Divine Template of perfection




It is Divine Mother with Gaia and the Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and the emissaries of light and angelics of all realms, and the devic and faery kingdoms and those of the inner earth and from all realms join us this day to support, guide, care and assist to allow each of your highest dreams to manifest and be brought to earth, embodied and enjoyed.


Accept release of that which saddens and disturbs you, as the angelics and those of the Ashtar Command attend to your chakra columns and to your bodies of light – releasing, restoring, repatterning to purest brightest light.


Accept connection, through your heart flames, with those others who meditate with you around the world, and with the Lemurian grid and with the eight-pointed star of creation – and with your own planetary joining places and places of home and connection – that you may be fully aligned between heaven and earth – as Gaia receives the grounding of the energies you bring to her in mastery and love.


Open your beings dear ones, and your heart flames – and receive this connection – and multi-dimensionally we will travel together to that place of origin wherein are held your heart’s dreams and knowledge of your destiny path.


Divine Mother welcomes you with love as those who are her dearest of loved ones – and with such love she offers dispensations of truth to be received within each of your chakras and each of your bodies of light – to restore you to truth and to original divine perfection.  And your heart flames receive restoration – allowing release of that which has saddened and grieved you – and the original core karmic records that lie at the origin of your sadness and confusion are also released in special dispensation this day for you, as those who are most dearly beloved, and who work so assiduously and with such dedication for beloved Gaia and for humanity.


Open your beings for this release of all that which ails you and disempowers and disappoints and saddens and results in hurt and pain – as the heart flame expands now to purest divine perfection, restored in oneness and wholeness.


With your breath, allow your hearts to merge with all others who in soul monad are brought to wholeness and oneness – that your power and abilities may be enhanced by the gifts and love of these of soul monad – and may the soul monad receive your love and the healing that you have achieved through all of your initiations – ah, and that the soul monad may be restored in wholeness and Oneness as one heart, one flame of god in divine perfection.


And open your hearts to your dreams, to that which is contained within your heart as truth and divine wisdom – and accept connection now with your destiny path and path of bliss – with the angelics from so many dimensions attending to your energies, to align you with those places within the cosmos that hold knowledge within libraries of light and wisdom and higher intelligence of your contracted service missions and life paths.  Beloved Metatron with Divine Mother apportions to each the restoration in knowledge of your bliss path and heart’s dreams – as you breathe and open to receive this knowledge – and of restoration upon that path of heart’s dream and of bliss.


And travel deeply within your heart now beloveds, to connect with your inner truth and with your path of highest mastery and service – as angels pull away from you all obstacles that lie in your path, those that prevent your sight and knowledge of those which are your greatest gifts – those which will bring most joy and fulfillment to your physical life.


Go deeply within and connect with your deepest and truest heart – and acknowledge the doubts and fears that hold you back from your true path.  There are doubts of ability, of competence – of feeling unworthy, untrained, not good enough, with not enough training, information, knowledge, wisdom, ability, time, opportunity.


And there are physical obstacles also – of not being able to extricate self and pull away from your current life, because of fear of moving forward into the unknown – and of leaving places and people behind.


Dear ones, go deeply within your heart and in truest and fullest desire to reach to your core and to align yourself with your deepest truth – acknowledge each area of your life which is not in true alignment with your path of bliss – the routines of your daily life which are worthless, boring, without meaning or value – the time-wasters, and that which is destructive and without meaning or worth or value – that which demeans and limits you and clouds your vision of self as one who is divine, gifted, loving, empowered.


Your occupation dear ones – is it joyful and do you use all of your gifts and talents freely and in joy – and are you rewarded, in accomplishment, fulfillment and recognition, commensurate with that which you give?  And is it enough to sustain you in joy and bliss?


Your loved ones and friends, employers, workmates – are you in alignment with these ones, and are you loved and recognised as one who holds great light and ability – and are you held high in acceptance, understanding and esteem by these ones – and is there loyalty – and are you free to use your gifts, your truth and your discernment in its use – without submission, fear of disapproval, or disempowerment?


Dear ones, only acknowledge where you are not in true alignment with that which is your highest path, your divinity, your ability – and with your own Council of light holding you so surely and lovingly – make your decision, if you wish, to move forward beyond all that which does not serve you – with the assistance of so many beloved ones of light who await your requests of them.


And where you are requiring assistance to move forward and away from that which does not serve you, from that where you are not aligned in joy and freedom and fulfillment – then ask for assistance to receive graceful allotment onto your destiny path.


And know that there are many dispensations of grace available for you this day, that your path may be one of total fulfillment and of alignment with your highest path of light, of bliss, and of service.


And where you have tried before, and failed, to walk along your highest path – have encountered failure and challenges of fear and doubt and of obstacles and blocks – which have pulled you up and created in you a fear and hesitation to start again – and to again move yourself away from situations, relationships, addictions, fears, doubts, blocks, obstacles, needs – then accept the karmic release of the core wounds which may have resulted in your failures and wounds and fears and doubts – and accept release also of the incomplete initiations within which you may be stuck, and unable to move forward.


For beloved ones, the purpose of your physical life is not that of suffering – but of empowerment and purpose.  And that which you have until now experienced has been of the nature of the release through karmic balance of the doubts and fears and disempowerment and pain of so many lifetimes – and this has at times seemed endless and your path has at times seemed to be fraught with naught but pain and suffering.


But dear ones, there are such dispensations given you this day that you may be fully released from that which stands in the way of your attaining the success and the empowerment and the fulfillment that you so dearly yearn for – and that which is required of you is only the acknowledgement of each obstacle, burden, fear, doubt, suffering and perception of inability and inferiority and incapability – and the request, from your heart, for the release of all that holds you back from fulfilling your fullest and highest potential.


As angels hold you, and Divine Mother cocoons you with purest divine love, open your beings to let go of all that stands between you in perfection and highest ability in fulfillment of your deepest dreams – as technicians of light release that which is of distortion which you have acknowledged – and in the vacuum that results – divine soul gifts of empowerment and of ability are anchored and received into your bodies of light.  And you are to know that as these gifts are integrated – they will emerge and blossom and be known by you – and will bring such great joy.


Ask for that which you require – identify the lacks – and ask for that which would bring you greatest joy, freedom and ability to step beyond your doubts and fears – into the life of your dreams – as the angels of Grace – and the Gift angels – receive your requests – and upon the wings of angels all that which you request is given you.


In highest love and light, open your beings to receive the flooding and the pulsing of the divine realms of light which transform and repattern each dimension of your being with highest truth – as the Divine Templates of Perfection are now anchored through you and to the earth plane.


Divine Template of Life’s Dream

Your own dream for your life, your personal dream, for physical satisfaction and personal accomplishment and joy – allow this dream to open and make your requests, enlarging your dream that its details may be known to you.  And to write of your dream is to align that which is within your heart, and known by your higher heart – and to bring it to earth and to anchor it to earth, where it may also manifest on earth, and be known not only as a dream, but as a reality.


Divine Template of Highest Heart’s Dream

Your highest path dear ones is your highest heart’s dream – that which is the divine path you have chosen for this lifetime – holding all of the component parts, ideals, soul partners, destiny links and synchronicities.  It is that which you have chosen and put in place, held within planetary alignments which will bring within divine timing all that you have chosen and requested – so that you may achieve your highest destiny – using all of your soul gifts at the highest level – receiving transmissions of grace also at the highest level, in recognition of the courage you embody to achieve this which is highest for you, and for which all of humanity will benefit from that which you bring of your mastery, your love, your divine gifts, and your service to the divine plan.  If it is your wish, ask that your highest heart’s dream may open in fullness, and in grace, for you.


Divine Template of Life Path

Contained within the template of your life path are the challenges, obstacles, karmic wounds, initiations of trust and power and love and worthiness and belief in self – those brought by magnetic attraction through the planetary alignments – so that there is evolution and growth – beyond the wounding and the fears and the lacks – and aligning with a chosen path for your life, with the karmic partners who will dance with you in evolution to dismantle former ancient wounds between you, and enable you to attain greater heights in this lifetime.


Open your being to now receive dispensations which will release you from negative patterning and behaviours so that, with grace, you may evolve, without struggle – and in free will and gratitude you may make the choices to move beyond all that which is of disturbance and of belittlement and pain and disempowerment – to become that one who holds full potential – and who receives assistance now, from all realms of light – to step into the light of brilliance and restoration to divine self.


Divine Template of Life Mission

Before ever you chose to incarnate, there was put in place by you, in conjunction with your own Council of light, that which you chose to achieve of mastery in this earthly lifetime.  Open your beings to your Council of light who stand before you, bowed before you for your bravery and your love which sees you again upon the earth plane in your desire to play your role in the restoration of mankind in oneness and wholeness with their god and for the restoration of the golden age, new world, for humanity, which has such repercussions for all of creation – and accept recognition for that which you are, as one of the highest of god’s children, upon earth in service to the divine.


Held within the divine plan, accept dispensations of grace as the Masters of your Council of light place within each of your chakras that which will transform, offering soul gifts, clearing karmic wounds which enfeeble and disturb and disempower, and with transmissions of purest brightest light, you are enabled to receive the bravery and the courage, that which is unhindered by physical life from aeons past, enabling the divine talents and gifts of such truth and knowledge of self in total confidence to be received – embodying now your divinity – as you receive alignment in full – if this is your wish – with your chosen path of life mission – placing you again fully upon your destiny path, no matter the errors of judgement and failures and perceived mistakes of times past, enabled to walk beyond these, in trust, faith and confidence.


Divine Template of Success

Accept release of your former limitations, those which have resulted from failure experiences and from doubts and fears and obstacles – and acknowledge that many have been the experiences chosen to allow the release of ancient karmic patterns and behaviours.  Accept this moment in time as that one which enables you to walk now from failure, letting go of the karmic requirements of the past – accepting the dispensations which enable you to forego karmic cleansing and balancing – and allow the Divine Template of Success to imbue you and to nourish you and transform you – allowing the magnetic properties and qualities of Success to draw to you, in synchronistic alignment, with all that you require for your Life Path, Life Mission, Life Dream and Highest Heart’s Dream – to be brought to fruition and completion, in joy, wholeness, transformation, divinity, purity, peace, love, freedom, plenty, sharing, altruism, justice and equality, that you may embody your divinity in Success – and that all who hold the qualities of purity and love may also receive and embody Success in their every venture in physical life.



And hold your dreams beloveds, and write of these, of that which you wish to achieve in splendour, in abundance and joy.  And ponder on the qualities you embody.  What makes your heart sing, where you are in most joy and fully alive?  What has always fascinated and interested you?  If there were no ‘buts’ and ‘if onlys’ – what would you love to be doing with your hours and your days and your life? What do others see in you as that special talent and quality you have?  How do people describe you when they are asked?  If you lived in a community where each shared with freedom and fulfillment their special gift – what role would you most love to contribute?  These are the keys to your bliss path.


And as you write, open your heart to allow the wisdom of your divine heart to make itself known to you, for your heart holds the wisdom of the ages, past, present and future – and it is from your heart that you will create the new world – and it is your heart that will lead and guide as your compass of excellence – as you accept now the anchoring through your being of the new Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –


Divine Template of Life’s Dream



Divine Template of Highest Heart’s Dream



Divine Template of Life Path



Divine Template of Life Mission



Divine Template of Success







In deepest joy and excitement at that which is ahead for each of you, filled with Grace to allow your every dream to come to fruition, in wholeness and peace and freedom, clarity and perfection, share, with your voices, this anchoring of the Divine Templates of Highest Heart’s Dream, Life’s Dream, Life Mission and Success – toning and sounding and making your Om – to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms – and with humanity – allowing with surrender the release of all that stands between you and the successful coming to fruition of all of your highest dreams for your life, and for humanity – as you accept alignment with your highest path of light so that you may in fullness and fulfillment achieve that which you set in place before ever you placed foot upon the physical earth in this lifetime – accepting full apportionment of all that you require.


I am Divine Mother with Gaia.


Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection