Divine Template of perfection




Open your beings and your hearts to receive reconnection with the godstreams as you are placed within pyramid chambers of purest Source light. Accept the rays and realms of godliness as you are each apportioned those which are your godstreams of light and divinity.

And open your dear hearts beloveds and connect your heart flames with those others who meditate and dream with you this day – and connect your heart flames together to form a multi-petalled grid of light upon the earth realm, with its mirror connected to the godstreams which encircle and encompass all. In this place of unlimitedness, ponder on your paths and on the strivings and urges which have led you forward through so many initiations of growth, evolution, healing, transformation – and through and along the path of pain and struggle and fear and forbearance.

In your reconnection with the godstreams, allow and intend now that the crystal of disengagement activates to disengage and detach you from physical distortion and pain. And open your dear hearts, and take your awareness up and above the third dimension and its cares and concerns and struggles of fear and suffering – and experience disengagement and detachment from lower reality suffering and pain – as bliss overtakes you and fills you – and peace settles like a cocoon of freedom from care – as you flow in the energies of the divine.

Placed within pyramid chambers of purest Source light, offer up for surrender and release the challenges within which you walk – those which have been raised by the strong planetary alignments of solstice and solar and lunar eclipse – those whose purpose is to transform – to bring to your awareness the nature of the lacks you hold, the distortions, the failures, the inabilities, the sadness, the doubt and the fear and anxiety.

And name these patterns of yours that have arisen for view – uncomfortably in many cases they have arisen within challenge and confusion, conflict and disempowerment and pain – and offer them for release – as the original akashic records that lie at their core are taken from you, with karmic absolution across all timelines and all dimensions, releasing that which ails you and limits you from receiving the levels of peace and harmony you desire to enjoy in your physical life, freeing you from the memories and experiences, programs and patterns of disempowerment and pain.

We call in now, and angels guide and direct and assist, those who are your soul family, soul groups, destiny partners, soul partners, brothers and sisters of light – as they come to join with us. As you sit within circle with those who are your beloved earth team of light, open your hearts to these ones, and expand your hearts and connect with each other through your heart flames and make connection that you may know the frequency of love of each.

And as you feel the heart flames of these who are soul family and destiny partners, are you able to fully trust these ones – or is there fear, competition, uneasiness, jealousy, feelings of being unequal, not gifted or capable enough in comparison with others who shine more loudly and more brightly.

And calling in a wider group of soul family now, and these ones are those with whom you had existences and shared group roles in the ages of Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, those times where the group energies survived not in harmony and in love, equality, sharing and trust – where ego and the desire for power and control, of distortions of love, and the inability to love and to trust unconditionally first arose because of the nature of your group roles, group experiences.

And identify within yourself the individual wounds you hold when in the energies of others – of powerlessness, insecurity and inability to speak with confidence or to expand with pleasure and share in equality – or of taking power and overpowering others with your personality, your dynamism, your insecurity, your need to be right, to control, to lead.

And ponder on occasions where you have received disempowerment when in group energies, and found an inner insecurity arise within you, which then reflected and mirrored and brought to you experiences of losing power, of others taking power – and of becoming humbled, less, as a result – feeling yourself to be less capable, unequal in qualities and gifts and ability to hold power.

And allow the feelings of mistrust of others to make themselves known – that others cannot be trusted to share, to offer equality – but wish to take control and power and leadership – not caring that you are feeling lessened by their lack of care and support of you, and overriding your wishes, and making decisions which affect you, without considering your requests and needs – and weakened by their lack of care for you and your needs – and hurt and confused and weakened by the inequality and lack of support and compassion and true love of you that sees others running with power, and indulging and enjoying this power, though it comes from the power they may have taken from you, and from others.

And where you have been held bound by the decisions of others, powerless, and feeling used and without control of your life, your freewill – your choices made for you – and these are often mirrored in the anger at bureaucracies, of government laws and policies, of rules of insurance companies and public companies, of school policies – and politicians – the inequities, inequality, the powerlessness, the inability to refuse, to question, to have free will and to choose to live differently – allow these to surface – the irritations, bitterness, regret, anger, confusion of being without freewill and forced to live a life without full power and to make your own choices – of feeling manipulated and used by others – the requirement for military service – of compulsory rules – of being victim to the justice system – and the lack of integrity of those who hold power – and feel the powerlessness that results.

These are the manifestations of the wounds you hold at your core, of being without freewill and without power and held to the mercies of group rule. And these wounds are so very real beloved ones, for they have as their origin the inequalities and the pain and suffering caused by the nature of your group roles as lightworkers in ages past, in times when great distortions arose, and where there was injustice, inequality, and grave errors of judgement occurred, made by those, in distortion, on behalf of the group – where you suffered greatly as a result – and came to feel manipulated and controlled by others, and hold no trust for the decisions of others.

And accept now the release of the akashic records of all of your experiences which have created in you the distaste and lack of trust in others and their leadership – and of feeling powerless, disempowered, weakened when within group energies – as karmic absolution is given all involved, and the records release from your primary chakras and from the varying dimensions of your being.

And you are asked if you are able to come to terms with your pain and suffering of ages past, and to offer forgiveness to those who made grave errors of judgement and who used and abused and manipulated and controlled you and others – and to accept that these ones have endured much karmic balancing in the intervening ages, choosing as the divine ones that they are that they may balance and free themselves of the wrong they feel that they have done, and to balance the wrong that was done to others who suffered so at their creations.

Dear ones, it is forgiveness that will set you free of the nature of your disempowerment and lack of faith and trust in others who share leadership with you and those who will take joint roles with you in leadership of the new paradigms you bring to humanity. To bring to effect the closing and the end of the karmic cycle of endless retribution and blame and shame and pain and disempowerment, are you able to forgive fully those who may have transgressed against you – and to offer apology to those whom you may have overpowered in decisions which were based on errors of judgement and of power and control of energies and resources.

Held within cocoons of purest and greatest Source light, as streams of liquid light fill every atom and cell and dimension of your being, to burn out the injustices, the pain and the suffering and the need to hold others to account for your suffering – allow the pain to diminish, to let go of the pain, the powerlessness, the failure – for many times humanity has fallen from grace, and her lightworkers similarly have suffered their falls – and you have chosen in this lifetime to receive all of the boons and graces available to you – so that the karmic wounds may be fully released – and that the karmic cycle may receive its annihilation – and in your greatness you hold role in this – by offering acceptance of all that has gone before, without bitterness and the need for acknowledgement – and to just allow all to be now taken from you – as the karmic cords which have tied you till now inextricably with your karmic partners, and with your memories of ancient times of sadness and pain – are cut by Archangel Michael – allowing your energies to be freed from the disempowerment, blame, shame and guilt and suffering of the ages past.

And in freeing self from the energies of others, these ones also receive this release – and the karmic plane receives a great lessening of trauma and suffering and pain and denseness – and there is a great shift that occurs for all to receive, and a flow-on effect which surrounds the universe, closer now to the annihilation of the karmic plane with the lifting of the wounds of group and of group soul.

And experience the shift within, and the lightness – as your centre is restored to you, and your power core opens, blossoms, strengthens – and your rod of power is given effect, reconnected through your lower chakras and power centre, and with your heart and with your throat, and extending to both heaven and earth, fully connected, sustained in truth, love, certainty, purity, faith, trust, compassion and peace.

Allow your heart to open fully, in love and acceptance of your brothers and sisters of the light and those who are your soul family and group soul. The love of your heart extends outwards to each of these who are your family of light and soul brotherhood – and all are healed by the force of your love – and acknowledged by your faith and trust in them – with all wounds and memories healed.

Allow now trust within the divine plan to fill you, as the angels fill you with purest Source light and you receive reconnection once more with the godstreams, allowing you to rise above limited third dimensional realities and limitations – and to make your intent in this place of unlimitedness to attract into your life only those who hold the purest of motives and truth, who hold altruism in truth, in motive, in justice, sharing, equality and unconditional love.

And as you flow within the godstreams which are without limitation, make acquaintance now with those who are drawn to you as soul family and destiny partners, all healed with the unlimited rays of the godstreams – and imbued now with trust and love of one another.

And make your vows to love and to hold and to support those who are your destiny partners, in equality, sharing, justice, truth – filled with respect, trust and honour of self, and of each other – in order that each may bring and share their beautiful and unique piece of the puzzle work which is the Dream for the New World – in unity, trust and sharing in equality – with all qualities and gifts honoured equally – and all valuing and acknowledging the importance of the role of each in equality – without comparison – but with peaceful gladness that the puzzle pieces are coming together, effortlessly now as the wounds and obstructions release – and with true joy to see the greatness held by each, freely expressed, and to see the mirror of your own greatness within the countenance of those others who work with you in group energies.

Divine Template of Earth Family Those who are your earth family come to you now – and you are enabled to see that you have chosen each member of your family as a mirror, to bring to your awareness the nature of distortions you hold, and which you have such desire to heal. And look to any conflict you have had with your family, particularly with mother and father, and held in a cocoon of light, you are most easily now able to have a larger view of the nature of your experiences with family, to acknowledge that you have each chosen each other for the purpose of the playing out of the inequalities and disharmonies from which you each suffer, as a means of resolving and transforming.

With this acceptance, forgiveness is now possible – as you open your hearts to each of your family, and make forgiveness, and apology, acknowledging your own part in any and all conflicts – and receiving karmic absolution which enables the setting free from the need to continuously and relentlessly play out these karmic roles of pain and suffering.

And with relief, embrace those who are your earth family, with full forgiveness, and know that if you feel yourself to have failed family life, made mistakes which caused others pain and suffering – that you are forgiven, lessons learned – and continue on now, with the past behind you, and holding acceptance and love for the earlier experiences of your life which have seen you gain such wisdom and understanding of the nature of physical life.

Divine Template of Sisterhood We call in those of the feminine persuasion who are your sisters of light – and quickly the wounds of the sisterhood reveal themselves – those of jealousy, competition, bitchiness, of talking down others, of criticism, blame, shame, great judgemental attitudes of criticism and of picking others to pieces – acknowledging the divine gift of intuition which has been incorrectly used, to enter within the energies of another and to find weakness, and to pull out this weakness and display it for others to view – and to acknowledge that you have gained power from another each time you have criticised and judged, each time you have entered their energies to gain knowledge and power through the use of your intuition. And accept dear ones your propensity for this – and some do this unconsciously, and relentlessly – and forgive yourself – and offer your apology to those who are your sisters whom you have judged and criticised and unfairly discussed with others, to detract from their purity – and acknowledge that you have taken power from others each time that you speak of another in judgement and in detraction and gossip and idle discussion.

Offer your willingness to cease this pulling down of the feminine, of your sisters, and receive karmic absolution and the cutting of the karmic cords which have bound you, in karmic redress and the need for karmic balance – and make your vows that you will hold your sisters in admiration, sharing, truth, love, respect and honour – and receive the honour and love of the sisterhood in return, honouring and knowing self as imbuing the feminine divine – and making your vows to use with love and purity the divine gift of intuition, that of knowing and sensing truth.

Divine Template of Brotherhood And we call in those who are physical brothers, and your earth brothers and loved ones – and ponder on the wounds between each – of competition and lack of support of each other – believing there is only a limited amount of success, or love, or power that is available – and so holding to self the energies of power, success – and withdrawing support for your earth brothers, as a means of holding and retaining power over another, in comparison, in competition, with inner insecurities at your core about your deservedness to achieve your place within group energies, within workplaces, in holding attention in groups – ponder on the individual wounds that you hold in regard to your brothers.

And ponder on the judgements of the masculine – the flippant philosophies that men are worthless, incapable of loyalty and faithfulness, weak yet forceful and abusive – the wounds of the masculine – and acknowledge your judgements, and accept that the wounding of the masculine, which has arisen from the nature of his experiences across all aeons and ages, is not assisted by the dishonour in which he is generally held.

And open your heart to the masculine, and to your brothers, in honour and love sufficient to enable the masculine to return to full power, beauty, grace and knowledge of self within purity and empowerment, and support of each other in knowledge and acceptance of what it is to be the masculine in full beauty, power and success within humility, holding honour and respect of all men, without competition or jealousy or insecurities.

And in your great heart opening, as the judgements of the masculine fall away, those who are of the brotherhood are enabled to more fully blossom into power and self-knowledge, self-acceptance – and acceptance and honour and support of each other.

Divine Template of Honour Brothers and sisters, all, open your hearts in honour of the beauty that is within each of you – and allow the honour of each that was last known fully in Lemurian times – to be restored to each of you – in acceptance that it was possible then, and possible again in these times we are entering, of dreaming and creating the new world – that each may use all of the divine gifts of practicality, giftedness, talent and that which gives that one most pleasure in the use, with acceptance by all others that that one is offering the best of which he is capable, and receiving love and support and gratitude for the role he plays – and open yourselves to again live in a manner which allows all of your gifts and talents to be used most effectively, with most fulfillment, ease and joy – and open yourselves to join your energies and your gifts and to share your beautiful qualities together, in harmony, equality, joy, and abundance and freedom for all.

And allow the restrictions to release – that it is necessary to work long days of labour in jobs which are thankless, without honour, without joy in the doing, in tasks which are beneath you, which exhaust and empty you of joy – and open yourselves to live and to work each day in honour of self, in honour of your individual gifts and qualities – and to acknowledge your gifts, that which you do better than others – and no longer try to place the square within the circle, or the circle within the square – and to ponder on the perfection of a life that is lived in freedom from supervision – one where you are fully empowered and honoured for that which you offer in that which you do for work – as you open yourself to the possibilities – and open yourself to embody the possibility of pulling to you all that of which you are capable, which you do best and in play and fulfillment – as the Lords of Time and the Keepers of Grace align you with your destiny path which fits and suits your higher qualities – and with your intent, take your placement upon this path of most fulfillment and joy.

Divine Template of Respect Allow self-respect to imbue you – and open yourself to know yourself as the pure and divine one that you are – as all that holds you back from this knowledge of self is lifted from you – as you acknowledge that all distortions come from the nature of your experiences in past ages, and those you have inherited genetically – and need not be judged – but only accepted, acknowledged – and offered for release – so that you may be worthy of respect of self – and receiving then the mirror of self-respect – in that which is shone upon you by others who similarly see your great light and wholeness within purity.

Divine Template of Equality And take your places within your group paths of destiny and leadership of the new world – and accept that each has gifts and talents of beauty – and that none takes precedence over another – and that some gifts hold propensity for more splashes of brilliance and loudness – and that the perceptions and comparisons of brilliance come only from distortions of personal insecurity – and indeed, all gifts are equal – though some are quieter without the splashes and loudness of those others which are received and known with more acclaim, more applause.

And make your acceptance of your own gifts and qualities, and honour and love and trust these – and compare them not with others – and make your vow that you will not compare self with others – and not compare others with self – and will not judge and compare and treat those who have loud gifts with more acclaim than those whose gifts and talents and abilities are of a quieter nature.

And give equality to all of the brotherhood and sisterhood of man – and see and accept that each has a particular gift and beauty which is individual – and that none has superiority – and that all are equal – accepting that each has a particular piece of the jigsaw puzzle which contains the future of the new world, and that each piece holds equality – and that without all pieces fitting together in harmony and equality – that the plan will lack success – and that it is necessary for all pieces to come together, in equality and harmony and in love and support – for there to be success.

And open yourself to allow the distortions and records of the past to be taken from you – those of inequality, of poor leadership, of giving power to others and not holding own power, own trust in your gifts, being without freedom, and coerced and manipulated by others in positions of inequality and injustice. The akashic records of the distortions of leadership and of equality are taken from all dimensions of your being – to enable you to accept and trust in your own qualities and abilities of power – healing the wounds of distrust of others – and able now to take your role within equality.

Divine Template of Joining And hold your qualities and gifts in self-knowledge and self-honour – and open yourselves to join, in trust, those others who share your destiny path – joining together your heart flames that you may make connection – and allowing now the timelines to be aligned between group members – that your paths may coincide, same place, same time – same direction.

Divine Template of Sharing In knowledge of self and of the qualities you bring to humanity, distortions released, open yourselves to share in harmony and equality, to join your beauty, your puzzle piece of the perfection of the divine plan which you have created together before ever you stepped into this physical incarnation – and open to and accept – in willingness – that you will share your gifts, resources, love, talent, ideas, leadership, equality, beauty, purity – in connection with the divine – to achieve success, harmony, and new creations of possibility which honour the gifts of each, and which honour and sustain and support the gifts and blessings of the abundance of Gaia.

Divine Template of Attraction – Mirror Open yourselves and your bodies of light – to receive perfection – as the teams of light attend to release from you the distortions which hold you from your perfection – and with your breath, offer up that which holds you back, that blocks and obstructs you from peace, performance, plenty, perfection – as you embody your perfection.

And under the universal law of reflection, that which you hold is attracted to you and received by you – and in your perfection – open yourselves to receive the mirror of your desire – and name that of which you hold lack – whether this be your divine life partner – abundance – fulfillment – success – new dreams of new lands, new ways of living and loving and sharing and giving – of personal fulfillment in the use of your qualities and talents.

And let the divine mind align with your creative mind – not in lack, not in mind control and egoic need for gratification – but freely allow the creative mind, linked with your heart and with your intuitive abilities – and linked with the divine mind to inspire and thrill you with the possibilities open to you – to ponder freely on that which is of perfection for you – surrounded by loved ones – in play and fulfillment – and receive the mirror of your perfection and dream and goal as the timelines are aligned, the destiny path is stepped upon – and the mirror of your desire is given you.

Divine Template of Soul Group Your soul group is known to you in the higher realms – you each hold such love and knowledge of each other – and have made your contracts together – with your joint purpose – sometimes to come together in conflict and challenge and pain – to allow the joint and individual karmic wounds to make themselves known, so that they may receive acknowledgement, healing and release – and sometimes coming together in love, sharing and friendship for group purpose.

Open yourselves to receive release of the initiations within which you may be ‘stuck’ with these karmic partners and soul group – and for the remnants of your joint challenges and conflicts of karmic rebalance to be taken from you – in special dispensation given you this day – acknowledging that you have each given your all, that of which you held capability in acknowledging the personal wounds and behaviours – and in seeking to find wholeness and harmony within self and within your soul group relationships – and with the desire by your family of light that you be released from that which holds you from harmony, peace, love, and knowledge of your greatness – as the initiations and karmic conflicts are lifted from you – as you breathe and offer gratitude and relief – and as peace overcomes you – and hope is restored you.

And calling in now those who are of soul monad, those for whom you have given such effect to the release of their soul wounds and distortions – having contracted and chosen to play this role not only on behalf of self, but on behalf of the soul monad, soul group – and receive the love and gratitude of these ones for that which you have given the group soul in your successful walking through of initiations of love, power, self acceptance and of trust – and open your heart in gratitude, as the initiations you have contracted to endure on behalf of group soul – are taken from you – dispensed with, in special dispensation – to enable you to receive wholeness – and to walk forward now in perfection and freedom to live the life of your dreams, and to create the new world.

Divine Template of Soul Family Those beloved ones who are of sweet soul family – known to you as your beloveds in the higher realms – and those with whom you share a physical life – ah, open yourself to receive the sweet meetings with these ones – with ease and grace and sweet joy to again be in the company of these ones who know and love you so completely, who accept you for your perfection and who love and admire you – as all is put in place to align you with the timelines and dreaming lines and bliss lines – and with the Flower of Life – as you feel the love of these ones as they draw near – and there are those who have been met already – and allow your heart flames to extend out to each in your love and knowledge and acceptance of these ones – and receive also the love of those who know you and accept you as those who are their beloved ones – as there is a gathering of like minds, like hearts, like souls.

And those who are your soul family who support you from the higher realms – ah, open yourselves to receive their love and admiration of you. They watch with dismay as you walk though your individual valleys of death, and extend such love and honour to you for that which you achieve for all – and they offer such support and assistance, offering their own individual gifts of assistance to you – as you now open yourselves to these ones and ask for that which your beloved soul family of light may gift you that will bring the ease and abundance and fulfillment and grace to your physical life – for these ones hold many gifts for you – as you receive from them that which you require that will bring most ease and peace to your lives.

Divine Template of Group As the Flower of Life is anchored within each of you and connected to each – open yourself now to align with the destiny pathways that will bring to you the individual group partners with whom you will share destiny paths – those which are small groups, and linking then with larger groups – networking, sharing gifts, resources, ideas, inspirations – linking soul groups and soul family – finding each other – opening in readiness to meet these ones – and as the destiny paths and time paths are placed into alignment – all may effortlessly be brought to each of you.

Divine Template of Attraction – Like to Like And open yourselves, in your perfection, to attract your karmic partners, destiny partners, soul partners, group partners, soul family partners, soul mates – those who will live and love and work with you in common goal – as the timelines and destiny paths are aligned with you.

Divine Template of Justice Within your soul groups, joined, energies and heart flames inter-connected – allow the Divine Template of Justice to embody you – and to make your joint demand under universal law – that that which is incorrect, imbalanced, corrupt – receive full measure of justice which will see its annihilation.

And we name the distortions in the use of the resources of beloved Gaia, and of the abuses and imbalances in the energy of money, economic policy, oil and men – those which walk across the freewill and innocence of man and of Gaia – in war and power, and leadership which is warped, in economic policies which hold not justice and equality and fair trade and the ability of each member of humanity to receive their physical needs met. And shine your mirrors of divinity, in group soul, soul family – and link your hearts together as one – and demand that those who fall below the qualities demanded of honour, justice, equality, sharing, peace, brotherhood and sisterhood in equality – receive replenishment through the love of your hearts – to enable these ones to make differing choices – to raise themselves to the levels of love and of brotherhood which will create in them the ability to look fully within, and to note the distortions within, and to take the giant leap of trust and faith that will see them lift their sights to those which are of honour and of altruism and of justice for all – and these ones are given their opportunity, through the shared love of your hearts – to turn and to change – and to receive with you the boons and gifts of the sharing of the resources of each and all, equally, in the awakening of the new world.

Peace dear ones, and bliss, fills you in recognition of the equality within all humanity, and the love of each and all, for their beauty, and for the individual gifts that each brings, all differing, all equal in the eyes of god and in the eyes of each other. And in acceptance of your equality with all others, open your hearts and your beings to receive the Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –

Divine Template of Earth Family HA SI AH TA YA NA HU SI QWA NA TWI QWI TA HA NA

Divine Template of Sisterhood HI QWI HA TA YA NA NA KI HI TWI NA YA HA KI AH

Divine Template of Brotherhood KU SWI HA TI ANA KWI TA YI HI SWU KWA NA

Divine Template of Honour HU SU KWI HA NA TU HU QWI YA NA AH YA

Divine Template of Respect KI AH NA YA KWI TI YA NA HA KWI AH YA NA

Divine Template of Equality KI SI AH TA HA SA YA NA NA KI HI TI AH

Divine Template of Joining KWU SA NA HA TI HA HA

Divine Template of Sharing KWU SI ANA HA TI KA NA

Divine Template of Attraction – Mirror SWI TWI KWA NA HU YA AH SA NA KI HA NA

Divine Template of Soul Groups KI SA NA HU TI AH SA QWA TI HU SU QWI ANA

Divine Template of Soul Family KWI SWI TA YA NA NA HU SA NA KWI YA NA AH AH

Divine Template of Group HA SIA HA NA HU KWU TWA NA KI HA NA YA

Divine Template of Attraction – Like to Like KWI AH SWA NA KI ANA KWI TWA NI AH

Divine Template of Justice SWI KI TA YA AH NA AH SA TU KU TWI HA NA AH YA NA

As soul family and in your soul groups, joined and merged together in healed splendour, knowing yourselves, in honour, as divine – in respect, equality, sharing – and with justice offering the possibility of the dissolution of all which holds not truth, sharing and honour of all creatures, and all of the resources of the manna of Gaia’s being – share, with your voices, this anchoring of the Divine Templates of Earth Family, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Honour, Respect, Equality, Joining, Sharing, Attraction-Mirror, Soul Groups, Soul Family, Group, Attraction-Like to Like, and Justice – toning and sounding and making your Oms – to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms and with humanity –

And we ask the Divine Templates of Justice, Equality, Respect and Honour in their anchoring through us to earth bring peace and equality for all humanity, with respect for the resources of our mother earth.

And as you flow in the blissful streams of godliness, receive all the support and love that will sustain all of your days within your life plan as leaders and dreamers of the new world – flowing with the godstreams – as you make your requests, and receive all that you require for fulfillment, peace, and connection with the divine that will sustain every area of your life.





Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection