Divine Template of perfection



Beloved ones, breathe deeply and allow your energies to be fully and safely secured between the heavens and the earth, connected to all realms of importance to you, with the assistance of the heavenly choirs who attend to each and all dimensions of your being – to restore you to your interconnection with the divine, and to release from you those which are the recurring challenges and obstructions and sadnesses and disempowerments – as you bring these to your acknowledgement – and offer them in surrender for release.

Placed within a pyramid of sacred golden white light, the great influx of light which floods your energies allows your central column and chakras to be flooded with divinity, allowing all distortions and dualities and impurities to be overridden by purest Source light, and casting out to the void all that is incomplete, impure, riddled with doubt and fear and uncertainty and pain. Ah, awash in the love of the divine, breathe deeply of this purest of Source light and allow each and all dimensions of your being to be enfilled and uplifted – as your heart opens so wide, in joy and in love – and as each of the 33 galactic chakras within your central column of light are enlightened, activated, cleared of obstruction.

And those which are your current initiations, those within which you may be stuck and unable to move forward – those which have been precipitated by the nature of the planetary alignments whose purpose is to allow these deep inner core impurities and distortions and fears and conflicts and challenges to surface and be known and experienced – are dispensed with, as you name and acknowledge these – in recognition and recompense for your role as a Dreamer of the New World.

And with your hearts of purest gold expanded in love, and linked energetically with those others around the world who are the Dreamers of the New World – energies firmly and safely linked with Gaia and anchored in her crystal heart – and linked with those grid points of the Lemurian Grid – allow now the Divine Templates of Universal Law to be received.

Divine Template of Self-Determination Open your hearts and your beings and bring to mind those areas of your life where you are hemmed in, blocked, obstructed – without freedom and independence – bringing to mind the challenges in your relationships and your occupation and your daily life where you have not autonomy and free will – where your thoughts and deeds are not your own, but guided by another – and where your actions often come about as a means of protection against the displeasure of another – another who controls your actions through a passive displeasure and subtle manipulation.

And where you are hemmed in by bureaucracy which is unfair, which holds you against your will, and your actions result not from free will, but in fear of punishment, in fear of wrongdoing, and of humiliation – and from subtle forms of manipulation and control which take from you your ability to think, and act for self – acknowledge those areas of your life where you have not the freedom to make decisions based on your own knowledge of what is correct and applicable.

And where there is control, and force, and manipulation – and sacrifice and victimhood and inability to be free, to move forward – and where you are filled with doubts and with fear and in ‘stuckness’ – acknowledge this – and with the assistance that is given you now – make your intent to change your reality to one which is of freedom and self-determination – make your intent to bravely break free from manipulation and control – and from doubt and fear and ‘stuckness’ – and to restore your independence and your ability to make decisions that come from your heart – with acceptance and acknowledgement of your ability to interpret truth and to act from this self-truth and selfhood.

And where you note that you hold another in bondage, in your disapproval of their actions, and in your subtle wish that they be disallowed to be themselves – in your wish to change another – those who in fear you hold in subtle forms of manipulation – with much assistance given you, you are enabled now to break free from your wish to control and to manipulate, to own and to change and to subtly interfere with the free will of another – and to receive assistance to break the cords of power that are held between you – and you also will receive freedom from this need to control – and there will be such relief – for you are held bound dear ones by this wish to own and to interfere – though your intent is that you are ‘helping’, you are asked to acknowledge the truth of your actions, which is of control – as the bondage is now released – and all are set free.

Divine Template of Self-Governance And where your actions and your life are built from fear, and where you are not using your gifts and your talents and skills in joy – but in drudgery and exhaustion and without joy – and where you offer your skills purely for money and for survival – acknowledge that you are living not in truth and not within your full capacity as one who is divine.

Dear ones, you are to live in fullest joy and fullest abundance – and where you acknowledge that this is not so – then bring to mind each area of your life where you are without pleasure and abundance and freedom and joy – and receive now the blessings that are given you, the surges of energy of purest golden white light which enlighten and transform – given you to assist your ability to awaken, and to open to and accept change into your life – as you open to readiness to make your decision and your intent that you will align yourself with a higher path which is of joy and of abundance and of freedom – a life path which uses your gifts and abilities in the highest form – one which is not manipulated by the need for money, for survival.

And dear ones, accept this alignment with your true life path, as the original core akashic records which you may hold which result in fear and sabotage and inability to move fully forward – are taken from you, with karmic absolution given across all timelines and all dimensions – so that you are freed from this inexorable pulling back to your memories of the past – as the cords that tie you to your experiences of ages past and which connect you with the collective pain grid and fear consciousness of humanity – are severed by Archangel Michael – freeing your energies for self-governance, self-trust, self-love and freedom and truth.

Divine Template of Reason Where your life is without meaning, those areas of your life which are not touched by the divine, where there is no joy – and no motivation or reason to feel fully engaged, fully alive, and using all of your gifts and talents and passion and skill – then acknowledge those areas of your life which are meaningless and without joy – and accept the celestial heavenly rays as they are pulsed through each dimension of your being – as you shed and release the inertia, stagnation, sadness, powerlessness, grief and hopelessness that holds you bound.

And allow the angels to bring you the awareness of how your life may change – the possibilities that are there for you, should you be willing to move forward more bravely and courageously – to change, and to take the higher path that is there for you, that one which you contracted to offer on behalf of humanity, that one which uses all of your divine gifts and talents and skills and abilities.

And where there are blockages, fears, doubts – then acknowledge these – and surrender them for their release – as the original akashic records that lie at their core are taken from you – and your path opens before you.

And your reason for your life opens to you – and you are given courage to step upon your life path, that one which will take you to your destiny and to your wholeness.

Divine Template of Unconditionality Bring to mind those areas of your life where you waver, where you are wobbly, where you slip and fall, where you are unsure of yourself – and where you are unable to give yourself fully, for you hold not the knowledge of trust of self – feeling self unequal to the task, not good enough, not confident, unsure, held bound by doubts and fears and inabilities.

In acknowledging these areas of your life that are incomplete, without satisfaction, where there is failure, and fear of failure – accept the release of the akashic records that lie at their core as a result of the nature of your experiences across the ages – and accept the release of the distorted genetic inheritances that you have chosen to bear – and accept release of your bondage to the collective consciousness which is fear based and pain based.

And as the distortions and records, experiences, memories, beliefs, programs, patterns and thought forms are taken from you, the Karmic Board offers karmic absolution to all concerned for all that has occurred across the ages – that all may be set free from living half-lives of pain and distress and fear and limitation.

For in the New World, each shares their individual gifts, in play and in joy – with honour and trust and love – and there is the requirement of each of you as Dreamers of the New World that you be in lighthearted joy and passionate enthusiasm for your life – and assistance is given you that you are freed of the obstacles that hold you bound from this natural state of freedom and divinity.

Divine Template of Fair Trade In your own life, acknowledge those areas where you are perturbed by the injustices that play out – locally, internationally and globally – where resources are owned, manipulated, controlled wrongfully, unjustly – and where there is suffering created from these injustices – where others suffer for their labour which is unfairly rewarded – and where Gaia’s resources are raped and pillaged without thought or care for the consequences – the damming of her waters, the pollution of her oceans, the depletion and slaughter of her inhabitants, without care for the pain and suffering that results.

Heart flames combined around the world forming a template of justice and truth, expand your heart flames outwards – to fill your homes, your neighbourhoods, your lands of residence – and out further, in all directions expand your energies and your hearts – in your outrage at the injustices that occur against freedom and truth and beauty and equality.

And by the combined power of your divine hearts, merged with your will which is aligned with divine will, all injustices are pushed to the periphery, and taken to the void, annihilated and vanquished.

And hold your ideal of fair-trade within your hearts – where resources are used with care and love and honour and regard – and where each gives freely for the good of the whole – in knowledge and trust of each other – and in love and equality – honouring the resources of the earth and her waters and creatures – and receiving freely – and giving freely – in pleasure and equality and joy.

And your role as Dreamers of the New World is given effect dear one by the nature of your divinity – and with the assistance of the divine ones who accept your energies and utilise them to create the holograms of perfection that result.

You are honoured and loved for your role as Dreamers – and your holograms and templates of divine perfection reverberate around the world as possibilities for all to tap into and to receive likewise.

Divine Template of Sustainability Added to your hologram of fair trade is that of sustainability – as you expand your heart flames once again – with your intent that the resources which are of Gaia which are available to all, be held at a level which provides for all equally and according to need – and which does not deplete to the burden or lack of another. And so it is.

And expand your hologram of perfection as you see the world and all of her inhabitants in abundance, freedom, peace and plenty – with all needs met – and with equality between all, with all doing their best, and offering that which is their best, for the benefit of the whole.

Divine Template of Applicability None is excluded from the applicability of that which we as Dreamers of the New World have demanded – all are equal in the eyes of god and of each other –this is our demand. And so it is.

Divine Template of Stability Acknowledge where there is instability in your life – whether it is emotional, or financial, or of the mind – or of the livelihood and means of survival – or in your relationships or employment. And acknowledge what lies at the core of these areas of instability – what are the core fears and subtle influences that allow this lack of peace, lack of flow, lack of forward momentum – as the Karmic Board offers the release of the original core records of the akasha of your soul that lie behind these doubts and fears and failures and disempowerment.

And your life path receives its alignment with your truth – that path which you contracted and chose that would use all of your divine gifts, in joy and abundance, in the pursuit of your destiny path of wholeness and of return to your god.

Divine Template of Justice The Divine Template of Justice is expanded through the nature of that which has been achieved this day – as you once again expand your heart flames to merge together as Dreamers of the New World – in your expanded desire and demand for justice in all of your dealings, all of your life – and demanding this on behalf of all humanity, and all of god’s creatures.

As your path of soul growth and wholeness to magnificence opens to you now, with so much assistance given, in freedom and with joy open your hearts and your beings to receive the Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light.

Divine Template of Self-Determination SI QWA NA TI YA NWA YA SU QWI NA NA

Divine Template of Self-Governance TI SA QWA YA NA TU SU KU KA TA YA NA

Divine Template of Stability HI SKWI YA NA NA HI HI TWI SWA YA NA HU QWI AH NA

Divine Template of Reason HI TI WA NA HU TI NWA YA NA AH HA SI HU KI AH NA

Divine Template of Unconditionality SI QWA NA TA TI AH NA HU SU SWI AH NA YA TA NA HI SI QWA YA

Divine Template of Fair Trade SI AH HA TA YA NA HA AH SA AH HU QWI AH YA NA

Divine Template of Sustainability HI YA HA SA YA NA HU HU QWI NA QWI SA YA NA

Divine Template of Applicability KI AH YA NA HWA SI YA NA YA QWU TI HA NA

Divine Template of Justice SWI KI TA YA AH NA AH SA TU KU TWI HA NA AH YA NA

And in freeing yourselves from the bondage of all which is not of truth, freedom, independence, self-determination and justice – you offer all this possibility – and as the Templates of Universal Law are anchored through you, the realities of all receive their alteration – raising all to heightened possibilities of freedom to slip their bondage – as those who are in darkness and in egoic need for control, force and power receive the disallowing and inability to continue to control and to own and to manipulate through power, ego, fear, control and darkness.

And as the dualities of Control, Manipulation, Coercion, Deprivation of Free Will, Instability, Chaos, Injustice and Conditional Love receive their annihilation, and as the Universal Laws of Self-Determination, Self-Governance, Stability, Reason, Unconditionality, Fair Trade, Sustainability, Applicability, and Justice are anchored to earth, that which is of control by forces which are not of purest light is negated, annihilated, and that which is of freedom and justice and altruistic support, equality and sharing by and for all, is anchored to earth as heightened possibility for all to share and enjoy.

With joy and wonder, in bliss and empowered as Dreamers to play your role in the annihilation of that which has held bound so many in misery and disempowerment, share with your voices the anchoring of the Divine Templates as the worlds shift and move and all possibilities are put in place – toning and sounding and making your Oms – to share with humanity the new possibilities, and with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms and with humanity.

And we ask that the Divine Templates of Self-Determination, Self-Governance, Stability, Reason, Unconditionality, Fair Trade, Sustainability, Applicability and Justice in their anchoring through us to earth allow only those who hold purity, without arrogance and selfishness, in altruistic love and regard of all in equality, to manifest their creations and to have success in their dreams and projects.

And as you flow in the blissful streams of godliness, receive all the support and love that will sustain all of your days within your life plan as leaders and Dreamers of the New World – flowing with the godstreams – as you make your requests, and receive all that you require for fulfillment, peace, and connection with the divine that will sustain every area of your life.

I am Divine Father God




Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection