Divine Template of perfection




I Am your beloved Mother Gaia with Sanat Kumara.  That which we accomplish this day is the lifting of the scurrilous imprint of the forces of darkness which seek to dismantle the process of transformation upon which you are each engaged … to lift and release from you the thought forms of failure and disgust and mistrust and hopelessness that seek to hold you down, that prevent you from flowering and flourishing into transformation as the divine ones that you are … and that prevent the knowing of self in the full blown wonder of magic and power and all-encompassing love beyond imagining, capable of transforming your every reality into one of personal choice and desire.


Beloveds, accept anchoring of your being and your body of light to my crystal grid and beloved heart within the light cities within the core of your earth.  With your breath, open your chakra column of light and receive assistance from the angels of all dimensions and realms who come to you now, to open the higher chakras of light all the way through the dimensions and realms of the etheric, passing through the Suns and Moons, the celestial and the galactic and the universal and the cosmic and the Source realms.


With your breath receive reconnection through the filaments which extend beyond your light body with the intergalactic realms of light through all dimensions and ages.

With love, accept reconnection with your higher self and higher purpose … and know that in this connection, you are aligned with your life path and steadily move towards your desired destination of fulfillment of all that you set in place before ever you chose to descend to the physical plane.  Accept and receive this reconnection with your aligned purpose and path of life dear ones, for it will bring you to your destination … calling upon the realms of Grace to align with you and your life purpose, that you may continue, with grace and with ease and with fulfillment and joy to your destination of accomplishment of all that you set in place to achieve in perfection.


The beloved Family of Light surrounds you and with especial transmissions of holographic transfer from the Halls of Higher Wisdom and Knowledge and Learning … your higher chakras and bodies of light receive their reconnection and restoration to their blueprint of the divine.


As you breathe, held and supported by great transmissions of love and higher knowledge, you may hand over those which are the challenges that beset and confuse you, the problems and that which you struggle with, the pain and the grief and the anger and confusion, the irritation and the doubt and the fear … hand this over to the angelics who whisk away all that is held within lower forms of distortion … and within the vacuum that is created as all distortions are lifted and find their release … ah, they fill you with transmissions and rays and flows of all of the celestial realms of light and love and transfiguration.


Held within a pyramid chamber of transformation and love, we may begin with our activation, that which seeks to rid you of the busyness – and the idleness – of the mind and of the thought processes.


It was in Atlantis dear one that the major distortions of the mind occurred … that time when the use of the mind was developed to great range and degree of sophistication and cleverness.  The brilliance of the mind was developed so fully … to the detriment of the heart … and so the creations of the mind in this ancient age, though brilliant and making full use of all of the resources of the mind, came not from the heart, but from ego and desire for egoic control … to manipulate and to distort, without the input of the heart and the wish that the mind’s creations be used to assist all humanity.  Those with the brilliance of mind desired to own and to control all for self, to the detriment of those who suffered intolerably.  These are the wounds of Atlantis.


Dear one, it is within your contract of service that the wounds of Atlantis would require their acknowledgement, and healing, and release.  You are in this moment asked to own and to acknowledge your own wounds of the mind … and those of control and ego and manipulation … to acknowledge also those which are of victimhood to others … of lack of power, and fear of others’ power … of inability to speak up for your personal needs in fear of the reactions of others who would wish to hold you in fear and control and manipulation.


There are the wounds of group, of discomfort in the energies of others, and mistrust and fear of others and their motives.


There are the wounds of failure of mission … and these are so common, for indeed there was failure of mission in Atlantis, and Atlantis was lost … and there are such deep core wounds of failure in each of you … of grief and guilt and responsibility and failure … ah, these are the wounds that hold you back from your fulfillment and your success, the hidden core mistrust of self and your ability and your gifts … those which place blocks before you and sabotage any chance of success in your creations and your projects.


There are implants and devices placed atop of these underlying fears and doubts … which seek to immobilize you and to freeze you.  Dear ones, hand over all that disempowers and creates confusion and mistrust.  Identify each of the patterns that hold you bound from your greatness … as the angels and those from Arcturus and from the Ashtar Command assist you to shed and release all that holds you immobilised from your greatness and your power and your freedom to use your beautiful mind conjoined with your heart’s dreams to create greatness in the scope of your life and your creations and your projects.  Accept release of all devices which seek to disempower you and to freeze your gifts and abilities.


The mind’s imaginings, the stories of the mind, the endless roaming through the labyrinths of the mind’s imaginings and fantasies and fears and doubts, its endless spiral of talk … of fears … or regrets … of desire for control … of desire to manipulate realities and to control situations … to control the reactions of others and the behaviours of others to suit your own needs and desires.  Ah, the doubts, the suspicions, the lack of faith, lack of trust … the second-guessing of your intuition, in doubt and fear to act on your heart’s messages and truths.


Call to mind the endless replaying of the resentments … the enforcement of the ego in favour of every situation in your life, always the ego wanting, needing to be correct … the endless machinations of the mind in its wish to own and to control and to be right … the fantasies the mind is capable of creating in enforcement of its desire to be right … the resentments of the mind over those who have shamed and humiliated you and made you wrong.  The rehashing and the rehearsing that the mind loves, the endless scenarios of the mind, reliving every incident and scenario, and seeking to find ways to make self right, and another wrong.


With your breath, hand over dear ones the issues of the mind, the errors of the mind, the challenges, the regrets, the confusion, the endless rehashing and replaying of errors and mistakes and regrets … and allow the angelics to take from you the confusions and distortions of the mind.  For indeed the mind is a marvelous creation of God and when used for positive intent, imagine the creations you may achieve with the mind when it is freed of its endless cycle of chatter and fear and doubt and wish to superimpose its ego over others.


From all dimensions of your being, the original core akashic records which create in you the fears and doubts and endless cycles of the mind are released, with karmic absolution … and you are asked not to be in shame at the busyness of the mind … but instead to make the intent to turn the brilliance of the mind to positive intent … to create wonders of heart’s intent and desire.  For when the mind is aligned with divine mind, and with the heart, there is no limit to that which may be achieved in divine creations which will bring such fulfillment and joy and abundance and love to the life of each of you.


Sitting within your pyramid chamber of light, receive activation and alignment of divine mind … and reconnection and alignment with your hearts of beauty.  Ah, such greatness is upon you this day.  Accept the transmissions of celestial light and power and love which seek to create an alignment within you which is of greatness and absolute connection in purity between heart and mind.


Allow and accept the release of the wounds of Ancient Egypt, for great disempowerment occurred in this age which saw the separation of the mind and the heart, and the use of the mind has since this age been used without the filter of the heart’s purity and desire … the divine mind was not intended to ever be used in isolation … but the wounds of Egypt created the disconnection of the divine mind from the heart.


With your breath, open yourself to receive the release of the akashic records of your soul which result in the disconnection between divine mind and the heart … and breathe to receive reconnection and alignment of mind and heart, in purity and unconditional love.


Surrender now to the All That Is … and to the universal flow of all life and light.  As all of the mind’s spirals of endless thought and ego and control release … ah, so much transforms and slots into place … as your place upon your path of light is restored to you in purity, without regret at that which has occurred within the past, but with joy to be restored again in wholeness to the path which leads you Home, and successfully concludes all that you have chosen to experience and to heal, and to achieve, in love.  Surrender to your higher self, higher purpose and accept assistance to hold trust that, placed upon your own life path you will with ease and abundance and faith and all assistance be taken to your every destination.


Breathe, surrender … and make your intent dear ones to walk forward now, relieved of so much that has confused and saddened, grieved and disempowered you.


With the assistance of the Lords of Time and the angels who work in these realms, allow yourself to be taken now to the immediate future … and see yourself without your current confusions and struggles and disorders of the mind.  Experience the clarity and direction … and know this as real.


And allow yourself now to be taken into the distant future … and see and feel the progress that has been achieved in all areas of your life.  Where is it that you find yourself … and what are your surroundings … and in what areas of life are you excelling?  Experience the bliss, the fulfillment, the empowerment, the clarity, the connection with the All That Is … and know this as your reality.  And the angels work within the timelines to bring this reality into Now time, bringing excellence and greatness as your known reality.  Ah, clarity, bliss, empowerment and fulfillment, aligned totally upon your life path.


Assistance is given that the heart may now open in fullness and in beauty and love … and that your heart’s desires may surface and make themselves known to you.  And you may receive assistance to know and to trust the intuitions and messages of guidance of the heart, and to act on these in full faith.  For your heart holds the blueprints of your life path, and will surely and amply guide you to receive success in every area of life.


Open your divine hearts beloveds, and allow the dreams to surface … and make your intents … and call for the assistance you require to bring to effect those which are your highest dreams … for you dream not only for self, but for humanity, and all assistance is given you to bring to fruition and success all that is aligned with your life path.


In stillness of mind, and power and in peace and in love  … with all distortions transmuted and released … accept now the anchoring through your being of the new universal templates of creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –


Divine Template of Silent Thought



Divine Template of Silent Mind




In deepest peace of mind, in perfection and harmony and beauty, in stillness and clarity and empowerment, share, with your voices, this anchoring of the divine templates of perfection of silent mind and silent thought  … toning and sounding and making your Oms … to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms … and with humanity … allowing with surrender and with purest intent that you be enabled to live by these principles and new paradigms of life, of surrender and clarity, intuition, creation, manifestation, fulfillment, joy and love to create and to live the life of your dreams.


I am Gaia with Sanat Kumara.


Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection