Divine Template of perfection



Beloved ones,


Accept surrender from the web of collusion and distorted consciousness which enshrouds and encompasses and cocoons the inhabitants of many of your planet earth … and with your breath open yourselves to receive your connection with the higher dimensions, higher realities … those that hold your higher life path and reality.


As many angels fly to be with you, and as the Ascended Masters of the Great White Lodge and of the Galactic Federation of your very own Council of Light appear before you and stand in circle around you, open your energies and your chakras and your heart to your highest self, highest reality, highest potential … and receive re-attachment and re-alignment to the highest dimensions of light … to the Flower of Life … to the realms of Grace … to the ashrams of the Halls of Higher Knowledge and Learning and Wisdom … and with the crystal heart at the core of Gaia … and prepare yourself to receive the holograms and templates of divine perfection which will bring to you a higher way of being and living and enjoying … allowing you to release that which shackles you to the past and to disempowerment and to pain … and to accept reconnection with and to walk surely and confidently along your highest path of service, life fulfillment and love.



Divine Template of Attitude

How do you approach your life – with trust and hope and positive intent – or swayed by outside forces – the opinions and desires of others – by memories of the past which keep you bound in limitation and doubt and fear and failure?  For you have worked through and healed and released so many patterns and programs of the past, those which result from ancient memories of pain and disempowerment from lifetimes in service to the divine as workers of the light – and so engrained have these patterns become into your consciousness that you know not that these are no longer your reality and may now be shrugged off – for your group efforts as lightworkers have seen the raising of consciousness that will take you to higher paradigms of possibility and reality.  Now is your moment to shrug off your negativities and fears – and to open yourself to step to a higher frequency – where all is possible, and where your dreams of success and positive intent will bring to you those which are your deepest dreams of success, fulfillment, health, abundance – working and living at your highest potential for greatness and for love.


Divine Template of Right Speak

Acknowledge the judgements – the negativity – the discussions about others, the gossip, the emptiness of idle talk that has not love as its base – listening to and reading distortions in the media and news – and idly and without thought repeating these and re-affirming and spreading words of meaningless but destructive intent.  Empty hours spent on the web and the internet, and watching television programs which seek to pacify and to deaden the emotions – those which create insult to your purity and divinity and which are beneath you in intelligence and meaning – and living in this world of distortion and idle and negative forces – which take you away from your inner clarity and knowledge of self – and allow not the messages of the divine to be heard.  Allow yourself now to be unhooked from the collective web of distortion, the miasma that lowers your visibility of yourself as true and divine, empowered and with dreams to propel you beyond the collective fear based consciousness – breathe and accept and allow the web of deceit and fear and distortion to be pulled away from you – and make your intent to stay on this path of purity, without the deadening effect of the media which seeks to disempower and to lower your consciousness into that which is fear based and disaster based.


Divine Template of Right Action

Acknowledge those areas of your life which are not in alignment with your highest purpose, those where you allow the deadening of the senses and the emotions with alcohol and television and internet and addictions and lower actions which serve only to time waste and to fill in time and take you away from your divinity and higher purpose and seek to hide from you your failures and inabilities and fears – and as the angels hold you and pulse you with knowledge of your higher purpose, higher self, accept this reality and know it as truth.


And see the path ahead, unbesmirched by lower actions and sloth and laziness and doubt and fear, knowing of your attributes and abilities and gifts and talents – and accept now the pulses of assistance and guidance which fill you with light and love, accepting this knowledge of yourself and making the commitment to put in place the first steps to bringing this reality to completion … as the Ascended Masters of your own Council of Light, those who accompany you so closely on this journey of life, make their commitment to you to hold you in love and guidance, to steady your path, to place synchronistic opportunities before you, and in love to hold you on your path of achieving those which are your deepest and wildest dreams.


For it is known that your path to wholeness has been long and arduous and you have reached that place of readiness to achieve your dreams – though you may know it not – for the harshness of these past months and years has seen in many of you such a tiredness and unwillingness to commit and to continue.  Breathe deeply and surrender your cares to your Council of Light – who take from you, from all the dimensions of your being, the doubts and fears and slights and pain and hopelessness – and fill you with pulses of radiant light containing templates of perfection which renew and restore and revitalize and bring you to perfection.


Divine Template of Impeccability

Identify those lower thought forms and actions – of injustice, jealousy, intolerance, bitterness, suspicion, harshness, judgement, anger, revenge, displeasure, wish for harm of others, happiness at others’ failure, competition with others, fear of others, fear of the success of others, taking their success personally and feeling demeaned and diminished by the success of others, and unable and unwilling to extend your heart in love of those who have success and to join with them and share your gifts with theirs. For the nature of the group wounds you hold, of experiences in Lemuria and Atlantis and Ancient Egypt where there were distortions between you in group and in leadership, have resulted in fear and suspicion of others and competitive jealousy and judgement within lightworker circles.


Surrender without guilt or shame your wounds and pain and fear and judgement as Lady Nada and the Karmic Board offer for release those original core memories which hold the akashic records of the wounds in group of your ancient lifetimes.  And with release across all timelines and all dimensions of those which are your deepest wounds of group consciousness, with karmic absolution for all that occurred … you are asked to forgive yourself, and to forgive those who may have let you down and acted not in full divinity.


Will you now surrender and accept that the purpose of this lifetime has been to set to rest all of the karmic occurrences of your ancient lifetimes, and to look to the now, to look to your hopes and dreams … and to accept the assistance of the angels who place you once more firmly on your path of light … and extend your hearts to those of soul family with whom you contracted to work in group and in joy … as the synchronistic gifting in grace occurs to bring you together in harmony and in fulfillment of those which are your deepest dreams.  Know yourself as perfect and surrender to the desire that your life be lived in this perfecfion.


Divine Template of Perfection Attitude

Visualise the perfect attitude of positivity, joy, love, sharing, equality, justice, fairness … sharing joy in others’ overcoming of obstacles and in their success, without jealousy or competition … with trust in the divine, trust that you are divinely guided and led and accompanied on your earthly life – and that there is meaning to your life and purpose and much to accomplish in raising and heightening your attitudes to allow all of humanity to also achieve this goal.


Breathe deeply and accept a lifting of any imperfections of attitude you have identified … surrendering your doubts, fears and lower attitudes of negativity and distortion … and receive an anchoring of your higher reality, higher being, higher self … who walks in perfection of attitude.


Divine Template of Temperance

See the excesses in your life, the indulgences which are destructive to your health and to your intelligence and to your dignity as a divine being … and see the unconsciousness that lies at their root, the desire to annul your divinity for fear that you are not able to hold this level of perfection, seeking to look outside yourself for methods and excuses which will take you from your perfection … and to a lower path, a smaller life.


Accept assistance, with your breath, as you allow the excesses to shift and release … and to make the commitment to your own self, your higher self, to live that life which is of fulfillment and of perfection.


Divine Template of Integrity

Name those instances where you allow yourself to slip beneath the higher levels of integrity, the small and large non-disclosures, and lies and distortions of truth and honesty, the lapses of shame and guilt and avoidance – where you lie and avoid, unable to speak your truth with clarity and without fear of repercussions and triggering anger in another.


As angels hold you, allow all fears and shame to release … and accept the higher path that is placed before you, stepping onto that high path, for you know that you hold ability to walk this path of perfection.



Acknowledge those areas of your life where you are affected by others, swayed by others’ energies, opinions, judgements, the desires of others and the needs of others which do not allow you to open your heart and make known to yourself your own needs … and acknowledge the effect on you of stories in the media which are of fear and disaster, and those which enshroud you in lower consciousness and lower thought and idle time-wasting and frittering of your energy.


St Germaine places an amethyst crystal within your heart chakra to allow protection of your energies from those of others which seek to lower your knowledge of your perfection and your divinity … as you accept assistance to allow nothing to touch your resolve or distort your inner integrity and peace.  In this place of protection, nothing can get to you for you are protected, safe in your own energy, own intent, own dream and own desire, not a servant or slave or disciple of any other.


Breathe deeply and accept and own your ability to be your own person, with your own reality, own destiny … with protection from all negative forces and disattached from the collective fear consciousness.  Hold the dream beloveds and be not swayed from your dream.


Divine Template of Unconditionality

Open yourself to receive assistance to resolve to unconditionally walk your path of light, to hold your resolve … and to allow the challenges of the past to go, the tiredness to release, the doubts and fears and struggles, the fears of others’ opinions and judgements of you … to hold your resolve to achieve your highest potential.


And breathe deeply and surrender to willingness to anchor your multidimensional bodies of light which will return to you your illustriousness, your higher gifts, your confidence, your trust, your knowledge of your path, your connection with your higher guidance … and to achieve your wholeness and your heart’s dream … accepting all assistance to bring this to manifestation and reality.


Divine Template of Harmony

Open yourself to see the areas where your life is out of harmony … personally … in your relationships … in your work … your health … your lifestyle … your environment.


And now see the life of your dreams where you are in harmony … and create and design each aspect of the life of your dreams, visualizing how your relationships will be, and the joy these bring, and see what requires to be done to take your relationships to new heights of harmony.


In your work and employment … visualise a higher way of working in harmony and fulfillment.


In your home … where are you not in harmony … visualise and design the family life of harmony and happiness and peace.


And in your lifestyle and environment and health … see yourself living at a higher level of fulfillment and health and purity … as the angels of harmony bring the divine templates of harmony to fill you, and thrill you, and transform your realities.


Divine Template of Peace

As pulses of peace which contain templates and blueprints and holographs of perfection are sent to you by Lady Nada with legions of angels, receive with your breath, as each aspect and dimension of your being and your life receives its transformation – receiving the synchronistic flows of grace aligned with the Flower of Life and the universal flows of love and energy from the All That Is to bring to you the peace you have created with your visualizations and your hearts’ dreams.


In peace, harmony and perfection … with all distortions transmuted and released … accept now the anchoring through your being of the new universal templates of creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –





































In deepest peace, perfection and harmony, share, with your voices, this anchoring of the divine templates of perfection of attitude … toning and sounding and making your Oms … to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms … and with humanity … allowing with surrender and with purest intent that you be enabled to live by these principles and new paradigms of life and living, surrender and creation, manifestation, fulfillment and joy to create and to live the life of your dreams.


I am Divine Mother with Melchior.


Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection