Divine Template of perfection




It is Divine Mother with Gaia.


Open your chakra columns and your beings and accept the energies of love and restorative healing which flow through you and to every dimension of your being as the angelics attend to you within the pyramid chamber of light which is anchored over each of you in your sacred places.


All hearts open and are connected with the Eight Pointed Star of All Creation and with each other around the world, aligned all in same place, same time, and with the individual grid points of the Lemurian Grid – and your interdimensional bodies of light are rejuvenated and restored, to take from you the challenges and the struggles, the pain, fear and anxiety – the perceptions of inability and incapability, inferiority – and of responsibility and burden – lightening each and every dimension of your being, to allow this work to begin, that of dreaming your life dream and aligning your beings and your hearts with the plan of the divine.  Great heart opening will occur to allow your perceptions of incapability and of doubt and fear and inability to release – to allow your reason for physical life, your plan of the divine, to make itself known to you.  And those with keepership know already of the higher powers and gifts they hold, and are in readiness to make that leap of faith and trust that will align them higher, along their life path of contracted service and mission.


Breathe deeply and accept the energies of Source which flow in pulses of rainbow crystal light, filling and thrilling and imbuing each chakra and dimension of your being with restorative flows of light, allowing your higher bodies of light to anchor, and for the interconnecting to the higher realms to occur, to the inter-galactic portals and highways and byways of the divine, those which particularly pertain to your higher path of service and of your life plan.


The Lords of Time condense the timelines to take from you the fears and doubts of the past – and into the Now – with all limitations lifted from you, and in full possession of your higher gifts, and imbued with knowledge of your higher purpose.


With your breath, dear ones, open yourself to receive the encodements of light which anchor through each dimension of your being, and receive encoding through the implementation of the Arcturians and Sirians who allow you acquaintance with your higher self and higher role of service.


Held within your chamber of light, allow the sadnesses and regrets and disappointments of the heart to release – as you acknowledge these which are of the past – surrender these – and allow these to be taken from you.


The wounds of the throat, those of fear of your inability, the comparisons with others, the jealousies, the fears of others – the wounds of group, those which have at their core the distortions which occurred in group energies within the spiritual hierarchies of particularly Atlantis and Ancient Egypt – the shutting down of your power and your truth and your belief – in self – in others – in fear of stepping forward again along your allotted and contracted path of life.  With your breath and your acknowledgement, surrender these and allow them to be taken from your being.


Open your power centre dear ones, your hara and your sacral and your root chakra – and acknowledge the fears and doubts, comparisons, jealousies, and burdens and responsibilities you experience around power and stepping into your power, owning your power, and holding your power with others – the issues that arise in your life of others taking power from you, and you taking power and energy from others – and see that their origins arise from experiences within group energies in ages past, times when you have given your all in earth lifetimes in service to the divine – and acknowledge and accept the nature of the wounding and sadness and pain which you experienced which has led you to shut down and close your power doorway – incapacitated and disempowered.


Hand over and surrender your powerlessness, your failures and regrets, disappointments and fears and doubts, hesitations and feelings that you are not enough, not capable, not good enough – as the records and distortions of the power centre are released from you, from each dimension of your being, and as rebuilding and restoration occurs now, that your power centre may again be your source of certainty and competence, of ability and knowledge – and may the force of divine will attune with and align with your power centre – aligning your life path with the interconnecting realms of Grace, with the Flower of Life, the Web of Light – and with the realms of the mystics and the libraries of higher learning and knowledge and wisdom – aligned, interconnected in this moment with all that you require to place you fully upon your path of power and of light.


Dear ones, breathe deeply and accept and own your power – and with your breath open your hara and your power – and accept as yours all that is your due as ones of the greatest frequency and of light.


Attuned to all realms of highest light, anchored in Gaia’s heart, your power available to you, and your centre of power opened, allow the Templates of Divine Perfection to now anchor through you.


The Divine Template of Desire

With the assistance of the angelics from Venus, your heart’s desires commence the process that allows your highest dreams to make themselves known.  Each petal and dimension of your heart quietly and wondrously opens, all distortions release, and that which remains within the flower of your heart is purest light, purest desire for service, for interconnection with the divine, and the deepest desire that your physical life have fulfillment, deep fulfillment – to make use of this physical existence in the implementation of the plan of the divine for humanity, to assist in bringing your frequency and your gifts of the divine to the earth realm, that humanity’s yoke of burden and suffering may be transformed to purest light, and that your frequency and love and your higher soul gifts may be utilised to lift and shift the planet earth and her inhabitants out of and away from the depravities and distortions and inhumanities and injustices prevalent upon earth – rising above the distortions and taking all of humanity with you as you ascend – and bringing to a close the cyclical nature of Time, of Karma, of Duality – in your frequencies bringing all Home to their god, themselves.


Assisted by all of the realms of light, you are reacquainted with memory of that which is your highest gift – as this anchors again within your being, within light encodements which are placed in the varying dimensions and chakras and gateways of your being.  And as this which is your greatest gift anchors, the records and memories of your experiences of duality in the use of your gift in ages past – are released from you – the doubts, the failures, the lack of faith and trust in your ability and gift – the angers, the wrath at god and your council of light for that which you have endured in the use of your highest gift – releases, taken from you being.


Taken to the realms of Venus dear ones, a place of beauty and peace, desire arouses within you – to release all hopelessness and perception of inability and of failure, and to reconnect again and have restored your alignment upon your life path – that which was set in place before ever you descended to earth – when the planets of your birth aligned in perfection, those which brought about the initiations required to release the negative programming and patterning you held still, from ages past – choosing parents and siblings who would allow the negativities to be known, and worked through and healed – the relationships in work and in love and in friendship, that brought to the fore the inadequacies and fears and failures and distortions – that they too may be known and worked through, and transformed.


And know that within the planetary alignments of your birth are chosen times of perfection, of synchronicity, and of opportunity and luck and grace – when the planets align to bring your perfection, your heart’s dreams, your splendour and your might together – this is the timing of the divine that is spoken of.


And that though you may have perceptions of failure in times past – dear ones, you are awaiting the alignments that were set in place, and which await your heart’s dreams in divine timing, so perfectly and wondrously set in place – always known, always awaited.  And your family and council of light awaits also this moment in time, when your full perfection aligns with your heart’s dreams and the synchronicities and grace and splendour of all of the wonders of the magical and mystical realms whose bounty may bring to you the fruition in full of all that you desire.


As all fears and doubts and perceptions of inability and of failure are released from you, allow your heart to open and to swell with desire to achieve those which are your heart’s highest dreams – as these surface now and make themselves known to you – and you may embroider and expand these – with the assistance of all realms who are of service to you.


Divine Template of Clarity

Offer all that confuses and disturbs your clarity of life and of mind – as assistance is given to release the original core records which have clouded your ability to live a life of clarity and simplicity and open heart.


And as clarity is breathed into your mind and your heart, all confusion and cloudedness releasing, you are enabled to hear with your heart and with your mind the messages within, those which are of intuition and of knowing – of knowing that which is your life dream and life desire for fulfillment, peace, joy, abundance, sharing and living your life in truth and in alignment with your highest desire and ideal.


Divine Template of Attachment

As your highest heart’s dreams surface and are known by you – there is a remembrance of your purpose for being, and an attachment and a joining – linking soul gifts, heart’s desire, power and ability – all joined – an attachment to joy and fulfillment.


Divine Template of Seeded Idea/Concept

Accept assistance to seed the idea and concept of that which are your highest dreams and desires – and to refine these – that the details may be known – using the mind and the heart, the beautiful mind and imagination to visualise and to bring down and anchor into your heart and your mind, that they may be known to you, and refined and embroidered with the imagination and with the knowledge and wisdom of higher mind.


Divine Template of Literacy

You are asked to take your dreams further dear ones, and to place your dreams and hopes and desires in words, allowing higher mind and imagination to come into play – and to place your dreams in worded form that they may anchor to earth – for this interconnects the realms of creativity, and power, and heart and desire.


You are asked to place into words your dreams and desires – held in such grace and love by all of your family of light who watch over you with delight, so pleased to put into place in readiness for you to achieve those which are the desires closest to your heart, which point direction, from your heart’s knowings – to that which aligns your highest gifts and abilities with your role of fulfillment and service to the divine.


Divine Template of Trust

Those which are your wounds of ancient times past, of times when the universal plan, requiring of you actions which burdened you and created such suffering and disempowerment – are released from you.  There have been those times beloved ones when you have closed down your connection with your god and your family of light, shut down your ability, your power and your love and your interconnection with each other and with all creation – in fear and in danger, in suffering and also in anger and mistrust in the plan of the divine.   And though there is woundedness, and there is tiredness dear ones, noted in each of you, at that which has been asked of you, and is asked of you still – if you will open your heart in willingness to step beyond the pain and suffering of the past – then each dimension of your being receives release, with such assistance, of the wounds and records and memories of the past – and the doubts and fears and suffering also releases.


Divine Template of Hope

There have been times when all hope has been lost – and you are asked if you will open yourself in willingness to have hope restored – hope in self, hope in the divine plan, and hope that the role you play will open and unfold and bring great fulfillment and joy, abundance and peace to you, and to all humanity.  Open your being and your heart, and allow Hope to be restored to you, with such joy from your family of light to see you again in trust and hope.


Divine Template of Faith

Faith in the divine, faith in self, and faith in others – dear ones, there are such woundings which arise around Faith – there is the full measure of woundedness in all, though also there is such willingness and eagerness in all to BE in Faith – for each of you holds awareness of the blocks to success that stand in the way of fulfillment of your dreams for success and for abundance, for plenty and for peace – because of the nature of your wounds which relate to Faith.


There are wounds of lack of faith in the divine, of times when your god has been unable to be heard and known and embodied – when your peers and fellows in group work failed you and allowed you to suffer – when you failed, and others failed, and the divine plan failed, and you learned to mistrust and to doubt and to mock and to sneer at the possibility of there being divine assistance available to you.  Though beloved ones, it is seen so clearly that you yearn to have Faith restored – for you know deeply at your core that it is its lack which holds you bound in the lacks and lackluster and suffering of the past, and in the inability to step beyond and into success and peace.


Open yourselves, your heart and your mind and all of your being, as the distortions and memories and records of your experiences of ancient times release from all and each dimension of your being – and accept the embodiment of full Faith – faith in yourself, faith in others –releasing the wounds of group energy – and opening the ability to discern, through the heart, knowledge of the truth of each one you meet – and to allow this discernment to protect you from placing your energies with any but that which holds the highest frequency of love and truth and purity.


Divine Template of Grace

The full measure of Grace fills you and aligns and interconnects with your heart and your mind and your heart’s desires and dreams, bringing to you the fruition of each and all of your dreams dear ones.


Divine Template of Peace

Peace is that which now fills you, in full faith and hope and trust that you have again aligned yourself in perfection that all that is required to bring fulfillment, joy, accomplishment and peace into your life.


In peace, clarity and stillness of mind, distortions released … the heart’s dreams release and make themselves known to you … and with full trust in the divine and in your own role within the plan of the divine, open your heart to allow the dream to manifest … as you accept now the anchoring through your being of the new Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –



Divine Template of Desire



Divine Template of Clarity



Divine Template of Seeded Concept



Divine Template of Trust



Divine Template of Hope



Divine Template of Faith



Divine Template of Peace



Divine Template of Attachment



Divine Template of Literacy



Divine Template of Grace




In deepest peace of mind, filled with Grace to allow your every dream to come to fruition, in perfection and harmony and beauty, in stillness and clarity and empowerment, share, with your voices, this anchoring of the Divine Templates of Desire, Seeded Concept, Clarity, Trust, Hope, Faith, Peace, Attachment, Literacy and Grace … toning and sounding and making your Oms … to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms … and with humanity … allowing with surrender and with purest intent all blocks to the successful fruition of your life plan to receive their release … and allowing your heart’s dreams to fill you now in confidence, in truth, in joy, in hope and trust and faith and clarity … allowing the realms of Grace to bring you your dreams, accompanied and assisted by those heavenly ones who await you in service.


I am Divine Mother with Gaia


Divine Template of perfection


Divine Template of perfection