels Lord Kumeka, taking us to the Gardens of Eden to add our divine gifts to activate these realms that the celestial heavens may open and be restored, calling for our assistance to activate our keepership gifts, our divine expression of godliness, and to join our energies together to reactivate and restore the Gardens of Eden.


‘Breathe deeply now beloveds, connecting to your core, to your own unique self.  Feel that self that you are – all that you are.  Feel your greatness and expansion of light.

Now go a little deeper within and connect to the beauty that is hidden inside of you.

Your true self – higher self of the light.


Ask that higher one to step forth now and to take your hand.  How does he or she look like?  Do you feel the high vibration?


Take another deep breath and make a full pure connection from your heart.  The love

will spread your wings of light. These wings of light will take you up now to the

earthly heavens.


A special torch of light is offered to you and with this torch you may enter.  Together with your higher self of the light, you are taken to the Gardens of Eden.  Place your feet deeply within this realm and connect to its holy grounds, one of your many homes, that place that is known to you deep within.  A sense of joy and excitement arises.  Experience this earthly realm of heaven.  Flood and expand your light and play.


Your higher self takes you to a hollow tree.  Within that hollow tree lies your gift to share.  Take it out and feel and observe your gift deeply and connect to your heart.


What is this gift about?  Now radiate your gift to the Garden of Eden, so safely held by the angels in full support of you and your gift to share.  They all bless you for keeping your gift safe and now sharing it with all others, and the Garden of Eden.


Watch closely as your gift transforms the garden and every being in it into light.


And receive those gifts offered by others.


Now activate your keepership, your own gift which you share through the unlimited realms.  Let your keepership flow through your crown and spread it out into the Garden of Eden.  You may spread it through your hands, by dancing, singing, touching or whatever comes to mind.


You are so deeply loved, transforming earth to its divine potential.  Play around some more in the garden and feel the love that is there for you – always enfolded in love and so safely held by love, always connected to the divine.


Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection